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Gator Combo Axe II

The Gator II is a compact all-conditions axe for the outdoor adventurer. Made with a longer handle than the original Gator, the advantage is a greater striking force with the stainless steel head. The handle is made of glass-filled nylon and covered in Gerber’s Gator texture. It offers a better and more comfortable grip in wet and muddy conditions. The handle also houses a coarse blade handsaw, held in place magnetically, for sawing branches and brush. It’s a rugged and lightweight camping essential.

Item # 22-41420
  • Axe:
    • Overall Length: 15.60"
    • Blade Length: 2.70"
    • Weight: 26 oz.
    • Head: Forged Steel
    • Handle: Gator-Grip
  • Saw:
    • Overall Length: 10.24"
    • Blade Length: 6.10"
    • Weight: 2.40 oz.


  • Forged steel head
  • Gator grip handle
  • Glass-filled nylon handle
4 question for gerber Curtis - NOV 16, 2015

Ive owned this axe for several months and its great! I was going to buy buy a gransfurs bruks axe wich is 200 $ but i ended up getting this unexpectedly as a gift, at first i was upset but after I used it enough I realized how great it is, It holds an edge very well and chops with power. But the saw in the handle is going extremly dull and i was wondering if you guys sell a replasment for it?

4 Great Bob - FEB 28, 2015

Very Good

4 Your Title Sucba Steve - JAN 9, 2015

Owned one for several years. Wouldn't consider it an ax, but a lightweight hatchet. Unlike smaller hatchets this one is still large enough to be useful. Great for backpacking!

4 Axe good saw bad Al - SEP 26, 2014

Been using 5 yrs backpacking... The axe is awesome, light but strong. I wrapped the handle up with hockey tape for better grip because the plastic is pretty slippery when sweating and laboring... Only complaint it Could be a bit sharper however.

However, The saw is useless. Look at the image, imagine doing a forward stroke through anything somewhat tough. You hit a knot and Your pointer finger slips due to there not being enough depth with the handle and you end up ripping Your finger up on the blade. That happened to me way too much, like every time I cut something almost.

I have a decent grip in my opinion and I don't understand how anyone seriously uses this worthless saw. I threw mine out after my second backpacking trip. It's a gimmick add on. The axe kicks ass without it.

5 Old Timer Recommendation Longshadow - MAY 10, 2014

I have all the Gerber Gator gear: Axe+Saw, Axe+Knife, Saw Kit, folding and fixed blade knives of 420HC, 154CM, and the limited edition fixed blade with S30V steel + Bell/Carlson handle.

I've used them all over the US, north woods to southern swamps. They work, well.

Just drill a small hole in the end of the inner tool (knife/saw) where the little triangle is. It's thin material and no structural significance. Then run leather/paracord/twine through the axe handle's hole. Tie off, or use lock devices along with some brain power if you want to get elegant, but you'll never lose the tools.

5 Ranger Brian - MAR 20, 2014

Got this when I first joint the Army. Had the Problem with the saw falling out at first then I learned how to use it chop, hammer, cut, and everything in-between with it. Would recommend keeping a knifes edge on it. The metal is hard and can take you a while to put a sharp edge back on it. I've taken mine around the world its as good as the day I got it!!!

2 camper Paul - JAN 2, 2014

bought one , way to light and hand broke . You can add your own wooden handle then its great .

2 camper Paul - JAN 2, 2014

bought one , way to light and hand broke . You can add your own wooden handle then its great .

1 Homeowner and camper Guy - DEC 9, 2013

Several years ago I bought this to go with on a multi day river trip. It broke on the first night (raining, cold, and REALLY looking forward to a fire) while chopping up some cottonwood for a fire. The handle shattered, and the saw within the handle was exposed to my (thankfully) gloved hand. Escaped without injury. Exchanged it at the store I bought it from and told Gerber what happened and that this axe was no longer a camping tool, but would still be used to split kindling for my wood stove. It lived like that for the next 4 years, slowly losing its grip on the axe head by the plastic getting broken off and worn away by each successive chop through the pine and fir I burn. Brought it with me to cut down a Christmas tree yesterday (3-4" trunk) and the head piece shattered. The saw came in handy to cut the rest of the way through, but my thoughts on this axe being NOT something to depend on were confirmed. It's junk and best serves the owner as nothing more than something to cut kindling in a domestic situation. My note to Gerber Warranty will be requesting a refund instead of a replacement.

