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Randy Newberg Signature Series

Two innovative field dressing knives.

Gift Guide

This holiday season, carve out some time and get them something they actually want, will use, and carry for years to come. We've got you covered with a curated list of the tools they'll need, no matter the activity.

Custom Gifts

Conquer gift giving this holiday season. Create that one-of-a-kind, make their friends jealous, carry it everyday knife they'll never leave the house without.

Giftable Multi-Tools

No need for holiday shopper's dread, Gerber is here. Take a look at this cornucopia of versatile, functional, and straight-up drool-inducing multi-tools and leave your gifting worries behind.

Sought-After Knives

Even if they don't know what they need it for, anyone can reap the benefits of an ever-handy pocket knife. With a multitude of styles, blades shapes, and colors, these everyday workhorses take the guesswork out of gift giving.

Kits for the Adventure

Fool-proof gifting. Whatever their adventure, these kits take the guesswork out of their packing list and your holiday gift list.

Randy Newberg Signature Series

Developed in collaboration with Randy Newberg, these innovative and task specific field dressing blades will stand up to years of use whether you're implementing the gutless method or the traditional open cavity method.

Win a Hunt with Randy Newberg

We’ve teamed up with the Rocky Mountain Elk Foundation to give away an all-expense paid 2021 hunting trip with Randy. Enter before December for a chance to win.



Founded in 1939, Gerber is an American brand that is dedicated to crafting problem-solving, life-saving knives, multi-tools, cutting tools, and equipment. Whether to save time, save the day, or save a life, Gerber products have delivered for over 75 years. Gerber’s storied past paved the way for an innovative, product-driven future. Carried by soldiers, hunters, and tradesmen alike, Gerber products are developed intentionally to deliver task-specific or mission-essential knives, tools, and equipment. Whether used to Explore, Hunt, Survive, Work, or Defend, Gerber tackles the tasks of daily life head on.  


When it comes to getting outside and getting the people we care about fed, there’s easy and there’s the way we choose to do it. Because Easy Doesn’t fill up the freezer, put food on the table, or deserve the best tools and knives to take on all that you encounter outdoors.

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