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Constructed of high quality stainless steel, the Groundbreaker dutifully serves in the capable hands of its operator. This tool is inspired by the series of one-handed opening Gerber multi-pliers that are standard issue for the US military. With its brawny spring-loaded pliers and replaceable serrated jaw and hammer tip, the Groundbreaker Electrician’s Tool is brilliantly posed to inhabit pride of place on the savvy electrician’s tool belt.

Made from tough stainless steel, the Groundbreaker is a muscular multi-tool equipped to the gills with tools specific to the needs of a serious electrician. The copper wire cutter and wire strippers, the bolt shearing/rethreading holes, the looping/bending holes in sizes large and small, the terminal crimper, both insulated and non-insulated, the additional 6 bits and holder, and the included 6 utility blades offer incredible utility. That all of the implements are found in one capable tool only increases their usefulness. Additionally, the removable handles contain a multi-position locking utility blade with quick change function, a locking dry wall saw with tip, a magnetic locking bit driver, and a hammering surface.

The Groundbreaker is so adaptable, it dispenses with the need for a bundle of tools, simplifying the job of the electrician who possesses it. It’s sold with a heavy-duty belt sheath that holds the Groundbreaker and the additional bits and utility blades for easy access. The sheath also contains extra loops for pens and tape, and a stainless pocket clip for extra security.

Item # 31-001440
  • Overall Length: 9.0"
  • Width: 2.8"
  • Tool Weight: 12.8 oz.
  • Total Weight: 1.3 lbs.
  • Steel Type: 420J2 Stainless Steel
  • Sheath: Nylon


  • Spring Loaded Pliers with Replaceable Serrated Jaws and Hammer Tip (w/Closure Latch)
  • Large Curved Copper Wire Cutter
  • Wire Strippers (10-20 AWG)
  • Bolt Shearing/Re-threading Holes (8-32 & 6-32)
  • Large and Small Looping/Bending Holes
  • Insulated and Non-insulated Terminal Crimper
  • 6 Bits + Holder (2 Phillips, 2 Flathead, 2 Robertson)
  • 6 Utility Blades
    • Back Pocket Flap to Keep it Tight to Body
    • Multi-position (Variable Blade Length) Locking Utility Blade with Quick Change Blade Function
    • Locking Dry Wall Saw with Tip
    • 1. Magnetic Locking Bit Driver
    • 2. Hammering Surface
    • Heavy-Duty Belt Sheath
      • Holds Tool, Bits, Extra Blades
      • Back Pocket Flap to Keep it Tight to Body
      • Additional Loops / Pockets for Tape, Pens, Etc
  • Two Removable Handles
  • Stainless Pocket Clip
2 Electrician Jack Williams - APR 5, 2015

All of Gerber's multi tools are great-EXCEPT THE WIRE CUTTER BLADES BREAK TOO OFTEN & easily! Then it costs $25-$30 for a new set of blades!!! They should send them for free considering the prices of their tools!

3 HVAC Technician - JAN 24, 2015

I tried one, not entirely sold. Would prefer the handle holds more tools or the bits instead of a util knife. or even a small terminal block screw driver or light. A little pricy for only replacing basically 3 tools that together would only cost $30.

5 Very good multitool Rodrigo Castro - MAY 16, 2014

I am a maintenance worker I really like the groundbreaker I used for repair AC and heating ,appliances , lights fixtures, switch outlets,etc,etc and I loved each tool work great I feel the quality and make my work so much easy.
I am a big Gerber fan

3 owner carl hime - DEC 25, 2013

Dear sirs

When will the itme be in stock. I wish to purchase four of them.

3 electrician jeremiah - JUL 17, 2013

great tool when out troubleshooting equipment, all i need most of the time is a meter and my groundbreaker to find the problem!
the tool is a little big in comparison to a standard pair of pliers, so i dont use it if i have a lot of repetetive needs. Also
I would like to see optional handles, i doubt very much that i will ever need the utility knife, I and most tradesmen i know already carry a folding utility knife, maybe their could be a handle that houses the bits sinse i seems to lose them! like my cable dawg.
the removable handle is a great idea! you could offer multiple options that would fit more individual needs at a lot less cost that buing a whole new tool.


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