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Apocalypse Kit

What if it happens? What if our worst fears are realized? If the Dead walk, the continuation of the human race will become a daily struggle. Are you prepared to protect and defend your family and friends? Your best chance lies in the Gerber Apocalypse Survival Kit. Enclosed in a super durable canvas carrying case with reinforced stitching, the kit is compact and packable. To beat the uprising we must work together. We must arm ourselves and organize.


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Caution and Disclaimers

Item # 30-000601 Warranty


  • 7 Apocalypse Survival Tools
    • Gator Machete
    • Camp Axe II
    • Gator Machete Pro
    • Parang
    • LMF II Infantry
    • DMF Folder
    • Epic
  • Durable canvas
  • Handle for easy transportation
  • Stud buttons to keep the case rolled up
  • Reinforced case stitching
5 S K - OCT 21, 2015

Great product, amazing price, worth the money!

4 Your Title Your name - JUN 16, 2015

you can get this kit for the price of what you can get the downrange tomahawk for i think ill get the kit and the downrange!!

2 wtf Alain WTF - MAY 24, 2015

so Tour tælling me that tjene tools, Arne made for killing?:D

2 ok george - APR 10, 2015

way over priced nice gear though

5 MD Gary bendale - APR 3, 2015

Should come with a tooth pick, like the Swiss army knives.

3 Meh Rick Grimes - FEB 2, 2015

I did more damage with my teeth

3 help me knife kid - DEC 8, 2014

hey i am wondering where it is coming from

4 PORKIEPIGGIE Elias - NOV 4, 2014

This is an exellent idea but I think adding an inflatable setting to sleep on it It would be better

3 Your Title po - AUG 16, 2014

if the case rolled out into a sleeping mat it would be worth it and no light or sharpener? cmon

5 Great KC - AUG 15, 2014

I love this kit plus the stuff from this website I can get from amazon.

5 Zombie survival expert Ethan c - AUG 6, 2014

This is a great product! Great knives and tools. Quite useful if there ever was a hypothetical zombie apocalypse.

5 suggestions? alfredo - AUG 5, 2014

can't find somewhere to buy it in méxico :(

4 pretty good anon - JUN 21, 2014

its pretty good but buy it on amazon, its $50 cheaper

5 Mrs Timthoy - JUN 1, 2014

its good :)

5 Seen on TV Tyler Hunt - MAY 23, 2014

This exact kit was used in the popular TV show known as "The Walking Dead"

5 Wilderness man Wilderness man - APR 3, 2014

I just love this kit I bought it and I keep it in my truck it is surprisingly helpful

5 awesome liam - MAR 18, 2014

awesome comes with allt he things i need

5 Mr bob Bob - MAR 14, 2014

This is on walking dead

5 Exactly As Advertised Gas Masher - MAR 5, 2014

Just received my tools in near perfect condition (the edge on the Machete Pro could have been finished better). I will be using these tools to reclaim a mountain bike trail.


5 smith george - FEB 23, 2014

saw it on the walking dead

5 Shipment Reuben - FEB 19, 2014

Excellent set of blades and axes, where do you ship to, and how much is the shipment cost?

5 Sell the case seprately!! Your name - FEB 12, 2014

Wish you guys would sell the case separately. would fit perfect for my bug out bag for all my tools.

5 Best zombie survival kit ever Noah - FEB 10, 2014

Your zombie survival kit is Awsome I love it you should make sooooo much more kits it is the best zombie survival kit in the world

5 Doge The Shibe - JAN 8, 2014

Wow such knife

5 want a set survivalist - DEC 31, 2013

seen it on the walking dead and i am a believer of the apocalypse and now i really want one looks amazing :)

5 Awesome kit GDG - DEC 27, 2013

I recently got this kit for Christmas and it is awesome! Get it!

4 Disparity incarnate Diab - DEC 19, 2013

I'm sure that the readers as well as Gerber truly understands the fact that you would get struck by lightning and win the lottery twice before the actual dead rises up and is mobile. More likely a virus or medical condition outbreak would be the culprit for gear like this but still really cool gear for splitting wigs.

2 bed wetter i'm afraid - DEC 13, 2013

what if i don't believe in killing zombies or anything else? can you still just non-violently detain or just make a zombie safe? why don't companys think about that.

5 Weapons Expert, Zombie Apocalypse Responce Team Zombie Apocalypse Responce Team - DEC 9, 2013

Personally, I enjoy this kit, us at Z.A.R.T. it is our sole responsibility to be prepared for the inevitable zombie outbreak and this is the perfect addition to our kit(s). Good job Gerber, we will absolutely be buying more things from you.

"You never know what you have until te zombie apocalypse comes" -Jacob, Z.A.R.T.

5 Lies...! hockeydeltaelfa - DEC 9, 2013

response by "MASON" says: "Good set but it is really expensive I bought all the tools in the kit for like 1/2 the price"

This is not true, I added it up and all the items in this kit come out to a total of $391...

4 Blood Spatter Analyst Dexter Morgan - DEC 1, 2013

Nice Dexter start up kit! Happy hunting!
The Dark Passenger

1 ehh joe - DEC 1, 2013

its alright items are very dull

4 expensive ge ge bob - NOV 22, 2013

i bought sll of this on amazon minus the case. And it was only $200

5 cheap Dan - NOV 3, 2013

everything individual would be $391 plus shipping AND no bag but this has everything and it looks awesome

5 Worth it Daryl - NOV 3, 2013

ever since carl found it on that dead guy in the car it has helped us a lot against the walkers

1 da hell is this o.o - NOV 2, 2013

why so expensive!!!

1 K K - OCT 31, 2013


5 YEAH!!! A guy that kills zombies - OCT 31, 2013

Lets go kill some zombies!

5 I want this! Awjadcd_ - OCT 27, 2013

This was in the walking dead LOL

4 gerber apocalypse kit jacob - OCT 22, 2013

ok I ad saving to get this but im scared to because ive had a lot of proplems and I don't wont m money to go to waste

4 Your Title Southernsniff - OCT 20, 2013

The walking dead

1 stupid mallory - OCT 19, 2013

there will be no appoclypse so why waste money

5 Defender of My Realm Dan Kielty - OCT 19, 2013

My God,
Why is this the first I have heard of such a wonderful set of weapons to defeat the Zombie scum that are sure to ravage our planet? My only regret is that at such an exorbitant cost I am unfortunately sure to succumb to the outbreak without sufficient defenses.My only request is that if there are any plans of a mass distribution of your fantastic weaponry to us common folk, or even a sale to ensure our survival, please do not hesitate to contact me a.s.a.p. I thank you for your time in reading my correspondence during these trying times. Good luck, godspeed, and watch your six!


that is a terible survival kit it is only weapons dumb people only use weapons what about shelter,food,waterproof matches,etc. You should have thought this through way more. :(. :(

5 very nice Jamie.H - OCT 6, 2013

it solves all of my problems including the zombies

5 Don't let zombies let take this from you Big Tim - OCT 4, 2013

Awesome kit to fight and anilnate zombies. Buy this and the power of awesomeness will be yours. Fight and destroy your zombies.

5 Wait a minute.. Ben - OCT 3, 2013

Is this the same kit Carl finds in the truck, in the first episode of the second season of The Walking Dead?

5 the kitty brook - OCT 1, 2013

im looking everywhere for tips and this is the place

5 OMG! :D Aedan - SEP 2, 2013



Good Kit To Fight ZOMBIES

5 Carrying Case Andrew - AUG 26, 2013

I already purchased most of the items in this case individually before I even knew of this. Is there any way or any place where I can go to buy just the carrying case?

5 Fight em til you can't Caferacerpall - AUG 7, 2013

i imagine myself battling through the urban enviroment with the anthrax song of this title as my background

5 ok Mason - AUG 1, 2013

Good set but it is really expensive I bought all the tools in the kit for like 1/2 the price

5 :D Bobedibob - JUL 15, 2013

This was on the walking dead!!

5 AMAZING GET IT SOON bigpun23 - JUL 8, 2013

GET IT SOON the zombies are comeing

5 walking dead SJK2 - JUL 6, 2013

i first saw this on the walking dead.i love gerber gear and then i saw this and just thought.I WANT THIS.i think its amazing though

5 walking dead SJK2 - JUL 6, 2013

i first saw this on the walking dead.i love gerber gear and then i saw this and just thought.I WANT THIS.i think its amazing though

5 Awesomest thing ever somebody - JUL 3, 2013

really cool, although you should take out the Camp Axe II and replace it with the Gator Combo Axe II.

5 really cool anonamous - JUN 24, 2013

I think instead of having the Camp Axe II the axe should be the Gator Combo Axe, or the Gator Combo Axe II.

5 apocolypse surviver enmore - JUN 23, 2013

helped me fend off the undead great kit

5 AMAZING Armando - JUN 16, 2013

THE BEST IN EVERY CATEGORY available in one cover...

5 Great Eric - JUN 9, 2013

As seen in the popular zombie TV series, The Walking Dead, It is perfect. Whether you use it for utility and hunting, or wish to conserve bullets in an apocolypse its wonderful.

5 epic Wut - MAY 20, 2013

this kit id epicness

5 product placement WDF - MAY 9, 2013

wasn't this featured in the walking dead when they lost the little girl on the highway

5 i wish i hade one knife boy - MAY 9, 2013

This looks awesome. I love the LMF 2 Infantry. love this kit :-)

5 the best kit alam - MAY 7, 2013

there`s a cool things in all the apocalypse kit like knives and machetes

4 looks cool... mr.swag - MAY 5, 2013

does the lmf 2 come with leg straps? thanks.

5 Gerber Iheartgerber - MAY 5, 2013

The kit is great i use the axe for camping and i put it in my high sierra day pack

5 Knife pron addict :) Mike - MAY 4, 2013

Nice kit, as seen in an episod of The Walking Dead!

4 Hunter Barrett - APR 30, 2013

This is a great kit the LMF Infantry is a great knife and the two gator machetes have shown me great versatility. The camp axe seems sturdy. Good price. This is a good kit to keep in your car or room.

4 Zombie Bait BM - APR 30, 2013

It's funny that these have a lifetime warranty. If the kit doesn't work in a zombie apocalypse, it will be too late for you to return it :)

3 Meh Rick - APR 13, 2013

I can see where it would be useful, but this wont really help unless you have a really small family. And even if you only had 7 people. At least 2 of them are going to get shorthanded with puny knives.

4 well... #yolo - MAR 28, 2013

looks okay but overpriced

5 SUPERGUY GUY - MAR 27, 2013

This would be cool but not for an appocalypse

5 Rancher TAMU - MAR 17, 2013

Works great for ranch and hunting.

5 Awesome Ryan - FEB 28, 2013

Got one for Xmas and LOVE IT worth the money high quality stuff!

5 cool some kid - JAN 23, 2013

don't believe in apocalypse but it is use full for clearing / knife=caring in pocket / and the bag just makes it easy to put in a safe

3 Mr. Aesop - JAN 23, 2013

In order to consider this a true survival kit, there should be an included sharpener to maintain your blades in the event of an apocalyptic situation.

4 Overpriced here STANTONIUS - JAN 13, 2013

Even when the initial run of these sold out, I still picked up two for less than thing from an e-tailer (and have since sent in the bad parangs that were recalled and got replacements). Those original issues are going for over $500 on eBay. This 2nd edition one Gerber is now selling is unlikely to ever be even worth its purchase price from here. Look around for a better deal. And Google "Gerber Bear parang recall" for info on how to tell if you have the bad parang (replacement is free) or the fixed one.

Quality: Top notch! These are not comic book store display toys, these are real, heavy-duty tools. I've already used the parang (before I sent it back!) to trim an hugely overgrown, very solid and woody, prickly pear cactus (I'm talking an 8' tall monster wider than an SUV). The parang cut through it with very little effort. My only complaints are: 1) Too much orange. 2) The roll-up bag is a bit too small (it's very difficult to roll this back up enough that it can be snapped again, so get something to tie it with).

5 zombie apocalypse amc - JAN 13, 2013

as seen in the walking dead

5 looks like a good kit dan - JAN 11, 2013

i dont belive in the apocalypse but this seems like a great kit to have for survival in the mountains. i would like to buy it when i have the money to spend.

5 Actually got it Cameron - DEC 29, 2012

I actually got the kit im not just going to post a useless review about how its stupid and wont survive. Upon opening I loved the kit itself. Nice and durable, looks good but there is abit to much space where the infantry goes in but the Velcro holds everything in nice. After checking it over I also found I didnt know how to close it back up but I think im closing it right now. The items seem great and would be awesome for most survival tasks but I found the least useful to be the gator machete pro. Instead of thinking there is going to be an apocalypse and just sitting it in my closet I actually took time to use each item and found them very sharp and useful. I will use the items for clearing trails and other tasks and if zombies come I guess I will be ready to fight them

5 Its Worth It Austin - DEC 28, 2012

Everybody who says its more expensive to buy everything seperatly is stupid, if you buy everything seperatly it comes up to $391 and you dont even get the cool role up bag it comes with.

5 A must have Centilimpy - DEC 23, 2012

You must have this kit to survive in a unnexpected zombie attack. From past experience my ex car turned into a cat zombie and I desperately needed this kit. There should be a gun in this kit for long ranged attack

4 Survialist Adam Cook - DEC 21, 2012

I like the kit, but the price is a bit to high. I could buy similar items for less.

5 question is hmmm.. - DEC 17, 2012

Will it blend?

4 Sell the Canvas Separately Jackson - DEC 16, 2012

Gerber should sell the 'Durable Canvas' as a separate item. I already have several items in the set. I'd have more incentive to complete the set.

3 Mr Brawl - DEC 15, 2012

Lenore, you don't learn. You do, or you don't.

5 This is a necessity Coorslight McGuntits - DEC 15, 2012

I myself have experienced several zombie invasions, and this is indubitably one of the most necessitous toolkits to have in one of said invasions. It was my own egregious error in the first invasion I experienced to not have on of these. As a result, I lost both of my arms in a raid. I now have learned to utilise my feet for optimal typing and I would like to inform you all that this is necessary for your survival.

4 I Agree Shawn - DEC 11, 2012

I Agree that the bag should be available by itself, that would be awsome. It's a really sweet kit.

4 Mother and Wife Lenore - DEC 11, 2012

Does it come with instructions? How do I learn how to survive? I am serious!

5 Dr Rambo - DEC 11, 2012

Will it ship before December 21?

5 Loyal Customer Denny - DEC 10, 2012

I just got mine! Now if I could only get it autographed by the cast who made it famous!!!

4 Just me Alan - DEC 7, 2012

It's the bag I want. I have some of the other things (Too much $ at one time). I wish the bag was available by itself.

5 Good assortment of edged weapons! Troy Imel - DEC 5, 2012

You got the hand to hand combat covered, but I would feel better adding a 12 ga. pump & night vision goggles. Zombies don't show up on infra-red!

5 zdgjsryu zrdxthjgfh - DEC 3, 2012


3 mr ruiz - DEC 3, 2012

Do they have it at wallmart?

5 student yousef - DEC 3, 2012

love it , wish i had one

4 Great! Joseph - DEC 2, 2012

If it was used in the walking dead, it's good enough for me

3 prepper robb - DEC 2, 2012

All great except for one little problem, I personally would have replaced the epic with the diesel multitool

2 Guy Random - NOV 30, 2012

Not worth it. A decent machete, survival knife, and hatchet will do the work of this over priced kit.

5 ... Zachary - NOV 29, 2012

This is titled the apocalypse survival kit because I believe It was made for The Walking Dead. I didn't buy this but I have used/ owned all of the tools. They work great. It would likely be cheaper to buy everything separately but it will likely be bought for the most part by TWD fans.

4 Student Oliver - NOV 28, 2012

Christmas Wish. Nuff' said

3 not worth price jtrott05 - NOV 27, 2012

Thats def not an all in 1 snd vety pricey no multti tool and gerber has so mu c h nice stuff also add spade and multi tool and mabey be worth it

5 Master Zombie Slayer Jonathan - NOV 27, 2012

Any one else find it funny these come with lifetime warranty....shouldn't it be guaranteed to split zombie skulls? Just saying, however, love the product.

1 Pffft ANon - NOV 27, 2012

This is ridiculous. This will prepare you to kill zombies, that is it. What about the rest? Food, water, climbing, lighting, signaling. I resent this product.

3 not-all-in-one Bill - NOV 24, 2012

To be an "all in one survival kit" why is there not a multi-tool in order? For the price you would think it would be included. The case has plenty of room above the logo to add extra comprtments also.

5 Mr, Maximus - NOV 24, 2012

Me want, but not that bad. Maybe I'll regret it.

4 Change this... Brandon - NOV 23, 2012

Lose the regular Gayor Machete and add a shovel. That would be worth $349.

5 Mr Crowley. Brad Cockshot - NOV 22, 2012

This thing is bloody awesome! Be careful when you take your thingy out.

5 Great Piece of Kit Glenn Rhee - NOV 20, 2012

I must come clean and let everyone know I got my kit for free. My friend's kid found it in an abandoned car on the highway. It has served well for its intended purpose. Had to rescue my girlfriend with the machete... cuts through zombie skulls pretty easily. I would recommend to my friends if most of them weren't dead.

5 JGFJR JGF - NOV 20, 2012

Its a nice and all in one item for the so called "end of the world"

5 The Conqueror Rob - NOV 20, 2012

My opinion...just wait for the Zombie Apocalypse to happen...then loot the abandoned Gerber™ Factory for listed items. FREE!

5 Less Expensive Justin - NOV 16, 2012

Contrary to the previous post, the separate pricing would be $391 and you do get the added bonus of having the All-In-One Carry Case as well as having each individual case for each individual tool or knife as if you bought each item separately making it easy to carry just one or a couple of these items at a single time.

2 Too Expensive Chaz - NOV 14, 2012

i agree with Dave, i love Gerber products,but this should b atleast $100 cheaper and id buy it...sry Gerber :(

5 Cool Esteban - NOV 6, 2012

It is pretty awsome but the price is a little high and it really needs a shovel thrown in too.

5 All-In-One Alexa - NOV 6, 2012

I compared prices and considering that you get it all in one, with a durable canvas roll-up case, it's a great deal. If you were to order all of these items separately it would be $336 and you would have to pack them around in their respecting sheaths/cases. Awesome!

4 Good kit michael - NOV 4, 2012

really cool but no medical things

4 Missing a few items... nunya - NOV 3, 2012

I'd like to see an add-on/upgrade to this kit that include a spade, fire starter kit and maybe the downrange tomahawk.

5 Zombie Slayer Carl - OCT 30, 2012

This looks like the same kit they used in The Walking Dead, the kit Carl found on the dead body in the car in season 2. From what it looks these would all come in handy during the zombie apocalypse

4 To Much DeadManINC. - OCT 24, 2012

It has good suplies but I think it is to much money to bargin for

5 Great item Dylan - OCT 22, 2012

I just recently picked this up from with the assistance of 3rd party shipping (seeing as though I live in Australia) and I can confidently say this is a great assortment of tools. I can't wait to try them out a few at a time when I go hiking with my friends. I'm also a big fan of The Walking Dead which makes this even more awesome for me!

