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Recon Flashlight - White / Red / Blue / Green LED - Black Body

If you think the concept of multi-tasking is overrated, don't tell it to the guys who developed the patent-pending Recon. Because this long-awaited L.E.D format lets you choose from four different colors of light, depending on your needs of the moment.


The official name for this proprietary technology is D.I.A.L., which stands for Diode Illumination Adjustable Lens. Basically, this new design lets you dial in the color that'll serve you best: White for general situations, red for preserving night vision, blue for identifying fluids, and green for map reading.


It's all powered by one AA battery you can anticipate long battery life which come with the Recon. It weighs just 2.6 ounces. Yet it delivers a military ton of task-specific light, right when you need it.

Item # 22-80016
  • Lumens: 3
  • Lamp type: LED
  • Run time: 4 hrs
  • Water Penetration Rating: None
  • Batteries Included? Yes
  • Battery Quantity/Size: 1 AA
  • Battery Type: Alkaline



  • Included lens options allow for 4 output colors: white, red, green, and blue
  • Convenient clip provides hands-free use to keep your focus on task
  • Low watt LED light has proprietary D.I.A.L. technology
  • Body Color: Black
  • Body Material: Aluminum
  • Switch Type: Twist Tailcap
  • Rechargeable? No
  • Body Diameter: 22.5 mm
  • Weight w/ batteries: .21 oz
5 Bow guy Built for stealth - MAY 1, 2016

I'm a bowhunter and thought this light's low output (and colored lenses) would help me enter and leave the woods in pitch darkness without alarming game. It met that goal and also impressed me with its tough construction and long, long, burn time - I think I used it two years before I changed the battery. Yet Gerber on this page says it only runs 4 hours? WTH - I'd say mine will run 80 at least. I liked it so well I bought three more of them.

2 Scientist Bill - DEC 21, 2015

Twist cap on/off terrible design. If you don't loose it its always on. Light output is useless beyond being able to read a book. So close up tasks good, distant not. Modes steady on (i get it, one would hope it stays lit) Momentary on???? What screw cap on/off/on/off.... Really! Its a nice toy but almost useless otherwise. Don't kid yourself, not Military Grade.

5 Mr. Ex-Navy - JAN 9, 2015

I have had this light for 5 years. I wish i had it in the Navy: red-light great for night ops and white light great for inspections. Now I use the red light to check on my baby son at night and not wake him up...that's real tactical-ops! Everything is great about this light: compact, multiple lenses that are easy to spin through, battery lifetime, reversible clip, etc.

3 Burdog John - DEC 1, 2013

Anyone know how much light (lumens) it puts out?

5 Awesome Flashlight Elton - OCT 21, 2013

I Bought This Awesome Flashlight And Its Compact and Ready To Use When You Need It !

4 cable tech / b.b.q prep chef G money - SEP 8, 2013

This light comes in handy, for whichever line of work you may be in. For me its been installing cable , internet and phone .i just clip it on my cap for excellent hands free use whether i'm up on a telephone pole. Or i'm at my other job preparing b.b.q at the Sac state fair ,for locating food in freezer, sending signals from a far. and just truly a great tool.

3 Mr. John Smith - MAY 4, 2013

Can you please include the option on each product page to download a pdf file of the product which basically serves as an owner's manual.

4 SGT, US Army Mike Rodriguez - OCT 19, 2012

Solid and compact, Great flashlight

4 Sherlock Holmes - OCT 18, 2012

I have discovered the IR Tailcap will not fit a standard Recon. It does, however, fit my Ultra

5 cant beat nevin anderson - APR 14, 2012

there is just nothing that comes close to what gerber has done with there products

5 teenger need a flashlight kalvin manheimer - FEB 22, 2012

i think this tactical is the best for night or in dark areas I say this is even useful a lot

5 great!!!!! jr zomibe killer - DEC 26, 2011

tthis is a great little flash lite used it and a five star review.

5 SSgT, USAF P. Schultz - OCT 2, 2011

This little light is perfect for night OPS while using NVG's. The quick switch using only one or two fingers from white or red, to green or blue makes this little light a giant in performance. The compact size keeps this light from bringing you down or ta

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