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Bear Grylls Paracord Fixed Blade

If you’re going to pack an item into the backcountry, it becomes even more valuable when it serves multiple purposes. By combining Gerber’s decades of experience crafting tools and Bear Grylls’s survival knowledge, the Bear Grylls Paracord Fixed Blade is that item. You get the functionality of a field-proven, full tang fixed blade knife plus the added versatility of nearly 4 feet of paracord. And it weighs in under 6 ounces, that’s less than most smartphones—not bad for a 7.75-inch long knife.


The minimalist, balanced feel of the Paracord Fixed Blade is well-suited to extended backcountry travel where every ounce counts. The 4-inch handle performs equally well with or without the paracord, and it offers a full grip for all hand sizes and plenty of power for driving the blade to shape wood or work on small game. A deep choil that sits between your hand and the blade allows you to safely apply added pressure when driving the blade, and a textured thumb rest on the spine adds control. The 45 inches of paracord on the handle could fashion an emergency splint or repair a blown snowshoe binding. Until then, the cord serves as a lightweight grip on an incredibly capable knife. You can even customize the wrap to suit your grip preference.


The lightweight, slim design of the sheath is in keeping with the thin profile and minimalist style of the knife, a real plus when you’re traveling light and don’t want bulky items hanging from your belt or pack. You can customize the sheath to meet your access preference, too: tip up, tip down or to the side. It attaches easily to a pack, or remove the belt clip for the ultimate in minimalist packing.

Item # 31-001683
  • Overall Length: 7.75”, 19.7cm
  • Blade Length: 3.25”, 8.3cm
  • Weight: 5.75 oz, 163g
  • Steel Type: 5Cr15MoV
  • Handle Material: Paracord


  • Full tang construction ensures durability
  • Fine edge blade is easy to sharpen and does it all
  • 45 inches (114.3 cm) of paracord make up the handle padding and can be removed to tackle other needs
  • Lightweight sheath is reversible and the belt loop can be removed or used to strap it to your pack
  • Slim profile extends from tip to butt
  • Lightweight design for minimalist travel
  • Comes with a copy of Bear Grylls “Priorities of Survival” Pocket Guide for easy reference
  • Backed by Gerber’s Lifetime Warranty


5 Spear! Lee - JUL 6, 2016

I actually made a spear out of this and my brother freaked out! He couldn't believe it. His aim's not as good as mine so he didn't have as much fun as me, but the knife served its purpose. It didn't break, bend, dull or come loose from the pole at all. This was the first item from the Bear Grylls line I purchased and it is well worth it. I personally like the color scheme, as well.

4 Landscraper Chet Manly - MAY 31, 2016

Loved this knife. Wanted a fixed blade with easy access for work. Got a lot of use out of it until I lost it. Why? Because the sheath loosened over time to the point that it was falling out all the time. I wore it horizontally on my belt, but still. 4 stars because of the sheath. Great blade though.

4 Your Title Smeden - MAY 4, 2016

Great lightweight knife.

If the sheath holes were placed a little different it would be possible to obtain a ~30 degrees position as well.

5 Your Title Lord Chaos - MAR 15, 2016

It is a wonderful design. I changed out the paracord for a different color, and even managed to easily fit more on it. Even with the extra paracord, the entire knife comes in at 3.6 ounces. The sheathe hangs on to my pocket, and I keep it at my right. When I first got it, it was very difficult to get it out of the sheathe, but after learning the correct way to leverage the blade out, it comes out smoothly, and I've come to like that it stays in so well. Overall, this is the most well rounded knife I've ever owned.

4 Your Title shun - MAR 11, 2016

Love the knife I did rewrap the handle with black paracord and i used a little heat on the sheath to take care of the stiffness had mine for over a year it has been my go to blade un fortunately I dropped it last knight and it broke in half

5 Paracord Mike joshua bernal - FEB 6, 2016

This is a very nic blade and useful dor surviving the wild also use to craft things and objects

4 Bushcrafter Damien Bachman - DEC 23, 2015

Overall this is a beautiful minimalist fixed blade. It's my go to e.d.c.and bushcraft knife. The only con I have about it is, like the Marine, said the sheath is a little stiff and makes deployment difficult. But other then that love it.

5 tim timothy - NOV 29, 2015

. love it

5 Your Title TurcotteTR - OCT 4, 2015

It came dull but sharpened well use it all the time love the knife so much I bought my dad the axe from the same series. Could not be happier.

