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Prodigy - Serrated

Design cues for the new Prodigy were inspired by the award-winning LMF II, another knife engineered by Gerber's Jeff Freeman. The Prodigy is much smaller (9.75" overall length), but it certainly packs as much punch as its predecessor. The full tang, U.S. 420HC Stainless Steel blade is beefy, and coated with ceramic for improved corrosion resistance and reduced visual signature. The ergonomic over-molded rubber handles ensures a soft, comfortable, but secure grip in all conditions. Its also MIRS compliant. Much like the knife, the sheath is designed to live up to the task with a friction-release thumb lock for security and a list of non-detection features. Noise is dampened thanks to a molded softgrip coating which, like the ballistic nylon material, is MIRS compliant. It's also MOLLE compatible and comes with a leg strap.

Item # 22-41121
  • Overall Length: 9.75"
  • Blade Length: 4.75"
  • Weight: 12.45 oz. (w/ Sheath)
  • Weight: 7.20 oz. (w/o Sheath)
  • Blade Material: U.S. 420HC Stainless Steel
  • Blade Type: Serrated
  • Sheath Material: Friction-release Thumb Lock
  • Handle Material: Glass-filled nylon with SoftGrip overmold
Warranty Warranty


  • MOLLE compatible
  • Leg Strap Included
  • Secure Grip In All Conditions
  • Full Tang, U.S. 420HC Stainless Steel Blade
5 Excellent U.S. Gerber Quality M. Webb - JUL 8, 2016

This is the ultimate fixed blade knife. Sharp, nice weight, and a good sheath to tote it in . This is a must have when out in the woods and camping . Excellent tool ! Thanks Gerber, and keep making such high quality knives . The non-slip handle is exactly what you need when your hands are wet and/or muddy . i really like this knife.

5 Awesome Knife Bill C. - JUL 5, 2016

Bought the knife on a impulse. Great knife and the sheath is excellent and would definatly buy again. Do wish there was a version without the serrated edge but i believe the knife is still great the way it is

5 Solid Knife RET. Canadian Forces - MAY 26, 2016

This is my go to knife for anytime I'm going into the woods. Not sure why all the hate on the serrated blade. I have cut every material imaginable with this knife and have never cursed it. And have no problem field sharpening it with the right tool.

5 awesome connor - APR 27, 2016


5 Police Officer Marty Breeden - FEB 20, 2016

I have collected Tactical knives every since I was a boy. I have many good quality brand name knives. The Prodigy is by far one of the best knives I've ever owned. The hefty but not too weighty blade is perfect. The handle is strong and sure. The knife gives you the very real impression that this blade was made to perform!

5 PMC No one special - JAN 21, 2016

Great knife to add to your kit. It served me well on deployment.

5 Your Title Knifeguy - DEC 28, 2015

Perfect balance. If you can throw a knife no spin style it works decent. The blade is surprisingly hard to dull after torture test and still functions very well when dulled. Definately an awesome survival knife for the price. Get more than youd expect for a $50 walmart knife

5 Canadian .Josh.S - DEC 3, 2015

Worth every single penny. No matter what i have thrown at my prodigy it's done the job beyond expectations. As long as you take care of the edge, it will last for years. It's also beautiful to hold and look at haha. The only thing i'd change, is put a little flap in the sheath to tuck the punch into, it's scratched me a few times, but nothing too bad. All and all, the best knife i have ever owned.

4 11B vet Kalle - NOV 16, 2015

Just got this knife today. I really like the heft and thickness of the blade. The handle is excellent with exceptional grip and the skullcrusher pommel is a nice touch. The sheath is very handy because of the range of options for carry and is quite robust. My only complaint is the blade serration. I would MUCH prefer a non serrated blade but all in all this knife is an exceptional value for the money i spent.

Thanks Gerber

5 Woodsman Mr Wonderful - NOV 15, 2015

I bought this knife and it is my favorite knife. Full tang, and a thick blade. Great quality knife that will last you for a long time.

