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Pocket Sharpener

The blades in Gerber knives and multi-tools are engineered from high quality stainless steel that excels at edge retention. Still there comes a time when proper sharpening is called for. For those occasions, we offer an extensive array of sharpening solutions. We're talking about everything from diamond to stone to ceramic to steel. The solution you choose depends on what you're sharpening, and which method you prefer. Whatever the case, Gerber's got you covered.

Item # 04307


  • Fine ceramic rods for razor sharpness
  • Coarse ceramic rods for aggressive sharpening
4 Tech and EDC guy Alex R - MAR 17, 2016

Novice user, used it first on my SOG Salute that is only a few months old, used it on my 15 year old Spyderco that has not been sharpened in years. My verdict is that it worked as advertised, a little more work on my Spyderco, but now has an edge to my liking.

5 Great pocket sharpener Echo 3 Charlie - JUL 24, 2015

I've had mine for over four years and it's done phenomenal each time. I own three different CRKT M16 variants, and use this sharpener on all of them. And it gives them all an excellent edge. Use the coarse to kill any burs on the blade, and then flip to the fine side. From there on, only use the fine side. Don't go back to the coarse side, people. It kills your edge, and then you can't cut a piece of paper. I just trimmed an old 1.5" leather belt with my daily carry CRKT. So to say this is a piece of garbage for a sharpener is laughable. Especially at under $5. Hence, why I purchased a second one with the newer ceramic rods for my bug out bag.

Semper Fidelis

5 Sergeant First Class (P) (Ret.) Steve G - DEC 17, 2014

Going to go get four sight unseen. I know equipment. My life has depended on it. Bear Grylls is the real deal and I trust him to choose only the best to represent him. My Ret. Army wife and I started by buying his packaged knife - and caught hell for buying a "cheap" toy." I have replaced a lot of my SHTF equipment with Gerber and Grylls endorsed and/or designed tools.

5 Good for the price Lee Christmas - DEC 7, 2014


5 BIG GAME GUIDE( CANADA) Dennis - APR 24, 2014

willing to give it a shot

2 Waste of money Mike D - MAR 13, 2014

I bought this little sharpener because I was in bind and it was the only one available. Very disappointed in the lack of quality from a strong brand like Gerber. After use, my knife will not even cut paper. Expected more from Gerber...

1 not worth $3 jonnyc32 - JAN 31, 2014

i used this on my covert auto and all it did was make the blade even more dull

1 Does Absolutely Nothing Garbage - JAN 4, 2014

There is a reason this product is $3, and I want you to guess why.

5 Great sharpener Tyler - DEC 4, 2013

I got this in a package deal with two other knives I did 20 strokes a day after one use I noticed a great improvement

4 It usually works Jacob - NOV 28, 2013

It's easy to use and it works on some knives, mostly 440 steel. It doesn't give a razor edge but it gives a decent one in a short amount of time. Some knives, such as my old swiss army knife, will not be affected by it at all. But it's so inexpensive that it's worth a shot.

4 J - OCT 28, 2013

good and basic

4 Mark Mark - OCT 13, 2013

Picked this up at a gun show and was satisfied with the sharpening abilities. Now I was using it on smaller knives and on some heavier blades (like my machete) it didn't really make a difference. That said when
i showed it to my mother she promptly took the sharpener from me and sharpened every knife in the kitchen (about 15) to a razors edge in 10 minutes. If your looking for a heavy duty sharpener this isn't what you want. But if you want something compact and easy for smaller knives this is what you want.

5 zombiekiller luis enrique reyes vera - DEC 10, 2012

yo he usado estos afiladores hasta con mi lmf infantry y no me defrauda nunca

2 Not Working Harmon - OCT 5, 2012

Tried to sharpen a couple of knives with it. Doesn't work. It took me half an hour to see some improvement on my 400 steel knife, but it wasn't sharp.

5 Your Title Your name - JUL 14, 2012

I don't take my good knives to the beach so I take a cheap fillet knife to use for filleting baitfish I catch. This pocket knife sharpener is perfect for keeping my fillet knife razor sharp. It works great. Anyone that wants to keep a good edge on knives used at the beach should carry one of these.

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