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EAB Pocket Knife

The Gerber Exchange-A-Blade pocket knife uses contractor grade or standard size utility blades that can be easily replaced as necessary. The stainless steel handle works well as both a pocket or a money clip, and liner lock construction keeps the blade safely in the open position when in use. The blade screw is raised for easy opening.

Item # 22-41830
  • Overall Length: 5.1"
  • Blade Length: 1.7"
  • Closed Length: 2.85"
  • Weight: 2.38 oz.
  • Blade Style: Contractor grade utility blade
  • Blade Material: High carbon K5
  • Blade Type: Fine
  • Handle Material: Stainless Steel
  • Opening Style: Nail nick for easy opening


  • Accepts standard or contractor grade utility blade
  • Liner lock safety
  • Nail nick for easy opening
  • Pocket clip doubles as money clip
4 Stage Mgr stagehand/event/travel - MAY 6, 2016

Best knife ever! Pop in a new blade whenever you need - you won't have to give up your whole knife to TSA the few times they might catch it (just ditch the blade!). 95% of the time it goes through security without issue! Now if only I hadn't lost it, but next time I'm going with the Lite version for fun!
The set screw does come loose (- 1 star for that! Just needs some thread lock)

5 IT worker / hobby mr. fixit Sune Frederiksen - APR 4, 2016

This is the best knife I have ever owned. Beautiful, easy to use.
I carry this knife 24/7. I use it many many times each day. It is very rare, that I need to find another blade for a job.

4 Replacement blade Joe Dowling - MAR 31, 2016

Great little knife. The only knock against it are the blade hold down screw. It could easily get lost and seems to be made of very soft metal.

I found that the Stanley extra heavy duty blades (11-931) are the same thickness and don't flop around like standard blades will. I found them in stock at Home Depot. A 5 pack cost me $3.00.

4 Great EDC and work knife Brandon - MAR 30, 2016

This knife 90% of the time is the one I carry on me as a all purpose blade. It is so slip and compact that I often forget it is even on me. The ergonomics are surprisingly good for suck a small knife. I used it at work for cutting heavy materials all day and use it for every day package opening and other odds and ends. The clip came out of the knife once, but after being pushed back in it fits as it always has. The locking mechanism is very tough which for the price is great. There is absolutely 0 blade movement when locked in the open/close direction and very minimal in the opposite. I have not been gentle with my knife and it holds up every time. My one and only real complaint is the blade changing system... I often just use my pen sized diamond file to resharpen it because it's less off a hassle then a blade change. If it could be done like most others with a button/slider to swap blades out it would be a 5 out of 5 knife. Figure out a way to keep it roughly the same size but have storage for maybe 2 extra blades this would be my 100% of the time go to knife and would be 7 out of 5. Either way, I definitely recommend for anyone who carries a pocket knife to try this. For the price you can't go wrong.

2 Retired servive tech John R - MAR 9, 2016

liner lock very hard to press right out of box,,also should come with extra blade lock screw

4 Forester Gary - MAR 6, 2016

I need a replacement screw, lost the one in the knife

5 Novice Jeremy - MAR 3, 2016

I had 2 of these knives over the past 10 years. The small size fits perfectly in the little front pocket on jeans and replaceable blades made this my every-day-carry knife. Just lost my last one, will be buying another soon.

5 Hope my new one breaks in. Jonathan - FEB 22, 2016

I bought one of these for a friend around 2008/2009 and one day he left it at my house and decided he didn't want it anymore so I started carrying it. That was my EDC and favorite knife until the pocket clip finally snapped this past summer. I ordered a new one but so far I'm slightly disappointed. It doesn't work as smoothly as my old one. Everything is solid, but if it doesn't break in and get smooth I'll move the new pocket clip to the old knife. Still a great product, just hope the quality hasn't slid since I bought the first.

1 Doesn't Lock Closed Alex - JAN 20, 2016

This knife (and many others like it) do not lock closed so I find them dangerously open on my belt from time to time just at the right height to slit my wrist. Why won't anyone make a utility razor that locks closed? Oh, yeah, so guys can act tough and open it one-handed.

5 Building Administrator Randy Dicken - DEC 1, 2015

Love this little knife, if it gets dull simply replace the blade. I have carried this knife for many years and wanted to order some for Christmas Gifts, sad to see they are our of stock.