3 U.S. Marine Rob C. - SEP 22, 2015

This is an excellent blade. I picked mine up at Wal-Mart on sale for under $9.00.! That's a big difference from $43.00! The sheath is great but is way too tight to even get the blade in, and once it is, it's nearly impossible to get it back out. Hopefully its something that will improve with time and not a defect. But, over all, I think it's a great E.D.C. blade. But not worth $43. Oh yea, I gave it three stars because of the sheath issue. Three for the blade!

5 Director Dilip - JUL 4, 2015

This is a very practical design. The paracord is a little bright but gives anon threatening look . Sheath is left handed which suits me.

5 fixed blade Armando - JUN 25, 2015

excelente precio y el diseño esta genial

5 Handyman Jamie - APR 30, 2015

This knife is great.

5 Paracord Gediminas - APR 30, 2015

How twisted back after use ? I some instruction?

5 The best Rmmmmm - MAR 26, 2015

Your best knife

5 Handy knife Mariah - MAR 13, 2015

Amazing to use when I'm out in the backwoods

5 Your Title Great Knife - JAN 9, 2015


4 Good knife for any job. Your Survivalist - JAN 6, 2015

I just got this knife a few weeks ago and have already used it to make a shelter and it worked perfectly. The para cord handle was comfortable and the finish held up great even after vigorous work. All in all its a great knife to carry and is very useful in many situations. If you are looking for a reliable tool for a low cost this is for you.

5 Beginner Knife Collector Connor - JAN 3, 2015

This is my third Gerber and first fixed blade I got it because of the good reviews and in all honesty it looks cool. I especially like the way Gerber made the sheath. My only complaint is that the blade wasn't very sharp when I bought it but that will change once my Bear Grylls knife sharpener arrives. This will defintely not be my last Bear Grylls knife purchase.

5 OK for survival but I think it is a good throwing knife Reese - JAN 1, 2015

my friend and i have tried to break this thing by throwing in and jabbing it and cutting rough things but it is definately one of the most durable knives i have ever had and it is small and lightweight as well! i give this knife 5 stars for its durability, performance, and size

5 Good Knife, not a survival Knife Urban Assault - DEC 1, 2014

I love this knife but because of the short blade length, for anything more then say a boot knife the blade is to short to be of any real use. if you are looking at it as a survival knife i suggest you look at something else but if like me you want a small fixed blade this is your knife. especially since i rewrapped it with more paracord.

5 BEST EVER SAM - NOV 29, 2014

The best. I've had it for about a year and it is the best in my collection. It's very easy to sharpen and chops well for its size. The sheath is amazing. I've tried most of the different mounts and love how easy it is to change. The handle is uniquely great. The para cord is comfortable and would be useful if I had Bear's job. Another great knife from the Bear Grylls collection.

2 Jay Jason Campbell - OCT 30, 2014

I perchanced this knife yesterday got it home opened it to find that the cutting edges of the blade were not the same so I messured the angle to find one side was at an angle of 41° and the other side was 28°. It took me two hours to fix the problem. Very poor craftsmanship or attention to detail. Not very impressed.

5 great (esp for the price) Your name - SEP 29, 2014

In my opinion, It is great for the price you pay, The sheath leaves some to be desired as it can be difficult at times however, I have used this knife around the house for general purpose and when camping. I have used it for moving white-hot coals in the fire and it didn't melt or transfer heat. I made the mistake of using it as a throwing knife which did mild damage to the tip but that is my fault. holds edge pretty well. all in all a reliable knife

5 Great knife Brent - SEP 27, 2014

The knife came out super sharp.the sheath isn't that hard to figure out, but it could be better. The knife is amazing though this is a good quality blade for hunting and back packing.

5 Added Extra Cord Matt - SEP 21, 2014

Love the knife. Looking forward to taking it hunting. The weight is comfortable, and the sheath keeps it secured. I changed the cord to a bit higher quality camo cord, and even wrapped a second length around the handle to make it a bit thicker. It actually helped center the balance of the knife a bit better. Great knife!

