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EAB Lite - Fine Edge

The Gerber Exchange-A-Blade pocket knives use contractor grade or standard size utility blades that can be easily replaced. New for 2010, the E.A.B. Lite also features deep finger groves that provide a secure grip in a lighter knife. Both the E.A.B. Lite and the original E.A.B. sport stainless steel handles that also double as a pocket or money clip.

Item # 31-000345
  • Open Length: 5.10"
  • Blade Length: 1.5"
  • Closed Length: 2.85"
  • Weight: 2.29 oz
  • Handle Material: Stainless Steel


  • Contractor-grade replaceable utility blade
  • Deep finger grooves for secure fit
  • Handle also doubles as pocket or money clip
4 warehouse worker Jeff - JUL 14, 2016

I love this knife! I work in a warehouse and I bought this expecting to use this for the smaller crates but I find myself using it for all sizes and heavy duty work. I would recommend this knife

5 Supervisor Mike - JUL 2, 2016

I love this knife! It is easy to carry, strong and light.

4 Buyer RJ - JUN 29, 2016

I love this knife, it so handy to use, I wish I could find the same blade that come in it new.

5 plumber joe - MAY 19, 2016

The best small knife i ever had. Sadly , i lost it and now i'm ordering a new one. For those having difficulty locating properly fitting blades, Dewalt or Stanley fit fine.

4 Industrial Manufacturing Charlie - MAY 18, 2016

I love this knife! Being a female, pockets are small, I never drop it, loose it out of my pocket. That's great for me since I have to be both in the front office and out on the production floor every day.
If it had a quick change for the blade, it would be perfection...

5 Mr Richardt Rabe - APR 27, 2016

I just LOVE this knive!! Light, compact, stromg. So thin I am not even aware of it. Got extra heavy duty Stanley blades at Builders (souh Africa @ R35/pack of 5 blades) same thickness fits like original blade. Only sligt concern is that the small screw that keeps the blade might strip.

5 Owner: Anytime Lock & Key Greg Singleton - APR 21, 2016

These thick blades are the answer to this being a great knife. But what about replacements. Does Gerber offer this thick blade. The package says "Exchangeable Standard Utility Blade" NOT TRUE. These blades are special and are not standard. Gerber should offer replacements.
If anyone find a way to purchase them. Please email me at:
Thank you!

4 designer kez panel project - APR 18, 2016

Very nice utility knife for box cutting, but I can't find the "thicker" Gerber replacement blades. Other blade brands (Stanley) will work, but don't fit the handle as snug as the original blade. Replacement blades are too thin and rattle in the knife, and I wish the tiny screw was a thumb stud. The clip broke off immediately, as I tried using it as a money clip... no big deal, as I didn't like the clip anyway. Overall, I like this little knife to throw in my tool bag.

4 User Tim - APR 14, 2016

Love this knife!
Can't find the same type of replacement blades as the usual, however, was able to find a blade that doesn't rattle.

4 Warehouse Lead hillbilly44 - MAR 17, 2016

Fits in pocket good. Like how the blade is lock in. Can not find thicker blades for it any where. A good knife to have.

4 Your Title Jeff - FEB 27, 2016

I would give this 5 stars if I could find a replacement blade that didn't rattle around.

That said; I love this little knife! I open boxes every day and cut boxes down and this beats any big brand utility knife hands down.

4 Handyman Ken - NOV 29, 2015

I love this little knife! But mine doesn't accept regular blades, unless I break the tip off the unexposed end. And the tip sticks out ever so slightly making it a sharp point sticking out, so I cut that too. So where can I find correct replacement blades? I use my other utility knives regularly, so to be able to have my old favorite back would be nice.

5 Lawman Jerry - NOV 28, 2015

Great knife for all around use...if blade gets dull, turn it around until both ends get dull, breaks, etc., just replace with another. Blades are utility type, found anywhere at hardware stores, WalMart, etc. inexpensive, easy to carry...been carrying one for several years, ever since they first came out.

5 Awesome Tsanchez27 - NOV 20, 2015

It is very good. It just needs to be open with a switch

3 Electrician Michael - NOV 20, 2015

Nice knife, the fact that it's so skinny makes it fit really well in your pocket. The screw holding in the blade is not the best idea. It's very tiny and if you drop it during a blade change, its gone.

4 Soap Factory/Warehouse/Cafe Worker Zac Tolan - OCT 12, 2015

These are great knives. I like how you get a little more blade exposure than your normal utility knives, and how compact they are. The only problem with them is that the clip can break off after a while (over a year of use or so).

5 Retiree Bob Donegan - OCT 3, 2015

I have had this for a couple of years I love it! where can get a second blade for it?