5 Mr Anthony - OCT 11, 2015

This is a great pocket knife. I got so much use out of it that when I lost one, I had to buy another that day. Money well spent. Thank you gerber for this thoughtful design.

5 Furniture Worker Adam Arsenault - AUG 21, 2015

This knife was given to me by one of my co workers (he bought two) because I hounded him for it lol. This knife is absolutely perfect for my job. I move furniture in and out of houses and use it in the warehouse everyday. Its light weight and I hardly know its in my pocket. The swing mechanism is fluid and easily deployed. The screw to change the blade is easy and helpful. I have so many knives and this one is the most versatile. its worth every cent of 16 dollars, enjoy.

5 Awesome work knife Bennie - AUG 11, 2015

Best work knife I have ever owned many different things u can do with it.

3 lost adrian - AUG 1, 2015

Like it, but clip broke off and I lost the screw.

3 Nice small knife Gander - APR 24, 2015

This is a great small knife, and it works really well. Unfortunately, after the first time I changed the blade the bolt stripped. The knife still works well, but the blade is now quite loose

5 Superientendent Bryan - APR 12, 2015

The best knife I've ever had. I would buy one for everyone i know could I afford to. I used to be a "knife snob" even crafted a few knives myself. But from a practical standpoint this knife is the best all around knife I've owned. It goes everywhere i go. I'd feel lost without it. And I don't have to sharpen it i just change the blade. Using a small coin to turn the screw. I comend gerber for this design! I've carried mine for about 5 years now. If I could buy a box of 100 i bet i could sell them all on the job. There are verry few people in the construction industry that have seen thease knives. Gerber should try marketing them to construction professionals.

5 Industrial Shaman DuWayne Lippschittz, Esq. - FEB 7, 2015

Seems people are missing the fundamental benefit of this particular "knife". I travel with this ... without blades when I fly. Upon arrival, I wander into a hardware or craft store and pick up a couple of blades. Ergo, I have an ok knife while I'm in town and on the way out I throw the blades away. TSA Problem solved. And trust me, a swipe with this thing will serve you close range tactical needs in a pinch. Beats buying a knife in every city and sending it home or giving it away.

5 truck driver New zealand Hans - JAN 21, 2015

brilliant little knife, small and quick to open one handed. I brought this 2007 and has been used nearly every day cutting strapping, plastic and cardboard etc. I have even use it closed to open oil drums. have lost count of the blades I've replaced but its still paid for it self 100 times over. hope I can replace it here in NZ if it ever breaks

4 Your Title ptrissa - JAN 8, 2015

Can't fold it, can't find instructions

5 How could you not have this? krholloway - JAN 7, 2015

Cheap, great looking and endlessly useful. Fits in any pocket, easily opened and firmly closed. Great for any application which requires the sharpness and precision of a razor blade.

5 Everyday Guy Jonathan - JAN 7, 2015

This knife should be in the essentials section. I use this almost every day and have carried mine constantly for nearly 4 years. This replaced my bulkier pocket-knife and i have never regretted it. The construction is solid, the blade can be abused and replaced, and it is minimal in size and weight.

4 Engineer Frequent Flyer - DEC 23, 2014

Great knife. When I carry it thru airport security (by accident) I can pull a small screwdriver out of my laptop case & remove the blade. I keep a pkg of new Lennox Bimetal blades in my suitcase, so when I arrive, I have a brand New knife. The only way to improve this knife would be to have a tool-less blade change. I would gladly pay double for that feature.

4 Maintence manager Keith Taylor - DEC 9, 2014

Had the EAB for years .very good Knife always a sharp blade easy to carry only draw back is everybody tries to keep it when I loan it out .
So order extras a great gift

5 Machine Operator B - OCT 25, 2014

Love this little lightweight knife for work. Most knives don't work well with the women pockets, they are to big and fall out. Now if I could find out what screw holds the blade in so replacements can be found I would be happy.

5 Your Title David Rooker - OCT 21, 2014

Best tool I ever bought. Use it every day.