5 really great knife for every day! c guy - SEP 20, 2014

great grip ... i like that i can costomize the grip in less than 5 min with other cord of any color... and even take it off in 60 secs or so to sterilize if necessary, or to gut deer or other game while hunting and avoid getting the grip dirty... it keeps an edge really well and is easy enough to sharpen and get sharp... i did notice that the sheath does dull the blade some when you put it in when new but that goes away with a few insert/withdraw cycles... take the belt holder off and it fits in the side pocket of my carpenter jeans along side my phone... perfect! well done gerber/grylls!

5 awesome joel - SEP 17, 2014

I got this knife for my birthday it came super sharp and cuts really well I mostly use it for cutting small branches all in all this is a great knife.

5 Great knife for true outdoorsmen Mike - SEP 11, 2014

I purchased this knife over a year ago, it has been on several extended backpacking trips in which I used it to cut firewood, cut branches to build shelters, clean fish, etc.. The blade has held up wonderfully from the factory. The stories of the finish wearing off are true but I do not buy knives for looks, Instead I am more interested in the longevity of the edge plus sturdiness of the blade which this knife excels. . I highly recommend this knife and will be purchasing a few more to keep on hand!!

1 PLEASE READ THIS! BoyScouter - SEP 5, 2014

i have bought this knife 2 days ago and it came really dull but that doesnt matter,I tryed to sharpen it with the Smith's sharpener on fine not course 5 or 6 times and it did nothin but piss me off then I tryed it on course on 5 or 6 times and it still doesnt get sharp! >:/ i still have it with me and im getting sick of this.If any one knows a solution please tell me.Boy scouts will be startin next sunday so i hope i get a answer

5 its worth the money Nick Peschke - AUG 31, 2014

i have had it for a while now and it works

5 Your Title Gabe - AUG 19, 2014

This knife is great! I was teaching a survival class, and used this knife throughout the course, and it never failed! No job too big for this knife!

5 THERE WHEN YOU NEED IT(no joke) Mitchel - AUG 19, 2014

I had a house break in and a very close call car crash in the catskill mountains and because its so light and small i had it on me!!! BEST KNIFE THANK YOU FOR BEING THERE WHEN I NEED YOU MOST!!!

5 best gerber BG knife wild guy - AUG 1, 2014

I have had multiple gerber knives and this knife IS THE BEST! it holds a edge really well, and the handle feels really good in
your hand. I changed the paracord to black because the orange got dirty really fast.

2 Sheath problem! benschon - JUL 25, 2014

The first time my son put this knife in its sheath, it stuck and would not come out. I pulled on it for 30 minutes, trying to get it out. Other reviews mention this problem. I finally used a hammer to separate the sheath from the knife. This is a big quality control problem that needs to be fixed!

5 rockin summer - JUL 14, 2014

this knife is the best knife for camping &survival I love it !!!

4 Your Title Your name - JUN 16, 2014

This is a great knife to carry for hiking or camping. Came sharp and holds an edge very well. this is a job well done by Gerber and Bear grylls.

4 Your Title Your name - JUN 16, 2014

This is a great knife to carry for hiking or camping. Came sharp and holds an edge very well. this is a job well done by Gerber and Bear grylls.

5 Your Title Zero - MAY 21, 2014

Great knive, i have a few BG products and this item is the only one that hasn't dissapointed me (so far). Even though i'm happy with this knive i still made some minor modifications to it like eliminating the belt loop and reattaching the cord in such a way that there is no knot anywhere.

5 Lady w/ a big knife collection. Cindy Eidson - MAY 18, 2014

I can honestly say that there is nothing about this knife that I don't like. The sheath is nice and tight and can be modified so that the blade can be worn on the right or left and either vertical or horizontal. This is a great EDC knife because of the size.

4 nice but dull leo - MAY 10, 2014

this knife was sharp, but after a short usage, the knife became DULL. but a good knife for it's price.

5 best knife John - MAY 5, 2014

when i got this knife and used it then bought the ultimate survival knife the paracord knife was better there is know reason to by the ultimate survival knife

3 corgut james - MAY 1, 2014

this is an alright knife not the best I have had though

4 Your Title dancarvalho - APR 27, 2014

This is a greta knife but the case is not very usefull

4 Serations Your name - APR 3, 2014

For me, serrations is required for a survival knife and with it, this paracord knife would be perfect for me.

5 Fantastic Nick - MAR 25, 2014

I love this knife, Its my favorite, the single piece construction takes a lot of abuse, it's great for clearing branches and leaves. The belt loop sheath fits effectively in your pocket if you need to grab it quickly! The paracord is easy to replace if you're not a fan of Orange, mine is white. Perfectly balanced as a throwing knife.