5 Not just for Zombies Survival Man - OCT 21, 2012

You can tell by the way the products look and feel. They are very high quality. These can be used for a assortment of things like camping, hunting, and surviving in your back yard from your crazy wife.....

Great buy!

5 The Coyote Killer Grant - OCT 17, 2012

Being born and raised in the backwoods and mountains of Georgia I feel confident in my knowledge of survival and the outdoors. I own various knives and tools from Glock, Smith & Wesson, as well as Gerber. Speaking from experience I can say with confidence that Gerbers products are second to none

3 Your Title A bit pricey - OCT 17, 2012

Looks cool and all and like it has some nice items, but like Dave said for this economy $349.00 is a bit steep. I was guessing $200.00 till a saw the price/

3 Mr. Wayne - OCT 16, 2012

Back in the day Gerber used to make incredible blades. Then about 15 years ago something changed and they started using cheap steal and manufacturing processes. The one good thing? Price came down. I bought a BMF about the same amount of years ago. Dropped it on some rocks about 8 feet down and the blade snapped at its thickest part. Took me 4 months of arguing with them to even look at it. They used to be great, now they are just average.

5 ZombiLover Mario - OCT 14, 2012

Wasn't this kit featured in "The Walking Dead"?

2 New owner Repoman - OCT 13, 2012

I was looking for a few knives so I bought this kit with the idea I would part it out and maybe gift a few knives. All the knives in this kit are extremely dull. Is this normal?

5 Mr Doug - OCT 13, 2012

Worth every penny. No regrets about buying this kit. Buy one and you won't need to buy any knives again.

5 Your Title Mark Paul - OCT 12, 2012

This is a very high quality kit of knives and other edged weapons in a secure and well constructed carrying case. Whatever happens now, I am ready!

4 Joey Joey - OCT 11, 2012

don't put a lighter in it... a lighter runs out of fluid. put a fire steel with an extra replacement. also get rid of the gator machete that thing a POS and the epic fixed blade. and a multitool would also be a great addition, other than that it's really cool but just a bit too expensive.

3 Yeah... kenyon - OCT 7, 2012

Not really good for survival, great if you want to arm a few people quickly

I would suggest removing a machete or two, add a crowbar, and maybe a tomahawk

replace the hatchet with something like the Max axe multi purpose tool, throw in a coarse/fine file and a good stone for sharpening

Another good addition would be one of those knives that can double as a spear, with a strong tapered blade that can easily penetrate and be removed from skulls

5 Brendapap Brenda Pappernek - OCT 7, 2012

This looks like an awesome kit. Would love to win it. I live in Florida with gators, snakes and all sorts of other dangerous things.

2 not bad connor - OCT 4, 2012

very good set but very overpriced

5 Lifetime Warranty Billy - OCT 4, 2012

If everyone but me is dead how do you offer a warranty?

3 Me Dave - OCT 2, 2012

Gerber makes some excellent products. However, i don't see myself buying this product at this price. I'll wait and see if the price drops. I'd pay 200.00 for it but not 349.00 a bit expensive to me in this economy.

5 Great for anyone Hanna - SEP 28, 2012

I love it the only thing I would change is a sharpening tool made to sharpen all of them and a how to guide

5 Wilderness Pro Tim - SEP 21, 2012

Not bragging but I have done just about everything wilderness including secluded white water rafting on the Colorado, Green, and Ocoee Rivers and others. I have always carried high carbon bladed knives. I really like the grips and lanyard loops on the Gerber Knives and tools because if you are around water, sooner or later your gonna drop it. I really like the Gerber knives now that I have learned to sharpen the stainless blades.

5 The Walking Dead Nathalie - SEP 16, 2012

Stumbleupon took me to this website and showed me this apocalypse kit not i just finished seeing the walking dead season two episode one and this exact kit is in it, which i find pretty cool im most likely going to buy it now. Lets see how it goes

4 Cam Cam - SEP 9, 2012

I'm one of the few reviewers that have actually PURCHASED the kit.
The quality is great. Not perfect, but will take some serious damage. I think the largest selling aspect of this bundle is the novelty factor, that aside I feel the bundle is worth the price for a knife/axe/machete for nearly any scenario. Plus backed with a lifetime guarantee, you can't go wrong. If you feel it's to extravagant/expensive, don't buy it, and don't feel the need to unleash your bias views as reviews. All the naysayers aside, I would recommend it.

1 Reciprocating impalement device Anon#69 - SEP 3, 2012

Gerber products in general have gone downhill FAST and FAR in the last years.

Before the 2000's hit, Gerber made good blades and they were my #1 maker, and having a BMF........made damn good blades.

These days, I wouldn't use a gerber to cut my way out of a wet paper bag.

You can SEE the lack of quality, even past the packaging that gerber probably paid more for than the actual knife......

Either make something I don't have to return, or I won't buy your knives.

ESEE makes a fine fixed blade, if you are wanting some actual good steel, with good heat treat that won't break on you.

4 soldier john - SEP 1, 2012

This needs to be standard issue for military in Afghanistan. I would have loved having this overseas.

3 Good idea kind KnifeGuy - AUG 31, 2012

It's a really cool idea but not only too expensive but some of the choices they put in there are not good ones. They should replace the camp axe with a tomahawk its lighter and you can still chop wood if you have to with it,as well as the tactical advantage with it. i use mine in the bush all the time it works great and is only $35. Keep the LMF II and get rid of one of the machetes.the parang it would be good but they break easy and it's basically just another machete so get rid of the parang. Add a good multi-tool! The list should be something like this.

1: gator machete
2: tomahawk
3: LMF 2
4: multi-tool
5: a Scottish dirk or something similar
6: a tactical folding shovel

That's just my opinion ;)

5 hunter Buffalo Bill - AUG 28, 2012

I bought this kit andkilled 3 zomies last week!!! This set is AWESOME!!!

5 Survival Mike - AUG 27, 2012

I think its awesome because it has all the knives you need to survive in a apocalypse. Great job and I will be getting one soon

5 Wow Knife Lover - AUG 25, 2012

I would get this, I saw it before and even noticed it in The Walking Dead. Pretty Awesome, for the people who complain about what it doesn't have, is anything good enough for you? Gerber makes amazing knives.

5 Stevie Chris - AUG 24, 2012

I think it's a pretty cool idea and it also saves you money from buying the tools/weapons separately. From looking at the individual prices compared to this set. The individual prices add up to $389 or so (Added quickly in my mind) and this is $349, you save $40 off the cover price. I do agree a shovel and a lighter would be very useful to add to this or to make a deluxe version.

2 This is useless. Dvorak - AUG 20, 2012

It's useless to have 7 weapons to kill zombie, a baseball bat, a spear or a machete is enough. And this isn't a survival kit, it's just heavy steel that will slow you down. These are the most important things you MUST have in your bag :
-Water (1 gallon per person per day)
-Food (stock up on non-perishable items that you eat regularly)
-Medications (this includes prescription and non-prescription meds)
-Tools and Supplies (utility knife, duct tape, battery powered radio, etc.)
-Sanitation and Hygiene (household bleach, soap, towels, etc.)
-Clothing and Bedding (a change of clothes for each family member and blankets)
-Important documents (copies of your driver’s license, passport, and birth certificate to name a few)
-First Aid supplies
PS: sorry for my bad english, i'm french and young )

3 Cool kit, but not for any kind of survival. Stop with the stupid zombies already - AUG 20, 2012

In any survival scenario, with or without zombies, nobody that plans to live would take 3 machetes and an axe. Those fulfill the same role in your outfitting, and one of them is heavy enough to carry. In a scenario with zombies (if it was possible) you might not take any of them, because they have the nasty habit of getting blood splatters from whatever you're hitting on your person. Infection anyone?

For all-round survival, most people would go with a fixed blade knife, a multitool or swiss army style knife, and then perhaps a machete or axe. Plus a lighter or firesteel and lots of other stuff obviously. For zombies one would add a gun to that kit, or/and perhaps a trench style club/mace.

For some light chopping and a nice bout of woodworking, buy this kit, because that's where these tools really shine.

4 915 Kid Soda Bob - AUG 6, 2012

Should add a multitool to the set. I also agree with adding a shovel (perhaps replacing one of the machetes or two of the fixed blade knives).

3 Too Expensive, you can create your own Angel - JUL 28, 2012

Nice but too expensive. I love how it is organized but you can make your own, buying similar if not some of the same weapons, bladeds, etc for cheaper and create your own.

5 the awe inspiring joszantor riser of mountains and crusher of planets zantor - JUL 27, 2012

i think its smart to be armed for when the world is taken over by zombies in about two years but i would say it could have included a lighter... i mean its not that hard right?

3 outdoorsman bob - JUL 20, 2012

this isnt much of a survival kit its just steel, no fire starters, ways to carry water, purify water, and no signling devices

5 Great, but ironic Andrew - JUL 17, 2012

I like all the tools and they're of great quality, but I find the lifetime warranty ironic. If they break in the middle of a zombie apocalypse, you can be happy knowing that they had that nice warranty and that you can get another one?

5 Incredible Mike - JUL 14, 2012

First, jeckel, the point of this kit is not to light fires or help see. It's to sruvive, kill, create shelter, scavage food, things like that. A COMPLETE sruvival kit, IE; bug out bag, should have several different kits. Fire kits, water puri kit, knife kit, gun cleaning kit, etc.

Next, I want to say this kit is incredible. It has covered every base of technical out door survival.

3 Eh It's happening - JUL 13, 2012

Its half and half really. I pit together my own kit for a small price of $100 in a backpack, and it has a huge first aid kit, fire starters, a plant manual etc. you could make your own with household items is all I'm saying

3 jeckel Eric - JUL 9, 2012

This is a pretty good kit but survival tools arent going to have much of an affect without something to help light fires and a flashlight

5 The best set Bill - JUL 8, 2012

It is so good to have one of BA kit's.

4 zombie hunter jvh - JUL 3, 2012

i love this but i use it 4 survival

5 The Walking Dead Harrison - JUL 3, 2012

Perfect! Just like the show! I will save money for this!

4 F, Yeah! EJD - JUL 2, 2012

This kit is hilarious. IMO, I would have dropped the 2 smaller knives from the kit and added the Gator Brush Thinner, swapped the Camp Axe for the Gator Combo Axe II, and dropped the Gator Machete for a Gorge Folding Shovel or the E-Tool w/Pic. That would have been a sick collection to have all at once, which is why i'm just building my own Apocalypse Kit. A blend of Gerber & Fiskars.

4 Not hase goud Nikita - JUN 28, 2012

This is a goud kit but tri too make another 1 like this:2 parangs, 1 cable Dawg, 2 E-tools! 1 extra large axe, 5 BG survival tool packs,5 podigy tanto and 2 BG sharpeners.

5 walkers Chandler - JUN 27, 2012

yea totaly all of the knifes featured in the Walking dead not sure when the new season starts though

5 collecter chase - JUN 26, 2012

i love the kit just little expensive i like it

5 AT THAT GUY Alex - JUN 19, 2012

Yea i saw it too haha, great kit recommend it for anyone who wants to be ready for anything

5 BG fan vincent - JUN 18, 2012

Hey man your not alone i remember seeing it in the walking dead. Carl saw it in a truck and pulls it out then rick gives everyone a piece of the kit.

5 Semi-amateur Collector James - JUN 18, 2012

I recognized the bag right away in Walking Dead Season 2, Gerber assorted a great collection here. I can tell it'd be very useful in the wilderness for survival and establishment of a semi-permanent camp. Looking forward to getting it eventually.

5 No amateur James - JUN 17, 2012

I ordered on the first time it was on sale, and I am very impressed with the quality of this kit. No matter what happens you will be prepared for it.

5 HEY that guy - JUN 17, 2012

am i the only one who recognises these from the walking dead season 2 ? still some excelently crafted equipment!

4 this kit is awesome SWAGfactory - JUN 16, 2012

Even though I do not believe in the Zombie/Myan apocalypse, Gerber has really put together some great tools! This would be great for an extended camping trip or for emergencies. Also its a good addition to any Bug Out Bag!

5 can i have it for free?????? adrian howell - JUN 15, 2012

oh my gosh! this is the set to get for any survival situation, (that includes the rise of the living dead). i wish it was a little cheaper though. anyway, i so want it!!! =]

5 Conner Ryan - JUN 14, 2012

Saw it on Walking Dead. Worked amazing on show. Had to have it, got it. Works great!!! Just wish there was some zombies to try it on

3 realy garrett - JUN 14, 2012

this would be fine to keep you from getting killed in a zombie appocolipse maybe if they where real. but you could take a little bit of the lesser needed tools out and put in compartments and fire starters, fishing things and stuff to actually substain yourself and this would be epic. instead of a killing kit it should actually be a good survival kit.

5 me Rudy - JUN 13, 2012

Nice, I wish this was available without the knives.

2 Dissapointing Jim Beux - JUN 12, 2012

A poor survival kit. Extremely limited tools, lack of necessary practical elements for survival. Do not buy

5 Mr Paul Toohey - JUN 9, 2012

I consider Gerber to be 2nd to None.
I could not wait so I purchased the items by them selves.
How ever no Roll.
I have over 30 GERBER Items and I intend to buy more GERBER Gear..


man! This. Is. Amazing.! Please I want it! NOWWW! :D this could last me forever bro!. lol. imma go kill some dummies with this thing to practice bro! who would ever think that i person like me (girl) who would want ittt! man!

5 Price. J.O'B. - JUN 7, 2012

I tallied it up. All of these individually from the official Gerber website is $401. Just FYI.

5 Fathers Day Sad Father - JUN 7, 2012

All I want for fathers day is this. :(

5 Left 4 Dead Tony E******* - JUN 6, 2012

I totally need this

5 Duke Anthony - JUN 6, 2012

Looks awesome! PLEASE ship to Australia

5 Laughing So Hard Stomach Hurts - JUN 4, 2012

This kit is very cool, and probably useful to have around anyways. I just think its hilarious to read all the reviews from people who seem to legitimately be interested in this kit because they think zombies are really coming. Very entertaining. I love the enthusiasm. Keep 'em coming guys.

2 not in my kit stratagy/tactics king - JUN 3, 2012

for a regular survival kit, okay; but really? for this kind of equipment to be a goto for zombie survival unless your also going to invest in full body armor you won't stand a chance with this kit its all close combat tools and most of these kinds of tools have a very limited # of uses

3 cool but crazylue - JUN 3, 2012

these weapons are cool but the problem is tho only wepons you would use is the axe ,machete, and axe shaped machte.what geber needs to ad is a crowbar, shovel, sword, trench knife, hammer, and a gun

1 not worth it surviver - JUN 2, 2012

too expensive and mostly impractical. i would buy the ax and maybe the machete. better quality folders are availible at better prices too. get off of the hype of tv people

5 Your Title Paul - JUN 2, 2012

So siked, just ordered mine, looks like an excellent, reliable and useful kit.

5 ZombieSlayersWife Syrinity Heister - JUN 2, 2012


3 Bones Bones - JUN 2, 2012

It is a nice kit. It would be great for camping or in a emergency/survival kit. But it is rather impractical to carry that around. And the price is a wee bit too hefty for my taste. I can pick up a good used pistol for that price.

5 Put this back in stock TheGrimReaper - MAY 31, 2012

Have you heard of the miami zombie attack after that there have been like 3.

5 walking dead gerardo lara - MAY 31, 2012

please i want it



5 Milkshakes That Make u Quake Dawson McMuffin - MAY 31, 2012

PUT IT ON PERMANENT STOCK PLEASE~!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

2 hunter alpha - MAY 31, 2012

really? the only useful thing in this kit would be the machette and ax, anything else youd be to close, seriously people use common sense

5 The man Bob - MAY 30, 2012

U need to make this kit available .Freaking awesome, Zombies or not

1 impractical, overpriced survival kit Real Survivor - MAY 30, 2012

you would never carry on your person a kit like this... great for a camp, but totally impractical for personal self defense from a zombie horde...

you can buy all these products individually for half the price...

5 RIGHT NOW Jake - MAY 29, 2012

A guy in miami just ate another man's face, zombies man, zombies...

1 Scared Sh**itless (of Zombies) Adam - MAY 29, 2012

Are you holding these back until the Apocalypse is right around the corner? Then you'll jack up the price tenfold? That's not cool, shipping will probably not be available then, so you'll have no way to get the product to consumers anyway. Money won't even matter. Go ahead and put them for sale now, so you can get the profits and buy guns, hummer's, foodstuff, etc. Just sayin....

5 Greatest Kit Ever~!! Tidus Fair - MAY 29, 2012

Just have this yesterday afternoon. I been waited for few month to get it, but now. WooooOhh!!!! Love you Gerber!!!!!



5 MUST.... HAVE..... Brian - MAY 27, 2012

Seriously, this kit is boss. If you can get it in stock permanently, I'll buy one as soon as you put it up for sale. But I'm not going to try gambling for 5 a Day and hope I get lucky. When the zombies come, taking risks gets you eaten. That's why I need the kit, to eliminate the stupid risks and keep me, and my non-zombified loved ones safe.

5 WTF Army#12 - MAY 27, 2012

i dont really see the point in that many weapons because you wont really need that many

5 THE EXECUTOR dylan - MAY 26, 2012

In season 2 of the walking dead isn't this what Carl found in the pick up BTW this is totally worth the price you never know when the apocalypse could happen I already have my kit but its not this one Gerber is to expensive for me

5 Zombie Hunter/Author Bruce - MAY 25, 2012

Yes this kit was seen in The Walking Dead Season 2 Episode 1.

But why can't I buy it? I want it now. My credit card is waiting.

5 Bring it back Still wiating - MAY 25, 2012

Want to order one for myself and a PJ who could use this. is it ever going to become available?

5 Ms Lydat - MAY 25, 2012

I am waiting too!!!!!

5 prepairing for an apocalypse Dan - MAY 25, 2012

Come on!! alot of people have been waiting a long time for this!! please bring it back

5 Shadetree Jeff Durden - MAY 24, 2012

I already own all of these , bought seperately, i have to carry them in a sports bag ??they are my favorites for all hunting and camping needs. !! I need this kit real bad !!!

5 Awesome Mike - MAY 22, 2012

40k Facebook Likes? Someone in IT needs to take this to someone in Marketing at Gerber and they need to get that over to someone in Manufacturing so that Sales can get it to MEEE.

5 bring this back The South Zombie - MAY 22, 2012

i am still waiting

5 OutdoorDAd Kevin Sturmer - MAY 22, 2012

Father's Day is just around the corner... (just sayin')

4 Zombie Killer BiffLoman - MAY 21, 2012

We need this now! Bring it back. You have a lot of disappointed people waiting!

