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Remix - Serrated

We're spinning the hits with this all-around hero of a knife. Lightweight, but strong, the one-hand opening Remix features a large finger hole for extra stability and grip. The anodized aluminum handles don't just look cool, they add support and corrosion resistance.

Item # 22-41969
  • Blade Length: 2.90"
  • Overall Length: 7.35"
  • Length Closed: 4.45"
  • Width: .55"
  • Weight: 4.20 oz
  • Handle: Aluminum


  • Anodized Aluminum Handle
  • Open-Frame Design
  • Thumb Stud
  • Lightweight but Strong
4 Project Manager Ryan Harp - MAR 23, 2016

I really like the knife. except for the outside soft metal cover. also the clip has broken. how would one repair it?

4 Manny Manny - SEP 6, 2015

I owned the non-serreted version of this knife and lost it. Naturally I wanted to replace it. I ended up getting this version of it really cheap at Home Depot. Internet price was only $15 in store was $25 but they honored the Internet price in store. My only real complaint is it is hard to open one handed initially so I soaked it in light machine oil several times and just kept working it to open easier and now I can do it fairly quick with one hand. It's sharp enough and with the added serrated section of edge you can use it on rope and all. Seems to hold an edge decently also after sharpening it well the fine part of the blade. I guess for cheap can't complain I have a nice Buck but I find myself going back to this knife for EDC and lastly the finger loop which seems odd at first really is nice plus you can use the loop to attach it through small carabiner clip to back pack

4 Good EDC Robert - AUG 10, 2015

This is one of the toughest folders I have ever seen. I have used this knife all day every for months on end opening boxes, cutting strapping, cutting cardboard, etc. The blade holds a relatively good edge and is pretty easy to sharpen. The serrations are great for cutting strapping. The opening is rather difficult. I recommend adding some Hoppe's #9 to the swivel. Over all a very good knife.

4 Refund/ exchange Andy - AUG 9, 2015

I bought this knife at home depot and the package said guaranteed for life. So on day I was cutting a piece of cardboard and the very tip of the knife broke / chipped off , and now I was wondering if I could get a new one or not? But over all great knife.

3 Love the knife but Mike Dyre - JUL 30, 2015

Bought this knife from Home Depot and it works well. I don't really care if it opens one handed (which I agree is difficult). My complaint is that the blade is showing signs of rust/corrosion and I haven't had it for a month. Tried contacting Gerber via their contact link but as yet have no reply. Phone calls to either of their listed numbers has gone no where as well. Is it possible the entire company gets a long vacation and is no unmanned?

5 Favorite Knife Dylan - JUL 18, 2015

Have had this knife for three years and have not been disapointed. Can put a sharp edge on it and it keeps it. Can open with one hand easily and blade is very stable. Serrated edge works well. When I finally wear this one out I will definatly be getting another.

5 Wonderful Knife Tai - JUN 2, 2015

This is a great knife. Serrated edges ARE INDEED sharp, and they are sharp all the way to the tip. The blade is capable of opening easily with the thumb, but those with weak hands will have a hard time. Opens and closes nicely and lightweight to boot. 5 stars.

2 Kinda a Bummer Knife Slayer - MAY 31, 2015

Picked this knife up at Sports Chalet. Gerber has generally been pretty good. The one hand opening on this knife is a joke. I have had cheaper knives that were much easier and much faster to open. Also, the clip on mine is a piece of junk. It gets caught up on everything and false out of my pocket constantly.

3 Not happy. Charles P - MAY 31, 2015

Pros: Strong grip, Nice design

Cons: Knife is very hard to open with one hand, half way through it "clicks" making it so you cant just whip it out. Also the serrated edge is useless, you cant cut a twig with it, not enough fulcrum.

4 Good for the price Andrew Z - APR 2, 2015

I bough this knife as a secondary from my leatherman freestyle, and the difference is big. This remix has vreat support and the low profile width is great for putting it in your pocket, the blade got dull fast though, but the serrated but is great and sharp still. The knife is hard to open with your thumb, so i have found alternative ways to open it, mostly by flinging it. The finger hole provides great support while cutting and is overall great knife for the price, as long as you keep it sharp.

2 Woodman John - FEB 1, 2015

I am very disappointed in two things, not able to open with one hand (or not very easily), and they do not sharpen serrated edges for you, they only sharpen fine edges. But otherwise good build quality and a nice price.

5 Great knife. biff - JAN 16, 2015

Thin. Lightweight. Tough as nails. I have never had a problem opening it with my thumb. A friend gave it to me 5 or 6 years ago, & have carried it in my pocket every day since. If your brand new knife is a little stiff to open, dont be afraid to give it a drop of oil.

1 Doesn't Cut It stvcook - JAN 11, 2015

I just bought this knife. I was drawn to the axle hole for secure handling. Unfortunately the knife is too difficult to open with one thumb. The movement is very stiff and it takes a bit of a 2nd and even occasionally an awkward third move. It may be the size of the hole that extends the move beyond the flip movement. (I where L gloves) I didn't want a two handed opener especially with assisted options available. I would even pay more for this knife if that was an option. It's only $24.00 even so... I'll be taking it back for a Kershaw or Sog. You get what you pay for.

1 Disappointing Steven - DEC 15, 2014

I bought this knife yesterday and I was pretty excited for it because I own many gerber products and i like them all. When I got it out of the package it was nearly impossible to open with one hand. Also, when i close it, you can feel it sort of bump twice. I figured out the liner lock sticks out just a hair too far and the blade bumps on it but i havent figured out the cause of the second bump. I guess this is to be expected in a $24 knife but disappointing for a gerber.