4 davenport jerry - SEP 19, 2015

Excellent build quality , only gets 4 stars because the blade is held by a screw. This day in age, I would expect it to be quick change, or tool less change.

5 Stage hand convention lead IATSE mikesbikeshop - SEP 15, 2015

Killer utility knife for stage and convention work. Good karma, knife keeps coming back to me after I misplace it on the show floor or in the warehouse. Now I want two of these little Hot Rods. One for me and one in my I+D bag. (install and dismantle) You folks at Gerber ROCK!!!!!! Keep up the good work. See ya all at the next Outdoor Retailer .

5 Furniture Worker Adam Arsenault - AUG 21, 2015

This knife is in my pocket everywhere I go. Its light weight and rugged. I can barley feel it in my pocket. Its perfect for what I do for a living. I move around a lot and need a blade at the drop of the dime. The blade screw makes things simple and handy. The swing arm is fluid and smooth. I would be lost without this little guy

5 carpender mick boice - JUL 10, 2015

I don't know what I would do with out it I would feel naked im 47 years old and never had a knife like it I paid $9 for it at tracktor supply best money ive ever spent

5 Warehouse Manager Mat - APR 17, 2015

I had to buy a second one when my first wound up missing last fall. Found it in my garden this spring. The elements had taken their toll on the replaceable blade but the knife body was good as new after a light clean up. I love this knife and use it daily. Thanks for making such a high quality moderately priced box knife.

4 MGR Don K - APR 4, 2015

Great knife. Can't find the thickner replacement blades anywhere. Others work but dont fit the knife as snug as the orginal blade that came with the knife.

5 THE AVERAGE JOE! Josh - FEB 20, 2015

Great knife for what it's for. I would edc this bad boy if I wasnt hung up on my lite multi tool. Some times I do carry both. You really couldn't ask for a better knife. You don't even have to sharpen it. (Genius) I feel like a BAD A$$ when I do have it on my person. Just so you know, I am not a gerber fan at all, but I do have to say I am very impressed with this purchase. Go ahead and buy one for your buddy, gerber won't mind.

5 Reubster Reuben Slumerican - JAN 7, 2015

I paid $9 for one of these almost 3 years ago, and it has been the best box cutter/pocket knife I have ever owned. I run a shipping department and I cut down boxes everyday (cardboard not tape) and it has never given me any problems. The look of it kind of bothered me at first because it looks really uncomfortable to hold, but when I got it out of the package I was amazed at how good it felt in my hand. I love the fact that the blade is held in with a screw, not a button or something that is prone to getting hung up on something while you're cutting. I hope they never change this design or discontinue this item because this had literally changed my work experience.

4 Your Title Kelly H - JAN 4, 2015

Very happy so far. I removed the clip because I had no reason for it. Snapped off clean as it's only held in by tension. This beats the hell out of a standard utility knife and I'm looking forward to ditching the bulky Sheffield folding utility knife I've carried around for years.

3 Plant manager Allen Krausse - DEC 27, 2014

I love this knife, however, I cannot find replacement blades. Regular replacement blades are too thin and wobbles in the cradle. I have tried both Stanley and other contractor blades but they are too thin to say secure in the cradle. Please advise where I can purchase replacement blades. I'd give it 4 stars if I could find replacement blades.

4 Carpenter, Glazier Rob - DEC 26, 2014

You can't actually just replace the blade that easily. I'm in the construction business and haven't found any blades as thick as the gerber blade. The smaller blades cause it to close crooked. I've had at least 5 of these, because the clip always breaks. And i found since they switched from the Phillips head to the flat head screws I've had no problem with that anymore. It's a great little knife, I just wish you could get packs of the original blades that comes on it.

5 warehouse worker Bob - DEC 12, 2014

Excellent quality, durability, and flawless functionality. The screw complaint that most are griping about is not a big deal if you buy quality bi-metal blades. Blades like the Lennox Bi-Metal gold last 10x as long as the standard blade and thus require by far less frequent replacements. Food for thought.

3 Knife Collecter Jim Voorheis - NOV 26, 2014

The screw need to be a thumb stud. Make it easier to open and easier to change the blade.

4 Handy tool Jim - SEP 23, 2014

I have the EAB, really works well on the job, use it all the time. My co-workers wanted one till they saw the screw. Still I like it. Keep it on my belt. its low profile keeps it out of the way and ready when I need it. Stanley blades did not work for me very well, pricked my finger. Westward works fine. If it where quick change it would be better....I have tools on the job so, not that big a dill to change the of for the size. OK in by book.
Lose the screw and get another star

5 Field Tech Theron Hansen - AUG 29, 2014

I lost the screw that holds the blade in and so I bought a new one. I have never had any problems with the knives. If I did, I wouldn't hav bought a new one. I use it at work all the time. The size is what I like best. Is there any where I can buy a new screw for the blade?