4 Good for the price Your name - MAR 12, 2014

At 30 bucks it's hard to beat ....doesn't hold an edge well but I don't really care about that... Gerber you guys put some weird edges on your knives I'd love to see a V grind on this knife's a pain to figure out what angles to use.... Also if u want a sick cheap camp knife that you can abuse hit up the gerber big rock

5 good stuff Talih Samer Talih - JAN 23, 2014

I love this knife and i do use this as an edc. Not heavy and freaking sharp! Keep it coming gerber

5 Great Knife Jeff - JAN 18, 2014

Awesome knife. For those having difficulty removing the knife from it"s sheath don't push it in too far. Try it slow a couple of time until you hear the first click. That's far enough.

5 the best The Man - JAN 6, 2014

Got this for a Christmas present and I've already used it to make many things... including a bird stays on my side constantly.

5 Tough as nails Lfuret - DEC 28, 2013

Bought this knife as a back up knife. Well i only used this one. Light, sturdy and practical little soldier this knife is. Kept it's sharpness trough out it's service.
Strongly recommended.
It's a FIVE STAR for sure.

5 Great knife Leo - DEC 22, 2013

I have had this knife for almost a year and it holds a great edge and is very solid. I changed the paracord and swiched the sheath so it dosent have the BG showing. It has never let me down and i highly recommend it to anyone who is thinking about getting a new knife. If you are considering this knife GET IT !!!

5 awesome ross - DEC 3, 2013

what they said one of the best knives for the price

4 Great Dan - NOV 23, 2013

I got this for christmas from my brother I really love this knife it is very easy to handle I only do not like the Sheath i feel it is to wide and mine never really held the knife in place but other than that Its an awesome blade

4 Your Title Nathaniel Biser - NOV 7, 2013

The quality of the knife itself is very good and I found the blade sharp out of the box. However, I think that there is room for improvement in the sheat because the blade got stuck in the sheat the first time I put the knife in. I actually had to use a full sized vise clamp to get the knife unstuck from the sheath..

1 Not happy Catfish - OCT 22, 2013

The knife when I received it was so dull that it would not cut anything. I have sharpened it several time and can not get it to hold an edge. Not happy at all with this knife.

5 best Ross - OCT 22, 2013

amazing i love this knife it has never failed on me with anything u could chop freaking logs with this thing i highly recomend it

5 excellent knife jayden - OCT 18, 2013

Great knife, very durable, strong and great for an every day carry and bush craft !

5 Hard Working Knife Snowsurfer - OCT 16, 2013

This is definitely a great knife. Strong, lightweight, feels great in the hand, and cuts like butter. Was a little dull out of the box but I was able to get a nice edge on it pretty quickly. (Also just swapped out the original orange paracord for a cool blue poracord and blacked out the BG on the sheath. Looks even better now.)

5 Best Knife Awesome - OCT 8, 2013

Amazing knife! So many great things you can tell gerber put ALOT! of thought behind this one!

5 awesome teen bush craft - SEP 25, 2013

this is the best knife i own i use it for bush craft and every day tasks it holds a good edge and even when it dulls its easily re-sharped with my pocket pal x2 its incredibly tough for the price thanks to the full tang construction the para cord it came with broke after i made a spear and threw it so i replaced it with od green witch looks much better in my opinion pair it with a sog fast hawk for the perfect kit

5 Satisfaction Guaranteed Joe Littlehorn (GETOUTSIDEANDPLAY) - SEP 17, 2013

Took this knife with me up Sleeping Giant Mountain in Steamboat, and it was light as a feather, sturdy grip, and the paracord is nice because it is very useful and is easy to re-cord back into the knife, which also makes for easy color switching if you don't like orange. The sheath has more tie-downs than the regular overmold grip version, and I can easily tie it on to my BG Pathfinder 28 Technical Daypack where it stays put and is easily accessible. The rubber on the back of the sheath was coming off when I pulled it out of the package, but the belt loop is secure and sheath can also be slipped over pants/shorts with no belt. Overall, awesome sturdy knife, came out of the box razor sharp, and I would recommend this knife to anyone who likes something useful, lightweight, and heavy-duty.