5 Civilian Carolina - MAY 21, 2012


5 me gerardo - MAY 20, 2012

please put in in stock

5 z.o.r.t. matt - MAY 19, 2012

want it, need it, can't buy it?

5 Prepared S - MAY 18, 2012

Nice but too pricey. I will create my own version picking similar weapons.

5 Your Title Patrick - MAY 17, 2012

Purchased this through your Facebook promo. Looking forward to adding it to my bug-out bag.

5 retired disabled vet tommy eversole - MAY 17, 2012

outstanding value, i would love to own this set

5 But This Is Money In The Bank! Cloewen - MAY 17, 2012

Gerber, you're sitting on a gold mine. The demand is there. People are willing to part with the money.

Let's get cracking. Get this product out ASAP.

4 Your Title Matt Smith - MAY 17, 2012

In the pic, the tools should be laid out, on the kit bag. Even though the tools can be looked up individually, it makes for a more appealing and sellable view.

5 Please Tommy - MAY 17, 2012

Hurry Up and make some more of these...I want one so bad

5 Why?! Jon T. - MAY 15, 2012

I would buy this right now... if it was available. CEO needs to see the money making possibility here. I guess I will have to buy the zombie knives from Ka-Bar instead.

5 WHY DONT YOU WANT OUR MONEY!?!?! Joe - MAY 15, 2012

.....need this set

4 I want it now! JELLE - MAY 15, 2012

Please bring it back!
I would buy it now for myself and all my friends!

5 i would completely buy this walking dead - MAY 13, 2012

You guys need to get this back on the market you could make a lot of money with all the people who want this.

5 Your Title Your name - MAY 13, 2012

Bring this back. I would buy this so hard.

5 BA Bear Grills - MAY 12, 2012

By bringing this set back, GERBER would be ensuring the survival of mankind! Please bring it back!

5 Lord Bender - MAY 11, 2012

Get your ass into gear gerber. The apocalypse waits for no man.

5 True Zombie Survivor Seven - MAY 11, 2012

ive survived the horror in africa, ive battled my way through lifeless cities, ravaging monsters and slashed my way out of tough situations (given the right type of face, arm and legs protectors) but the weapons i used could not come back to the states with me given i couldnt get them through customs and even if i could have they had lingering flesh and blood therefor a contaminant and possibly a biohazard to the united states. the weapons seen here are more than suitable for the job only things missing is a crowbar hammer and small shovel but those are easier to come by so no worries. Though i do suggest to the Gerber Team to market theses items again in a bundle like shown because they will prove useful soon enough. Believe me.

5 Perfect for weekend Zombie hunting Chris - MAY 11, 2012

OMG! Perfect! Bring it back!!!

4 Your Title Carl - MAY 10, 2012

please make these available again, i want to buy them for myself and all my brothers.

3 Your Title Fry - MAY 10, 2012

Shut up and take my money

5 I would Buy it Paul - MAY 9, 2012

Out of Stock?
Are you going to make moore?
If So let us know?

1 Mr Joe - MAY 9, 2012

I would buy this tomorrow if it was for sale

5 Why doesn't Gerber want money Liam - MAY 7, 2012

Just don't get it why can't Gerber bring this back. They would instantly sell like 1000 of these :(

1 Customer Larry - MAY 7, 2012

When are you getting more apocalypse kits in? I've been checking for weeks, its always out of stock........what's up?

5 BRING IT BACK Schmee - MAY 6, 2012

Why would you stop making this? I was going to buy it, and still will, if it comes back

5 do want oliver - MAY 4, 2012

gimme gimme gimme!

5 Spades Mark - MAY 3, 2012

Great idea! Why do i have the thought that Black Water is buying this? Anyway, I WANT IT!!!!!!!!!!

5 bring that son of a bitch back! blake - MAY 2, 2012

Gerber needs to bring back this product if they are looking to make money. Just look at the demand on this review page.

5 Bring it back Steve - MAY 2, 2012

Gerber needs to bring back this product if they are looking to make money. Just look at the demand on this review page.

5 Camper/ adventurer Cory - MAY 1, 2012

Awsome set... PLEASE bring back i would love to add this to my inventory and put it to use killing some zombies err i mean camping

1 Way No - MAY 1, 2012

Look up the reviews of ALL these things, none of this would be good for a Zombie apocalypse, going camping yeah. zombie apocalypse no. (By the way, NO pocket knife IS EVER good for Zombies, and a 1/4th tang in the gator? one swing and that thing will fly off!)

5 Your Title Your name - MAY 1, 2012

please bring it back it would be a real pain to buy each tool one by one. and you would be stupid not to listen to all of these reviews because you are passing up a lot of money

4 Adventourist Alex - MAY 1, 2012

I really hope these are available by Christmas, it will be one stop shopping!

4 hurry up john - APR 30, 2012

u need to bring itback cause i really want it

5 Your Title Tyler - APR 29, 2012

Please bring it back can't wait to buy!

5 Prez VC hymie - APR 28, 2012

Gotta get this.

5 How Will I Survive?! Bushsniper - APR 25, 2012

When will this kit be back in stock? I NEED one fast! How will I survive the onslaught of walking dead without it?? Hurry and bring them back!!

5 Hurry!! jaysay3kay - APR 24, 2012

CANNOT wait to order!!

5 bring the kit back!! zalewski - APR 23, 2012

would love to purchase an Apocalypse Survival Kit the second they get them back in stock!!

5 Your Title RafSer - APR 22, 2012

The Walking Dead S02E01 was that the whole set :)



3 Survivalist Farlas - APR 20, 2012

Whao, very nice kit at a sweet price. One problem however and that is why would anyone (Especially Gerber) sell a kit like this WITHOUT a multitool? That's insanity.

5 Bring em on chefedemaquina - APR 19, 2012

Mine finally shipped today and is to be delivered on the 21st.

5 Got my hopes up Tanner - APR 19, 2012

this really needs to be in stock, right now. I want to buy this!!

3 Housewares, S-Mart Ashe - APR 18, 2012

I would've given it 5 stars had it contained a chainsaw and a boom stick.

4 Deeper Ron - APR 17, 2012

Such an awesome quality set found it on and bought the Camp Axe and DMF folder through them.

5 yup daniel - APR 15, 2012

391 is the total price if you were to buy them all separately. you also get a nice case for everything so its worth it if thats what you want

5 Joshua - APR 14, 2012

I must say that this is a wonderful product. I love the case design and if I could give my own opinion. They should sell the case as a product. I need something like that to put my weapons in.

5 guy Eric - APR 12, 2012

Why is this out of stock?

5 Wow Mafo - APR 11, 2012

I love the look of this kit..... I wish I could get this in the UK!

5 Forensic Investigator Dexter Morgan - APR 9, 2012

Amazing. Use them all the time.

3 BUY ON AMAZON!!! xavier - APR 6, 2012

oka so i added all the prices of every knife and tool on amazon and got a price of 281.22. the "kit' cost 349.00 plus s and h
so theres a 67.78 me i would buy this but only sepretly.the only diffrence is you dont get the sheath.if only they sold the sheath seperatly X( and i would give this a 5* but pricee range so its a 3.sorry gerber

1 Sr. Luis Martinez - APR 6, 2012

the parang and the axe are the only two articles in this kit that are worth anything if your were "really" to be out in the wilderness. the knives are made of inferior steel, and are of questionable design for real world situations. of course, if you talking about hollywood fantasies, then, no worries.

5 what this needs and doesnt need Samantha - APR 4, 2012

NEVER carry a gun, they will bring the horde so I carry a old wooden sword and be careful with noises that make loud sounds and I agree with carring a Bio-suit and 3 machetes instead of 2 and the person that says it needs first aid and it should carry something like a cloak with a hood and also needs tent for shelter and it needs something throwable and long like a arrow and I know that when the neighborhood goes to the zombies Im gonna run to town steal a school bus carrying one of these and get survivors and hand these out to each survivor

5 reality hill billy - APR 4, 2012

seriously the zombies are probably not going to come but the knive set would be awesome to kill carp in canals and low ponds/lakes the set is awesome!!!

2 More of a Man than You Dave B. - APR 4, 2012

Thank god Gerber finally realized that the best thing to get you through a zombie outbreak is a product endorsed by Bear Grylls. The other survivors will be so envious.

It's a detached irony that your machete will sport Halloween colors on the day that the dead really do rise from their graves. Perhaps this kit would be more complete with some Tootsie Rolls and Smarties to throw to the advancing undead horde.

Anyone who relies on handheld cutlery to repel zombies clearly didn't think to attach a bayonet to their combat shotgun. You only have two hands; why seven blades? Thanks for slowing down the zombies for us real survivors, rookies.

5 I lke it "Quiet and simple thats what gets you through it. Smart Tinking - APR 3, 2012

I really enjoy this it isnt loud supplys weapons and would most like;y provide you with the means to get food. Good choice for survival kits.
Also it would be nice if you included a Bio-suit they will keep you from the blood stains and infections.

5 Awesome Parker - APR 2, 2012

Yea, person that gave two stars. you obviously arent ready for a zombie attack: 3 machetes better than 2 so when one gets stuck in an undead's cranium..

5 Your Title Person - MAR 31, 2012

If you where to buy them all separately it would cost you more so a good bargin

5 Smart guy Zed - MAR 30, 2012

This is a much better deal then buying separately...don't be an idiot.

5 Every man needs this Mr_Blackjack - MAR 29, 2012

This is just what every man needs, an amazing set of amazing cutlery for protection

5 Works in Africa Daniel - MAR 28, 2012

This kit will work perfect for africa. Traveling at time through the hardest african terian it will be reassuring to have this on the back off my toyota cruiser. Just at 300$ it will be a while before i will gwt myself one. All and all great job GERBER!!

5 pestilence ... - MAR 28, 2012

@ the idiot who said guns are for the zombie apocalpse. would you rather have something quick and quiet or someting loud that will bring the entiritey of the horde strait to you....knife = less aggro
guns= you dieing instantaniasley.

5 joey Logano - MAR 27, 2012


2 Your Title dave - MAR 26, 2012

priced separately on amazon it comes to 275
so if the canvas sack is worth the 75 bucks for you hit it up.

5 masta slash,zombie slayer casey miller - MAR 26, 2012

just got my kit today!! super stoked it's pretty cool check out my review i did on youtube here

2 Rip off Apocalypse nw! - MAR 25, 2012

Pretty cool but not worth 300$, who needs three machetes, it come with two good ones, and a crappy on, and the lmf is such. Good knife, why need the other two? And FYI if u don have GUNS fr the ombie apocalypse, u r screwed, thank you, but no thank you

5 Legendary Nick - MAR 25, 2012

Just received my kit today. Wow. This thing was put together with some thought. Even if you're not particularly into the whole "Zombie Apocalypse" hype, This makes the perfect kit for camping. It's got everything. Great job Gerber! You made a believer out of me!

5 awesome!!! Jimbo the rough - MAR 22, 2012

amazing quality, will definetely save lives and take names

5 Candice Ordnance Girl 007 - MAR 22, 2012

Winning!!!!! I freakin love this!!! Definately good for many uses; especially for military and police; hunters, you too!!!

5 enbc 5str - MAR 21, 2012

i think this was in the walking dead season 2.

5 Zombie Slayer 101 Sean - MAR 20, 2012

The case should have a copy of zombie survival guide, complete Walking Dead graphic novels, and an awesome logo saying GERBER Zombie Tactical Support Kit.

5 Corporal Lars - MAR 20, 2012

Genius....Just plain genius. The sheer cheek of this marketing ploy is wonderful.

5 Mr. Mooseman - MAR 19, 2012

Things are starting to get odd with all those weird stories we've been hearing about on the news. Any way, as a precaution, i just ordered this kit. Hopefully it gets here befor-- BLAGG! AHHHRRGGGGHHHH...........................BLARRGGGGGG! BLARRGGHHH!

3 ugly zombie - MAR 19, 2012

you cant beat the zombie, join the zombie.

5 Mom April - MAR 19, 2012

And it comes with a "Lifetime Warranty" cause when that machete handle breaks off in the skull of a zombie, you can march right over to Gerber and demand your money back...LOL

4 woah.. panda - MAR 19, 2012

a pack of awesomeness...
I'm ready for zombies
and got a whole plan waiting

4 a shaman your brain not on drugs - MAR 19, 2012

hate to break it to you, but this is not going to happen...... however the fact that you can own all this for the price offerd is a very good deal.

5 garymann gary geiser - MAR 19, 2012

kick butt set. Now if only a vest was to be made to hold the same knives.. Gerber makes the best knives.

5 Mister Bob - MAR 18, 2012

You had me at hello.

2 PD Lifetime zombie warranty - MAR 18, 2012

Lifetime Warranty is no good. IF the equipment fails and you die, or worse, if you become a zombie, the lifetime warranty no longer applies. What kind of a warranty is that? Give us a lifetime / Walking Dead warranty at the very least ;)

5 Nice Ryan - MAR 18, 2012

Pretty good deal on some amazing blades.

4 low-budget prepper melissa - MAR 18, 2012

i wish this didn't cost so gosh darn much ! this is def something one would LOVE to own .

5 Dr. Robert H. - MAR 18, 2012

If only they had a gun!

5 How to recognize zombies ZS - MAR 18, 2012

Sad but true ways to ID zombies:
Bad smell
Lacks intellect
Attacks mindlessly
Creates nothing
Known to attack in packs
Spreads disease

5 Sir Charles - MAR 18, 2012

Samurai Sword / Katana for longer range
and a smaller version / Wakizashi in case the undead come too close.

In case the capitated head keeps on biting, just finish it off later. Wear sturdy boots though.

For practical use... Wielding these blades along with Kendo training will be better against those wielding knives.

5 Pharmacist Curt - MAR 17, 2012

That ax is taller than me! Awesome!!!

5 Your Title Valo - MAR 17, 2012

I won a few of them a while back. They are really sturdy machetes, but aren't very sharp.

5 Stanggear RandyMan - MAR 17, 2012

This is a must have. Those who are prepared will SURVIVE...

4 Half way there already. ArteMouse - MAR 17, 2012

I already have the BG Parang, the LMF and the Epic... Wouldn't get rid of a single one of 'em. On a different note, the individual cases for the Parang and the Epic were really lame... Better to get them in this fashion.

2 Need to do some research C.J. - MAR 17, 2012

These are nice tool and great knifes, the problems I see are; these tools are also gonna have to double as zombie killing weapons, you only need one machete, the hatchet, and a short knife. I would consider buying something like this if the tools were easier to access and a crow bar would be prefered to the second machete. Great idea though.

5 Ms. Mo Mo - MAR 17, 2012

this is nice, add a flamethrower and you are set for zombies, i understand that not being in the kit tho as i dont think u can ship everything u need for that

1 waste jeff - MAR 17, 2012

waste of money. I can buy a machete that is many times stronger and sharper from cold steel for 20 dollars. State of the art.

5 LIKE A BOSS Haley - MAR 17, 2012


1 deadtalker annie - MAR 17, 2012

So your life time warranty...does that stay in affect after the zombie Apocalypse happens? I want to know who I have to contact then!

5 Survivalist Brad - MAR 17, 2012

Great set! Gerber makes awesome blades. Just wonder if the lifetime warranty would still be honored during a zombie apocalypse....

5 ShoNuff Craig - MAR 17, 2012

I recently got this kit to add to my Subaru WRX and gun collection. "I've got food for 40 days, gallons of water, first aid and propane and some wine to entertain. I'm always planning for the worst. I've signed my will right after birth. I've got my eulogy rehearsed."

5 Zombie killer This is greaT - MAR 17, 2012

I'm getting this...just because it's cool! :)

1 Sir Zombie Hunter Zombie hunter - MAR 17, 2012

This is sad. You can buy this equipment for 150 from your local store. Dont waste your money

5 Bob The Master of Masters - MAR 17, 2012

I just bought FIVE of these. IM BADASSER!

4 Your Title CaptainDCD - MAR 17, 2012

Too funny.... VERY NICE set though

5 Ready for whatever Titan - MAR 16, 2012

Received my kit today and am very pleased?
5min on a stone and all the little blades are shaving edge..
the larger blades with the exception of the large machete came fairly sharp with only some stoning req'd...the big machete will certainly take alot more grinding to get it sharp.
Overall pleased with the purchase and happy it indeed ships with the LMF II instead of the machete junior. It comes with one stone with the gator machete pro and pleasently pleased to see another sharpener with the LMF II Sheath.

5 the Zombie Slayer Buffy - MAR 16, 2012

Can't wait to get mine and build my fort for the zombie apocalypse.

5 jpierce7694 jeremy - MAR 16, 2012

A must have

5 The Master Ian - MAR 16, 2012

I just bought four of these. Im a Badass.

5 Airway Transportation Systems Specialist Tomme - MAR 15, 2012

I haven't tried this yet, but it's DEFINITELY going on my birthday/Christmas list!

5 Mr. D.N.M. - MAR 14, 2012

I'm starting a piggy bank for this... Mamma knows what to bring to pappardelle for Christmas now!

5 MOM Christina - MAR 12, 2012

I just bought the axe ll and hunting knife from another site. Now I seen this well I guess I'll have an extra LOL. Am getting this next week. Oh BOY. I can just hear my boyfriend ANOTHER ONE .....

5 Outdoorsman..I WILL survive! Robert - MAR 10, 2012

Gerber.. first of all you deserve kudos for a brilliant marketing idea. The Walking dead tie-in was inspired. Now as to the gear itself.
I have never used or encountered a bad product from Gerber, and these implements are uniformily well made. I do a lot of camping, and in fact had assembled a sort of similar kit myself, but when I saw the Apocalypse Kit, I was impressed enough to acquire several of the items, and package my own kit. I am especially liking the Gator Pro machete, the extra weight on the head gives more kinetic energy for cleaving brush and limbs (tree). The Parang is a handy size and short enough to weild effectively, and the machete with saw back is a nice dual purpose tool.
Gerber, if you do read these reviews, I have a suggestion. To my kit I added a small pry/crow bar and a short shovel/spade with a sharpened blade. The shovel can be used as a digging tool, chopping implement, self defense weapon ( see Russian Spetsnaz for throwing tips) and scraping/prying utensil. Just my two cents.

5 Zombie killer Isaac - MAR 9, 2012

This kit is very good for killing zombies and camping. The axe is great for chopping wood, but the parang is not very sharp but still love the kit and i'm still surviving

5 Running Dead still alive - MAR 8, 2012

I have used some of the components before. They are light weight but effective. I am now ready to defend my homestead against any and all aliens dead or alive!

5 Ex-Marine jack pistole - MAR 8, 2012

This is the best equipment I have seen.
in a long time . I have gerber products and used them in the corp. They last better and longer than most equipment and the workmenship and quality is perfect. I recommed them to anyone!

