Developed in collaboration with Randy Newberg, these innovative and task specific field dressing blades will stand up to years of use whether you’re implementing the gutless method or the traditional open cavity method.


Randy Newberg is a hunter, a conservationist and a voice for access to public lands in America. With decades of experience across species and geographies, Randy has gained perspective to become a leading advocate for the self-guided hunter. Working closely with Gerber, Randy’s unique insight and feedback is echoed in the purposeful designs that bear his name.

DTS (Dual Tool System)

- D2 tool to break down joints, dorsal hide, and tough tendons
- 440c primary blade for streamlined processing tasks
- Retro reflective handle to catch your headlamp in dark conditions
- Multi-style grip for ambidextrous use
- Pivot lock for easy cleaning and maintenance after use

EBS (Exchangable Blade System)

- 440c backstrap, task, and serrated breakdown blades included
- Split SEC Tech blade exchange system as found in the popular Gerber Vital® series
- Retro reflective handle to catch your headlamp in dark conditions
- Skeletonized handle for light weight
- Quiet carry case


Starting in 2017, Gerber and Randy came up with the idea for a knife with one purpose - breaking down game in the most effective, efficient way possible. From drawings, to 3D prints, to prototypes, Randy was there every step of the way and his unique perspective, experience and insights informed each feature.

“It’s been so rewarding working with Gerber through the years,” said Randy Newberg. “I’ve hunted alongside the Gerber team and developed product alongside them. I hope the EBS and DTS tools provide other hunters with solutions to the same problems we faced in the field.”

Gutless Method

Elk hunting success requires care of your meat in the field, field dressing, quartering, and sometimes deboning. Armed with the EBS & DTS, Randy shows how to take care of an elk in the field, without having to remove the entrails, also known as the "gutless method."