I used the knife when I went camping and I actually KILLED a deer with it because I turned it into a spear . The sheath is awesome for rock climbing . Also when I ran into some brush it was AWESOMe

5 Adventurer Chase Savant - AUG 28, 2013

This knife is very well designed. Hold it in your hand, and you'll feel just how much thought went into this blade. It's very lightweight....... Yet still feels very sturdy. The para cord and cut out handle are very useful. With a little imagination..... an outdoorsman can use this knife for a variety of applications. The knife is very low profile, it is easily carried on a belt or in a bag. It's a great knife, I use it often and am very happy with its performance. Another great blade...... Thank you Gerber.

5 AFA Jonathan - AUG 22, 2013

I like the knife a lot. Like "DOUG"s post, it came out of the package a bit dull. A quick 3 minute sharpening however, made it sharp as I liked.
The para-cord handle is nice - it comes pretty well pre-wrapped. Having larger hands, I re-wrapped it and it was very easy. The 5 round holes and 2 large box holes made wrapping this such a breeze. The feel and weight and center of gravity is very nice. I love it and would suggest it to anybody.

5 Good Knife, decent sheath Paul Coga - AUG 22, 2013

This is a really light, useful knife but the sheath takes some getting used to.

4 Outdoorsman Doug - AUG 19, 2013

I like the knife but was disappointed by how dull it was out of the box. The sheath loosened up after some use.

5 BUY THIS KNIFE!! Taylor S. - AUG 18, 2013

I bought this knife to take out backpacking and hunting with but I've ended up carrying it on me every day now since I've bought it. It's great for just about everything you need a knife for. Gerber has really stepped it up with their new sheath as well. I love the versatility and different carrying options you get with it. Anyone that is having a problem with the sheath is probably doing something wrong. After it is broken in a little bit, it works just as well as some of the custom knives I have that cost about 100X the price. Buy 5 of these knives because once you have one, you will most definitely want one everywhere you go!

4 outdoor nut Jeremiah Johnson - AUG 18, 2013

just bought this knife and so far it has yet to fail me when i need it the most weather i'm cleaning fish or cutting kindling for fire. The only down side is the blade goes dull quick but not to bad a problem 5 minutes and a good stone and it's ready to shave hair off. i'm planing a survival trip for this winter and i am sure it will do everything i will need it to.

4 Oldsoul Bud - AUG 16, 2013

Just bought this knife for backpacking. I like it so far. Lightweight and low profile. But be careful, if you push it to far into the sheath it"s next to impossible to get it back out!

3 knife good sheath horrible Zawilli - AUG 12, 2013

good knife came sharp enough to shave with but the sheath sucks it should not take both hands and pulling and tugging to get it out

5 Land Survey Tech/Survivalist/"Treasure Hunter" Jacob Smith - AUG 11, 2013

This is an awesome, near-perfect knife in my opinion. Occasionally I work with a registered blacksmith/knife-maker so I have a good understanding of what goes into a quality blade. I particularly like the 550 cord braided handle, but most knives that have this feature are nothing more than cheap shanks or way too expensive for my budget. Good job Gerber.

5 Couch Commando Supreme Chris - JUL 26, 2013

Great knife that every acctive ourtoor man or woman should own!!!!

3 Upgrade to... Eddie - JUL 24, 2013

I really like the dimensions of the knife. However, PLEASE consider making it in 1095 CroVan!

5 Great knife. Logan soileau - JUL 23, 2013

This is a great quality knife. Easily hidden. Stays in the sheath. I love the handle.

5 birthday knife jordan - JUL 22, 2013

today is my birthday i just got this knife and i have got to say its way more than i expected i love it thank you gerber and bear for making it the best fixed blade ive seen with cord attached to it,

5 Suitable for semi-extreme areas SpiderLane - JUL 20, 2013

Just picked this up recently for $30, and I love it already. As others have said, the sheath takes some getting used to, as it uses an intelligent lock design, which makes the holstered knife-on-belt suitable for rock jumping and other times where many knives/sheathes would come loose or fall out/off. The cord is great, though I may re-wrap it with some Coghlan's camo cord. Can also be affixed to the end of a stick as a spear-point in extreme situations.

5 Your Title Your name - JUL 17, 2013

i think its good but I also think that gerber should make a BG survival winter coat and a survival backpack like the ones in Bear's new show on nbc "Get Out Alive"

5 Great Knife Regular camper - JUL 16, 2013

Used this knife to chop down some trees. Blade edge lasted great but coating started waring off. I took the para cord off to tie it to a spear and it worked great.

