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Carbide Cutter Insert Replacements

These clever carbide cutter insert replacements are a part of the impressive Gerber multi-plier family, a series of one-handed opening multi-tools popularized in great part because of the easy-access one-hand opening feature. Specific models of the Gerber multi-tool series feature the Tungsten Carbide cutting insert. Once dull, the three-sided blade insert can be rotated 120 degrees, for a total of three rotations. The replacement inserts fit select models of the MP Basic, the MP Pro-Scout, and the MP Legend.

Tungsten Carbide is a hard material consisting of carbon and heavy metals used to make metal-cutting tools. The carbide cutters supplied with your Multi-Plier are considered a replaceable part and are not covered under the Gerber Blades warranty. The carbide cutters are designed to cut a No. 26 hard wire or No. 2 hard fish hook.

Item # 48252


  • Two Tungsten Carbide Cutter Replacements for Multi-Pliers
  • T8 Wrench
  • Four Replacement Screws
1 Good tool, but Leatherman sells better for a reason Pete - JUL 13, 2016

I just got one of the non-pinching Gerber multi-tools and was planning on replacing the cutter blades but have now decided to take the tool to the grinder to prevent anyone else from being tempted to waste money on a faulty part designed to break. Then I'll be throwing it in the bottom of the tool box.

4 Firefighter Winfrid Meléndez - JUN 20, 2016

An indispensable tool for me. Just broke off my replacement carbide cutters. I will not spend 23.00 again for something that should cost no more than 5.00. Switching brands. Thank you Gerber!

1 A&P Mechanic Helicopter Kerry Funke - JUN 19, 2016

Well there sure isn't any lifetime Warranty from gerber, but I found the limited part. Was shocked to read all this as my cutters fail/crumbled on .032 safety wire the first time used.. gerber your a joke $23 to fix your flawed design?? Toss this junk in the bottom JUNK drawer. going back to my Leatherman super tool, If it's broke they fix it .

1 retired military switch - JUN 17, 2016

I got this as a retirement from the military. I have replaced several blades and I hate the flimsy pieces of junk. great tool as long as you don't want to cut anything. I do not recommend any gerber tool with these replacable blades. There is a reason they are not covered under the warranty. They know they will fail. $23 is absurd and they know it. Junk them and get a leatherman with good cutters if you cut at all.

1 Operator Jason - MAR 18, 2016

The City issues these to employees. We all have broken cutters.... need a fix before we switch to a different brand....

1 Maintenance Mechanic Shawn - FEB 21, 2016

Same as everyone else,broke on first use cutting 12ga, solid wire....very disappointed

1 Grunt Another Army Guy - DEC 26, 2015

Logged on here to try and get replacement cutters and saw that everyone else has had the same issue I have.

I have been impressed with Gerber for quality to price value but they failed on this one...

Come on Gerber... fix the issue or charge WAY LESS than $23 for new cutter bits. Please.

2 Telecom Maint. Tech Ben - NOV 13, 2015

I had the same problem with cutter cracking. My last tool had non replaceable cutters. They get dull, but never completely go missing. Using at work it cracked, then later fell out. In concept I like it. in practice the carbide is too brittle. A high carbon steel bit would be better.

1 A Handy Guy always doing stuff J. Phillips - OCT 30, 2015

Seems as if these cutters need to be re engineered, the kit should be reconfigured to about 20 cutter heads along with the screws and tool for that price.

order 3-4 of these kits you would have a new tool that would work of the old style.

I'm currently on the third replacement from the original tool that I bought. but am very dissapointed in this style/cutting heads.

1 construction worker John - OCT 23, 2015

This is my third pair of inserts. Don't like my tool at all!!!!!!

2 Welder Neil Miller - SEP 20, 2015

My inserts shattered cutting through some tie wire. The wire was double wrapped and the cutters wouldn't get through so I gave a little twist to try and work them through. I heard and and felt a crunch and the cutters were no more. $23 for new ones?! Come on! As a welder the cutters are important. Now the whole tool is pretty much useless to me. Good thing I still have my Leatherman.

4 Surveyor Kevin Major - JUL 5, 2015

They worked, right up until they broke.

When reading the other reviews, do keep in mind they're only speced to cut 26 gauge wire. That's a diameter of 0.4mm.