5 tough as hell Nathaniel freireich - OCT 23, 2015

This knife is great in all conditions and its super durable I give it 5out of 5 stars

5 Owner of CTI Indistries Bill Harkins - OCT 1, 2015

Fixed blade knives at least for are only usable in certain situations as compared to a good folder that you can use every day. This Gerber Prodigy is by far the very very best fixed blade I have ever used. I thought no one could beat the Seal Pup but this Prodigy blows it away. I'm now trying to find ways to use this knife more it's that great!!!! Thanks,Gerber for making my,dream fixed blade knife!!!

5 Woods Runner Magnus - AUG 7, 2015

Ultra tough knife takes a beating and comes back for more, very secure sheath with leg strap rides low like I prefer and the handle is comfortable for extended usage...Really love this knife but was a little bummed out that Gerber only makes a part serrated version....Are you listening fine folks at Fiskars/Gerber? Blade finish wears a bit with use, but not a big deal...Great knife, and it's made in the United States. Worth every penny I paid for it too....

3 Woodsmoke Woodsmoke - JUN 11, 2015

Nice knife with good feel and balance. Too bad it doesn't have a smooth edge, then it would be a lot more useful as a survival knife.

5 Great knife Axel - MAY 27, 2015

This knife is amazing I've been using it in some pretty extreme conditions, I've thrown it cut everything you could think of even dropped it on the concrete a few times and it is still in great condition, I wish you would make one without the serrated edge, cuz I'd definitely buy one, but honestly this is my favorite knife I own

5 Amazing knife :D Mathew99672 - APR 3, 2015

This is an amazing knife there is nothing wrong with it i actually really like the serrations and the metal is really good and it came sharp right out of the box and it is really grippy so to some it all up this is an amazing knife well done gerber :D

3 Sarge Falcon 61 - FEB 1, 2015

Private Gerber, Serrations are unneccessary. Now follow orders and produce some without! Dismiss and carry on.

3 Paramedic fatadkins - JAN 22, 2015

Its a good, tough knife. I like it but Gerber, READ THESE REVIEWS !!!!!!!! We need a straight edge version.
If this knife were offered in a straight edge with s30v steel they would STAY on back order because every knife guy out there would want one. LISTEN UP GERBER !!!!!!!

5 works well in the winter Constatine - JAN 7, 2015

The handle and the blade are exactly what you need for big winters . I utilize the knife in all conditions , its great.
Ps Jeff freeman designs great legandary blades.

3 Sgt, India Co. 3rd Bn 25th Marine Regiment R E Murray - DEC 18, 2014

We need a plain edge with a short section of Veff serrations on the opposite side of the blade.

2 Plain edge please Paul M. - DEC 9, 2014

I would buy this knife in a heart beat if it was offered without serrations. Please consider making this in a plain edge. As is, I cannot justify spending money on this knife.

3 Vet Ted M. - DEC 8, 2014

Have the knife, used it, like ti. Serrations are NOT needed and wish it was a straight edge. Serrations limit the uses of the knife and have now stored it because of that. Gerber, please make a straight edge of this fine tool.

4 US Combat Vet Russ - AUG 27, 2014

Have owned and brought this knife with my to Iraq. Have dulled it out pretty bad by now and really wishing Gerber would finally listen to their customer base and offer it in a straight edge as well as a serrated. Its a fine knife but at this point im thinking of just getting a seal pup or a tech bowie, ive already waited over two years expecting a straight edge to be released and im not buying no flashy Bear Grylls orange baton.

5 Amazing Knife! Lucas - JUL 19, 2014

I don't know what people have against serrations... they are really helpful! use this knife all the time!

1 Your Title Everybody - JUL 9, 2014

Make one without serrations. Or at least less serrations like only one third of the blade instead of half the blade. Listen to your customers. Many of them want a non-serrated knife so start making them.