4 Zombie Robb - MAR 7, 2012

Kit is definitely cool. mind you , the larger knives and machetes are not sharp at all -- I am assuming that they could be sharpened if you wanted to. I actually prefer them dull, since I'm mainly using them for props in zombie-themed shoots. Smaller knives are awesome, and fully functional.

5 whooper aar - MAR 7, 2012

it looks really cool im going to save up for it :)

1 Global Dominator of course it's loaded - MAR 4, 2012

You know what would be nice? Actual product reviews. NOT lame jokes/puns about zombies.
Do a little research and buy a quality product that will provide years of use.

4 dead dat one knife - MAR 4, 2012

this kit was on the show the walking dead just putting it out there.

5 sweeet gator man - MAR 4, 2012

i am saving up for this package it looks great i hope it proves to be as cool as the show the walking dead.

5 Mega Prepared.... Prepared.... - MAR 4, 2012

Bought this and love it.. Can't wait for the apocalypse to come so I can use it on some Zombies..

5 I agree Bob34 - MAR 3, 2012

If dat happens ur probley are going to survive

Wat ru gonna do get it out and use it like a man

5 Cool Tahseen - MAR 3, 2012

Awesome set.....!! I need this....

5 Awesome Anderson - MAR 2, 2012

You save $42 with the bundle instead of buying them separetly.

5 Talking The Walking Dav - MAR 2, 2012

I missed the first run of this. I luv the zombie novelty few corp are riding on currently. Didn't see any vampire kits... I love my kit this time round... Thanks Gerber!

5 Weekend Warrior i4g0t - MAR 2, 2012

I could use some repeated "Thanking" too...great kit!!!

5 This is sweet Ty Casey - MAR 2, 2012

This is awesome, but it should include the bear grylls ultimate survival knife too

5 Freakin Awesome Jay Nance - MAR 2, 2012

That is beyond words! it is awesome just to have but hey I could see it having practical uses to! anyway just awesome, can't wait to get

5 Ivy League General Kill On Sight - MAR 2, 2012

There is a sharpening stone in this kit - it is included on the Gator Machete Pro

5 Nurse Esa Piispa - MAR 1, 2012

Dear Santa,i realy need this :)

5 Your Title - FEB 29, 2012

great looking kit, it was also a great idea to have it on the walking dead

5 Awesome! Havoc256 - FEB 28, 2012

I'll be getting this to add to my Zombie Survival Gear. Amazing!

5 im in love kungaryfu - FEB 28, 2012

i want it! i want it! i want it!

5 Canvas bag available for purchase Jim - FEB 27, 2012

Will the canvas bag be available for purchase???? I bought all the items last year, without the bag. Come on Gerber!!!!! Help out your fans......

5 Every man needs this!!! daniel bird - FEB 27, 2012

Awsome set, great on the show and for real life. Would love to have this kit to go camping, every man should have this kit in his garage...

5 my dream Tee kai Hong - FEB 25, 2012

if i win that i will be the world luckies people :)

5 Your Title walking dead fan - FEB 24, 2012

will this ever go on sale in the UK or is it too cool

5 Tactical Medic TripWire - FEB 24, 2012

WOW, Way Cool!!!! Man this is definitely going to be on my Christmas list.

5 black scottsman Chef's Dad - FEB 24, 2012

$350.. it was about that time that i noticed that the salesman was about 30 feet tall and from the Paleolithic Era. i was like "dang loch Ness monster leave my family alone."," but i would like to buy this set from you before you leave.."

1 Certain to get you zombies. Theophilus - FEB 23, 2012

This kit is a joke. Gerber makes some nice stuff, I have a LMF II on my vest/belt, and a couple of Gators for the cars, but the rest of this stuff isn't that useful. You can find better axes and folders, and the parang isn't that great.

Having a sharpener, fire starter, and a rescue tool would have really help round this kit out.

5 EMT-1, RRT, Zombie Apocalypse ready Killer Kitty - FEB 22, 2012

I got the Gator Machete as a xmas gift & now i need to complete my kit.
This is a must have kit!
Yes! Females love weapons as well ^_^
'cause the guy who gave me the machete was "thanked" repeatedly for getting me that ;)

5 Your Title Kay Miller - FEB 22, 2012

I don't. Have any of these put could use a set. Single woman living in the woods never know when a Walker/ zombie might come out of the woods.sure would feel a. Whole lot safer with this kit.

5 Someone who likes The Walking Dead Lauren - FEB 22, 2012

Regardless of whether it's really used to fight Zombies, it's still a nice set and would be great for any survival kit for ANYTHING. (what if you get stranded while camping? or your car breaks down in the middle of no where where there are no cell towers and no traffic to help you??)

4 Runs with scissors Rick Grimms - FEB 22, 2012

If you want to get up close and personal with flesh eating zombies, this kit will do the trick. Me, I perfer a 12 gauge and a full size axe. A Colt Python at the ready, incase they moan back at me.

5 greg disbrow greg disbrow - FEB 22, 2012

The apocolypse survival tools are awesome. That carl kid has a good eye to spot that.

5 College Student/ Zombie Enthusiast Cody Thompson - FEB 22, 2012

I want the kit so bad but as a student that is too much money for me to spend at one time. so I hope the Apocalypse is not in the next two or three years.

4 zombie slayer in training michelle - FEB 22, 2012

I would totally love to get these.

5 Zombie Ready Tripper - FEB 22, 2012


5 Fire Fighter. JDP - FEB 22, 2012

I use a smaller version of the axe for fire fighting duties already. Gerber makes some outstanding stuff, I certainly would love this kit for brush fires, MVA's and other misc tasks that I run into.

3 the WOP Joshua DiFatta - FEB 22, 2012

Nothing to sharpen the goodies! come on Gerber we all know in the post apocalypse that a dull blade will get you dead, and I wont be able to send it to the factory since the postman wont be there.

4 Cool Mom Amysee08 - FEB 22, 2012

I wish I could justify getting this "just in case" but alas I have not come up with a good justification yet. But I'll keep trying!

5 the butcher frances - FEB 22, 2012


5 Someones wife nyght - FEB 22, 2012

I am someone's wife and I would let my hubby buy this. lol

5 nightmare your worst - FEB 22, 2012

knives are dope

5 Law Enforcement Professional Jesus Ramos - FEB 22, 2012

Every item in this go-bag is essential to survival. If you run out of ammo your only recourse is edged weapons. These tools are both for basic survival and self-defense. This is something I would and will be proud to own.

4 Zombies!!! alex - FEB 22, 2012

I'm a woman and I wouldn't stop my man from buying this hell I might take it from him if he does get it every woman for themselves in the apocalypse

5 Slowly adding more Kristen - FEB 22, 2012

I'm someone's wife and I don't "let" my husband do anything. He's a grown man. That said - we both are mad about these tools. I have the gator machete next to my bed. My husband has the Parang with him everywhere he goes. Now I just need the others. :) Awesome awesome kit!

5 Women Kill Zombies, Too! Dar C. - FEB 22, 2012

I may be a woman, but I want to be prepared for the zombie apocalypse! These knives are just right for the task!

4 no kit complete Zombies4 breakfast - FEB 22, 2012

where's the shotgun?

5 kick ass the king of your mom - FEB 21, 2012

what are you talking about, these knives are kick ass

5 He'll never know Guess who - FEB 21, 2012

I am buying this for my boyfriend for his bday! He want's it sooo bad. I don't see the point, but what's it going to hurt!

5 hunter laughing - FEB 21, 2012

looks like a sweet kit,wheres the ammo holders? @sombodys wife,you wont be anybodys wife for long if ya dont git the kit cuz you will be zombie feed!

5 Somebodys Husband Somebodys Husband - FEB 21, 2012

No woman may let their man spend $350 on a "knives to fight zombies", but if the man already bought and is holding one of these zombie fighting pieces of art, I don't think she'd really question him. Or, he could do like I am going to and hide it from her! Ha ha ha ha!

5 To Somebodys Wife Recon Vet - FEB 20, 2012

These tools are all high quality multiple function precision instruments well worth the pricw, forget the zombies they have great general utility... Oh and many wives let there husbands buy $1000 + rifles for zombie shooting matches so $349 doesn't seem so much...

5 Lawyer Killer Bunny - FEB 20, 2012

It isn't that expensive as far as tools go and the awesome factor is priceless. :)
I am glad my husband got one. I tried to get him one for xmas,but they were not available.

5 Future Doctor Lisa - FEB 19, 2012

If you are a WOMAN, this is a must have. Women are capable of kicking ass too, boys.

5 ZOMBIE HUNTER Shadow X - FEB 19, 2012

This is awesome! Will the carrying case ever be available separately? I already own most of the items that come in the kit but would LOVE to the purchase the case to carry it all by itself. Please make available!!!

1 Somebodys Wife Christina - FEB 18, 2012

I dont think any woman will ever let their man spend 349 dollars on knives to fight zombies.... Really guys???

4 USAF SSGT Jeff - FEB 17, 2012

If you are a..MAN this is a must have. This will solve any obstacle that is in your way. To bad gerber doesn't make guns, the world would be such a better place.
When in doubt, cut it out!

5 DIE ZOMbie DIE mofos.....!!!!!!! Frank Folkers - FEB 17, 2012

best sharp blades ever.........can i get som made of Adamantium?! xD

5 Police Officer Shane - FEB 17, 2012

Rick wouldn't act like a man, so I popped off the lock on the barn and let mayhem take its course......this kit saved my life several times....

2 OK The Sano - FEB 17, 2012

kinda cool, but the machete is not full-tang...

1 dr tran - FEB 17, 2012

lugging around 50lbs of steel is not very stealthy. short rang weapons are not good either. your kit fails sir.

5 thanks gerber knife colecter - FEB 16, 2012

thanks gerber i have 4 of your nives and all are the most amasing knives ever but put a flint in the kits that works next time .
and sharpen the machetes there dull .

5 The Kross The Kross - FEB 16, 2012

This ships on my BIRTHDAY!!! Come on Gerber send me a free one just for that! Haha. Perfect Birthday Present, man!

5 boss man michael s foster - FEB 16, 2012

sweet blades love to own them.
i live in alaska it would be great for where i live.

5 Dr. Bob Sinclair - FEB 16, 2012

Zombies goin DIE!

5 Mr Shane - FEB 16, 2012

Please sell case separately too, for all of us that bought the tools individually while you were sold out of the kit.



3 Gator BayouJeaux - FEB 15, 2012

If you're going to call it a survival kit then you should at least include a sharpening tool, seriously.

5 Will Not Be Eaten!!!!! Markeeta - FEB 15, 2012

i would love to have this kit but sadly i cannot afford it. Guess i will add it to my list of things to find when zombies attack!!!

1 MR mike - FEB 15, 2012

I was sold till i realized that there was a bear grills tool sold in the kit. Come out with a kit made by Les Stroud and we might talk.

5 Genuinely Awesome! J Thibault - FEB 15, 2012

Gerber has really outdone themselvesd this time! How cool would it be to have this "just in case"! You never know what might happen, but I dont see any undead surviving this arsenal! Or you could just get it to freak your girlfriend out... I know mine is g

5 I WANT THIS SO DAMN BAD, I NEED IT Joker Zombie - FEB 15, 2012

Well this is the kit i want cause those items in that package dont run out of ammo muahahahaha Lets get to hackin

5 Mr. Kool right now Ramon Limon - FEB 15, 2012

I am in dire need of that kit, it would definitely anty up my collection, not to mention it would make me look like the camping and fishing master!! I'll take one please and thank you!!

1 I'd rather be eaten by zombies! What a Joke - FEB 15, 2012

1. $350!!!!!!! Which gives you:
- some blades
- some machetes (love my Gator personally)
- a camp axe (good but cheaper separate)

2. No FIRE KIT!!! Whaaa? That deserves a forehead slap for sure!

3. No SHARPENING KIT!!! I'm in disbelief now.

4. No FIRST AID whatsoever..not even a bandaid??

5. Made In China!!! Whaaa? That needs to be discussed with Chuck Norris

Overall a piss poor Survival Kit..period. You wouldn't last long with this. My advice..dump all but the machete and axe and find some way to attach the canvas to your neck ;-)

3 female dog cherye - FEB 15, 2012

I tried ordering for months before Christmas. Today I see you are selling them again. My son's birthday is February 27th. You aren't shipping until after March 5th. grrrrrrrr

1 so stupid none your buisness - FEB 15, 2012

this is so stupid you zombie nerds

1 Mr. ZOmBEHhh - FEB 15, 2012

bLEArhrHGGGhh BBraaaaggHhhH BlaaAAGRGGHHHHH!!!

T/L: I hate this kit it makes hunting ppl hard!!!

5 i need one!! christopher - FEB 15, 2012

theres a horde right outside my house!!!! ive been surviving for awhile but there starting to get closer!!!! HEEELLLP.

4 Speaking from the grave: Otis - FEB 15, 2012

Where's the fire starter?


@NADEMAN, What do you own that ISN'T made in China? China owns.

5 Zombie Response Team Lis Outland - FEB 15, 2012

I totally want one. Can't be too prepared for the coming zombie invasion!

3 Do I make you Randy, Baby? AustinPowers - FEB 14, 2012

The only thing that's made in Oregon in this kit, is the LMF II Infantry. At least from my knowledge..

5 thomas william - FEB 14, 2012

every hummer in the army and marines needs a kit like these.

5 we need some. survivor - FEB 14, 2012

were stuck outside and theres a zombie horde coming, help!!!!!!!!!!!!

1 Nademan Matt - FEB 14, 2012

As much as I love this kit and the show TWD, if this stuff is made in China, I want nothing to do with it! Made is the USA ONLY!!!

1 shoulda bought a gun reality - FEB 14, 2012

title says it all

2 Mr. Yes - FEB 13, 2012

Why are these so expensive? the dang individual tools sold separately are cheaper. Are you saying that the case costs around 100 bucks?

1 One of His Kids! BloodofJesus - FEB 13, 2012

My Apocolypse Tool Kit is Free and All Inclusive:

The Bible
Faith, Love, Peace, Joy
The Blood of Jesus!

1 Silkndenim1 Silkndenim1 - FEB 13, 2012

I have to agree with Always Prepared James - FEB 13, 2012, "This would be an absolutely EPIC kit if it were MADE IN OREGON and not in flipping China."....WHAAAAT ?! Madein CHINA????!!!

5 its comin' Chuck - FEB 13, 2012

yall better be 'pared for this here 'pocalypse coming in December. yall this world is gon' end an' we gon' die, but if you have this here kit, you can save y'self and fam'ly. i bet yall after fiddy kills, these too's are gon' be purty dull. well worth the money even in a low incum household.

5 Zombie silent killer Juan Zamora - FEB 13, 2012

A tool no zombie hunter can do with out!

3 Always Prepared James - FEB 13, 2012

This would be an absolutely EPIC kit if it were MADE IN OREGON and not in flipping China.

5 zombie slasher george - FEB 13, 2012

great kit, got it today killed about ten zombies,good for cutting bread and trees.

4 Chief Zombie Lookout Bob - FEB 13, 2012

The kit is pretty well stocked except for a way to sharpen them after about 50 zombies you'll need to touch up the edge on the machette or it will make you tired real fast

5 Hot diggity! Chuck Armitage - FEB 13, 2012

That is one all-purpose collection of gear. There is a tool for every need just short of hunting game, and with this set, a bow and some arrows is not far behind.

5 i want one or this cris - FEB 13, 2012

It seems spectacular

2 Nice Try Zach Smallwood - FEB 12, 2012

$350 for a bunch of stuff I wouldn't use. No thanks. Also, I have to have a facebook account the enter the contest? Again, no thanks.

5 trucker joe contreras - FEB 12, 2012

This is the most awesomest tool kit ever it would be as like the thunder and lighting of Zeus but it could...but in reality it is a very good tool kit...very good in building shelter fire build trap making and making other tools...but would be even better if it was inpelemented into a backpack survival kit.

4 Get it???? Bear Kylls - FEB 12, 2012

Love the products but sell the roll up kit seperately. I have most of the tools already and some of your better knives I can use instead.

5 THANK YOU Fancois - FEB 12, 2012


5 MR aviation_dude - FEB 12, 2012

i want this for my birthday!!!!!!

5 h*** f***ing yes redneck - FEB 12, 2012

Glad you brought these back

5 ... Zach Ledwick - FEB 12, 2012

Buying three... I'm not missing this again

5 Gerber Gear- A++ Jaymes- Zombie Expert - FEB 12, 2012

I only trust Gerber gear. Whether it be for animals or flesh eating humans. I right now and have for the past 5 years use my Gerber Rex Applegate Covert Folder W E Fairbairn ATS-34.The one weapon you can always count on in the ultimate survival game called life. These tools would not go unused if I won, but none the less, I hope who ever wins uses it with care and caution. Good Luck everyone!

5 2 Bazza - FEB 12, 2012

I love that "Epic" is one of the features!

5 happy customer Doug - FEB 12, 2012

So happy they brought back the set...ordered mine right away

5 PM Steve - FEB 12, 2012

I say Gerber should donate one to the Boy Scout Troupe!

5 mr john.parr - FEB 12, 2012

always liked the Gerber products, ever since my first gator.

5 zombie killer roach - FEB 12, 2012

omg such a sweet kit everything you could need in a servival kit ...all i need now is medi kits and water and bring on the zombies

5 Sweet jonathan rabelhofer - FEB 12, 2012

I want one!

5 scout mom melanie swanson - FEB 12, 2012

if I won this I would donate it to my son's Boy Scout Troop----- you never know what will show up at camp at night !!!

4 Your Title Kris Roadruck - FEB 12, 2012

Why in the world would you stop selling this?!?

5 AWESOME!!! Chad Bear - FEB 12, 2012

PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE restock this soon!!! i REALLY want to buy this AMAZING set of tools! What an AMAZING idea! + it's nice to see Gerber expanding their consumer demographic! if you make tools for ANYTHING, why not sell them for ANY OCCASION?! Good Job Gerber!!!

5 NEED IT Jerry - FEB 12, 2012

BRING IT BACK!!!!!!!!!!! before december

5 bubble tea shop co-owner tyson Dehnhoff - FEB 12, 2012

yes i love i want one....

5 BEAR! ryan - FEB 11, 2012

Bring the Kit back, I will buy it for sure!

5 Zombie Farmer Chris - FEB 10, 2012

Credit Cards waiting.....

5 @VINCENT boby - FEB 10, 2012

This is the kit used in the tv show «The walking Dead» which is a post apocaliptic world full of zombie. Get inform before posting something that make you look like an idiot

1 Walking Death? Apocalypse kit? Vincent - FEB 10, 2012

It's crap like this why I have totally no confidence anymore in what once used to be a good brand.

5 Is this being restocked? Andrew Lincoln - FEB 9, 2012

dale lost ours in the creek, we could use another

3 God of all I see. Placid Storm - FEB 9, 2012

You should check out the reviews on the individual items. It appears the case is the only useful item.