These guys were working, but I was trying to cut through an old wire fence. At 2mm and four cuts later, they couldn't handle it anymore and just gave way.

I'd get the replacement parts if they weren't so expensive.

1 army retired - JUN 22, 2015

Love the tool. Hate the junk cutters. They broke the first use. Replaced them. Broke second use. Rotate nothing they just shatter.

1 Outdoors man/3 Gun Shooter Stephen Adams - APR 29, 2015

This is the worst thing ever. I sent 2 tools in that had the non replaceable cutters to get another tool replaced and they came back with the new carbide cutters. I thought it was a WOW for customer service, but it turned out to be a big dud. I hate the inserts, they shatter cutting anything. Please Gerber, find a new material for the inserts.

1 Soldier Mark Delgado - APR 21, 2015

Cutter broke the first time i tried to use them. Tried to cut a simple clothes hanger to help someone get into their locked car. Not a good testimony of quality. The rest of the tool seems fine but not impressed with the cutters.

1 Engineer Pacre - APR 19, 2015

I have had and have several Gerber Multi-Tools, loved them. I had a chance to try the one with carbide inserts. What a neat idea. They are awful. Broke them the first time I tried them. $23 for replacements? What a joke. I'll throw it away and buy a competitors tool before I do that.

2 Mechanic / factory worker Daniel Denney - APR 4, 2015

Loved the tool but like everyone else my carbide cutters broke the first time I used them cutting a coat hanger. Very disappointed! Even my cheap small Chinese tools I've had have never had a problem with that, did they even test these before selling??? Useless cutters = a useless multitool in my opinion

2 Loggie James - MAR 4, 2015

I have went through ~3 sets of cutters on my MP600 but they were free. Now that I have gone through my spares I will not spend 23.00 for another set only to have them shatter. I will keep the tool as I find it an excellent tool to have readily available. Hopefully Gerber will have a better/cheaper design.

1 Electrician Jeff - JAN 10, 2015

These carbide cutters are awful. They need to be redesigned all together. They cannot strip stranded wire, which by the way a lot of people do with there pliers. They are to brittle to cut hard wire, within the range of use specified by Gerber, Whats the point. Buy the Leatherman replaceable wire cutter plier head, way better. I"ll hold on to my mp6oo in hopes you guys will fix the cutters, as I like the tool itself better.

3 Utility man Paul wernette - JAN 6, 2015

I used the carbide cutters to cut a close hanger ( a lite gauge one ) and the carbide shattered.
My old tool cut it like butter, so i was not real happy this happend

3 mechanic will - DEC 25, 2014

I regularly use mine to cut .32 safety wire for lockwiring bolts. After about a year, mine never went dull; they broke off at the screw.

4 Electric serviceman Scottflatt - DEC 9, 2014

I cut meter seal on electric bases and have had success with the carbide cutters but as with any thing they do wear out over time. I have had my multi tool 800 years now and have gone thru a few sets of carbide cutting heads.

2 Farm/ranch owner Larry - AUG 9, 2014

Was @ a vehicle wreck where the fence needed cutting for ambulance crew to get to the patient. Blades shattered on the first wire I cut. NOT GOOD. This pair is not near as tough as the other pair I use daily (not sure what model that pair is) that do NOT have replaceable blades.

2 Your Title Chet - JUL 28, 2014

The cutter worked great, until I dropped my pliers from 3 feet on to concrete. Shattered one cutter. I prefer the old model with the integrated cutter.

1 Manager Dan - JUN 25, 2014

I agree. It was cutting 20 gauge wire as well and snap. i would rethink design or blade composite.

3 carpenter Geo. Sampson - JUN 24, 2014

After reading the reviews to the left here, I'm dubious but believe carbide is only as good as the user.

4 coal minner william - JUN 10, 2014

l have the same problem as everybody else. the simple fact that Gerber stood by there word made me more than a believer. LIFETIME WARRANTY Gerber Replaced the carbide cutters free of charge I even bought a pair without the carbide cutters so I will always have a pair on me

1 Outdoorsman Stephen Adams - JUN 3, 2014

These are bad,,they shatter on the littlest wires. I thought the Gerber name meant TOUGH,,,,,not with these inserts,,,

1 U.S. Army Bruce Davis - JUN 2, 2014

I have the same problem and am disppointed with the quality. The cutters shattered first time used to cut steel fence wire (12ga) and twenty dollars is a lot for replacement.

