Gerber Gear lifestyle image of two people scoping out a hunt

Hunting Equipment and Gear

A snow-capped mountainside. A moss-covered trail. A desolate desert. The Hunt collection features trusted icons and innovative additions to stay equipped wherever the hunt takes you. The assortment includes drop point knives, gut hook knives, exchangeable blade knives, skinning knives, saws, hatchets, lighting, and more. Grab your newest hunting knife and feed the wild within.

Gerber Exo-Mod stackable hunting knife series

Stack 'Em Up

No two hunts are exactly alike: the pack you carry, the terrain you face, and the game you hunt all influence the gear you bring. Build the kit that suits your pursuit with the Exo-Mod series. Use one independently or nest multiple together to handle any task in the field.


With highly visual orange handles and a design aimed for comfort, The Vital Take-a-Part Shears are built to break down small game. Release the pivot pin, separate the two blades, and cleanup is a breeze. For the hunt, for the kitchen, keep 'em on hand.


Two innovative field dressing knives.


When it comes to getting outside and getting the people we care about fed, there’s easy and there’s the way we choose to do it. Because Easy Doesn’t fill up the freezer, put food on the table, or deserve the best tools and knives to take on all that you encounter outdoors.