3 Your Title Herman - JUL 6, 2014

The language of this knife speaks to me. It says it wants to be fine like other knives, not serrated like a steak knife. Both can survive side by side. Please consider its wishes.

5 MR Peter - JUN 23, 2014

Fantastic knife. Had to cut 30, 3/4 of an inch solid rubber flooring mats made from recycled tire rubber. These things weighed roughly 105 lbs a piece to give you an idea of density. All we had was a jig saw and my knife. The jigsaw, with a new blade, couldn't even dent the mat. The knife however cut it like butter and is still as sharp as it was to start the day. Can't say enough how impressed I was.

4 Needs a fine edge Clyle4 - JUN 16, 2014

I would purchase this knife immediately if it wasn't serrated. I still want it though.

3 Ex military / Outdoors Dale - JUN 4, 2014

Waiting on straight edge version ?

5 Mr Moe - MAY 19, 2014

awesome knife nice weight, holds its edge, and the Skull crusher is pretty sweet... definitely feel comfortable in the woods....

5 Great Knife Will - APR 26, 2014

I've had this knife for three years, and it hasn't failed me once. I also have the BG knife, and it's failed me twice, in two places each time. This knife is simple, strong, and high quality. I RECOMMEND THIS KNIFE TO ANYONE AND EVERYONE !!!


4 Solid, useful & effective Brett - APR 6, 2014

I use this knife all the time. The serrated edge has utility for things a sharp edge could never achieve. This knife is awesome.

1 Trader Rick - MAR 13, 2014

Why can't I find a picture of the sheath!

Geez... it says it come with one put no picture of the sheath to be found!

5 Great knife for fires and cutting. User - MAR 12, 2014

I have used this knife many times batoning tree branches and small trees for fires and it hasn't failed me yet. It still has a great edge the only thing is that its finish is worn off along the edge of the blade but in all fairness it looks ten times better being worn down.

5 Milliradian Richard - MAR 10, 2014

I noticed theses are no longer made in US. That's rude.

4 Collector Harry Lime - MAR 10, 2014

Great knife. More user friendly than my LMF 2. Would love to see a fine edged version.

5 certified survialist mikey - MAR 2, 2014

hello gerber, i got this knife for x-mas a while back and it has been through many hard to pass tests but very pleased to say it passed with flying colors love this knife gggrrreeeaaattt survival knife

and as a friendly suggestoion for future models an integrated sharpener and perhaps a firesteel

3 Your Title Dexter - JAN 19, 2014

I received the Prodigy as a Christmas gift and have been using it a lot for all sorts of outdoor activities. The shape of the handle is very ergonomic and the blade shape is ideal for many applications. However, I'm a bit disappointed that the knife isn't offered without serrations. They're not suitable for making fuzz sticks or other "fine edge" usages. Gutting a deer or other harvested animals and fish is much easier without serrations. Please seriously consider making the option of a fine edge for this knife. All I can honestly give is 3 stars.


The knife is full tang, awesome steel, tactical,awesome sheath, tac hide handle overmold,and spike pummel. Need I say more?

5 Great Your name - DEC 31, 2013

This knife lasts long and has great serration. The only problem is, they should make the sheath like the Gerber Guardian Back-Up and make a fine edge knife. Other than that, this knife is GREAT

4 Sir Knife Knut - DEC 7, 2013

As a knife enthusiast, collector and user, I own hundreds of them. In using so many knives through the years, serrations have their place, but so do fine edge blades. In my humble opinion, Gerber should seriously consider making a fine-edge version of the Prodigy. It's such a handy size, weight and design, that from reading many of the reviews, it would obviously be a great seller. My 2 cents is written, please duly note my request. Thank you.

4 Great Knife, Great Price! Your name - DEC 5, 2013

Made in the usa! Serrated for use in cutting trees! Black! SOLID!!! Great knife Gerber!

3 Mr Randy - DEC 3, 2013

Fine edge would be nice!!