1 Welder Trace Richmond - MAY 11, 2014

Thought the tool looked tough with the blunt nose pliers and carbide cutting inserts. I had the same problem as many others. Carbide cutting inserts shattered the first time I really needed them. And it seems none of the authorized dealers are willing to order replacement inserts for me.

1 Owner 3M Farm Michael Rust - MAY 1, 2014

Right above this place to give an opinion. Under Features #3 "Includes Lifetime Limited Warranty" Well I guess we know what it is "Limited" to. Charging me $20 to replace them. Just like everyone else here. Shattered on the first use of them. Hope the military gets better help than us civilians do.

1 Your Title Allen Williams - APR 3, 2014

I was attempting to cut through a section of copper 15 ga. sheathed wire, and the blades shattered. I question if these blades are as durable as they are marketed to be given they shattered when cutting such soft wire.

1 Asst. Chief-Fire Trent Howard - MAR 27, 2014

First time using cutting barb wire fence in a emergency situation to let fire trucks through a fence the inserts shattered. We use to issue these to every FF/Medic but will be switching to something that will get you out of a pinch in an bad situation. These I wouldn't trust to let my kids cut copper wire with. Someone is bound to get a chunk of carbide in their eye as poor as these are. Come on Gerber you can do better than this. Don't waste your money.

5 should-be-your-boss wiseguy - MAR 12, 2014

you don't cut wire in half with this.
you strip wire.
go back to highschool.

1 Faulty carbide cutter design? Leo Dickens - JAN 16, 2014

My original carbide cutter broke the first time I used it. I ordered a new set of cutters and they broke about the third time I used them. I was cutting tie wire each time. I think the design of the carbide cutters is faulty. The screw hole seems to weaken the carbide. Something needs to change.

2 USAF Scott Denfeld - DEC 14, 2013

Like so many others, the first time that I used the wire cutters, they shattered. Very disappointing quality from Gerber. The tool itself is great, but I wish the cutters were more durable, and/or cost less to replace.

1 SSGT Everist - NOV 16, 2013

Like others here, mine snapped in half.
Mine broke while rotating for a new cutting surface. Very little torque was applied to the screw, and, pop. Very disappointing.

2 Eugene Army Paramedic - NOV 7, 2013

These cutter inserts are very good in cutting copper wire. But after few weeks of work they suddenly shattered. Shame that a good MP600 is equipped with such unreliable feature, not to mention the price.

1 Maintenance MB - NOV 2, 2013

I have the same problem with my inserts, Shattered the first time I used them and at $20 dollars to replace I don't see any more gerbers in my future.

1 Retired John M. Graham - OCT 6, 2013

You need to improve and replace these carbide cutter to all who are having breakage. Mine broke on cutting a vine that I got tangled up in. Not very impressive for a Gerber tool... and then charge for replacement on a faulty product.

1 Rancher Paul McPhie - SEP 27, 2013

Was shocked when the carbide cutters shattered when cutting fencing wire.
Not what I've come to expect from a Gerger product.
20 bucks for a replace pair is a bit rich.

1 engineer caltrop - SEP 23, 2013

CRAP cutters - break easily!

Looking for non-Gerber replacements.

1 Maintenence Contractor Deve Roberts - AUG 23, 2013

Really disappointed with the carbide cutter inserts. Like a lot of the others reviews, mine shattered after the first time using them. $20 to replace is expensive considering the durability that the Gerber name has always shown in the past. Always loved the Gerber tools, but with this poor quality, I may have to change brands.

1 Shattered while cutting 20ga wire. Wayne Zeigler - AUG 6, 2013

First time using the cutters since I was issued, Cutting 20ga saftey wire and one of the cutters shattered into 10 pieces. So much for rotating them 120 degrees. Requesting a warrrenty claim since these are in my opinion defective.