5 WHY?? WHY?? - FEB 8, 2012

I want to buy. Why no buy?

4 Mr. Matt Greenwood - FEB 8, 2012

I love the concept

5 chuck norris bear grylls - FEB 8, 2012

I guess they stopped selling these because if chuck norris got wind of this modern marvel...the world would end much sooner than December 21, 2012.

5 Do you know how to make money? Wow. - FEB 8, 2012

To Make money you sell stuff people want... like this.. restock.

5 Benjamin Roberts - FEB 8, 2012

BRING THIS BACK! Or at least how do I get the case?

5 Your Title Trevor - FEB 8, 2012

Bring it back, before....


5 Kick ass Fry from NNY - FEB 8, 2012

Shut up and take my money!

5 Shut up and take my money! Shut up and take my money - FEB 8, 2012

Bring it back!

5 Back Bring it - FEB 8, 2012

Have money, will buy!!! Bring back now plz!!

5 juggalo matthew olsen - FEB 8, 2012

u guys shoulda had these out for the start of tax return season .woulda prob bought 2 myself and i have a homies i am shure woulda bought a few of these kits too.plz bring them back.

5 Please S - FEB 8, 2012

Please sell these again!!!!! Please?

5 PLEASE SELL THIS dave - FEB 7, 2012

I would buy this without a doubt.

5 I NEED IT Bob - FEB 7, 2012


5 I want one!!!!!!!!!! Jason - FEB 7, 2012

I want one or two of these!!

5 I want one.. Or ten D - FEB 7, 2012

Bring this back!!

5 Badger Prepper Tristan - FEB 7, 2012

BRING IT BACK!!! Get a clue! People want to guy this that did not get a chance the first time around!!!

5 Hellsbells Helen - FEB 7, 2012

i wanna buy it - bring it baaaaack!!

5 Yall need to bring it back Zechariah - FEB 7, 2012

Make this thing a permanent edition. The zombie craze is still on the rise



5 Y U NO SELL?? I'LL TAKE TWO - FEB 7, 2012

My credit card is literally in my hand.

5 Boss Man Gene - FEB 7, 2012

Bring it back!!!!!!!!!!

4 retired rickie - FEB 7, 2012

bring it back

5 Bring back the bag Me - FEB 6, 2012

Yes you can

5 Ummm dont you like profit? Wess from Pa - FEB 6, 2012

Bring this back.... did you not go to business school????

5 the world took a vote william - FEB 6, 2012

and decided you should bring it back!

5 Your Title D. Tipton - FEB 5, 2012

Please restock! I'll take 2!!!

5 awesome lachlan - FEB 5, 2012

OMG bring it back plzzzzzz i want one sooo much


Bring this back, if not for the loads of cash I'm sure you make then for he survival of the human race. Zombies are coming.
I marked one star in hopes of getting more attention.
and the fact I can't give it a real review because I can't buy it :(

5 Seriously brah GOOGER HEIMAN - FEB 5, 2012

Don't taze me brah

5 Your Title William - FEB 5, 2012

I likey! Please take my money.

5 What the HELL! Tyler - FEB 5, 2012

Why do companies develop unique products that gather lots of interest to only discontinue selling them? Unless I am understood the core fundamentals of a business is to make a profit. Does Gerber like profits?!

5 Mr Joe - FEB 4, 2012

Please bring this back! They will sell like hotcakes and I will take 2...

5 BACK BRING IT - FEB 4, 2012

I found out when it was too late, YOU guys need to bring it back PLEASE!!!!

5 Super Human Michael Fife - FEB 4, 2012

I will buy this today if you bring it back into stock. Please.
Michael Fife

1 Gerber fan Iteotwawki - FEB 4, 2012

Bring it back or cancel the post

5 If you make more I'll buy it Nathan - FEB 4, 2012

I've been saving up to get this. Please bring it back.

5 Need my gator hatchet!!! THEY'RE AT THE DOOR!!!! - FEB 3, 2012

I really think this needs to come out BEFORE the next season starts. The Roll is the best thing out there, and my children are needing me to protect them!

5 I hate begging Nycole - FEB 3, 2012

Please, please, please bring this kit back!

1 CUSTOMER Kyle - FEB 3, 2012

What kind of company doesn't cater to the customer demands? LAME! No sense of business smarts what so ever.

5 hitman jomamma - FEB 3, 2012

please bring back!!!!!

5 bring it bake samuel - FEB 3, 2012

bring it back pleeease. i will buy one.

5 I WANT PT - FEB 3, 2012


5 Mr. VCP - FEB 2, 2012

Would love to have one of these Kits.
Please bring it back.


5 Tasker Seriously?!! - FEB 1, 2012

I know this is just another to a very long list of people begging to bring it back, but doesn't that say something? Bring it back!! When I saw this on the Zurvived podcast ( I knew I wanted it...and now it's gone? btw to all zombie fans, the url is and I have seen every episode, the official podcast of the Zombie Research Society (which I am also a lifetime member of) and it is legit, and is totally worth you seeing.

5 My title Me Want - FEB 1, 2012

I'll buy one, too.

Bring it back. It came and went before I even noticed.

At the very least, make the tool roll available.

5 Bring it back!! BK - FEB 1, 2012

I will buy one!!

5 Bring it Back Gildarr - JAN 31, 2012

I was disappointed when my wife told me my Christmas present was no longer available. Please bring the Apocalypse Kit back. All these Z-Day weapons belong in a kit...and I want my Christmas present!!!

5 B Awesome - JAN 31, 2012

I need one!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

5 zombie melay billy bob - JAN 31, 2012

bring this back! instead of understock it should be overstocked!

whats taking so long...

5 BRING IT BACK Colby - JAN 31, 2012

I just found out about this today and would like to purchase 10 of them as gifts.

5 Newbie Doomed2BZombiefoder - JAN 31, 2012

Discontinued????? But the Apocalypse is nigh!!!!!!

5 Thank You For supporting the Zombie uprising A Zombie - JAN 31, 2012

I recently infected my neighbor and noticed he was attempting to order this product online but could not. I am alive because of you, Gerber. Thank you. PS now I have a fellow zombie friend to play shuffle board with.

5 Bring it back! Cam - JAN 30, 2012

I believe this is a great product to have but i found that you could buy all these weapons on Amazon for around $254 but without the carrying case.

5 Adventurer Novice - JAN 30, 2012

Please bring back the Apocalypsel kit!

5 OMG vs. WTF Wayne - JAN 29, 2012

OMG - I so want one, this is the coolest collection, and marketing gimmick, ever. :)

WTF - Sold out already? Well fudge, I just found out about it and its already gone. :(

5 U.S Army J - JAN 29, 2012

i keep checking online for D-Day kits this is the best hands down. bring it , & updated it.

5 BRING IT BACK Frankmorenz - JAN 29, 2012

I NEED one!!

5 agent brandon parker - JAN 29, 2012

Please bring it back...

5 mr. J.S. - JAN 28, 2012

please re-release this I will be saving my money for this great collectors item

5 wants dis Zombie hater - JAN 28, 2012

Bring it back, i will two or three- shoulda marketed it more though

5 Zombiebutcher Ethan - JAN 27, 2012

I just gave you guys the win for the best marketing campaign... guess you also get a "fail" for worst follow through.

5 Mr Roxengard - JAN 27, 2012

Bring it back and I will buy at least 2 sets!

5 Nukem til they glow and return as Zombies! NIK NUKEM - JAN 27, 2012

Geez... I never even knew they sold this apocalypse awesome tool roll of Zombie mutilation!

4 nevermind Zid - JAN 26, 2012

Hrumph! I wanna bigger hatchet...



5 Mr. norris - JAN 26, 2012

please bring this back!!!!!!

5 Zombie David - JAN 26, 2012


5 Your Title cody - JAN 26, 2012

This needs to come back!! This is awesome!!

5 Your Title PMFL - JAN 26, 2012

Look at all the requests to bring it back, think of the profit! You could mark it up 20% and no one would care! We want this. Clearly.

5 Your Title PLZ - JAN 26, 2012

Bring it Back!

2 They'll bring it back Hampton - JAN 26, 2012

Don't worry, they just want to ramp up demand. When the new season of Walking Dead starts I guarantee they revive it. In the meantime, there are better knives out there.

5 Zombie Master Dizzle - JAN 26, 2012


5 Mr White Mr. White - JAN 26, 2012

WTF seriously? I saw this in the show and spent days searching around in Gerbers sites trying to find it and NEVER could. Today I get linked in from some lame gadget round up article, and wham! NO LONGER AVAILABLE. Not cool. Gerber could've had my $350 now I'm just gonna go buy 10 Leatherman tools for spite.....

5 Don't make us beg... Firearm Dealers of America - JAN 26, 2012

I want to be able sell this kit!!!

5 Bring it Back Not a Zombie - JAN 26, 2012

Are you really gonna leave us to fend for ourselves against the zombie uprising? Listen to you customers, bring it back!!!! really please bring it back.

5 Survivor Bao Chau - JAN 26, 2012

I need it.I must survive. I can't ended up a zombie

5 Zombie Head Hunter Anthony - JAN 26, 2012

Dude really..... about everything you need for a zombie apocalypse and there not selling it anymore...WTF

5 Zombie hunter Mike - JAN 26, 2012


5 no longer available? Den - JAN 25, 2012

just found out about it and you don't sell it? lame move gerber, when the zombies come we'll die b/c of you, thanks. Do the right thing and bring it back !

5 Your Title Your name - JAN 25, 2012

I want it!!!

5 MUST HAVE 2012 EXOPHER - JAN 25, 2012


5 USMC Clint - JAN 25, 2012

I just found out about this thing I want one bring it back please

5 Dave the Zombie Slayer Dave - JAN 25, 2012

Dear Gerber,

Everyone wants to buy this. Bring it back and it will sell. Pretty pretty pretty pretty PLEASE!!!!

5 Your Title James - JAN 25, 2012

Bring it back, I want to buy it!

5 teacher turner - JAN 25, 2012

they just had this set on the fox news tec toys: the hottest gagdets, and yall already gone. bring it back

5 Your Title Keith Miller - JAN 25, 2012


5 my title electricmonkey - JAN 25, 2012

get this back on the market right now!!!

5 Your Title Paul - JAN 25, 2012

Please bring it back :) :) :) :)

5 bring it back Jordan - JAN 25, 2012

Come on its tax season i just got money for my zombie slaying kit and not i cant get the main thing i wanted!!!! Sorry for us that are broke and have to wait for nice things:(

5 Will Will - JAN 25, 2012

OH C'MON!!! Why NOT make this a regular product? I want this, I WANT IT!!!

5 I want one too. Wolf - JAN 25, 2012

Please bring this back, i just found out about it, and i'd like one....

5 Get this back Jackson Collins - JAN 25, 2012

I want this... Bring it back

5 Slacker Hawkins - JAN 25, 2012


5 Bring it Back! Zeppo - JAN 25, 2012

Your going to get us all killed because we couldn't defend our selves!

5 Gerber Fan Jack CDCR.GOV - JAN 24, 2012

Dear Gerber, it's a No Brainer, I have lots of knives, and some Gerbers, I would like to increase my collection of Gerber by seven, but only if I can get it all togeather with the carrying case. No Brainer, I win, Gerger wins.

5 head of household Ray - JAN 24, 2012

Just viewed on the Fox News Web page, can't believe this item is no longer available. Need to bring this back soon.

5 well now john - JAN 24, 2012

when will this be back in stock; i need this.

5 Your Title Michael - JAN 24, 2012

I know there are a total of 4 of us at work just waiting for the zombie apocalypse. Bring it back!

5 BRING IT BACK Brad - JAN 24, 2012

Bring it back i need to complete my melee weapons for z day

5 Mr. CJHC - JAN 24, 2012

I already own half of this hardware, but I still want this kit!

5 Mr. Scott Mr. Scott - JAN 24, 2012

How do i get one?

5 ~Mom~ kiki - JAN 24, 2012

HEY! I wanted one of these, just found out about them, and THEY ARE GONE???? That is just mean, plain mean. Now, what to do if a zombie comes my way?? Huh???

5 Enforcer Crash - JAN 24, 2012

Bring it back!!!

1 Mr The Dr - JAN 24, 2012

What a tease. I just hear about it and now I cannot buy it wft

5 Red Leader Cam - JAN 24, 2012

Bring them back!!!!! At least put another order in to China for the canvas bag!

5 Mr.Jones Brandon Jones - JAN 24, 2012

Come on guys i just found out about this pack and now its gone? Thats just wrong. Bring it back and make alota people happy and make me a hero to my family for perparing for the zobie apocalypse.

5 Your Title HUGH - JAN 24, 2012


5 Group leader Nick - JAN 24, 2012

If you don't bring this set back I may end up having to arm my group with guns. We all know how Hershel feels about that. Please bring this set back.

5 Your Title Steven - JAN 24, 2012

I want one

5 Come On John - JAN 24, 2012

Bring it Back

5 First Sergeant Scott - JAN 24, 2012

Please bring this set back

5 Your Title Chris - JAN 24, 2012

This has to come back, there is such a huge market!! It is TOO cool

5 Bring it back now!!!!!!!!!! Furiouseddy - JAN 23, 2012

Just do it now.
Or at lease sell the canvas pattern to make our own carrying kit.

5 I'd buy Mr. Toms - JAN 23, 2012

Bring er back!

5 president Barock O. - JAN 23, 2012

If gerber decides not to bring this back I shall veto that decision and sign a mandate to reinstate this bad ass mamajama.

5 survivor luke - JAN 23, 2012

How much does this cost?

5 Gerber Fan Arthur G - JAN 23, 2012

Please bring this item back i jus t found out that gerber had this item i want one ill pay whatever your asking.

Thank you,

5 USAF Josh - JAN 23, 2012

I want this really bad!

5 wantsit Adam - JAN 23, 2012

Look....we all want the kit, you all want to make us both a favor, and start cranking these out so i can order one.....

5 whats the chances ninja - JAN 23, 2012

What are the chances that they bring this back? I dont mind buying it seperatly but
I want a case that holds it all neatly

5 wanna be zombie hunter..just ain't got the gerber Doug - JAN 22, 2012

Bring it back and I'll get 2

5 Customer Chuck - JAN 22, 2012

If I ran a company... And people wanted a product I used to make. I'd make it again. Duh.

3 emergency mngment pro al - JAN 22, 2012

make them in limited quantities but make them anyway, it is a great starter kit.

5 BRING IT BACK! GABE - JAN 22, 2012

Please start selling this again!

5 Your Title Bring it back! - JAN 22, 2012

I want this!

5 bring it back! chris - JAN 22, 2012


5 Please Mary - JAN 22, 2012

I agree, please bring it back, I know of a few people that this would make a perfect gift for.

5 Your Title Johnathan - JAN 22, 2012

Come on bring it back!!!!!

5 Mr. Mr. M - JAN 22, 2012

Bring it back!



5 Your Title Survival - JAN 21, 2012

BRING IT BACK!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

5 Mr. Jason - JAN 21, 2012

C'mon, bring it back, I swear I saw a walker the other day! If we can still buy the individual tools, what's the problem with supplying the whole kit?

5 mr aj - JAN 21, 2012

bring it back!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

5 Sheep Dog James - JAN 21, 2012

Your teasing us! Why in the world are you going to display this at the 2012 SHOT Show and not actually make it available for purchase? Common now! Make lots of money and git this out in capable hands. :)

5 BAWCE Jeff S - JAN 21, 2012


5 Your Title Patrick - JAN 21, 2012

Please bring this back, amazing set up

5 NEED ONE! Stefano - JAN 20, 2012

please bring it back!!!


You really should bring this set back...

5 Bring it back! Dan The Man - JAN 20, 2012

I want to buy one for all my friends and myself. Please bring this back to the market!

5 sir Patrick - JAN 20, 2012

this kit is an essential for the survival for all AMERICANS along with food and water thats if the apocalypse happens dont keep this from us help your fellow AMERICAN be prepared "GERBER" BRING IT BACK!!!!

P.S. you know they say we only have 336 days till 12-21-12 let us be ready for just another day :) or whatever that day brings :0

5 2012 Necessities Chris - JAN 20, 2012

Seriously, bring the kit back.

5 Mr Richard - JAN 19, 2012

Besides for myself, I would buy others as gifts. Bring it back!

5 come onnnnn mr big stuff - JAN 19, 2012

bring it back, this is always useful not just for the apocalypse !!

5 dillon cliffhanger - JAN 19, 2012

greatest thing since sliced bread, but the still sell sliced bread.

5 Apocalypse set FAN Let Down - JAN 19, 2012

I wish I could give a great review but was really let down when I received an email confirmation from Gerber that they were not making this item anymore and each item had to be purchased separately. What about the case Gerber!!!

5 Zombie Slayer Sean - JAN 19, 2012

For the love of all middle aged men; BRING THIS BACK!

1 KINGMAN Hrw Re Mfuasi - JAN 19, 2012

What was the price of this kit? If its anything like the single prices then I see why its no longer available.

5 BRING IT BACK! hillbilly - JAN 19, 2012

Bring it back! Some of us didn't know it existed until it was already gone!

5 Zombie Killer Pro Tom - JAN 19, 2012

Please bring this back!!! Our very lives depend on this gear!

5 AdventureTravel Jason - JAN 19, 2012

How do I backorder this? Might be going back to Peru this summer and could use this in the jungle...

5 LaShomb Nathan - JAN 19, 2012

Bring this back and you'll be making way more $

5 want one!! keegstan - JAN 18, 2012

If you bring it back I'll buy im a heart beat or put out a similar one

5 Mrs Aggie Algina - JAN 18, 2012

I agree it would be awesome if you brought back the set. My husbandand several other people have wanted one.

5 Survivalist Ender - JAN 18, 2012

I want this. Please bring it back!

5 I can't send you money for this? Jesse - JAN 18, 2012

Please bring this item back soon!

5 The Aussie Brumby - JAN 18, 2012

Please Bring it back as a kit.

5 Zombie Head Jared - JAN 17, 2012

Bring it back I would seriously buy it in a heartbeat

5 Your Title Your name - JAN 17, 2012

Bring it Back!!!!!

5 Bring Back Chris - JAN 17, 2012

Please bring this back.

5 Mr Edgar - JAN 17, 2012

Id really like to buy this...bring it back

5 headshooter harrison - JAN 17, 2012

wow this thing is amazing

5 outdoor survival skills instructor randy richardson - JAN 17, 2012

i had one for my kit untill it came up missing from my truck a week after the walking dead came out i was a very useful tool in my bushcraft bag please bring it back i feel naked with out it

5 Black Chuck Norris Mr. TIbbs - JAN 17, 2012

Please bring this back!!!!!! Why would they take it away?! Especially when I finally have the money!

2 i want this deaddlyyyy mehmet ali - JAN 17, 2012


5 Your Title Vader - JAN 17, 2012

Please start selling this again!!!!