3 Your Title Randy - NOV 30, 2013

Please make a PLAIN EDGE version. Most of the comments I've read ask the same.

2 Fine edge please!!!!! manitoba outdoorsman - NOV 25, 2013

Please gerber! If you make a lmf or prodigy with a full fine edge will have even more costumers!!

5 USMC VET & LEO RAMBO61045 - NOV 18, 2013


4 Customer Jim - NOV 14, 2013

Have the LMF 2 also, would love it if it were fine edge. Please Please Please Make a fine edge!

3 Your Title Randy - NOV 9, 2013

I'm still waiting for the fine edge version. I presently own the Prodigy and have used and bruised it, but I feel that the fine edge model would be more utilitarian. Hope a fine edge becomes available soon because that would be the knife I'd take with me to hike the Appalachian Trail come this Spring.

3 Odin's Doorman Klaus Ragnarson - NOV 1, 2013

Very good small knife,excellent grip although small for my hands.Outstanding sheath-an uncommon thing these days. 3.5 stars would give it 5 if it had a plain edge. PLEASE make one available, I HATE the serrations!!!

4 NO SERRATION PLEASE! Gerber customer - NOV 1, 2013

I want this knife so bad but please gerber! Make one that's a full fine edge!

4 Great knife Outdoorsman2316 - OCT 7, 2013

I've had this knife now for about a month and I am in love with it! I use it just about everyday for cutting materials to using it in the woods. The one feature I am not too crazy about is the leg strap. It is strong, but the buckle does not hold it tight enough. The strap usually becomes loose making it just about useless. Overall it is a fantastic knife, and I never regret buying it. Out of my other 15 knives I own I highly recommend buying this one.

4 Nicely done, Gerber JB - AUG 18, 2013

This knife performs as well as it's designed. I've made use of this knife as a good part of an edc in the field and a survival blade. For me, this knife could do anything from preparing game to digging and prying. The sheath has actually been one of the best I've ever purchased it's rugged design and durable materials make it perfect for storing your knife and keeping it protected in the field. I would love to see more additions and upgrades to this knife and knife design from you Gerber; I think further additions to this knife (such as a full fine edge) would sell greatly and be a good idea on your part, Gerber. Keep up the good work Gerber
-a happy customer

4 Fine Edge Please Ben - AUG 15, 2013

Awesome USA made knife! Lots of people including myself want a fine edge version. You listened and made it happen with the Bear Grylls knife. Can you please do the same with the Prodigy?

4 Prodigy Dennis - JUL 16, 2013

Nice looking knife...I would buy this if it was available in fine edge. I dislike serrated blades

4 i want to buy it soon Cadet barrie - JUN 24, 2013

I have a friend who owns this knife, and honestly i have never seen a medium siesed knife that is more capable than this one, i hope to puchas it soon.

5 great survivalknife brandon - JUN 20, 2013

this is an amazing knife just bought it yesterday and came very sharp already batoned with it and did fine

5 One of the best knifes for the money Kresimir,Croatia - JUN 8, 2013

All i need to say is that this is one very good knife.

5 Backpacker/Camper Robert Buongiorno - MAY 30, 2013

Own this and the LMF and this is the knife I grab. It's lighter, just as tough and for my purpose the serations are great. Why we can't find this knife in more stores is beyond me; I had to get mine through this web site. I spent a lot of time doing reasearch before buying this one and couldn't be happier.

5 I am Impressed Rain952 - APR 24, 2013

Great knife, great value, well done Gerber

5 Your Title oddboy - APR 23, 2013

i am a mountain biker and out doors man or kid i take overnight biking trips and i need a light weight but also extremely capable knife where evr i go this met all of this and more

5 Great Blade Zach - MAR 16, 2013

This knife is just like the LMF II only better for carry. The LMF II definitely needs the dual legs straps that it comes with otherwise it weighs a lot on your hips. I personally like the serrations and think it be good to have more options but this knife is just great how it is. Its so nice to work with and will keep it on me as often as i can. One of my favorites in my collection. Thanks Gerber!!!!

