Offroad Survival Kit

Meant to be kept in your vehicle, this kit equips the user with tough emergency tools that save the day. With a compact size it can be stored anywhere and easily accessed when the time comes, you don't want to be downrange or down the road without it.

Studio shot of the  Gerber Gear Offroad Survival Kit on a white background
  • MP600 Multi-tool
  • Exchange-a-Blade Hand Saw
  • Expert-M Flashlight
  • Concertina Cutter
  • Back Paxe Axe
  • E-Tool
  • First Aid Kit
  • NSN: 5180-01-457-5621
  • Limited lifetime warranty


Product Number
194 oz
As testament to our unrelenting commitment to quality and service, Gerber is proud to offer a limited lifetime warranty on all products.

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Gerber's Off-Road Survival Kit equips you with rugged, emergency tools for any situation. This high-speed kit includes: a MP 600 multi-tool, Back Paxe Axe, a Maglite Pro+ flashlight, an E-Tool an Exchange-A-Blade hand saw, a Concertina Wire Cutter and a small First Aid Kit. With limited space in your vehicle the compact size of this kit (12" x 11" x 3") enables you to secure your gear almost anywhere. So if you find yourself down-range or simply down the road you will be prepared.