5 Soldierman THE ZOMBIE KILLER - JAN 17, 2012


5 it Bring - JAN 17, 2012


5 the light show Kyle - JAN 17, 2012


5 wow mike - JAN 17, 2012

Im in for 2 if they come back

5 customer Your Name - JAN 16, 2012

Any plans on restocking this item?

5 Your Title Jonathan - JAN 16, 2012

This is a must have, please start making these again!

5 ZZZZZZombie hunter Jeff - JAN 16, 2012

Bring it back!!!!!!

5 Bring it back!!!! Christian - JAN 16, 2012

Bring it back!!!!!!!!!

5 Mr. Jim - JAN 15, 2012

Please consider bring this set back.

5 Mr Tony - JAN 15, 2012

Bring it back!

5 zombiehunter - JAN 15, 2012

Bring it back !!!

5 Big Fan Mike - JAN 15, 2012

You need to bring this item back. You guys are missing out on sales!

5 Walking dead fan Russ - JAN 14, 2012


5 Please Bring this Back Tim - JAN 14, 2012

I want one for my birthday!!!!

5 Survivalist D - JAN 14, 2012

Bring it back.

5 student Andy - JAN 14, 2012

Pleassssseeeeee bring this back

5 Ed I want two! - JAN 13, 2012

I came on here to buy two-one for myself and one for my son for his birthday! Where are they! Bring it back!

5 In stock now! NO put back in stock - JAN 13, 2012

I want this so badly!!!!

5 Zombie Killer Jon B - JAN 13, 2012


5 Bring it back and sell it on amazon Shane - JAN 13, 2012

Please sell it again!

5 Shizznet Zach - JAN 13, 2012

Please Bring This Product Back i would really like it!

5 DevWar DevWar - JAN 13, 2012

Bring it back!!! Ill buy it!!

5 Your Title Christian - JAN 13, 2012

Bring this back and I will be first in line to purchase it.

5 Zombie Slayer Les - JAN 13, 2012

Bring it back!

5 BRING IT BACK Lime - JAN 12, 2012

I really want this!!!!! Its such a great idea!!!!

5 Bring it back!! Richard - JAN 12, 2012

Please bring this back! I know i would buy it and i know about 10 other people that would definitely be interested!!!

5 Epic Jason - JAN 12, 2012

Please Please Bring it back

4 trick Patrick - JAN 12, 2012

well i see a ton of people say bring it back and it doesnt look like it is so i doubt my opinion makes a difference but just in case i say bring it back but make it kit II and have it back pack style with extra pockets for other stuff, if it is for apocalypse better have some ammo pouches or just extra compartments for alot of things be like survival pack. side note the rubber grip knife is my favorite knife i"ve ever owned. thank you military for buying it for us

5 Zombie Hunter Jon Gun - JAN 12, 2012

We need the kit! We MUST survive! Bring It Back!
Tell'em Jon Gun sent'cha.

5 I want this! bring it back!! Rock - JAN 12, 2012

If i didnt know this existed, i might have gotten all the stuff separately, but the canvas case really sells it for me.

5 Not available?? Ashley - JAN 12, 2012

I want this too!!

5 Mr. Matt - JAN 12, 2012

Bring it back!!! :-)

5 Your Title Nils - JAN 12, 2012

Bring it back! And sell it in Europe, especially in Germany..I mean.. Imagine! Nazizombies, I need proper help from you! :D And we don't have that many guns in our houses or supermarkets :(.. HELP! ;D

5 I want it! Jeff - JAN 12, 2012

I didn't know I could buy this until now. Please bring this back! I want it!!

5 Bring it Back!! Steve S - JAN 11, 2012

I want this! Bring it back!

5 C'MON Gerber.... Bring it back!! Randy - JAN 11, 2012

I would purchase at least four of these if you were to bring it back!!!!! Make some Great Gifts!!!!

5 coolj josh - JAN 11, 2012

bring it back

5 Mr. Eli - JAN 11, 2012

I am drooling just from seeing this kit! PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE bring this kit back… soon!

5 Want John Meaker II - JAN 11, 2012

Should really bring this back, it's 2012 afterall!

5 Jihad Gary - JAN 11, 2012

After buying the Bear Grylls survival knife and being very very impressed, I would 100% buy this kit in a heart beat if it was still available.

5 Bring it back Jeff - JAN 11, 2012

Please bring it back, and take my money !!!

5 Your Title Jeff - JAN 11, 2012

Bring it back...and take my money !!!

5 NEED THESE! GJBMiller - JAN 11, 2012

When are you going to release a 2nd edition? I am sure I saw a few zombies wandering around at work the other day and I need to get prepared!

5 Cultivating the Apocalypse beast.of.boredom - JAN 11, 2012

I run a modest, free range zombie farm (100% organic) in the southwestern mid atlantic and this kit would be ideal for processing the harvest. I demand this be made available to the public again. perhaps in the form of some kind of stimulus package or subsidy. Seriously, this is not a request.

5 HELL, I NEED YA we need ya - JAN 10, 2012

I miss ya so damn much... I miss your looks... I miss your availability..

5 Survivalist Darrell - JAN 10, 2012

This needs to be back!

5 Don't wait until it's too late! Tim - JAN 10, 2012

Please sell me one of these kits before it's too late? forget about all of these other people, I am willing to pay double the retail price for it...

5 Don't wait until it's too late! Tim - JAN 10, 2012

Please sell me one of these kits before it's too late? forget about all of these other people, I am willing to pay double the retail price for it...

5 boss chopper - JAN 10, 2012

please bring this back!!!!!!!!!! i have finally found it after months of looking!!!!!!!!!

5 COME ON!!!! Ray - JAN 10, 2012

I'd love to buy one or two of these in a complete set with the canvas carrying pouch. there is enough responses to justify another run of these!

5 Please reconsider Steagall - JAN 10, 2012

I would buy this set if offered again!

5 Your Royal Highness Dave - JAN 10, 2012


5 Commander Awesome Adam - JAN 10, 2012

Finally found this.....please bring it back

5 Please bring it back Tyler - JAN 9, 2012

Please bring it back i want one so bad

5 KrisK Kris - JAN 9, 2012

I WANT THIS! Please bring it back...

5 Bring it back! Shawn - JAN 9, 2012

Look at all of these responses! Please give us another chance to purchase this awesome package!

5 Make More! rsktkr - JAN 9, 2012

How could you not make more of this product? We want them....hello?!?!

5 Preparer Adam - JAN 9, 2012

Please bring this back, I just discovered it! I want one!

5 C'mon, give a guy a break! Cory - JAN 9, 2012

Please do another production run! At the very least, please offer the carrying case as a separate item for sale. I'll buy the set one by one if need be.

5 Can't wait for the second edition Nick - JAN 9, 2012

Just heard about these now, and I hope that they release a second edition for a longer production run!

5 mcrae phil - JAN 9, 2012

We all need this kit. I need this kit.

4 gucci al - JAN 8, 2012

Bring this back there has to be a high demand for these to prepare ourselves for the apocalypse

5 pistol77 pete - JAN 8, 2012


5 SICK - BRING IT BACK Kyle - JAN 8, 2012

I know we can "collect" all of the blades in this kit but it would be nice to have it brought back, even if for limited time, so that we can get the carrying case also!

5 Big walking dead fan!!! Connor - JAN 8, 2012

Ring it back so i can buy one!

5 HEeeeeeey seida - JAN 8, 2012

I want one. Bring it pack pls !

5 Just Bring It Back - JAN 8, 2012

Bring it back. Now.

5 Hurry up Dan - JAN 8, 2012

hurry up and bring this back. you know it will sell

5 Bring it Back Thomas Fuller - JAN 8, 2012

Please restock this item. If you restock it, people will buy it.

5 Angry Man Matt - JAN 8, 2012

Bring back the kit!

5 ptl kris - JAN 8, 2012

therr is a huge market on the zombie apocalypse stuff. even military knife make kabar and hornady ammo have zombie lines that a producing huge numbers in sales. please bring this awesome set of tools back! the people need these tools.

5 SMITH Jake - JAN 7, 2012


5 fuckin bring it back plz cj desjardins - JAN 7, 2012

gerber is the best in the world plz bring back the apoclips kit back so i could by it from gerber

5 WE NEED IT BACK! Casey - JAN 6, 2012

I would love to buy this kit, as would about twenty of my friends. Please bring it back!

5 Perfect Ian - JAN 6, 2012

Perfect kit for post apocalyptic biker gangs.

5 bring it back pleaseee!!!!! gabriel - JAN 6, 2012

seriously id definately buy it

5 head zombie killer cen cal branch vincent sullivan - JAN 6, 2012

we need tools to do the job bring them back!!!!!!

5 Man just when lil p - JAN 5, 2012

It's only season 2 of the walking dead. as word spreads these will come into massive demand. I would love to own this.

5 Do it please!! TYLER - JAN 5, 2012

I would really like it if this kit was brought back! Please!

5 BRING IT BACK Tom - JAN 5, 2012

Bring Back this awesome kit.

5 knife wanter sean - JAN 5, 2012

I WANT!! please bring back. if you don't, and zombies eat my flesh, the blood will be on your hands.

5 Bring it back! brent - JAN 5, 2012

Bring it back! Bring it back!

5 Bring it Back Farva - JAN 5, 2012

I was never aware this kit was made until now and I want one.

5 Your Title Shane - JAN 5, 2012

Wife came here to buy the set for me for xmas, with limited quantities obviously sold out, she bought me all the tools. Looking to buy the carrying case.

Can you at least let us know if you will be mass producing the case? I know this has been asked already but an update would be nice.

5 WWHHHYYY AH - JAN 5, 2012

Please bring these back

5 Only you can prevent the apocalypse Smokey the bear - JAN 5, 2012

Come on gerber, start making these again. Give the people what they want

5 PLEASE Hendrix Elfmore - JAN 5, 2012


5 Disappointed! Chirpy - JAN 4, 2012

I was coming here to spend that Christmas cash...and it's discontinued!?!?!?

Please bring it back!!!

When customers scream for product, you generally make it available. You don't have to be Steve Jobs to figure that one out...

5 Apocalypse Armorer Rob - JAN 4, 2012

You guys are sitting on a gold mine and don't realize it!

5 Arxxl ALlen Ross - JAN 4, 2012

Great kit why can't we get it, struggling to buy all7 on there own in uk...we want them here to

1 in Madness Praetor - JAN 4, 2012

Useless unless it is in stock!

5 WHY? IZZY - JAN 4, 2012

Why is this on the website but out of stock? Just to create demand? SELL IT ALREADY!

5 mr trano - JAN 4, 2012


5 Case Alone Me - JAN 4, 2012

At least Gerber should sell the case alone in case we buy the tools aparts.

5 doomsday death - JAN 3, 2012

is coming we need proection

5 What the heck Sarah - JAN 3, 2012

Please bring this back.

5 Supply cash_in_hand - JAN 3, 2012

Have you ever heard of a company that didn't want to move merch?

5 YES GRABT - JAN 2, 2012

i love this idea great gift! I would by 5

5 Sweet set Dye - JAN 2, 2012

Just opened my xmas present late. My wife got it for me. She hates zombies too. Awesome set.

5 i need one like a zombie needs brains!!!! troy - JAN 2, 2012

Please for human sake. dont make me kill the zombies all cliche style & shoot them in the head i wanna at least have some fun during the apocalypse.

5 Sir waiting for apocalypse. - JAN 2, 2012

Bring it back!! just do it!

5 Goose Goose - JAN 2, 2012

Bring it back, it will only increase your profits.

5 please bring it back makrum - JAN 2, 2012

i really want u guys to bring back the apocalypse kit as soon as possible im very interested in it

5 Now is the time! Drake - JAN 2, 2012

Please it's 2012 we need this item now!!!

5 Please Ray - JAN 1, 2012

Please bring back this great set. This one of the best collaboration sets that I have seen in a long time.

5 some dude Travis - JAN 1, 2012


5 BRING IT BACK NOW! Casey - JAN 1, 2012


5 Please Bring it back Zombie Hunter - JAN 1, 2012

If it comes back people will obviously buy this fine product. What if there is an Apocalypes, people will be unprepared.

5 Boss Darrell - JAN 1, 2012

I want 2. Please bring it back

5 waves joe - JAN 1, 2012

please,bring this item back.

5 Please Make more - JAN 1, 2012

Please make more. They will sell.

5 Bring Me Back Apocalypse Kit - DEC 31, 2011

This is the Apocalypse Kit telling my makers to bring me back and make me available to the public once again.

4 Zombie Killer ZoKi - DEC 31, 2011

Bring it back, and protect humanity, Gerber. Or perhaps your capitalist motivation negates any altruism you may have experienced. Five stars on reproduction.

4 I need this alex s - DEC 31, 2011

Plz bring it back

5 Financial Analyst Jay from Miami Beach - DEC 30, 2011

Please bring this back!!

5 BRING IT BACK PLZ!!!! marie johnson - DEC 30, 2011

If I would have known this set excited EVERY ONE of my siblings, parentals and close friends would have one!!!!

5 out of stock? wtf Bill - DEC 30, 2011

I want to order it.


for all of our sakes! sell us the tools we need to survive!

5 walker bait sean - DEC 30, 2011

This is a good set....please bring it back....if I get turned into a zombie.....I'm going for the guy that discontinued this set!!!!

5 Sheep Dog Over Watch - DEC 30, 2011

Gerber sales would skyrocket if this Apocalypse Kit was made available. Instead of selling "onesies" and "twosies", those like us interested would buy the WHOLE set.

Think about it Marketing, your bottom line would increase and who doesn't like more sales and money?! It's yours to win or loose. No need to make it "Exclusive" Exclusivity does NOT make more money for GERBER, ONLY for those who have purchased it already and scamming it to sell at a stupidly higher price for themselves. Make more sales and make it available once again. Keep MADE IN AMERICA strong and your factory floor teaming with US workers. WIN-WIN.

When your gun goes "click, click" and no bang, gotta have the blades.

5 Please Shimere - DEC 29, 2011

When can we buy this again. I check all the time! Please make it available!!! Awesome Idea!!

4 no extra theresa - DEC 29, 2011

I bought the kit as a present when they reissued after the initial sale... bummer it came with NO EXTRA ANYTHING... no dvds or stickers...nada

5 BRING IT BACK!! Judy - DEC 29, 2011

I would love this item brought back in stock! I will not however by each piece separately !!!! But would buy the set.

5 awesome Milliam - DEC 29, 2011

come on... please get this back. i really need this so i can survive with an ultimate kit. and besides... we all know that zombies WILL rise for the dead some day.

5 blank Jake - DEC 29, 2011

You guys just sick of making money? Bring this thing back already

5 Please Zach - DEC 29, 2011

Please bring this back I need this set. Just like everyone else.


get this back in stock please

5 bring it back plz bring it back - DEC 28, 2011

It would keep selling, if you just bring it back.

5 zombie killer gig - DEC 28, 2011

Are you going to ever have this back on the market???

5 King of Vagina - DEC 27, 2011



It's a complete scam the people that bought this kit selling it on ebay for over $700 when you can buy all of the individual pieces for under $400. People are really paying the extra $300+ for the carrying case? That's ridiculous. Gerber should put a stop to it and either bring back the kit or sell the carrying case.

5 Survivalist Jpwood1969 - DEC 26, 2011

Get these back in stock would like to order some

5 West Virginia Nick Baker - DEC 26, 2011

Please bring it back. Please Please Please. I need it now. It's like an apocalypse here already.

5 I WANT ONE AlexisLeona - DEC 26, 2011

Nawwww........this is the ultimate survival kit. I really, really, really want one.
PLEASE bring it back. I WILL BUY ONE or MORE......!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

5 Zombies are coming! Angela - DEC 25, 2011

Please bring this back! It would be the perfect gift! I'm so devastated I missed getting it! :(

5 Your Title Dean - DEC 25, 2011

I want one but can't have one now that they are all sold.

Please make this kit again.

5 Lt Tom - DEC 25, 2011

I'd buy one straight away. If only there were more of these...

5 Supergreat! Mike - DEC 25, 2011

Got one for Xmas. It is wonderful! Can't wait to kick some undead butt! The DVD was a nice addition.

5 USN SWCC Chris - DEC 25, 2011

NICE set! However I would be replacing some these items with my own personal choice of blades.
Nonetheless as soon as these come back in stock, I'll be picking one of these up!!

Although I do agree with John (US Army SGT), it would be nice if you sold the case separately.

5 Msgt US Air Force SGT - DEC 25, 2011

Bring this kit back!!!

5 Last Man Standing A45Doubletap - DEC 25, 2011

Perhaps Gerber could at least consider re-issuing the roll able case for those with these or other suitable weapons. Get with the plan guys for humanities sake...and make a couple of bucks in the process!

5 Bubblehead Grumpalicious - DEC 25, 2011

I want one of these cases bad!!! Please consider selling just the carrying case. I already have several items from the kit, the bag would be a great addition to keep everything organized, and inspire me to complete the collection individually!

5 Walker Stalker Matt - DEC 24, 2011

Need one........when are they going to be back in stock??????

5 Responsibility Scott - DEC 24, 2011

Really Gerber should feel obligated to make more of these. They should feel terrible if zombies arise and I am unprepared and therefore my brains are removed from my head. Gerber has the fortunate opportunity to profit while arming people for the pending zombie apocalypse.

5 Please! i want one... right in all the wrong ways - DEC 23, 2011

okay, we're begging. bring it back, please...

5 SPC Gregory B - DEC 23, 2011

Im on a deployment making great money and I was just about to buy this.. but its out of stock.. sad day.. sadder Christmas.. I agree with what HUMBLE ZOMBIE KILLER just said..

5 Double Pump Zombieland - DEC 23, 2011

Bring back this kit. I agree with the others, you will sell thousands of these kits.

5 SSG Marean J Marean - DEC 23, 2011

MAN ! I hope and pray you guys get more.. I plan on buying a few one for me and other for family.... Get it together.

5 Scootie Scout Paulie - DEC 23, 2011

WHAT?!? Out of Stock??? Why in the World would you just put something like this out there for a limited time? You know, Gerber fans would snatch these up like hotcakes. Bring it back!!! Teasing like this will not get you far, Gerber...and it's just plain mean.

5 canibal carkus mark cabezuela - DEC 23, 2011

you should so bring this kit back i would by 2 as soon as they came out

5 bring back the apocalypse kit redneck - DEC 22, 2011

at least sell the case so people can use it to put together the kit.

5 Ray C. Houston - DEC 22, 2011

Please bring this kit back, you would make a fortune if you didn't limit them. I came here to buy one. You know some people people bought 5 or 6 and are selling them on eBay for twice the price. Please bring them back. Maybe remove the walking dead tie in, just make the same knives in a similar case and call it something else but please bring these back!

1 Trollface .jpg - DEC 22, 2011

This item is low in quality and shouldn't be bought under any circumstances.