5 Your Title S.T.Outfitter - FEB 25, 2013

this is an awsome knife. i own 3 of these and they are a very strong and durable knife. they are very similar to the lmf 2 with about half the wait. but just as strong as the lmf 2 and just as capable.

5 Great Knife Great Knife - FEB 9, 2013


5 Good knife ccrusan - JAN 30, 2013

Would be a lot better if it was fine edge but over all it's an amazing knife

5 Sheriff's Sergeant - JAN 23, 2013

This is a great general purpose knife. Not expensive, but very strong, holds an edge, light weight, and works!
Dump the serrated edge, or offer your knives with the option of "fine" edge, or "serated" edge.
There is not enough blade belly for good cutting with the serations.

3 MR Jacob - JAN 14, 2013

I handled one of there and it is very well made and i like the sheath. But why does Gerber ruin so many great knives by not offering them without serrations.

4 us navy seal joe - DEC 31, 2012

Get's the job done.Cut's through rope easy.

1 Mr Nick - DEC 28, 2012

I also prefer a version with plain edge

5 great job and keep it up. logan - DEC 11, 2012

Dear Gerber.
I love the fact that you made this knife in the U.S.A , and I'm hoping to get one soon. great job Gerber, and start making all your knives in the U.S.A.

5 knife maker josh - NOV 14, 2012

awesome reallt a truly good knife

5 Police Officer Kevin - NOV 14, 2012

Awesome knife!! I am an LEO and I make sure this knife is always within reach, whether I'm at work of off-duty! I would agree that other blade options would be nice but it's not a deal breaker. I prefer a tanto blade myself but I need it in black; OD green sticks out too much against a black vest/uniform. A straight edge would also be a nice option but again, I'm otherwise very satisfied with this knife. Solid look, solid feel, and nice mounting options with the molle compatible sheath. I also own a full size Ka-Bar but I prefer this knife for its size and usefulness in the field!

4 Police Officer Jason Davis - OCT 14, 2012

Love the full tang. A humble suggestion for Prodigy II would be to put the serrated edge on the back spine approx. one inch from the tip. This would allow the best of both without compromise.

5 "SOLID" SNOA - OCT 3, 2012

My first impression in one word is "SOLID." Super impressed with this knife. The grip (which aside of the blade itself is one of the most important parts of a knife) is tacky, so stays in your hand when needed. Plus surprisingly comfortable.

Great balance plus sturdiness. Perfect size for most jobs. Titled as a tactical knife but I believe that this knife wears many hats If your looking for a camp knife that has a tactical feel and look and carries a great tradition name then the Prodigy from Gerber is your knife.

For a video look of this knife check out this site:

4 Agree Roy - SEP 13, 2012

Own both serated and straight edge knives. This knife needs a straight edge version. Then it would be better for fine control cutting at the hilt as for bushcraft. Serations are great for cutting rope and webbing but suck for carving into wood with any degree of control. People who want the serations have the LMF.

4 army prior service - AUG 23, 2012

would buy a straight edge in a heart beat....please, please, please

4 NO SERRATION Khamael - AUG 12, 2012

Please make a Prodigy II with no serration and about 1 cm. longer blade and also sheath like CS Secure- Ex or Fallkniven Zytel.

5 BEST KNIFE EVER Cobi - AUG 8, 2012

Bought this knife and i love everything about!!!!....there would be no regrets about this knife.

4 Straight edge version please Keegan - AUG 8, 2012

If there is a new model of this knife and it does not have serrations I will gladly buy another one! But other than that it is a awesome knife.

4 Another request for a straight edged version, please. Sentinel Six - AUG 5, 2012

This is otherwise a very fine knife. I bought mine, when they were still using the superior 12C27 Sandvik steel.