1 Screw sucks Zach - AUG 19, 2014

Overall design of the knife is nice, I use it often at work for opening boxes. However, when the blade dulls, I can't switch it out or turn it around because they screw the damn screw in too tight. I'm on my second one (first was warrantied because the screw edge stripped on me from trying to unscrew it, and this second one is doing the same thing. Can't give it any more than one star if the thing will only last me a couple months.

5 Great Knife Bobby - JUL 26, 2014

I love this knife. Really versatile and handy. I carry it with me everywhere. The only thing is that I wish Gerber sold the thick replacement blades. I cant seem to find them anywhere. The regular blades I buy to replace are a little thinner and loose...

5 Small Kevin - JUN 28, 2014

Love it because it's small, my clip broke too, which I'm okay with, because its even smaller now, and takes up less space in my pocket.

4 Clip Tyler - JUN 18, 2014

Is there a way to remove the clip I don't use for anything and it gets in the way

5 lineman lee barto - JUN 12, 2014

i love this little knife just for the reason that the blade is locked in with a screw. But the clip also keeps falling off.

5 L.P.S. at CON AGRA JOE lent - JUN 3, 2014

THE BEST knife I'VE ever owned,I've had a few. the most comfortable to carry. CONGRATS ON A GREAT KNIFE in eab lite

3 Shipper Reciver Christopher Price - MAY 24, 2014

Great Knife, but I must agree the clip was an issue for me as well. I still love the knife even if the clip tends to break on them. I sent mine back and they sent me A new one. Mabe paul needs to try contacting Gerber again.

5 Screw Juan - MAY 22, 2014

I love this knife. Very handy and compact. My problem is I lost the screw while changing the blade 40ft off the ground. Anyone know where I can get a replacement?

4 Engineer Adam J - APR 10, 2014

CONS- requires a tool to replace the blade (a penny will work), normal blades wobble a bit (need a heavyduty replacement blade), the finish scratches easily.

PROS- Slim and Sleek, fits in the pocket snug, and wears on the pocket much less than more rugged utility knives.,

I sure tool will stand up to everyday use just not all day everyday use, if you are using a utility knife that much you need a full size one anyway.

I haven't had a problem with the pocket clip like many of the other reviewers, however it does appear that it was only bonded on.



5 farmer Gomer - FEB 15, 2014

for $14 can't go wrong its just as handy as the letterman and carries the gerber image keep up the good work

5 chef john - JAN 27, 2014

i love this knife...i had the old one but lost it...this newer one i like better. Nicer action, and better lock up, no wobbling. I use this at work for cutting boxes, opening 50 pound bags of potatoes and onions and various other tasks. Bought me one, and was the best gift i ever received from him..
A Big Five Stars!

5 cabinet shop owner kevin Kirkland - OCT 9, 2013

The knive is great, trying to get more of them for my workers..good design strong & quick change to a new sharp blade.

4 Shipper/Receiver Steve - OCT 8, 2013

I wanted something that was lightweight and didn't take up a lot of space in my pocket. This knife delivered perfectly, until the clip broke off, that was very disappointing.

Other then that good knife.

5 carpenter Dave - AUG 14, 2013

I've had 2 for about 5yrs. Carry one daily. Quick change out on blades is a plus. Stainless is a big plus since I live by the ocean. One's for work the other for 'dress'. I use them to flip open bottle caps and to pry up paint can lids. I gave one to each of my crew once I realized how handy mine was.

2 gerber knife clip paul - JUN 9, 2013

My knife clip broke, this was a great knife and i wrote Gerber and sent pictures of the broken clip and never heard back.


5 Repair Tech Travis - MAY 20, 2013

I am surprised at all of the people having issues with the clip. I have had mine for almost 4 months now and feel that the clip is very solid. The knife stays sharp and works great for my day to day use on everything from boxes to cables to cutting a tree branch (I know, not really what it was meant for but it was the only knife I had with me and it worked better than I thought it would)

5 Avionics Technician - MAY 14, 2013

This is a fine upgrade to the original EAB I find I use the original EAB everyday and keep the lite in my pocket it is a fine tool.

5 Good pocket knife/money clip Bill from WI - JAN 17, 2013

This is a great pocket knife. I don't use it for heavy jobs, I have bigger knifes for that. As for a stylish, thin pocket knife this is great. I use the clip for a money clip so the knife has two functions for me.

3 Not going to buy this now SW - DEC 14, 2012

Sorry to hear that this knife is not a Gerber quality knife. I think it is a great idea. I hope that a heavier version that will stand up to the name comes out. I would then add it to my Gerber collection of knives an tools.