5 D.I.Y. Project Perfectionist Rhonda - AUG 27, 2014

Spent about 6 months checking the EAB out... reading reviews, etc. Finally pulled the trigger and made the purchase. Absolutely love the knife... nice unique, modern and functional design. One of the best pocket knives on the market.

5 Very nice, amazing , it's the best JP - MAY 11, 2014

I can make every thing, I have 5 years whith it,

3 Your Title Greg - APR 21, 2014

I like the knife a lot and use it all the time. Its light and strong. One problem I have found is that the blade that comes with it is about twice as thick as replacement blades. I can't find one that fits tight without rattling.

5 PM arron - MAR 30, 2014

the best pocket knife/box cutter I've ever owned. then I lost it. Had it for 3 yrs. Am going to buy 2 or 3 now.

5 Not disappointed. Danny Edwards - MAR 12, 2014

I have used this knife for about 6 years now and I have had to replace it twice only because I broke the clips. I just purchased another for a backup. I like it. and recommend it to others.

5 Retired Louis Payton - FEB 9, 2014

Great knife. I lost mine and have to replace it. I have another Gerber that is a single stainless blade and I like it but it just does not replace this little knife.

5 Electronics Technician Robert Cole - JAN 30, 2014

Love it. Best little utility knife I've ever had. I'm gonna order two more as they seem to grow legs a lot and walk off. One to use and one to lose.

3 IT worker Dan - JAN 16, 2014

I've been using this EAB for about 3 yrs. I thought it was fantastic. ONLY gripe was the SCREW used to hold the blade was cut poorly and instead of being flush with the Body, had a sharp jagged nick. I found out about this when I reached into my pocket and cut myself. I contacted Gerber, waited a few years & guess what, the sharp edge is still there. Poor quality control. I still bought it & replaced the screw. Oh yes I tried filing it away, nothing short of a grinder would make it go away.

5 Everyday Knife, Use Lennox Blades Jon H - JAN 12, 2014

Great Knife. My only piece of advice to anyone is GET A GOOD BLADE FOR THIS. I love the Lennox Bi-Metal blades. They are gold colored on the cutting edge and it keeps the blade sharp and free from rusting.

All you need is a penny and you can change the blade in about 10 seconds. Great job Gerber!

5 Ins. adjuster Lewis Kinzey - DEC 25, 2013

I use this knife ever day & love it. I inspect total loss cars. Most of the time the are covered with plastic wrap. This knife is perfect! It is so easy to replace the blade when it gets dull or broken.

5 Needs an airplane grade aluminum version. Grant - DEC 6, 2013

I really *love this model and have been carrying it for over a year. I bought the other models and intensely disliked them. This model is too heavy I feel. If they made this model in an airplane grade aluminum (for the strength factor) and jacked up the price to double, I would buy it in a heart beat. I'm of course going to keep carrying this because there's no better option out there, but I'll be keeping my eye out for a lighter more compact razor blade exchanger type device.

5 Retired Old Goat John Bo - OCT 15, 2013

The EAB is very handy. It serves as a money clip. I carry it in my fanny pack, as I use a manual wheelchair. I have it to cut open any packages of medical supplies, that I receive. I recently lost the screw that holds the blade in it. Gerber mailed it to me instantly..Thank you Gerber.

5 Hardware Store Worker CJ - SEP 30, 2013

Great little knife takes up next to no pocket room and does the job I need it to do without hesitation. Recommend this knife to anyone at all!

5 warehouse unloader Rusty - SEP 24, 2013

Standard box cutters always give me the "willies". I used the EAB on an unloading dock for 3 years without a hitch. Folding design works great even w/gloves on. Would like to see nail flick eliminated & Allen screw with slight rise to it for opening. Always clip in pocket w/back of blade side againt a seam to prevent reaching into a pocket w/an open blade. Use serrated blades for best results & longer edge life. Awesome product.

3 Also Disappointed Robert Graves - SEP 9, 2013

The blade does rub against the body when folded, and after about a year the hinge got wobbly. Still carry it everyday for work though I wish they fixed those 2 problems

5 Your Title nathan hopple - SEP 1, 2013

Great knife. Much more compact than others that are the same style. Well worth the money. I for sure will be buying more.

5 retired bob allen - AUG 16, 2013

These knives are great. I like a sharp knife and these fit the bill. I used to carry a larger box knife but this is so much more compact. I bought several for gifts.