Offer a non serrated one, and this will be a superb knife. Thank you, and we hope you listen! Hey, you did it with the Bear Grylls knife, so we know it can be done!

5 Kevin Kevin - JUL 20, 2012

GREAT knife. I'd buy it in a heartbeat even if it didnt have a lifetime warranty, i love the serrations as well. they are durrable and do not break

3 Give me fine edge please Connector - JUL 9, 2012

Serrated blade is evil for this kind of knife.

4 alex alex - JUL 5, 2012

get rid of the serrations or make them half the lenght of wath they are now

4 NO SERRATION Trey Piersol - JUL 3, 2012


3 Straight edge version please Paul - JUN 28, 2012

I would buy today if there was a version available without serrations.

4 Your Title Bill - JUN 23, 2012

This a good first survival knife for the price, holds up well in weather conditions, much better then the bear grills ultimate knife, only one suggestion, make one without serrations!

5 legitamate. dennis garson - JUN 20, 2012

I had a tough choice between this and the lmf 2. this is much cheaper, a tad bit lighter feeling, and is fairly simple, a good buy indeed. If you are looking for a workhorse knife, not a traditional one like a ka-bar, but not a wallet sucker like a cold steel, gerber is ergonomically the way to go. they offer many options for a good, everything knife, and this is one of the best, with a good price too.

5 SUCK IT UP Gerber fan - JUN 18, 2012

If u don't like the serrations don't buy it I'd love to have this at least buy christmas got the BG-ULT w/ serrations love it I believe this will be a great precursor to the lmf II asek for me

4 Sexy knife Aaron - JUN 10, 2012

K i got this knife for christmas and it feels good in the hand and the serrated edge is perfect for sawing twigs or small 1 inch thick things. Over sll its a good knife >:)

4 awesome hunter - JUN 3, 2012

for the price great knife, like the serrated verson,ps mr j the bg ultimate survival knife does come in fine edge so get your facts right

2 serration brandon - MAY 27, 2012

i have owned both the tanto and drop pant blade of this and i would like a strait blade you would have more customers

4 AUSSIE, AUSSIE Ayden - APR 18, 2012

Good knife For $80 aus. sheath is great
Really Good, Handle is a litttle thin up
the top but it's ok, 24 cm long so not to big
or small, BUT my sheath button had a
BIG tear in it and had to cut it off. but its ok
cos it locks in real good. Also have a RAT5
and ESEE II. The RAT is a little to big thats why i got this knife but you have to have
some length and weight to chop and you can with this!!!

5 Backpacker Willy - APR 13, 2012

I am amazed at all the complaints about serrations. I have been backpacking for 30 years and I find the serrations handy. When cutting open food packs, small limbs, rope, whatever, they get the cut going more quickly. I'm suspicious that all the folks complaining aren't really outdoor folks and just want a smooth blade for carrying around in general. This is a great knife.

5 PLAIN EDGE!!!! Your name - APR 13, 2012

Please make a Plain Edge version. I assure you that the profits will be substantial.

2 make a non-serrated version!!! joe - APR 13, 2012

serrations are good in some situations but i am sure that if you made a fine edge version it would be very popular.

5 calm down mike - APR 12, 2012

everyone needs to calm down about the serrations they are actually really good and they dont bend at all

4 I Like Serrated Honky Joe - APR 1, 2012

Maybe there should be an option to choose, but i like the serrated Version. Great Knife

4 Marine e jewell - APR 1, 2012

Please listen to your customers who use knives daily, make the Prodigy with a straight edge!

5 Good buy Adam - MAR 30, 2012

The knife is a good value. The knife has a nice weight to you great handle. The knife comes with a nice sheath that has some nice saftey features.

2 Plain edge please Plain edge please - MAR 11, 2012


1 straight blade prodigy TJ - FEB 27, 2012

I also along with the 5000 people out there would buy this knife right now if it was a straight blade with no serrations.

