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Freeman Guide Folder, Drop Point, Fine Edge, Nylon Sheath

A lightweight handle with a grippy TacHide™ onlay is sure to make the Freeman Guide Folder a quick favorite amongst hunters.

Item # 31-000591
  • Blade Length: 3.6 in.
  • Open Length: 8.1 in.
  • Closed Length: 4.5 in.
  • Weight: 6.6 oz.


  • Lightweight Handle - Easy to carry
  • TacHide(TM) Onlay - For secure grip in all conditions
  • Large Finger Grooves - For comfort and security
  • Liner Lock
  • Full Fine Edge Blade or Gut Hook
  • Nylon Sheath - Wear resistant
5 IT Professional Travis - JAN 17, 2015

Since I got this knife I found myself just wearing it on my belt every day. Because I use it so often, for pretty much everything. Highly recommend it. Good quality. Good feel and fit in my hand.

5 Daggert h. burdett - DEC 19, 2014

Very good value! This knife fits my hand perfectly and i love the heft. Once I steeled it (I was a butcher for 44 years) it cut like the best scalpel in the world. Very tough, very, very sharp, very comfortable in the hand. This is one of those knives that you carry for years. I have purchased hundreds of knives in my life and this is one of my favourites Gerber has hit another one out of the park-thanks again, Gerber.

5 Awesome Knife!!! Your name - JAN 27, 2014

This knife is awesome! It's small enough to fit in my pocket and big enough to do work. I love this knife!

5 Rodney Simply Awesome - JAN 22, 2014

I have a collection of over 100 knives, mostly from Browning, Cold Steel, etc.. More medium / high end knives. This knife I must admit is my favorite for "USE" in the field while hunting. The knife is rock solid, stable and fits perfectly in the hand. The locking mechanism is firm and easy to release while the blade opens smoothly with no play whatsoever. Also, the blade straight out of the package was extremely sharp and holds an edge really good. This is not a pocket knife, its too big, but the nylon sheath fits nicely on my belt and stays put. For under $30 it will be hard to find a better quality hunting knife. The knife is a bit heavy, but in my humble opinion the weight is perfect for the construction and the balance while in the open position is perfect.

5 Awsom John4589 - JAN 10, 2014

Iv had this kuife a few days and its held up
To every thing ive put it through. I would
Reca mend this for a boy scout.

5 hunter robert - JAN 3, 2014

best knife I have ever had also have a mp600 that my bro got me in the army keep up good work gerber the best there is

1 awsome person poop mcdoop - NOV 20, 2013

knife sucks it broke IMEDIATLLY
tried to packing tape and the knife broke

4 Mr. Josh - NOV 12, 2013

Love my Gerber knife. It's solid as can be.

5 Wow! Joe - OCT 25, 2013

Very good knife I wish they made a fixed version though

3 Gerber knife Destroyer. John - OCT 16, 2013

I received this knife as part of a $80 credit that I had for knives that had been defective.

It's cheap... Frankly this knife should have had a thicker frame material and a better liner-lock or lock-back. The handle is huge but cramped and uncomfortable. The blade swings free easily and the blade retention is impressive.

After my final impressions I gave this knife a 3. Because, The design is great but the blade material and the execution of the design are poor. I wonder how long until this one breaks?

5 Uncle Mike Mike - AUG 27, 2013

This the muscular big brother to my other "pocket" knife, the Metolius Pocket Folder.

Where the Metolius Pocket Folder is thin and elegant, this is thick and beefy - it fills my hand with a hefty solid grip. It is super smooth and easy to open and close one handed.

It CAN be pocketed, but is best on my belt in it's sheath for easier access.

5 I Love this Knife ^__^ Rodriguez - APR 25, 2013

This is my EDC and its very tough for any job that i come to do work on....I dont think i'll ever get a different knife...Im gonna order more of these.....Great job gerber on the freeman guide folder :D

2 Solid construction but cheap steel Scott - APR 23, 2013

I bought this knife and out of the package, was not that sharp. I figured it was likely the anti rust coating that had dulled it.
Being a chef who has sharpened many dozens of knives, it wasn't a big deal for me so I bought it anyways. It does look cool and does feel good in your hand.
However, upon trying to put any kind of fine edge on it with Japanese waterstones, I quickly discovered that the metal is incredibly soft and the edge, when made fine simply rolls over on itself. I managed to get t fairly sharp anyways but I've cut a few things with it since and the edge does not stay long.
Maybe they had a sub par batch of metal? I guess I just had higher expectations for a company that makes it's name on knives. Don't think I'll be buying a Gerber again. Too bad..

5 Best Knife. Outdoor Geek - APR 2, 2013

this thing it indestructable!! I've never seen a knife hold a better edge! used this thing every single hunting trip and its done every task from skinning, gutting, batoning, building shelters and on and on! I absolute 100% recomend buying this knife. grippy even in the rain, great tactical nylon sheath, alternate belt loops.

5 Bushcraft Master Alex Ivester - FEB 2, 2013

I have this knife except mine has walnut grips on it. It is an awesome knife and I have use mine from cleaning fish to chopping bushes down. Holds an edge for a good while and is over all a good knife,

5 Very good knife Thomas Florek - JAN 30, 2013

I have alot of knifes but this knife is a very outstanding pice for its price and its amazing grip on it as well I use it daily

5 BEST KINFE EVER Garrett - AUG 8, 2012

The knife is the best knife i ever used.Its sturdy so you can bang it around.Sharp,compact,design and I use it all the time

5 beast M----------- - AUG 3, 2012

great knife at a great price. great grip too.

5 well worth it j - JUN 6, 2012

in my pocket daily.

5 Geek Frank - MAY 10, 2012

A heavy duty knife, this not pocket version! I am very impressed with the feel and weight of this knife. If I had to depend on a knife to save my life, this would be the one.

5 Excellent Hunter Sid Pena - FEB 18, 2012

This knife has a great weight and feel in the hand. Very responsive opening action and if it were any more ergonomically designed it would be a prosthetic.

BTW, Dh, the type of steel is 5Cr15MoV SS.

5 Awesome knife! GR8 - FEB 12, 2012

wow! this thing rocks! i have had it for a week and i love it! this, the paraframe, the lmf 2 and the folding sheath knife...are some of my favourite knives!

4 Dh No steel type? - JAN 24, 2012

What's with not posting the steel type anymore? Gone away with the profit margins?

5 With this knife In Love - DEC 8, 2011

Best looking knife Ive seen in a while.

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