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Prybrid Utility - OD Green

OD Green

As the name suggests, the Prybrid Utility is a hybrid tool, blending the best of a replaceable utility blade knife and a compact multi-tool. Eliminating the need for a sheath, this tool is meant to be carried in pocket or on a keychain offering immediate access to the 8 tools it houses. With a convenient dual-ended design, the Prybrid Utility is the only tool you'll need for quick tasks at the job site. ​

  • Pry bar​

  • Nail puller​

  • Wire stripper​

  • Small flathead driver​

  • Large flathead driver​

  • Bottle opener

  • Standard utility blade​

  • Cord cut notch

Product Number
1.25 in
4.25 in
2.9 oz

It’s all fun and games until something is stuck, off kilter, or just plain broken. Since most of us don’t travel with a fully equipped toolbox, reach for the next best thing: the Prybrid Utility. It’s a multi-functional marvel: a compact tool that is built to dominate the to-do list at home, at camp, or on the job site.

The 8 included tools are: a pry bar, nail puller, wire stripper, small flathead driver, large flathead driver, bottle opener, cord cut notch, and an exchangeable standard utility blade. The no-fuss design combines the functionality of a replaceable utility blade knife and a compact multi-tool. It’s meant to be carried in pocket or on a keychain, offering immediate access when something goes awry. 

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