5 ship/rec clerk Scott Riley - AUG 5, 2013

great little box cutter. i have used mine for over 3 years without any issue. highly recommend. I open boxes with it and cut plastic wrap all day, couldn't ask for a better box cutter

3 A bit Disappointed Mark Estrada - FEB 18, 2013

Blades rub on inner side dulling themselves prematurely. Other then this I love this little knife.

5 Retired John Bo - FEB 17, 2013

This is great for opening packages. I get packages containing medical supplies. I use it also for a money clip. It hides the fact that it is a razor knife, not that I would attempt to bypass a search area.

5 Business Traveler Dan Hinkle - JAN 17, 2013

The EAB and the EAB Lite are absolutely great. I have them both. I give them away as gifts when I meet folks that are like me...terrible at sharpening knives, like to carry one in my pocket and use them all the time. One thing I absolutely love about it is the fact I don't have to give up my knife to TSA when I forget to put it in my bag. Just unscrew the blade and on my way.

5 if only... Ben - JAN 7, 2013

i love this little knife. small enough that its not in the way and doesn't take up too much pocket space. opens with a flick of the wrist. totally ergonomic, easy on the hand after hours of use. wont close on your hand either. clip keeps it in place up on the pocket but you dont have to struggle with it. changing out the blade is cake. bought it when i worked in shipping 5 years ago, still use it all the time. now if only they made it in blackout.

4 steel worker alex dezarn - DEC 16, 2012

great not like the small screw
to change blade

5 Medical Equipment Tech Micah - DEC 12, 2012

I use this knife every day extensively. It clips on a belt loop and stays out of my way when i don't need it.
The clip is tight and has never slipped off even a thin belt loop. The knife it self is so thin it fits between the loop and my belt easily.
The blade can be changed with a dime or a penny. The screw holds the blade securely without any wobble found in other quick release knifes.
Excellent knife.

5 carpenter michael prodonovich - NOV 15, 2012

best knife ever , but need the option to buy more replacement screws , and replacement clips. i see they are just pressure clips.

5 lumber / building materials manager skip hagans - OCT 26, 2012

l love this knife but, the screw that holds the blade is easy to strip out

5 retired military modern day mechanic scott - OCT 9, 2012

i used this knife daily. even clip to my underwear just sitting around house. opens mail shreads cardboard strips wires does everything. little screw that holds blade is ackward but blade never moves as with other designs. small easy to carry awesome product. down side is belt clip tends to fall off and can be lost.

4 warehouse manager Jared - SEP 19, 2012

I open a lot of boxes every day and used this knife heavily. After some time the action of opening and closing it became 'grindy' like other reviews I've read, but after some more use I've found the action smooths out again, completely grinding a channel via the little dot on the inside. This is nice as a wrist flick is possible, but dangerous as gravity/movement in my pocket can expose the blade.

I'd still use it if I didn't lose the REALLY TINY screw that Gerber used to secure the blade. A thumb screw would have been much easier to use and find if dropped.


I got mine a couple of years ago and I love it and carry it everywhere. It fits really well in the watch pocket of jeans. Do you have a list of stores that sell it as I can't find it locally

5 Electrician/radio tech William - AUG 4, 2012

I got mine 3 yrs. ago at walmart, as something to play with....WoW ! I was wrong I now love it, carry it everywhere, fits behind phone in case is easy to carry, quick one handed operation, easy to sharpen or buy new blades for almost anywhere which is good cause they dull quick, but thats okay, the screwdriver to change blade is a pain, all in all for money it's 5 star knife.

5 Driver Pro-Build man - JUL 13, 2012

I LOVED mine, but have lost it and no one around here sells them anymore so I'm very glad to see that I can still buy one online.
I've always hated anything in my pockets and this is small and slim I hardly know it's there.

3 Farmboy Logan - JUL 8, 2012

Works great until the blade breaks or gets dull, which it does pretty fast. Then you have the task of taking the screw out that holds the blade. Other than a cumbersome blade holder this knife works great and is in no way bulky like other folding utility knives.

5 Fisherman and Hunter HomeBoy - JUN 9, 2012

I have to give this knife a 5 Star review due to it's size, function, reliability, comfort in handling, simplicity of blade replacement and locking blade reliability. Can't beat the price for a gentleman's pocket knife.

