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Bear Grylls Micro Torch

Every survival tool, no matter its size, is important. The Micro Torch is a compact L.E.D. light that can attach to any zipper on your jacket, vest, backpack or fleece. It’s built with a long-lasting L.E.D. bulb with four settings - Low, High, Beacon/Blinking and Off. The soft rubber switch makes it easy to use in any condition, even when wearing gloves. Every bit of light goes a long way in the wild.

Item # 31-001034
  • Overall Length: 1.78"
  • Weight: .28 oz.
  • Batteries: [2] CR1616
  • Lumens:
    • Low: 3
    • High: 8
    • Beacon/Blinking: 8
  • Runtime:
    • Low: 9 hrs
    • High: 3.5 hrs
    • Beacon/Blinking: 6 hrs


  • Compact
  • Long Lasting L.E.D. Bulb
  • 4 Settings – High, Low, Beacon/Blinking & Off
  • Easy to Use Soft Rubber Switch
  • Priorities of Survival Guide
5 IT Professional Agim - OCT 6, 2014

It's a great tool. I use it in hard to reach places in computers..

5 secuirty officer M Bohne - APR 6, 2014

Works great and not have had any issues with mine.

3 Good Design by the looks Oliverchange - JUL 23, 2013

Nice little light but it turns off after 5mins which can get a little annoying. Also It could have been waterproofed using CR2032 Batteries instead of CR1616. I might have some problems with mines as the LED stays dimly on when turned off. Its like an after effect after exposure to liquids. The "Low Beam" didnt really dimmed at all on mines. When i got it i though it was a fault with the push button. thinking it only had 2 functions till i searched it up it said 3 :/

5 An excellent piece Noble - MAY 20, 2013

I keep this on my key chain along with a small multi-tool. This light has yet to fail me although it does turn on sometimes while in my pocket. Maybe a twist on swith would have been better. still an excellent piece.

5 Its a Good torch jack - MAR 8, 2013

Got this as part of a scout kit and its great. Its so powerful and the modes are very useful. Very light and compact with no problems so far. Very bright and a fantastic compact torch!

5 i see light at the end of tunnel 12c - FEB 19, 2013

i have this attached to my keychain. works great even on low beam.

4 Needs a Red LED rian - SEP 13, 2012

Needs a Red LED/mode for map reading at night - red light doesn't mess up your night vision.

5 bright DANIEL - AUG 9, 2012

i got this to put on my school backpack as a emer.light,bright,small,what else do you need in a light

5 nice light daniel - AUG 6, 2012

i got this to attach to my bookbag for school so that i have light if i need it

5 Gerber fan Shimere - JUL 4, 2012

Pretty awesome!! Can't believe how useful it is!

3 Dr Jackie Phillips - JUN 21, 2012

I bought these lights to put on my dogs when we go running the dark in the mornings. They are very bright and do the jobbut they turn themselves off after 5 minutes which is very annoying. Is there something wrong with them or is this what they are supposed to do?

5 Bright but small! Bruce - MAR 8, 2012

This thing is just great. I instantly put this on the zipper on the back of my rucksack. If you're biking or walking on or near a public road you can put it on strobe and all traffic coming up behind you can see you easily. Also, it's surprisingly bright. You can set you pack down and turn it on and work on something with plenty of light.

5 Great so far! Justin - FEB 9, 2012

I've attached this to my belt loop and take it everywhere I go. Its small enough to just forget about it on my day to day, still it's surprising how much it has come in handy. The only complaint is the screws on the back to reach the battery are very small. It would be bad if this thing ran out of juice just when I needed it most...

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