5 Your Title Soon to be: Eagle Scout - JUL 16, 2013

This knife is very useful, I have taken it on a couple of backpacking trips to the Titans, and I am very impressed. This knife is awesome!

5 police survivalist cody - JUL 16, 2013

Easy to handle, comfort grip, all around an amazing knife!

1 sucks mike tears - JUN 22, 2013

When I got the knife I wanted to try it out,
after I try it out it was banged up.

1 NO! Brandon - JUN 17, 2013

This thing sucks it cant hold an edge. its too small, and doesn't serve me very well at all.

5 sweet jophet sean amorte - JUN 17, 2013

its look like a KUNAI use by ninja ihope i can buy it in here.....

3 Your Title John/Ontario - JUN 7, 2013

Knife is great.

Sheath not very good at all - while the sheath should hold the knife securely, it shouldn't be a struggle to get the knife out.

Very difficult to insert/remove knife from the sheath - good chance to cut myself.
The loop for a belt is way too wide and even a thin belt doesn't thread through the gap easily.

Will try to modify the sheath, but likely will have to make my own sheath just for safety reasons and to ensure it fits a typical belt.

5 Hunter Andrew johnson - JUN 3, 2013

awesome knife and super sharp, probably the sharpest one out of the package except my fillet knifes other than that I am impressed.

3 knot tying M&P boy 40 - JUN 2, 2013

I need to know jow to tie back the paracord. Please help me.i will leave another review when I really test the knife

5 greet lee - JUN 2, 2013

very nice knife

5 amazing tim - MAY 28, 2013

I have had many bear grylls knives and this one is the best, very durable blade and sturdy handle, the best part is the sheath it is like a tactical sheath

4 Good knife Jack - MAY 19, 2013

This knife looks cool online and is even cooler in person. It has a nice design and is very slim and lightweight. The paracord doubles as string for any means for survival. Great product.

5 Legend Tripper Robert Robinson - MAY 15, 2013

I had already owned the small fixed blade knife that Bear put a while ago and I found it to be just as useful as the larger knives. The only problem was with the sheath. I like to carry my knives on my backpack strap so I can grab it easliy. The problem with the sheath was that the knife would fall out all the time and I had to tape the knife to the sheath. With this new knife which is bacally modelled after the small fixed blade knife it has an awesome sheath that you can use a muitlple of ways. It also has a paracord handle that can use in survivial situaitons, but the only thing is you have to have more paracord to replace it. It is a good strong knife and I have used it numberous times in the Florida swamps and it held up nicely. With the orange paracord, it is easy to see if you drop in the woods. the blade has kept it's edge even after all the crap I put it through. I highly recommend it to campers and hikers.

5 Sweet Shaybird24 - MAY 1, 2013

I got it right out of the box and all I have to say that thing is sharp. It is a great knife!!

5 Great Knife Cottrell77 - APR 16, 2013

This is one of the coolest knives i own and i have pushed this knife to the limit and still has a razor sharp edge...BUY THIS KNIFE

5 Great Knife Big T - APR 8, 2013

This is seriously a neat knife. Nice and lightweight, but durable and sharp.

5 The Same Knife Hunter - APR 7, 2013

This Knife is the

Bear Grylls Compact Fixed Blade but with paracord and serrations.

5 PERFECTNESS!!! Outdoors Geek - APR 2, 2013

amazing knife, great ergonomic feel in your hand, multi purpose paracord is just the best! Sheath is designed ingeniously with rotatable angle. 4 words: Light, Sharp, Stowable, Dependable.

5 Your Title 777 - MAR 31, 2013

This is a awesome knife

5 Great Knife Kade-Man - MAR 21, 2013

Beast, own one myself.

5 yes ike - MAR 17, 2013


4 scout Tylers Sears - MAR 13, 2013

the coating wares off easily so i think the should put a mirror polios on it if its just going to wear off anyways and then you could signal with it in a survival situation.

5 Your Title Tuyet Nhi - FEB 22, 2013

it very nice,i'm live in Viet nam,how i can buy it?