5 Retired Jim - JUN 2, 2012

Love this little jewel! I carry it instead of a pocket knife. I cut everything with it and so what if the blade dulls. Just pop in another one and continue on. Doesn't rust and lasts forever as long as you don't lose it. Everyone needs one.

5 I love it! neil84 - MAY 30, 2012

I bought this for myself a while ago (+2yrs?). It's still holding up. It's made to last. I carry this everywhere as a regular utility knife, and as a discreet defensive tool. It's handy, solid, easy opening (1handed), functional, and every bit worth it. I think that negative review above possibly bought something else, or a knock off? I just double checked mine, and it's definitely brushed steel... (I am not a qualified metallurgist.) Not brass at all. It is very functional. It doesn't open in my pocket. Screws stay tight. The blade it came with didn't see much action. I trashed it. I use razor-blades and box-cutters in my line of work and a pack of quality blades are worth buying. Cheap ones dull quickly or tarnish. Easy to carry, deploy, and grip. A life saver you can carry and forget. From a defensive stand-point, knives are scary but razor blades are terrifying. A great way to slim a wallet. I use mine as a money clip, and a bottle opener... if you're skilled. It sure beats prying with keys. A must have. A perfect man-gift. LIFETIME WARRANTY???!!! NICE!

1 Doesn't matter Zac - MAY 25, 2012

I was under the impression this was stainless steel and it is not. Just made to appear that way. I can clearly see brass on the inside of the handle and i used the blade a few times it came with and its dull. Unsatisfactory product in my opinion.

5 Favorite knife Cameron - MAY 11, 2012

Recently added this to my collection and I'll be picking up a couple more so that I have one that sits in my bag, etc. Just a great knife, I did 2 x 1m worth of stencils fairly detailed to redecorate a bit of my bedroom, and the point is still nasty sharp. You have a really nice grip for general utility and detail work yet it comes in a tiny package and this knife having become my EDC as a money clip really holds up well, the blade is still shaving sharp and the fact that you can turn it around then replace it makes it, in my eyes, a much better option then say a SOG flash 1, because for the general tasks you use this for, the price on it, replaceable blades, size, and also the fit and finish is top quality, you just can't beat it. For the intended use, I'd take this over a Stider any day

4 General Contractor Justin - MAY 10, 2012

Great knife, very durable, light wieght, just wish I knew what country this was made in.

5 Engineer Hank - MAY 8, 2012

Amazing little knife that is light and great to carry everywhere. Not having to worry about sharping is great and saves time. I lost my first one and bought another the next day. Really cant go wrong here.

5 Plumber Joe the Plumber - APR 29, 2012

Love this little blade, out of all the knives I own and have owned it is by far my favorite. I find myself using it all day everyday in my work.

5 sales manager Mike - MAR 1, 2012

We buy these 100 at a time and give them to our customers. These are the greatest knives and our customers love them. I have had one ever since they first came out. Very dependable and rugged. I can find replacement blades at any hardware store.

2 Your Title Your name - FEB 6, 2012

couldn't find a replacement blade any were and normal ones wouldn't fit

5 Weekend Warrior Tony - JAN 20, 2012

Had this knife for over 2 years now, great compact size and never fails

5 Customer Your name - DEC 3, 2011

I've never had any problems with this knife. It's a great, compact, well- built knife that I suggest to anyone.

3 customer your name - DEC 1, 2011

i had it for a few months and the little plastic spacer broke besides that it is awsome

4 JackOfAllTrades Your name - NOV 24, 2011

Great little knife. I use it almost every day at work for anything that doesn't need a heavy duty knife. Light, compact, convenient, clips onto my pocket. The hinge has loosened up a little and took some ingenuity to tighten back up. Could be simpler there. Other than that, it is the perfect "I wish I had a knife" knife.

5 Customer Dillon Erwin - SEP 23, 2011

Love it. This is something I use.

4 Material Handler Rick Buie - SEP 22, 2011

I have owned this blade for a couple of years now. This is my work blade. Feels good in the hand and is small enough to not get in the way. The price is right too. Owning this blade is a "No Brainer!"

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