5 Hot Item!!!! Bring it back!!!! - DEC 22, 2011

I wish I had seen this earlier. Please bring back this kit.

5 "Zombie Kill of the Week" winner Tallahassee - DEC 22, 2011

I would have ordered three of these sets for Christmas gifts (plus one for me), and am sorry to see they are all gone.

Come on Gerber, bring 'em back! You could claim to be the official knife/tool sponsor of the zombie resistance. Think of the marketing potantial.

5 Want it!!! German zombie -Killer - DEC 22, 2011

Please...get more!! Wanna buy this great Kit!!


PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE Bring back the tools we need to survive. This such an awesome kit I can't believe that it is no longer available. For Shame, For Shame....

1 Bring it BACK Waiting on the Apocalypse Kit, Disappointed in Gerber - DEC 21, 2011

I'm thinking of purchasing some of the kit but I 'm waiting for Gerber to bring back Apocalypse Kit . I suguest you start selling it again Gerber cuz you would have my business and I've never heard of that TV show?????

5 US Army SGT John - DEC 21, 2011

I NEED one of these. However, i think that Gerber should also sell just the carrying case, for those individuals who already have numerous pieces of the set...please. And that's my 2 cents...

5 Your Title bring back the kit - DEC 21, 2011

I was all ready to pick this set up and it is out of stock? Booooo!

5 Humble Zombie Killer Jason D - DEC 20, 2011

Its christmas time, and I guarantee if you guys would've made more of these kits your company would've grown exponentially in a matter of a few short weeks. This is the greatest thing I believe you guys have made and I am begging you to bring this back. By the time I heard about it they were all sold out and I was unable to do so. Think about the zombies! We all need one of these!

5 Legit Elizabeth - DEC 20, 2011

Bought this for my boyfriend and needless to say, he loved it. I am glad I ordered it asap! Sorry for all those who missed out! :)
Love the extra gift. I got the first season and can't wait to watch the extra footage.

5 MUST HAVE!! Leif - DEC 20, 2011

it looks great i know me and quite a few other people want to buy this product asap

5 REALLY NICE! Gregg - DEC 20, 2011

Bought four of these as gifts for friends (including one for myself), and all arrived today. Sadly, only one of four came with a DVD, so now I have to go get those separately before xmas :( I was very impressed with the canvas case though, it's much nicer than expected.

5 Your Title Jason - DEC 20, 2011

Looks incredible! Get some more canvas bags and sell the kits!

5 Military Randall - DEC 20, 2011

Not sure why a company like gerber would only run a limited number of this amazing set. If you want your profits to go up, bring this kit back. I guarantee I would buy at least 3 of these. Gerber has always been my go to knife in the field. If I had this load out, I wouldn't buy another blade again.

5 ZOMBIE KILLA Branden Wells - DEC 20, 2011

That set is awesome. Please bring back. I have the Parang and the Gator. Two of the greatest survival machetes ever made. You guys are the best with knives, survival, and the zombie killing machetes. Keep up the great work.

5 IT NOW NEED - DEC 20, 2011

If you dont bring it back you are loosing out on a lot of money. people WILL buy this if you bring it back

5 Urban survivalist Jeremiah - DEC 19, 2011

This kit sounds bad a$$, gerber can make alot of cash making more of these, any ideas when they're gonna market more? And I know I could get the knives sepperatly but I need atleast the carrying case that's the part that's hard to get

4 Sr. Manager Chris Martin - DEC 19, 2011

Would love to buy one, can you bring it back.

5 an Missy - DEC 19, 2011

PLESE PLEASE make more of these!!! THANK YOU

5 Mr. Jonesy - DEC 19, 2011

.... You canceled this item... why?
What's the matter Gerber do you hate money?

I like the walking dead, but I don't buy crap I see on T.V. this is a fantastic survival kit for my jeep up in Alaska when I make that 5 hour drive from Anchorage to Clear AFB and I wanna buy it. So, if you guys could go ahead and let me give you my money that'd be great.

3 Fan Rachel - DEC 19, 2011

You should sell more of these!!! They were a big hit and more people want one :) please thank you!!

5 Damnit Gerber!! La Muerte - DEC 18, 2011

Do you realize exactly HOW MUCH MONEY you could make off of these kits if you just made more of them??

5 I want it quigley - DEC 18, 2011

plz bring this back its awesome!

5 Being sold on eBay! Justin - DEC 17, 2011

There's another kit going on eBay for less than the last one right now! I want it BAD!

5 You nerds... . - DEC 16, 2011

You're overpaying because something has "Walking Dead" attached to it. You saw these in a TV SHOW about a MADE UP world. Get outside and choke a hare, then examine if you really think you can kill a sentient creature.

5 Want this! Davey Ankersmit - DEC 16, 2011

I want want want want want want want!

5 Doc Houston - DEC 15, 2011

PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE release more of these!!!!!

5 Dead Tired The Howitzer - DEC 14, 2011

Just got my set today... so awesome! These undead weapons are top notch in quality! The feel of these items in your hands is just perfect. The Gator Machete Pro is especially nice when decapitating the undead!
There's already a set on ebay going for over $800.00!
The other nice touch was the extra that came with the set! Some people are getting a few extras it seems while others at least got what I did... *Spoiler Alert*

My set came with the special edition of Season 1 of The Walking Dead! Pretty cool!!!

Others are also getting stickers and a zombie survival guide... awesomeness!!!!

5 Please restock!!! Gonzo - DEC 14, 2011

I am wanting to purchase a few of these for me and as gifts to some of my close friends... are you guys planning to add more of these? Please say yes!!!

5 The Hell with the flashlight... Really - DEC 14, 2011

They truly forgot a desert eagle firering gun.

Night vision googles would be great !

5 Brotimus Maximus Griffington - DEC 14, 2011

I'll buy at least three of these if Gerber sells them again. I can't be the only one on my Zombie Death Squad with this kit. I agree with the flashlight addition, that would make it almost 99% inclusive. What would be 100%? Crossbow.

5 Seriously? Sean - DEC 14, 2011

"A FLASHLIGHT would be nice"
"more branding on the thing"

These are stupid complaints for what is clearly a great product.

5 WTF chris - DEC 14, 2011

totally awesome

4 Should have ordered 2 James B - DEC 13, 2011

Just got mine delivered!! So awesome... I should have ordered 2! 1 to use and 1 to keep all bundled up and new haha.

I do feel kind of dumb though, trying to figure out how to fold this bag up, the right way... and so far I'm losing

But yea 4 star only because it could use more Walking Dead / Limited Edition branding, but oh well.

5 Product Thoughts Joshua - DEC 13, 2011

The thing is awesome but if anything I think that you should make the case a separate product, it would be really helpful.

4 45? Matt - DEC 12, 2011

Needs more firearms. For the zombies.

5 Sell the Case! Ben - DEC 12, 2011

You have the option to buy each item. I did that, now sell the case!



5 PLEASE BIG - DEC 11, 2011

Dear Gerber, please reinstate this product as it is of upmost importance, for I am surrounded by zombies in LA. If you do not restock this product, I will be forced to kill the zombies with plastic knives, spoons, and forks. Please for the LOVE OF GOD RESTOCK THESE.


I love you,


5 Mr. Bob Burns - DEC 11, 2011

Can we still get the canvas carrier?
Will the whole set be available again? Can I pre-order a kit?

5 huh? Curious - DEC 10, 2011

Love it!! But.... Where's the sharpening stone that Andrea uses?

5 topdawg2099 dave - DEC 10, 2011

please bring this back i want one like now!

4 Got it Ryan - DEC 10, 2011

This just came in, definitely wish there was more branding on the thing. And that area that has the logo printed was a pocket. All in all… I'm excited to get into nature (ie. Hack stuff)

3 forgot something Simpson - DEC 9, 2011

you guys forgot something important in this kit! A FLASHLIGHT would be nice!

5 OMG Logan - DEC 9, 2011

OH MY GODDD! I need this!

5 ARGGHH! Hitman - DEC 9, 2011

Please re release the kit, or make the rolls available aswell, how else can I transport my tools of death and destruction after the apocolypse?

5 Your Title Jake - DEC 8, 2011

Got mine today the look, obviously haven't used it yet:)

Had a very cool extra gift in the box that I don't see listed and not sure I should spoil it.

I do wish it had some type of Walking Dead branding to make it more collectible.

5 Cuts-Alot Mr. Knife - DEC 8, 2011

If you make it, I will buy it.

5 rlly cool dave - DEC 8, 2011

this thing is sick......

5 Mr. Cadilla - DEC 8, 2011

Oh please start selling this kit again. When my neighbors become nightmarish flesh eating zoms, I'd like to take them out as humanely as possible ;).

5 Collector/professional zombie slayer Scott Denny - DEC 7, 2011

Please make this a continuing item. Priced out these items come to almost 400$ and that's without the convenient carrying case. I would really like to own this set. Not only because I love the show, but as an avid weaponry collector.

5 Chef de Zombie Michai - DEC 7, 2011

Please release this set again. Call it something else if you have to so it can merge with your normal product line. More blades!!!!!

5 Need to offer this again. Matt - DEC 7, 2011

This is a pretty good kit, so why limit the production amounts? I like that it has a carrying case too. Please offer again. (it doesn't have to be the limited "apocalypse" it something else if you like)

5 Please Make More ZombieZack - DEC 6, 2011

Definitely want one of these kits!!! please make more i am sure they will fly off the shelves as fast as the first run.
or at least make more rolls so I can make the complete set on my own :)

5 OMG! LAV - DEC 5, 2011

Oh dear,....How many zombie-nuts!!! Good marketing Gerber!

5 WC The Mayor - DEC 4, 2011

You must not make this a limited release, but include this in your regular line up of products. Do it, before your competition does and in this economy, if this is what it takes to make a purchase - like me - make it available.

5 Left for Dead Darryl Dixon - DEC 4, 2011

MAKE MORE! If I fare poorly beacause of coming too late to a limited edition sale, I will make it my mission to shoot you with my crossbow. Happy Holidays.

1 Mr. Mike Haller - DEC 4, 2011

Come on Gerber... only 200... you can do better than that! If you make it people will buy!

5 Great set! Stanley - DEC 4, 2011

This set is fantastic! The knives are durable and work fantastically for anal stimulation. In addition to cutting vegetables super hard core, the bag is an acceptable brace for when you accidentally cut the tip of your finger off and have to drive to the hospital with one hand! I'm buying one for everyone I know.

5 YES JUST YES - DEC 4, 2011


5 Zombies Beware Steve - DEC 3, 2011

As soon as I saw this kit I had to have it! This a bad ass set tools! Can hardly wait till mine is delivered

5 Bring this back! Andim88 - DEC 3, 2011

This needs to be brought back on the market. I think it's an awesome idea to have. I would buy it in a second

4 officionado Kevin - DEC 3, 2011

Bring it back, what good are all the toys without the toybox?

5 Nice set! Jason - DEC 3, 2011

Just got mine today, I am very happy with it, even included the first season of the Walking Dead on DVD, nice little surprise. The set folds up into a nice easy to carry set, only thing missing is a shoulder strap. The quality of the tools is what I expected from Gerber, now I am just waiting for a few Zombies to try it out on!

5 Awesome nonetheless Alex W - DEC 3, 2011

I just got my Kit last night and it also comes with the Season 1 of The Walking Dead which is not listed above. The canvas bag is a little harder than I thought it would be to roll up but it's a very unique and well designed bag. The tools included are all pretty cool and even though I won't be using them for their real purposes, they do make a nice collectors item!

4 survivalist shawn - DEC 2, 2011

Not a bad start. I keep a BOB in my car, machete in my trunk but it is 2 handed and a kukri blade, this gives me more power and reach (what is needed when killing something). PLEASE make one Gerber! show me a kit with that, the suspension (also in my car), keep the lmf (with seat belt cutter), use the saw II, keep the ax, E tool, good light that's under $100. Then you will have an off road kit that you can sell as a TRUE APOCALYPSE KIT. But make it either strap to MOLE or go in a BOB. Then you might have something practical too, because lets face it..... your not killing zombies..... but you still might have to kill.

5 Mr GregN - DEC 2, 2011

Just received the kit and can say WOW, i really like this kit, think the knives are well made. The kit even came with the 1st season of The Walking Dead !!

Now whether we have the Apocalypse all the movies depict leaves much to the imagination..however I do believe that we will see a super virus again that could threaten every living thing on earth.

5 Enthusiast David Eck - DEC 2, 2011

You've got to bring this one back for the holidays! I know I would love the pack for the tools themselves and the Walking Dead reference as a guilty pleasure.

5 Is this just out of stock or is this really not available anymore? sp - DEC 2, 2011

Just found this and it would be a perfect xmas gift for my husband, is this truly not available anymore? Or is this just out of stock? Please let me asap, would love to order this kit.

5 Are these really all gone Emma - DEC 1, 2011

I really wanted to give this as a gift. Are they really all gone? Can you get them anywhere else??

5 Mr Ian - DEC 1, 2011

I want one, make more pls

5 Your Title Brian N. - DEC 1, 2011

Limited Edition? I better see this back in stock as soon as possible. Most here are willing to get this bad boy...

4 Better with than without Ron - DEC 1, 2011

This kit might not include water tablets, or a space blanket. Though I'd feel much more confident with this kit tossed on the passenger seat of my apocalypse escape vehicle.

5 I've been trained. wncRanger - DEC 1, 2011

Zombies, hell, this kit is a virtual weapons factory. Think of all the cool weapons and traps you can create with this kit. Don't know about you but I think I'll buy me a few.

5 Student Brian - DEC 1, 2011

this is an awesome idea!
although i dont see the possible reason to have three different machete type tools, each one looks pretty bad. the only improvement i can thing of is instead of what looks like a guitar case; fit all this in a pack of some sort that can be easily carried

3 Apocalypse RealityTheory - DEC 1, 2011

Zombies are symbolic depiction of hungry and greedy people who once were like us, somewhat rational beings, but one day their food and comfort was taken away from them. This caused them to act irrationally and violently. This pack may work for certain problems, but isn't really what I would use. of course this all depends on your location. Cities are going to be very extreme with the most population and least amount of food. Good luck fellow zombie-watchers!

5 AWSOME!!!!! Jake Wohlrabe - DEC 1, 2011

This is why i buy gerber because they are simply the best there is. But no matter what your looking for they have it and if they dont they soon will awsome product .

3 nope Bob - NOV 30, 2011

No Crossbow... only 3 stars

5 what?! bsween - NOV 30, 2011

dude obviously you need a backpack, u serious? and what fanny packs have you seen that look like that. Get a clue Mastadon't.
BTW get this in stock!

5 Neck Kuttah Joshua - NOV 30, 2011

OMG You absolutley cannot limit the production of this kit. MASS PRODUCE and you will not regret it. Must chop off zombie nuggets NOW!

5 Your Title Your name - NOV 30, 2011

Looks almost like a baby kit something that a baby would use or buy. Why dont they just include some gerber baby food with that baby kit?

5 good idea Essy - NOV 30, 2011

From what i see on the walking dead, they are awesome to kill zombies with silent. Gun will be too loud for zombies to hear and possible track you down. you dont want that to happen. just smash their heads into flat like a jello

1 Sir Mastadon - NOV 30, 2011

Missing too much. Everyone needs a backpack survival kit not a fanny pack kit.

P.S. Don't forget the glass break next time.

5 HAHAHAHA Fargo - NOV 30, 2011

Love walking dead and loved that I saw this in the show.

I own a guns and ammo and explosives shop, most of my customers would love to get their hands on this, not because its practical or because they really believe zombies are a possibility. Although they come in and talk about it happening all the time.

They would get it just because its fun.

3 Local Zombie Expert Chris - NOV 29, 2011

Now, for some situations, these may be nice. But taking a close look shows how useless they really are. Serrations are horribly, they will simply make it harder to retrieve your knife from a dead Zed's head. The Parang Machete may be the best out of the group. For their practical uses, they may be among the best. But as an improvised Melee weapon, I'll stick with my Cold Steel Kurki Machete.

4 1stSgt USMC-Ret GregW - NOV 29, 2011

I like it. How about offering chow (MRE's) by the case?

As for Andy, who's going to run out of ammo? The knives are a back-up plan.

5 Master Zombie Slayer - NOV 29, 2011

This kit is a must for anyone looking to kill some zombies, Vampires, or any other walking dead out there. The case is made of durable canvas and reinforced stiching for those long hikes. Who knows how long you might be on the run until your next rest area. The blades are all made out of forged steel, which can make quick work of most undead.

5 King Zombie - NOV 29, 2011

You two have no imagination. It is marketing hype. Roll with it and have some fun. Tell us which tool you'd use to do what to which zombie.

2 A Good Try cheddarbacon - NOV 29, 2011

Nice marketing promo, but gerber didnt really do their homework on zombies. These blades are too short to be effective against zombies, the machete might come in handy, but you have to get in close and get to the BRAINS! A nice little collection but not even up to world war z standards.

3 The cold truth. Reality - NOV 29, 2011

This set of weapons/tools may not be the greatest against the living dead, but it's still a great set of tools for a weekend of camping or long-distance hikes.

Now, if only it had a fire-starter, water filtration system, compass, whistle, and a combat lifesaver pack...

1 The Final Answer The Answer - NOV 29, 2011

I am not sure that the zombie scourge portrayed in the Walking Dead is all that problematic. I mean seriously... how did these slow moving necrotic beings take over the world? The military should have been able to just roll right over them. They have no intelligence and limited mobility. Now if they were the Running Dead like in 28 days... we would be talking about a whole different crop of carrots and these Gerber treats would be even more useless than they already are.

3 Look Mom - No Brains!!! Smarty Pants - NOV 29, 2011

Kind of a catch 22. If you are considering buying this let me assure you that you have nothing to worry about. Because you have to have BRAINS for zombies to attack you.

5 lolol survival tools? juice - NOV 29, 2011

i don't think that short knifes will do much good.
rather have KATANA or GUN.
but giving a 5 star for just having idea for survival tool kit.

5 Your Title Slow944$ - NOV 29, 2011

Everyone knows that the only way to kill a zombie is to shoot them in the head.

5 bladed weapons expert SLASH DARKHEART - NOV 29, 2011

blades are definitely better than guns guns run outta ammo if you cant use a blade than your outta luck

5 Locked but not loaded Dr. Chang - NOV 29, 2011

The thing about knives is it means you have to attack at really close proximity-- so this is good for defense if all else fails, and the zombies are on you, but you have a handy variety of deadly weapons attached at the hip. We do need guns though, and explosives, to prevent zombies from getting too close. Also with the knives there should be a mask or goggles, in case the zombie pathogen spreads through blood or mucus.

5 Knives don't need ammo Andy - NOV 29, 2011

Too many people wanting guns. What happens when you run out of ammo, huh?

5 Zer0Devil Sam G - NOV 29, 2011

Throw in a Springfield XDm9 and this thing is golden!