5 scout tyler sears - FEB 14, 2013

I put it through a pretty good test from durability to edge retention and it passed all of them

5 awsome knife bearded dragon - FEB 11, 2013


5 yes yes - FEB 9, 2013

this is a beast knife

5 Ranger Milan - FEB 2, 2013

Best knife ever!!......recommended

5 Avid Adventurer Chase Savant - JAN 28, 2013

I am an adventurer. I never know where my next experience will take me. I have to be prepared for anything. The gear I take with me has to be as adaptable as I am. This knife has quickly become my favorite. I've carried it with me on several expeditions and I have been very pleased with its performance. It's a bare bones knife.......keeping the design very simple is something I like, less parts means less possibility of failure. If you hold this knife, you'll fall in love with the grip. It's solid in the hand.....and the para cord is a nice touch, a man can always use a bit more para cord. I've put the blade through some serious work and it has held a good edge and taken the abuse very well. The sheath is interesting. I like the adaptability of the belt loop, it has as many variations as your imagination can come up with. I've attached it to backpacks, tactical equipment, kayaks, ect ect. I can't think of a better knife for your money....I have many knives that cost much more and this one is right up there with the best of them. Bottom's light, reliable, and tough.

5 Average Joe Brock - JAN 20, 2013

Excellent knife, sheath gives you a little bit of trouble when you first get it, but after you take it out a couple times all you do is lift the knife and pull and it comes out super easy.

4 Average Joe Brock - JAN 19, 2013

Good knife, sheath is extremely difficult at first, quite dangerous trying to pull it out.

5 Beast knife Caleb - JAN 18, 2013

Boom beast knife keep up the great work.

5 great knife especially for scouting chris weston - JAN 13, 2013

i love this knife. comes very sharp and doesn't lose the edge too quickly. the sheath is great in that it can be changed to hold the knife in any way you want. point up, point down, front draw, back draw. and also if you do not want the BG logo to appear than it can be flipped around. at first the knife is hard to get out of the sheath, but i played with mine for a bit just taking it out over and over again for a few minutes and it does loosen up to the perfect level of ease. also i love the para-cord handle. i have taken mine apart and re-wrapped it differently just for fun and just to see what other ways i could think of. also a bonus is the priorities of survival guide. as a scout leader i think that it is a great addition to any emergency kit or even a first aid kit. overall great knife once the sheath is loosened up a bit there are no complaints.

5 Worth getting used too. Rooky Woodsmen - JAN 5, 2013

The knife is exceptional. It came sharp and has stayed sharp. The paracord handle gives a surprisingly good grip. It has a good weight to it, being light enough to forget and heavy enough to feel right in the hand. The sheath has a very useful carry system. I use it in a dropped low scout carry which is good for my long arms. the sheath can take a little getting used to. It holds very well with a friction lock. The trick is to wiggle it in and out rather than yanking on it. Once I got used to this I have found it preferable to a traditional strap secure system.

4 Good knife, bad sheath Ryan - DEC 23, 2012

The knife itself is exceptional. The blade is incredibly sharp and strong. The grip stores a good amount of cord, which is very useful in survival situations. The only bad part is the sheath. The knife stays secure, too secure. I have to take off the whole sheath and yank it out when I need to use it. As a left-hander, I appreciate the reversable sheath. Overall, the knife is great, the sheath needs work...

5 Good knife. Mr. Kelly - DEC 19, 2012

I like the low weight. the chord in my opinion is for looks and grip. I wouldn't trust it for anything else. The sheath is great. locks hard, and is a nice had plastic. Durable all around.

4 Good small knife, especially for the money. Jesse Foust - DEC 19, 2012

I really like the profile of this blade. I am happy with the execution, but the paracord is junk. It'll work to make a shelter or even lash the knife to stick (which I don't recommend, just sharpen the stick), but It's not milspec. While not surprising, I hate fake paracord, as it doesn't work as nicely as the real deal. I'm not sure what the coating on the blade is, but it's very durable. I've been trying unsuccessfully to remove it chemically, and have had no luck at all.

5 Great Combination Joe Dremmel - DEC 13, 2012

Very impresive knife, holds an edge very well and can take some abuse. The sheath is by far the best design for a compact, low profile knife. The chord is a cool little added feature. The knife is great, the sheath is great, so five stars from me.

4 Scout Davis8488 - DEC 13, 2012

The knife is what I've come to expect from Gerber.
Many complain about the bright orange of the survival series, but as most survival situations are lagrely a matter of being found it only makes sense for a survival item to be a color that's easil noticed in the wild, not to mention that losing a knife in the woods can be a fatal mistake in a survival situation.
I've used the BG compact as well, and while the knives are very similar (the main difference being the handles), the sheath for the parachord makes it an obvious choice over it's predecessor.
My only reason for withholding a star is that I feel Gerber could have incorperated a firestriker into the sheath as with the ultimate.