If I could give it a half star, that's what it would get and only because it did service as a splitter of soft wood for a few years.

3 pretty good David P. - SEP 25, 2013

Love the hidden saw - cuts anything your stamina can withstand. My hatchet came really dull and is next to useless for chopping. Would've preferred that the axe was ready to go, right "out of the box."

3 camper kim - JUL 25, 2013

I have had one of these for 5 years or so and the handle busted in half just below the middle of the handle. I really didn't use it often and kept it stored in my camping trailer. I'm waiting to see if Gerber will replace it under warranty. I think the hollow interior for the knife caused this failure. Ill replace it with the Camp Axe without the knife for better durability.

5 its great azcamper - JUN 9, 2013

Picked it up a few weeks ago used it on first trip and did not let me down. Was shipped very sharp and it cuts wood like a champ.

4 Camp master Ryan - JUN 7, 2013

Love this hatchet. It's solid, well built. I gave it 4 stars because I've fund that the saw sometimes falls out while I'm chopping. A minor flaw, but a flaw none the less.

4 A Great Concept! Jared - MAY 4, 2013

Being able to carry a saw and a hatchet in one tool was really helpful but the saw was not aggressive enough to do a good job on anything larger than 2 Inches. The hatchet on the other hand was great, it came sharp and it cut so well that I used it instead of the saw most of the time. I carried it backpacking and the weight was as good as can be expected for a piece of steel. The saw needs to be improved a little to cut as well as other folding saws and this tool wont be just a great concept it will be a great tool!

5 Your Title oddboy - APR 23, 2013

it has a great cased and is small enough to fit on my pack when im out riding its extremely capable



5 awesome colton - APR 6, 2013

i loved this hatchet! great for cutting down small trees. i would like it if they just sold the axe, and then you could buy different tools that you could put in the back. such as knife saw survival kit things like that. but overall great axe and saw i would definitely buy it again.

5 hi ed - FEB 22, 2013

looks cool, i might buy one. but does it have a crrying case or somethin?

4 Military Dan - NOV 29, 2012

I have been using your axe with saw while stationed in Alaska and I have built more than my fair share of shelters with it. At a minimal weight gain it gives a massive increase in productivity and the saw in the handle helps with cutting limbs for concealment and snare work.

4 Camper NW Not Josh - JUL 18, 2012

This is a solid hatchet, i have a much larger axe for serious chopping work. This is ideal for camping and very comfortable to hold. The only reason I didn't give it 5 stars is that it would be way nicer if the saw had a knife blade on the back side to get small wood shavings to as pre-kindling. That is key when you are trying to make a fire and its raining.

Mine came with a rubber strap that goes over the hilt to prevent the magnetic latch on the saw to stay in place. Josh (Mr. Disappointed), buy the rubber strap, it will solve the problem you are complaining about. Duct tape would work too (derp).

5 however gege - JUL 18, 2012

its good

4 car camper badbitbucket - JUL 11, 2012

Great axe/hatchet. I like the steeply angled edge for splitting.

I have to agree with the reviewer who mentioned that the saw falls out while copping. it's never fallen all the way out on me, but it does work loose. A little gorilla tape fixes the problem, but what a hassle.

3 Disappointed Josh - APR 20, 2012

The axe dose a great job and so dose the saw. I have no issues with the products individually. I have mine strapped to the side of my B.O.B bag. The major problem that I had was that the vibration from chopping causes the saw to come loose in the handle and slowly work its way out. I had to take the saw out while I was chopping and splitting, this makes for easily loosing the saw if your not paying attention. It would be perfect if there were some other type of retention for the saw, such as a clip or latch of some sort.

5 sup bob - MAR 15, 2012


4 Mr Tom - FEB 28, 2012

Just got this combo brilliant bit of kit uses it solid chopping for a good 3 hours still chops very well!

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