Randy Newberg Signature Series

Two innovative field dressing knives.


Where you have the power to create.

Slay the Fillet

The compact folding fillet knife packs up securely so there's no excuse not to have it on hand when you reel in the big one. 

Gerber Principle

Triple Threat

Grab the American-Made Principle and rest a little easier, because it over-delivers on versatility and durability. With 3 mounting positions and 3 ergonomic grips, this triple threat is ready wherever and however you call it to action.

Reality Check

The Center-Drive was born from one genius concept: to operate like the real, full size tools you depend on. No gimmicks, no BS. It's a mobile toolbox that works like the real thing.


When it comes to getting outside and getting the people we care about fed, there’s easy and there’s the way we choose to do it. Because Easy Doesn’t fill up the freezer, put food on the table, or deserve the best tools and knives to take on all that you encounter outdoors.

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