5 outdoorsman Joey - DEC 13, 2012

Wonderful knife. Made so many of my other knives completely obsolete. No other knife can match it's versatility. So happy to have one.

5 Great outdoor knife Robert Robinson - DEC 6, 2012

I got this in the mail last week and I went out this weekend and tried it out. I also own the small fixed blade knife, which is almost the same knife except for the handle and sheath. I like the new sheath. I unscrewed the belt piece and secured it to my ruck sack strap. This new knife holds more securely than the fixed blade sheath. It is just as handy as the fixed blade. I took it and cut down a tree to see if it could handle it and it passed with flying colors. I like the orange 550 cord on the handle. It makes it easy to find if you drop it. All in all this is a great knife and I now carry in place of the fixed blade. Some thought went into this knife.

5 Your Title skh - DEC 5, 2012

Gerber should make their own survival paracord bracelet

5 hi hi - NOV 23, 2012

this is the best knife in the world

3 Execution Jr. Survival - NOV 23, 2012

This idea is 100% legit and all, but the fact that its only one chord color, and if you have to use the chord then the knife can be easily lost or is not comfortable to hold, also, too slim on the grip even when wrapped, I would sooner(and plan on) take the bg compact fixed blade and wrap it myself, so even if I use the chord, there is stil a lot of grip

5 epic man camuel - NOV 18, 2012

we want the grey and orange paracord bracel with the knife! the one bear has in his hand

5 epic guy x2 - NOV 12, 2012

It would be awesome if bear put in that cool grey and orange survival bracelet as a gift :D

5 awesome erik - NOV 8, 2012

this i included to my kit and pre-tested it like every knife and it works real good

5 When?! Eric - NOV 8, 2012

When will this be available?!

5 epic guy sam - NOV 6, 2012

its awesome

4 Collector TD Sims - NOV 6, 2012

This sounds wonderful. I became a fan of your products with the Ultimate Knife and plan to buy this one as well.

4 YES! EJD - NOV 5, 2012

The Knife itself is perfect IMO, I wouldn't change anything about it. It comes with a decent edge from the factory but isn't razor sharp by any means. A few runs across a course then a fine sharpener changes all that and it is exactly what you want.

The Handle is sweet too, it comes with 45 inches of orange 550 Paracord incorporated into the Full Tang, which can be used for a number of things. The Handle also has 5 carefully placed holes built in to lash the knife to a Staff/Pole to form a Spear (like the LMF II or the BG Ultimates).

The best part is the Sheath...when the knife is inserted you will hear the blade LOCK into it and get that feeling of security. The knife has no play inside the sheath and will not fall out on its own. The Sheath also has some pretty cool new Gerber graphics on it, which I love. It also has plenty of mounting options, you'll notice in the pictures that there are 6 holes around the edge of the Sheath, there are 2 holes filled in with screws, the screws can be removed and relocated with a 2.5mm hex tool and it makes the Sheath wearable and comfortable for lefty's and righty's. I believe mine came set up for a lefty...which was weird, but I quickly changed that over and it is now set up righty. When you switch the belt clip to the other side, it actually covers the Bear Grylls logo, and makes it more discrete for those people who like the knife but don't like the BG name all over it...(Sorry Bear). The "grey" part in the middle of the outside of the Sheath that sort of looks like the knife a nice grippy rubber, which is what rests against your belt or backpack, providing traction and making it more secure on your body. The grippy rubber is on both sides so if you switch the clip over you'll still get that feature.

It also comes with the BG Pocket Survival Guide, which Gerber has also incorporated a way to carry the pocket guide inside the clip on the sheath, making the whole thing a very well made and complete knife. I love this

5 knife collector Kevin - OCT 30, 2012

Nice knife similar to compact fix blade except no serrations but a much better sheath. I like it a lot. Thanks for another great knife

4 taylor keenan - OCT 30, 2012

Not a bad knife overall. while this knife dosn't hold the best edge i didn't expect a $30 knife to hold a razors edge at all time well worth the price. My knife came duel but was easily remedied with a stone and strop. Overall i am pleased with this knife and have even buttoned a few things this will be a knife i carry with me when i go camping.

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