3 Why The Serrations? C - FEB 26, 2012

I want to say i would really like to buy this knife, However i will not buy a serrated blade knife! The serrations take up half the blade and the half they take up is the area on the blade that is used for the most precise work. Second they are much more difficult to sharpen. Third ANY and i mean ANY book on survival and the outdoors will tell you not to buy a knife with serrations! And after saying all that what are the serrations supposedly better at? Cutting rope. It is a KNIFE it's going to cut rope either way!!! So please make a non serrated blade on this knife and the LMF II and i will buy both, un till then though I'll spend my money elsewhere.

3 Plain edge please Brian - FEB 20, 2012

Non Serrated Please!!!

3 U.S. Army Infantry Veteran, Life-Long Outdoorsman, And Electrical Engineer Silas Smith - FEB 5, 2012

I would like to see your models with partially serrated blades be offered with a plain blade as well. I realize it may increase production costs slightly, however I believe that the costs would be recouped by all of the customers who would normally go elsewhere to find a product to their liking as other companies do offer the choice. I know the current trend in tactical knives is serrations, but as an experienced user there is nothing they can do that a good sharp blade cannot. Tacticool is for armchair commandos.

2 Straight Blade Paul - JAN 30, 2012

I've been researching knives for a long time. I love the MOLLE compatible sheath, but really need a knife without serrations. I bought a competitors blade that was offered with or without serrations (I got the non-serrated version). Otherwise, good call on the 420HC Steel.

2 Non serrated version please ACAE - JAN 23, 2012

As others have said, I'd buy a non-serrated version of this right now. As it stands I'm about to shop elsewhere.

Sorry Gerber, I have a few of your blades but you're about to lose out to a competitor. Why do you insist on serrations on almost every blade?

3 no serrations derek - JAN 8, 2012

i love this knife but please make a version without serrations.

1 Mr J - DEC 21, 2011

Why will you not listen and produce this series without serrations ? LMF2/Prodogy and BG ultimate survival.... A fine edge would be a better option for true outdoors men !

5 BEASTLY knife Prepper777 - DEC 13, 2011

This thing is a BEAST! It is very Sharp, the blade is thick, and its a full tang, which makes it very sturdy. This Knife will last a long time. I chose this as my top and most Favorited Survival knife EVER!

3 Harsh professional Latvian - NOV 30, 2011

I bought this few years ago. I don't care about the colour, because it is women job to care about esthetics. My only complain may be the serrations. The blade could be much more useful without serrations. Or at least serrations on the other side of the blade, as it seems that it was designed to left handed people. After these harsh words - it is great knife after all! I really liked it and even palagranized handle for another knife without it. Thank you Gerber!

5 awesome knife chase - NOV 29, 2011

this knife is very nice it has nice edge retention and your hand will never slip of the handle. the sheath is also very nice but i wish they didn't put bolts thought

5 Why there is no plain version??? Duth - NOV 22, 2011

This is very good knife for tactical and survival stuff, but Why there is no plain version??? I see that BG knife is in plain version, maybe is time for prodigy;)

4 Good all-around LAV - NOV 14, 2011

Good all-around knife, fits perfectly in a Bug-out bag. It would be cool to have the option of different colors handle.

5 Survivalist Isaac Mendez - OCT 17, 2011

This is an amazing knife very, very dependable it came in handy when I needed it the most. Great job Gerber yet again.

5 cool guy me - OCT 3, 2011

it is a very good knife

5 landscaper Larry Deckard - SEP 11, 2011

This was the best Father's Day gift ever.

Dad will no doubt wear this on his side during his next trip to the fishing cottage.

The salesman at the knife store was right, "You can't go wrong with a Gerber".

5 survival instructor/knife combat instructor chris wilson - AUG 24, 2011

in my opinion the gerber prodigy is an underated player in the survival knife game. my prodigy has met many stones, many stick, and many hack jobs during my personal survival trainings. it has, time and time again, dug holes into wood and dirt,

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