2 Medical Equipment Tech Big M - DEC 12, 2012

This is a larger, heavier, crappier version of the EAB. Buy the EAB it's better in every way.

4 McNEilly Elizabeth - JUL 5, 2012

I love this Little Knife, For a Lady that owns a business to going to the barn even dressing for the town it fits everywhere i go.. attractively and does a great job at its purpose.. I use it for everything

2 not gerber quality Landen - MAY 22, 2012

im a general contractor and i carry a utility knife everyday at work and and i trusted the gerber name into disappointment. i purchased this knife in hopes of top quality and i have kept it on my belt for close to 2 months now and and the entire knife has bent a few times. I've never once dropped it or even left it on the floor it comes off my belt to cut or scratch then right back on my belt and still it has bent a few times. I've bent it back with just a mallet the first few times but now its so twisted I'm just going to replace it and forget i ever owned one.

4 Clip broke off, action is grinding Erik - APR 9, 2012

Pretty much as soon as I got and started carrying this knife, I became annoyed at the clip; I'd have rather not had it. So when it broke off very quickly, I was not upset.

But the folding action is now very "crunchy," and that is not OK.

4 edc jerry sportsman - FEB 17, 2012

I found that as long you dont clip it to anything to big the clip wont break. I had one where the clip broke on a leather tool belt got another one and just used my normal pocket and it has been good for months

5 TILE STORE TOM C - JAN 30, 2012

Love this knife, i read about the clip breaking but i broke mine off on purpose so it will slide into my pocket easier. Lost one and had a back up (thankfully) and just purchased anther backup jic i loose this one . Best razor style knife you can buy !!!

1 Electrician Robert Dill ( - JAN 29, 2012

I have had Gerber knives at my side for 35 years, I was given my first one at 10 years old. I picked up this one for work. I too am REALLY DISAPPOINTED in the clip, It broke off two weeks after getting it, i took it back for a new one thinking that i got the only bad knife that Gerber made. A week and half later the second clip broke, NOT HAPPY with that

1 Contractor Doug Chapman ( - JAN 21, 2012

After 3 days of use, the clip broke. This happened after the clip had come off several times. I was REALLY disappointed with the quality and engineering of the knife. After 15 years of using Gerber multi-tools and knives, I expected a much better piece of equipment for the price, this is after all a utility knife that is available in other forms for much less money but the "Gerber" name led me to believe that I was purchasing a superior product. This was not the case with this product.

5 Excellent for a replaceable utility blade knife n8baller - JAN 15, 2012

I am giving this knife a 5 star rating. It is a very small, compact, yet simple to use utility blade knife. I had been looking for a small clip knife that would hold a replaceable utility knife blade for awhile. All the other options are much more bulky, this one is the smallest most simple one I have seen.

I have been using it daily for months now, with only this one complaint: the CLIP JUST BROKE!!! I am hopeful that Gerber will send out a replacement as the other review mentions. I will repost with an update as soon as I find that out.

Other than the clip breaking, this knife is a perfect knife to have clipped onto a pocket handy for opening boxes, and misc use. It is very sturdy and easy to handle in spite of the compact size.

5 Your Title Kellen - DEC 5, 2011

this is a very good knife for light chores, since its a razor blade it will cut through most of the things you need to cut in an ordinary day. like the other reviews say the pocketclip did break, but after contacting Gerber they sent replacement clips out in. the perfect knife for just having around.

5 good for what it is! syrus - NOV 18, 2011

i think its a great lil pocket knife, comes in hand at all times and its small so i take it everywhere! its GREAT for money clip! only down side is that u cant stack money with it cuz itll break....but i reallthy think its worth every penny! i got 2 about a year ago, just recently the clip on one broke so im trying to see if gerber will replace it! again great product for what it is!

2 Displeased Patrick - NOV 8, 2011

Again, I realize that this is an inexpensive knife. However, Gerber is a name I thought meant quality. I have had this little more than two months and the clip has broken. At first it was just popping off, which was annoying enough. Finally the clip has s

3 photographer shawn plouffe - SEP 21, 2011

Great, until you buy a few of them and the quality between all of them are all different some good some awful. Gerber get some control of your manufacturing of this cool product. Even though this is only 14 dollars the grinding and poor metal work and som

4 Mediocre Logan - SEP 18, 2011

Somewhat impractical all around design from the blade slot to the everything else, othe than that it is a great low profile utility knife

3 mr david taccola - SEP 4, 2011

I bought this because the clip on my EAB pocket knife broke off. i had this one a week and the clip broke off of it. I used them as money clips and now they are useless.

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