5 Your Title tankgirl - NOV 29, 2011

I seriously WANT this! Just to prove to all you bad ass boyz that girlz can kick arse too!

5 I see dumb people Miranda - NOV 29, 2011

Because Armageddon is any more likely than the zombie apocalypse. ROFL. Seriously gives me the giggles that people think we should take their myths anymore seriously than sci-fi.

3 Missing something No Name - NOV 29, 2011

seems to be missing a sharpening stone/tool.

4 Cool but... Rae - NOV 29, 2011

Cool blades, but in a real apocalypse I'd also want water purification tablets, matches, first aid kit, MREs, and a space blanket.

4 Hemovore Hunter Van H. - NOV 29, 2011

This Apocalypse Kit is sweet for those "end of the world" types but it would be nice if there were a few silver tipped stakes thrown in there too, for those of us who have work to do right now.

5 how I wish jackology - NOV 29, 2011

how I wish I could use in my day to day life, facing those regular zombies in my life.
charging into office, screaming,"ALL OF YOU DIE", sounds like my idea of survival in our corporate zombieland!

5 M.D. The Doctor - NOV 29, 2011

You people are ALL Insane.

3 Your Title Kim - NOV 29, 2011

What? No guns? No pepper spray? I thought when zombies attack you have to aim for head? Then you cut it off with a sharp knife. ;-)

3 BAMF Mike - NOV 29, 2011

Machete, Machete Pro, and the Parang seem redundant. It all comes to 391 parted out so I guess if you were looking to get all of them anyway then this would be a decent deal.

3 Zombie Apocolypse Captain KG - NOV 29, 2011

This would be great if it had was cased in a utility belt for easier access. Guns aside, a long-handled shovel will work wonders for you (blunt weapons are excellent versus the undead) if you can't fork out the $349 for this set of bad boys.

5 Your Title Your name - NOV 29, 2011

This is an awesome tool kit for survival. Zombies or not, it is a definite possibility that something drastic will happen where you will need some tools like this. You should also stock up on guns, ammo, food and water.

4 firearms instructor, combat vet Frogman - NOV 29, 2011

Gerber has always made top knotch knives. It's really not a bad price for a limited edition set of edged tools. It does need a holster to put a handgun in though.

1 Your Title RadicalEd - NOV 28, 2011

You can buy all the items individualy for much cheeper.

1 amazon is a better deal Deso - NOV 28, 2011

If you just buy all this stuff off amazon you save over $100.... the only thing you dont get is the carrying bag.

5 It is what it is... Jay - NOV 28, 2011

Zombie Apocalypse, is not a literal term... its a metaphor for the end of civilization when the sheep cant get to their mocha latte's Starbucks garbage and turn on each other...

4 asskicker buford t. pusser - NOV 28, 2011

i'd like some guns in this, please.

5 Chelynne Survival of the Smartest - NOV 28, 2011

Seriously zombies are scary yet just sci-fi... In all reality it is good to have supplies like these in any apocolyptic emergency... Like when Armogedon happens and those left behind could really use these to survive. Point is regardless of what you are afraid of or what you believe in... It would literally be a lifesaver to have these at your side.

4 Blade Expert TIm - NOV 28, 2011

So much cynicism from davie and friends. Sorry your life isn't awesome. Great company and quality with a cool pack. If you don't like it then start your own damn company or make your own.. jesus

5 The Almighty God - NOV 28, 2011

A zombie is a dead person who comes back to life.
Like Jesus.

4 Shut up crime! wseroyer - NOV 28, 2011

I was worried because I did not have anything to defend my self with against the hordes, but lucky for me Gerber has come out with this little number. Even more lucky for me is that Gerber's factory is literally across the freeway from where I live It's a 5 min walk or 3 min run. I know where I'm going to barricading my self in. Also If your thinking about robbing my home I don't have any guns, but I do have a 18" gator machete. You'll be wishing I'd shot you.

5 Owner, PrepareUs Cary - NOV 27, 2011

I would love to put these in our Disaster Packs!

5 Very Gucci Danny the dog - NOV 27, 2011

I like it very for KilLLLING zombies. Veve

5 The Walking Dead Jeremiah - NOV 27, 2011

If its featured on TWD, it must be good.

3 Your Title Nuetral Dude - NOV 27, 2011

Well I have to say, for a joke gift, this would be quite the christmas present but seeing how a zombie apocolypse isn't in this weeks weather forecast, I'm gonna have to say this is a waste of money...
I'll give them some creativity points though

5 I wrote a check today. LOL OS1132 - NOV 27, 2011

I want this... so bad...My wife would kill me. Ugg...

5 UndeadOcologists , PhD in PhD' J.E - NOV 27, 2011

great start to the arsenal , still missing are the crossbow , arrows , metal tips , and snares, and of course something to deliver constant and rapid bulletfire across the crowdsof the undead ...

5 Doctorate in Zomboligy Mike, Phd - NOV 27, 2011

These tools are an absolute must-have for the Zombie Apocalypse. However, I recommend against using them on any walkers... The virus is in the blood -- like rabies -- which infects you with the bite. The blood splatter from these tools will, likely, expose you to the virus even without a bite. Not everyone can have a HazMat-3 suit while hacking away at Zombies... Stick with the crossbow for the kill, and saved these for the mop-up operation!

1 The only smart person Davie - NOV 27, 2011

Are you serious, Zombies. To many horror films for these people.

3 Blade aficionado W. M. Mott - NOV 27, 2011

Not enough options. Check out the AT-TAC-307 "zombie slayer" tactical longsword from Valiant Armoury, the Apokatana, Spit, Deuce and D'Capitan from, the tactical katana and wakizashi from Hanwei Forge, the Trench-Hawk and Rifleman's Hawk from Cold Steel, for starters. More reach, high quality steel, and very, very effective.

5 Master of Ceremonies Roberto - NOV 26, 2011

These will get you laid.

3 Meh Wagsman - NOV 26, 2011

I wouldn't suggest using such short blades as zombie defense. If it us bloodborn, you don't want to be that close when you cut one open.

5 Sr. Victor - NOV 25, 2011

I just bought a kit of these for my 10 years old little daughter as she is too young to use firearms.

2 BushcraftOnFire - Owner David Wendell - NOV 25, 2011

EVERY blade is serrated.. which for most daily usage in a survival situation is useless. I would like to see at least 2 of the knives have no serrations.

5 This is so cool.... Bob Knox - NOV 25, 2011

I just want this whole collection and that's the end of it. I'll be able to meet anything that comes my way head on. Heck, the cops won't let me own a gun anymore, so I'll just wack my way through....Ha!!!!!!!

5 Packing knows nothing. Timbulb - NOV 25, 2011

You don't wanna use guns they make too much noise and attract other walkers. Duh.

4 Mr need some reach - NOV 25, 2011

add a collapsible baton to the mix and maybe u've got a deal

4 done got it snake - NOV 24, 2011

As have already purchased all these items seperatly over a course of time this kit is lacking in other depts. it coud benifit from ike water and fire even a small skills book. But just being knives the selection is perfect

5 Your Title Mark - NOV 24, 2011

Every car should have one

3 Swiss Zombiecheesemaker Peter G. - NOV 24, 2011

Thanks for not shipping to Europe...

5 Dr Pebo - NOV 24, 2011

Been in Zombie slaying all my life. Can truly tell you: All that you need besides this kit, is a couple of clean panties !

5 Survivor Mr Wiggles - NOV 23, 2011

I always thought, why bring a knife to a gun fight... Until I got these sharp beauties. Before, when I would go out to bars or talk to kids at playgrounds I would never get any respect.

These fun new playthings have changed my life. Now, whether it is going through the metal detectors at school or just getting stopped for a routine traffic stop, people take notice. I thought it was my genuine Star Wars Luke Skywalker jacket I bought on Amazon -- but it always comes down to the hardware. I cannot tell you how many times a girl has come up to me in a bar and asked if I was going to slay zombies or if there was a set of Gerber knives in my pocket!

5 Good start Urist - NOV 23, 2011

Where's the duct tape? How am I supposed to survive anything without duct tape?

1 Be Like Dexter Dexter - NOV 23, 2011

Post-Apocalypse? I don't think so. This is the Be Like Dexter Starter Kit.

4 The Yourdudeness - NOV 23, 2011

Well, besides this kit what you really need is a good compound Hunting Bow.

Silent, ammunition could be retrieved and you can make your own ammunition if needed.

Think about it (pro zombie hunter advice)

5 hunter sharpshooter - NOV 23, 2011

Include a zippo, a flashlight, a flare gun and smoke grenades. :D

4 WD #19 Michonne - NOV 23, 2011

Talk about lucky...clicked back on the site just for the heck of it, low and behold its available again! Nice set to go along with my katana!

5 Zombie Killer Death - NOV 23, 2011

Thanks Gerber, was supposed to be a limited edition... There goes the exclusivity. At least put batch 1 or something on the original orders.

3 good start adam - NOV 23, 2011

but why not include a gerber survival kit? I mean.. you make them... you make fire starters... just seems like 3 knives and no fire starter seems gimmicky. I want to survive the horde...

5 Alone and scared InNeed - NOV 23, 2011

Please, bring these back in stock before its too late... I can hear them scratching through the walls!

3 Where's da gunz? Packing - NOV 23, 2011

Don't get wrong, this is nice to have, but I would prefer some thing that could take care of problems from a greater distance.

5 Radtastic Holiday Treats Snake Charmer - NOV 23, 2011

This kit is bar non a family necessity for the holidays! Grandma gets out'a line chop a watermelon in front of her with the gator machete and show that old bat who means business! She sure as hell wont open her mouth about the dry turkey again! Nephew dumps juice on your cream colored carpet you take that Epic and cut the stain right out, that will show that jackass who's the real four year old! Overall I'm ordering this my family needs it and so does yours be prepared for sub-par relatives this season!

4 Mr G - NOV 23, 2011

I see this as being a handy everyday commuting tool as well as an essential for the end of days or a Friday night out in my local club... (there's some beasties out there!)

Personally I would have liked to see something more sizeable... perhaps swapping out the camp axe with something with a little more reach and heft...

Come back with that and you've got 5 stars!

5 zombie hunter in training slyer jr - NOV 23, 2011

overall it should also be modded to were if your in a team one guy can carry the tool bag like a back pack then carying it for easyer mobility and treking to keep hands free while climbing or grabbing onto teammebers when sfaeing up needs to be done ie roofs walls log bridegs you get my drift and I WANT THIS FREAKBAGS ITS TIME TO DIE again :D

4 Messiah Jesus - NOV 23, 2011

Even I found the Gerber Apocalypse Kit a real blessing!

3 Nice Group......EXPENSIVE case!!!! Lostboy - NOV 22, 2011

You can get ALL these tools for $304 on THIS site, and for as little as $250 elsewhere. So at a Minimum, you are gonna pay $50 for the case. Sorry, it's nice, but ruins the deal.

5 Possum Killer Blade 45 - NOV 22, 2011

This will come in handy if I am ever set upon by zombies while enjoying a chocolate chip cookie in the shower.

1 Realist Joe - NOV 22, 2011

Needs to come with an umbrella. Think of all the blood splatter these weapons will cause. Oh whats that? You have a small scrape on your hand? Wait what? A drop of blood got in your eye? Congratulations, youre now a zombie.

4 Slayer of the Water Zombies Devon of M/V Sofia - NOV 22, 2011

It needs to have a Utility belt for quick and easy access to all the toys along with room for my 45 Magnum.

Happy Holidays!

5 Zombie Slayer Extrordinare pcsutton - NOV 22, 2011

With the Gator Machete in one hand and the Gator Machete Pro in the other I just scream, "ZOMBIES....COME AT ME!!"

Don't try this at home.

4 Great starter kit for the children C. Norris - NOV 22, 2011

After trying many brand-name razors I'd heard you could shave with a Gerber, so I got this for myself at first. Sadly, my stubble took the edge off most of the blades apart from the excellent axe, which has a great balance in the hand and is perfect for trimming the beard.

I gave the rest of the kit to the kids to bring out their creative side. It's great to see them do so much more than arm-to-paw combat with the local wildlife.

5 Thank God for two hands! RAI CROSS - NOV 22, 2011

If I didn't have the Gerber Apocalypse kit, I would of never been able to feel the exhilaration of saving my family and mutilating zombies with a Gerber Gator Machete in each hand. GOD BLESS AMERICA.

5 Redneck Otis - NOV 22, 2011

Watch out Shane. I was dead but now I`m back! And I`m coming after you!

5 Almost didn't make it (2) gmoney - NOV 22, 2011

the lights went out at 2:23 on the dot while I was at the office. The Apocalypse had begun. Luckily I had my Apocalype gear from Gerber. I instantly drew my axe and sword from the poncho and began swinging at whatever moved. As I was sprinting down the stairway shaft I remembered I grabbed my pocket knife. I took it out and threw it blindly down the shaft in case any of those damn zombies where coming up. Whew!!! Thank god for that. Because I heard a scream after I threw it. Those damn zombies almost got me again. Thank you Gerber.

5 Zombies don't like this Rob Zombie - NOV 22, 2011


5 Unbelievable Rick Grimes - NOV 22, 2011

Shane... we need to have a long, long talk...

5 DOA AJDeLorenzi - NOV 22, 2011

Where is the counter? Are there really only going to be 200 released??

1 These things are terrible!! Zombie Mr. - NOV 22, 2011

Why would you ever want to buy these? I love you, now let me eat your brains.

5 Damn.... Frank West - NOV 22, 2011

Could have used this when I was in Willamette

5 Almost Didn't Make It... Shane Walsh - NOV 22, 2011

We had to make a run into town, it was just me and Otis. But we wen't in, we needed that damn medicine so Carl could make it. We barely escaped out of the school alive, and they were closing in on us. So I did the only thing I could...I pulled my pistol out and shot his legs out from underneath him and ran back to the truck.

Had I remembered to bring along the Apocalypse Kit from Gerber, we could have easily hacked our way through a hundred or more zombies and both made it back alive.

5 Zombie Slayer Peter G - NOV 22, 2011

This is most likely the best thing I've ever seen - I need money now.

1 Pappa Steve B - NOV 22, 2011

Oh, Puh-Leeze!
Any self-respecting zombie is going to look at a Bear Grylls knife and just start laughing....

1 Hunter Keegan - NOV 22, 2011

All it is knives, machetes and a are gonna need alot more than those if the dead start walking

3 Your Title Traci Ford - NOV 22, 2011

Great idea. However, I would include some firepower because I don't have any intention of getting that close to the undead in order to use a knife or hatchet.

3 Dad Troglodad - NOV 22, 2011

That's a lot of weight to be carrying around. In a real survival situation all you need is a hatchet or a Bowie knife. And a can opener.

I see hatchet in the set, but where's the Bowie knife and can opener. Lame.

3 Good kit, but overpriced. William - NOV 22, 2011

This looks like a great kit, but is overpriced; all 7 tools can be purchased on Amazon for $259.16 as of November 22, 2011. $90 for the canvas carrying case is a bit expensive. And that's not even including the tax and shipping that Gerber will probably charge you ($28.36 for AZ).

5 Cool Story Bro Trollface - NOV 22, 2011

Where's the fire starter?

5 YEEEEAAAAA Rambo's Cousin - NOV 22, 2011

Two ways to think about this... one wait for the fella who buys this and live in regret in 1 year and ebays it or wait for the apocalypse to occur and take one of these off of one of the fallen who never had a chance to use it :)

5 Zombie Hunter Adrian - NOV 22, 2011

The best marketing ever. Hornady did an excellent job with a video. Keep it up. I already have the LMFII knife so I guess I will have to buy the rest individually

4 Your Title ajh - NOV 22, 2011

Carl: "It's an ARSENAL!"

5 great but... ensea - NOV 22, 2011

I would order one but i think i would have some explaining to do at customs...

4 None None - NOV 22, 2011

Ok, so where's the Dexter Morgan kit?

5 gerber virgin... thew - NOV 21, 2011

I've heard nothing but awesomeness about Gerber~ Wish I had enough money to make this my first Gerber purchase. Truly brilliant marketing and a great package!

3 Mr. Rick - NOV 21, 2011

What, no sharpening stones?

3 Smartest in the room Miahac - NOV 21, 2011

Needs a multitool, shovel, flint

5 All Five Star Ratings on Amazon! Mark P. - NOV 21, 2011

Googled these on Amazon and all rated five stars.
Granted, pricier than buying individually, but the cool factor wins!

4 Zombies R US Maddness - NOV 21, 2011

What about a good multi tool?? You can use it to setup zombie booby traps.. ;-)

5 JR Zombie Hunter Mr Eam - NOV 21, 2011

This kit is so cool

5 Survivor Alex - NOV 21, 2011

Anyone who is a fan of the Walking Dead or just awesome looking weapons/"tools" will buy this in a heartbeat, especially since all of these purchased separately would be over 400$... Definitely looking forward to playing with these bad boys.

5 Perfect Setup ledcarry - NOV 21, 2011

Great marketing idea from a company who's known for super blade products.
I was going to put together a separate setup just like this and now I don't have to. You bet I ordered one. Great work!

5 Bananas ~ Lenny - NOV 21, 2011

It's AWESOME must get ideal for camping

4 Developer ARGZombies - NOV 21, 2011

Only 200?! Come-on!

5 Baddassmofo White Glossy - NOV 21, 2011

Hands down... one of the best special cameos of the year, backed by one hall of a marketing left hook. You guys are on it!!!!
counting my pennies and nickles right now!

2 Your Title Brian - NOV 21, 2011

What a huge waste of money. You can get far better equipment I bet half that breaks within a week of hard use. A Bear Grylls knife hahahahahahahaha

4 Awesome. Survival Fanatic - NOV 21, 2011

It is an extraordinary marketing idea actually. Having a product on a awesome tv show is actually a great idea.

Great tools and great tool-case integration.

4 Zombie Fiction Author Steve J. S. - NOV 21, 2011

Brilliant assembly. Brilliant marketing. You'll sell through the 200 kits in no time. Only thing I'd add is an adjustable strap so that you can carry it slung over your back as you crawl over the remains of those who did not invest in a kit of their own.

4 cheaper separate aprado1 - NOV 21, 2011

On Amazon all of these together cost around $270.

5 Mr ZombieKiller - NOV 21, 2011

Great Marketing idea...just ordered mine!

5 Your Title Morg - NOV 21, 2011

Fantastic tools, fantastic marketing, stupid below comment

1 Are you serious? Its Karl with a k - NOV 21, 2011

you can by this stuff individually for alot less

5 mr john - NOV 21, 2011

great tools stupid marketing idea

5 Survivalist Joshua Tutt - NOV 20, 2011

Yes it is a typo. It will ship this year. 2011

5 Ships this year or next? Chris Tinsley - NOV 20, 2011

It says "Ships Dec 5, 2012" is that a typo?
Or does it ship Dec 5, 2011?

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