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Paraframe I - Ti-Grey, Serrated

Like all eight knives in the Paraframe series, the Paraframe I is based on the same minimal frame-lock design. It’s a beautifully simple, open frame, titanium-coated knife with a serrated locking blade that is lightweight, easy to clean and opens effortlessly. Built with a smooth stainless steel handle and a clip for secure travel, the Paraframe I is everything that an everyday carry folder should be.

Item # 22-48445
  • Overall Length: 7.01"
  • Blade Length: 3.01"
  • Closed Length: 4.11"
  • Weight: 2.6 oz.
  • Lock Mechanism: Frame-lock
  • Blade Style: Clip Point
  • Blade Material: High Carbon Stainless
  • Blade Type: Serrated
  • Handle Material: Stainless Steel
  • Opening Style: One-handed opening


  • Frame lock handle design
  • Lightweight open stainless steel handles
  • Titanium nitrade-coated blade
5 Elegant Spencer - JUL 16, 2016

So I normally don't like a serrated blade, but I've owned a Gerber Multi-tool for years and love it so I figured i'd try this. Right out of the box it was sharp enough to shave with. Hold an edge great. And is lightweight and sturdy. Love it!

3 Outdoorsman Steven Jankowski - JUN 19, 2016

I've owned this knife since I was a teen, and years later it still performs well. It's an excellent EDC knife that retains it's sharpness. It's also a very good looking knife. I absolutely love it!

5 Great knife Mark - DEC 28, 2015

I bought this knife in December for a gift from myself. Love the size and feel. Opens perfectly.

4 Owner Artisan - DEC 27, 2015

Little tight to open w thumb flick, hope it loosens up a bit w time.

3 Your Title Jake - JUL 30, 2015

I bought this knife a long time ago and it was a fantastic knife, I loved it. I recently lost it so I decided to buy this one again but the new one I got is well made but it is so stiff that I can't even open it with one hand. People say it just needs time to loosen/break in but my old one stayed the same and it was the perfect stiffness.

5 Perfect knife. Danny Alvarez - JUL 2, 2015

I've had this knife for about 6 months and use it everyday for work. I'm pretty rough with it and the only think i need to do is sharpen it. Tough knife, light weight, easy to use and i will be purchasing a Gerber knife again.

4 cowcreekjack Jack Thomas - MAY 26, 2015

Bought this to replace one I lost. Love the design and blade, but it is so stiff that it is impossible to open with one hand. Is there anyway to loosen?

5 Paramedic Brian - FEB 20, 2015

Best damn knife I've ever owned. Lightweight, easy open and rock-solid lock, and is very well made. I seriously don't go anywhere without it. VERY sharp too!

1 Crap knife Tyler Carson - JAN 12, 2015

this Knife is so bad i fell apart the second i bought it

4 The doctor Eric - DEC 25, 2014

I had this knife, but it didn't stand up to two months in Africa. I was even in the elements as I was teaching. The blade lock broke at the base so the blade swung freely, rendering it useless. It was a good knife! I just thing those types of blade locks have a bigger breaking potential.

4 Regular guy G - DEC 5, 2014

I've had the knife for about a year. I like it. It seems to be good steel and durable. Wish the thumb bar opener was permanent and not srew in as it came unscrewed and half of it is lost. Not my first Gerber. Would buy Gerber again. 9 out of 10

5 Your Title Pie - SEP 25, 2014

My grandpa went up north to our families hunting cabin and found it out in the front yard full of dirt!

5 I'll Buy Gerber Brice - JUL 29, 2014

I've used this inexpensive knife for 8 years! Gerber has switched up the design but still the same knife. I couldn't tell you how many times I've dropped this knife on tile & concrete. Over 8 years I've used this knife for NUMEROUS applications. I bought two more Gerber knives today... I can only hope the quality is close in comparison with this Paraframe. Regardless, I'm definitely going to purchase another Paraframe. A light everyday carry. Chicks dig Gerber.

5 Regular guy Craig - JUL 27, 2014

I agree completely with the part above that goes "... everything that an everyday carry folder should be". It's small but very handy and very capable.

5 amazing knife. Jackson - JUN 26, 2014

Its a great knife. My BSA tanto knife got a chip and i wanted a stronger knife so i went to REI and shopped Gerber found a great inexpensive knife for $25. it has a great expesioly how it locks and filps. the blades a little short but i can over look that. It is a great knife all together

5 Heavy Truck Mechanic Jimbo - JUN 9, 2014

Found this knife on the ground at Camp Leatherneck in southern Afghanistan. I carried it for the next two years while I was over there repairing MRAPs. Ive been home for a couple years and I still carry it. I've sharpened the edge a few times, but the serrated part has stayed sharp even after years of use. One of the screws and spacers fell out a few weeks ago. I found it so I got a mini torx driver and I went through and put loctite on all the screws. It's good as new.