1 EMS & Security Arsenal619 - MAY 28, 2013

I have to agree with every review on here for these cutter inserts. For Gerber to have there name of them is a disgrace to the Gerber name. They break and shatter so easily, and $20 to replace is expensive considering they shatter after cutting 1 wire. For that price you can buy a real pair of wire cutters but that defeats the purpose of having the Multi-Plier.

4 steelworker Kurt Rosbacka - MAY 22, 2013

Called Gerber and were really helpful, also broke my pliers and they fixed them and had them back In less than 2weeks. Awesome customer service. Still don't like the carbide cutters but they work.

3 Machinist by trade David Stipcak - MAY 4, 2013

I had my cutter inserts shatter after very little use ,that's why I'm ordering new ones. I do believe these should be made from tool steel.I really like this tool and use it every day,but the cutter is the only problem I have

1 Crane Technician David - APR 16, 2013

Used the cutter to cut a shattered. Now I cannot find my box that had the extra blades in it. Oh well, probalbly don't need them anyway. $20 for 2 blades???? Ridiculous! However, I LOVE the multi-tool. I use it repeatedly everyday. The cutters suck though....

1 Junk Joe R - MAR 3, 2013

Think they should make a HSS insert! The current ones are horrible and crack and shatter first use.

1 Army tools!? Rick - DEC 31, 2012

These cuters are junk time for a plan B gerber,$20 for a new part thats all most 1/4 of what the tool cost.

1 What the?! Ron C. - NOV 13, 2012

First time I used them to try to cut a piece of wire, one of the inserts shattered. I am very disappointed. I think Gerber should give me a couple of dozen inserts and maybe I can get through the rest of my fencing repairs.

3 Veteran-->Farmer Ben H - OCT 29, 2012

Had a tool issued in the military, I also recently tried to cut some high tensile fence wire, cracked the insert. Now I know the limits.

1 Your Title Jim - OCT 6, 2012

Loved the IDEA of these, as I have worn the (non replaceable) cutters out on my other pair after years of use.
The idea is all I love. These SUCK!. Break way to easy cutting stuff I cut every day with my old pair.
Can't believe they would issue these to our soldiers where their life may depend on them.
I have been loyal to Gerber for years, not so sure after this.

1 Mr Anthony H - JUL 22, 2012

Used the cutters for first time to cut fencing wire and shattered both cutters ,I've had an older pair which didn't have carbide cutters and they were bulletproof,not all that impressed

1 Bummer Jeff Redburn - JUN 24, 2012

Just about to send them in or call to get a new screw and bit. Looks like I am screwed because I am not paying $20 for a little bit that apparently everyone else has broke or lost. Gerber I have a bunch of your tools and I love them but if the kit calls for 4 replaceable screws something is wrong.

1 Mr Clive - JUN 16, 2012

Had a pair for many years without the carbide cutters. Had these for a matter of weeks and one cutter has shattered. Not very impressed. Think I'll change brands when I next replace them.

1 Angry American Kevin - MAY 22, 2012

Really!!! This is the crap that we have issued to us you can't even cut air with these and now you want us to pay to fix this junk. No wonder we are losing jobs overseas we can't even make a multi tool that can cut wire.

1 U.S Army Jeff - MAY 20, 2012

I was Issued one of these and the cutters broke the first time I used it. I have 5 of there tools in all. The last 3 I purchased myself at the exchange. The cutters are broke on all of them. Not a very reliable tool. And expensive to replace parts. I'm not going to pay $20.00 for this. What a ripoff.

1 Steel worker Kurt Rosbacka - APR 9, 2012

just broke mine also cutting a coat hanger and now i find i have to pay twenty bucks for replacement blades, guess i go without hhhmmm?

1 Security Guard Your name - APR 5, 2012

I've gone through 2 sets of these! They seem to just shatter if you try to cut anything tougher than a paperclip!!! WTF? Why aren't these things made of hardened steel or titanium or something that'll hold up better?

1 maintenance worker jim schopf - FEB 25, 2012

just had tool replaced with one that has these replaceable cutters . both shattered after cutting wire a coat hanger. i don't think i should have to pay $20.

1 Airman First Class John Walker - JAN 8, 2012

These replacement wire cutters should be covered by warranty not $20 I was cutting high tensile wire and they both shattered I never had that problem with the nonreplaceable ones. just saying!

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