Pare it Down

When life leads you to the open road or a backwoods trail, there’s no room for unnecessary extras. This lineup of compact multi-tools ensure you only carry the essentials. Slip these into your pocket, pack, or glove box and know you're covered whatever the task.

Armbar Slim

Pared down to just the essentials, the Armbar Slim is equipped with your daily necessities in an ultra-thin package. Available in Cut or Drive versions so you'll never be without your tool of choice.


Get your multi-tool out of your truck and into your pocket. The Armbar is equipped with 8 tools and operates like a fully capable multi-tool. Available with driver or cork.


These reimagined multi-tools offer low profile utility with tool packs that take aim at those daily tasks. Available in two versions, the Drive and the Pry.

Small but Mighty

If space is limited, you've gotta make sure the tools you carry pack a punch. Cover your bases with multi-tools that are big on function without sacrificing prime real estate.