5 Lady w/ a big knife collection. Cindy Eidson - MAY 18, 2014

Great pocket knife. Fairly easy to open with one hand. Overall a nicely put together, low profile, great knife for all the little jobs, and EDC.

5 Finest knife I've owned Ryan - MAR 15, 2014

I literally just lost mine from 10 years ago, never had to do anything other than sharpen it.

Fantastic and never failed me.

5 Alex - FEB 11, 2014

I had one of these in 2008, unfortunately it disappeared on the road. Great for the ounce conscious traveler.

5 Nice knife STEVIE - FEB 4, 2014

A good knife for the money. I've had mine for about 2 1/2 years and has held up well. I was able to get VERY sharp with just a little work. It has a nice tight pocket clip so falling out of your pocket isn't a problem. It also has a strong locking mechanism. I would definitely recommend buying this knife.

5 Good knife Jacob - NOV 28, 2013

The thing just works. It opens like an automatic without lubrication. It has stood up very well to a lot of abuse.

2 Sub-Par quality Andrew M - NOV 18, 2013

Screws strip easily, plastic bushings, stiff action, "no-name" bladesteel

5 Michael michael10sley - NOV 1, 2013

This is a _great knife, especially since I sharpened and oiled it.
I want to respond to Sergeant Sanders in that he can just barely open it with his thumb and then the knife will flip to open and locked with a flick of the wrist. Or he can put a wooden match inside the blade slot to keep the knife in a barely opened position.
I prefer to use the thumb technique myself.
I also bought a duplicate Paraframe today with the full blade and I'm sure it will perform as well as my serrated version.

5 Retired, disabled Army veteran michael10sley - SEP 22, 2013

I don't have the problem Sgt. Sanders talks about. It you barely move the blade off its resting spot you can 'flick' it open into locked position easily.
Holds a great edge after sharpening.
Its the best pocket knife I've ever owned!

5 great knife Will - JUN 27, 2013

i am a landscaper and a firefighter, among other things. i have one in my pocket at all times, and another one on my turnout gear. both of which have preformed flawsessly. the one i always carry has been great, and put through he** until a week ago when it fell out of my pocket while i was on my ATV. so im back getting another. highly reccomend this knife, great for protection, utility and emergency/ EMS applications. great job Gerber!!

5 Great tool Alex - JUN 23, 2013

This is the best foldable knife i ever had. Its low profile makes it very light. I recomend it to everyone. Theres no wobble and the washers make opening it easy. It also cleans well. Really sharp. Great product

3 Staff sergeant sanders Sergeant sanders - JUN 8, 2013

Very light and great EDC but the blade is very stiff and hard to open with one hand even after spraying it with WD-40 and I don't want to loosten it because the blade will then wobble overall 3 star rating

5 awesome Your name - APR 10, 2013

best knife ive ever owned i have the camo hunting version it can be used for anything i can even throw it. im even looking into the tanto tiped version

5 Eagle Scout Danny - JAN 6, 2013

Ive had this for my entire scouting career. I use it for everything from cooking to cleaning game to turning screws. It is amazingly easy to take apart and clean. I love it.

5 epic rick - JAN 5, 2013

found one in the woods, been there for a long time th blade and action where coated in rust i ran it through sand than i put it in CLR sharpened it and its good to go

5 Pretty solid Pat - DEC 26, 2012

Got it for christmas. Very sharp... Shaved my arm. Very solid, opens easy, cut well, no wobble. I lke it

5 Army ranger Anthony - NOV 21, 2012

Best folder I have had I have had min for 6 years and it has been through everything I can throw at it. Amazing

5 Amazing Outdoorsman - OCT 24, 2012

Bought this knife 5 years ago at a Walmart and it still works like i just did! Lightweight, simple design, and inexpensive. You would be crazy not to own this knife.

5 Welder Trei Pate - OCT 12, 2012

No other words can describe this knife except: durable and fantastic. I love my Gerber Knives!!

5 Spec Ops Capable Action Jackson - OCT 9, 2012

This was the first knife I bought out of boot camp in Aug 2000. It faithfully served me for four years through countless deployments and contingency ops. Anyone who says you have to spend $300 plus on a folder for Mil Spec / Spec Ops quality is full of it. Prior to 9/11 no one catered or labeled things like they do now. I bought this then for it's lightweight solid no frills construction. It was always there and would still be had I not dropped it off an oil platform off the coast of Iran...After a brief MIA ceremony I quickly picked up another one stateside. I got out in Feb 2008 and it still serves me today. BUY IT...

4 Fed Ex Guy Erik - OCT 4, 2012

Had this knife for about two years, and it does everything that I want it to. The only draw back that I've found is the clip got bent out on it, and I can't find a star driver small enough to take the clip off and bend it back in. Still love my knife.

5 Never leaves my side Dustn - SEP 3, 2012

Simply put I love this knife. I Love it so much I own two of them and a their bigger brother the paraframe II. It sees everyday use, from all manners of work. I use it to hack through bushes, cut tags, open boxes, the amount of things I have used this knife for is too long ti list and gets longer everyday. This truly belongs in the essentials because it is just that, Its light, strong, and dependable. Since buying this knife I'll always get my knives and tools from Gerber.

5 awesome knife kyle - AUG 15, 2012

This knife is absolutely awesome! I have put this knife through a lot of pain and it has shown no signs of wear and tear. My dad bought a house and we had to replace the carpet. He forgot his utility razor knife so we both used our knives that we had on us. I got more carpet up than him because I used this knife and he used a fixed blade from a different brand! It is razor sharp and all in all a great buy. Looking forward to buying some bear grylls survival gear soon. Gerber rules!

5 boyscout, fisherman, everyday use jared - AUG 15, 2012

i have the older style one but it is my favorite knife i have ever owned i always have it by my side never a single problem cuts through steel leaders all fishing line and is great for survival i will always owne one in my oppinion the worlds best knife.

5 An Essential! Travis Sprague - AUG 8, 2012

I've carried my orignal Paraframe now for 5 years. I work in the Telecom industry, and this little guy is a life saver... Often I'm out in the field and need to slice through a fiber/copper drop, or Cat5. The serated blade cuts right through. No need to run back to the truck for snips.

I find this light knife never burdens me with pocket weight, and is always by my side.

I also use this knife when fishing and hunting, I've sharpend the straight edge a few times, but have had no issues with the serated edge; even with all the abuse and neglect.

Will buy another again! (If I actually ever have to.)

1 Your Title Your name - JUL 22, 2012

dont buy, great for a while but the frame lock is not very reliable on this one, buy the swagger instead.

5 good things come in small packages KTB - JUL 18, 2012

This knife is way smaller than I was expecting, but it's sharp and REALLY solid. One handed opening was kinda hard the first time but is getting easier..

5 awesome edc knife jace pouncey - MAY 22, 2012

ive carried one of these for a number of years. ive used it at work, for fishing, hunting and just about everything else. this blade has stood up to everything ive used it for and performed extremely well. i love how thin it is when it rides in your pocket. the pocket clip realy grabs on so it wont come out. the only issue ive ever had is that you need to tighten it periodically or else the blade shifts over and hits the frame when you close it. other then that it is an excellent choice for an edc knife.

5 Red Gerber Exp - APR 29, 2012

This has got to be one of the best folding knives I have ever owned. I prefer frame lock so this was in my city already. Very sturdy construction, the design makes it easy to clean and oil. You could take this knife all over the world and it would not give you a minutes problem. I have two of these, I bought a new one just because I have a habit of buying new knives when one gets too many scratches on it, and got bored and decided to test just how tough this knife is. I am impressed, It has been run over, slammed into brick walls, had the living crap beat out of this knife and it still holds up with no damage.

Amazing knife for the money. This will always be a knife I will turn to.

5 Always prepared Ricky - MAR 23, 2012

This is quite possibly the best knife I've ever owned. Sturdy, balanced, and easy to open. I Always had it at my side and it made itself useful time and time again. Great for simple everyday use to more extreme outdoor uses.

I once lost this knife on my way home in the middle of a blizzard, just a few blocks away from my house. I found it a week later, practicably frozen in a block of ice. I thawed it out and it was good to go, no damage, no rust, It worked just as well as it had before.

5 Camper, Fisher Luke - MAR 19, 2012

Great little knife. I watched a friend hacking away at some branches with his much larger fixed blade from another company before he finally gave up. The serrated section of this little guy cut through them effortlessly. Great knife for the money.

5 the guy next door Billy Williams - MAR 16, 2012

The paraframe II serrated knife is one of my favorite knives and I own more than 60 knives I bent the clip on mine and Gerber was kind enough to replace the whole knife. service like this keeps me coming back. And the price is right. Thanks

4 Just some guy Charles - NOV 29, 2011

Good single hand opening. Holds a edge for a long time. Good low price knife.

1 gfgthy hghghv - AUG 17, 2011

wheres the pic

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