5 Mr Tony - OCT 31, 2014

Got this and Ripstop 2 as a gift, best gift ever!!! In my profession (food related) a sharp blade is important. These two babies definitely helped me in one hell of a jam. Plus they are the best buddies to have around especially in other jams, think of them as bodyguards.I also learned to open each of them in both hands simultaenously...thanks Gerber!

2 What happpened? Hmm - MAY 19, 2014

Okay this knife is supposed to be used outdoors right? Well this thing got wet and now it is impossible to open with one hand. It was doing really well too. I don't understand how water has so badly destroyed the opening mechanism so badly. Any to fix this? If not then I'm just gonna have to have it destroyed and recommend that no one ever buy from this company. This is my first experience and I am extremely unimpressed. Damn near $40 dollars poorly wasted at this point.

5 Just needs a little oil Kevin - MAY 17, 2014

This knife has had a few bad reviews on other sites. If you add a drop or two of oil to the opener, it will work very well. I love this knife!

5 Your Title Mark R - APR 17, 2014

Great knife. Durable and does the job well.

4 Good knife Rhys - MAR 22, 2014

Good knife, the finger hole gives you a really good grip. Sharpens easily, sadly I lost mine.

5 Traveler Cay H - MAR 13, 2014

I used this knife while traveling, it got me from point A to point B. I recently lost it and I would definitely get another one.

5 Great&Reliable Dillon - FEB 6, 2014

I've had this knife for about a year now, and it's served me faithfully. Had to loosen it a little bit for ease to open, but it wasn't that difficult. Hold an edge well, looks nice, and is stronger than I expected for $30. I would recommend this knife in a heartbeat. I just recently broke the tip trying to pry open my frozen windows on my pickup (Stupid idea on my part) but will be buying another shortly.

5 Scout dad geek guy - JAN 14, 2014

I have used my remix for over a year now. I am not a wanna be knife fighter or a prep per just a guy that uses this as a tool during the day. Cutting open palletized servers and components. Incising seals so I don't hit chips on the motherboards etc.
then it goes into camping mode where it's used to make kindling, cut rope and many other camping and hiking chores.

It's just a great utilitarian knife.

4 Good knife for EDC Alex - SEP 29, 2013

I like this knife. I only wish it has same thumb stud as Tactical Remix version.

5 Vet Brett - SEP 2, 2013

This knife has lasted me a few years now. Holds an edge well and is one of the best utility blades I've ever owned. It leaves with me everyday for work.

5 Great knife Nikk - JUL 25, 2013

had this knife for a while, works like a charm, easy to sharpen, can take it apart for a easy cleaning...

4 Old model Andrew H - JUL 22, 2013

this knife looks cool. i have the older model the Gerber Chameleon and i love it, its the second best knife i have after the LMFII Infantry

5 Prior Military Matt - MAY 31, 2013

Great knife. The opening allows for a better grip no matter what reason you have your blade in hand.

5 Landscaper Blaise - MAY 27, 2013

Fantastic knife by far the best knife ive bought by gerber

3 Nixx_8 nixx_8 - MAY 26, 2013

Decent knife really enjoyed despite the fact the tip has now broken off of it. I'm kind of disappointed with the broken tip but will still remain a customer.

5 GREAT new guy - APR 21, 2013

i found this knife on my back lawn one day, it has served me well since then

5 Awesome knife G - APR 3, 2013

Got this one many months ago and I found it to be the most useful tool in my pockets, from cutting bread to skin and gut an animal it works perfect always sharp and flawless. Looking forward to buy a couple more for backup.

5 John Bo Retired-Knife Collecter - FEB 16, 2013

I like this knife. Very Different but Functional for most purposes. I am working on opening it with one hand. I am getting used to it. I do not believe that anyone will take it away from me when I am using it.

4 Light and versatile Greg - JAN 2, 2013

I bought this knife because of the Axle hole, it makes for unique grips. It holds an edge well and is very light.

I think that the issue with opening it with one hand is due to the very thing that makes it attractive, the axle hole. Since the blade revolves around the large hole it doesn't give you the cantilever effect that having the axis at the back of the blade would provide, making it harder to open.

I would like to see Gerber use the Axle to advantage by extending the circular tang beyond the lip of the axle and serrating it so that you can drag it open with your thumb much like opening a PEZ dispenser.

4 Great value, but needs an upgrade Kirk - NOV 14, 2012

for the price, i don't think i could find a better knife, although there are some slight improvements that should be done, like a little thicker or stonger blade , and a stronger locking mechanism, my brother was doing something involving wood (carving or something) and the lock somehow disengaged and the blade closed onto his fingers making a small cut across them, if he had not been paying attention, it could have ended alot worse.

1 returning it Travis - OCT 13, 2012

It's difficult to open with only one hand.

3 Nice but not strong Jason - AUG 8, 2012

This is a decent knife. I got this for an everyday to carry at work, belt clip is nice.
I have always used Gerber knives, machete, axes.
This one in the package I thought looked very cool, after having it the large eyelet really serves no purpose other than spinning on your finger when closed, open it isn't balanced so spinning isn't really possible.
Another thing is the blade is very thin I was prying a piece of silicone(soft) out of a plug and the tip broke.

1 Your Title Bryan - AUG 8, 2012

I have owned Gerber knives in the past. Bought this one at West Marine, because I lost my Benchmade last time I was out on the water.... Can't say how dissapointed I am with it. I will be returning it first thing in the morning. It is practically impossible to open one handed. Closing is pretty easy... The circle is kinda whatever - allows for great grip, but I don't really care for it (if there was better jimping it would be perfectly fine grip-wise.

5 pimp jflo - JUL 14, 2012

i just ordered this knife and cant wait until i recieve it!

2 Dissapointing Kevin - APR 18, 2012

4th or 5th Gerber, always been a fan but the lock on this one is shoddy at best. Doesn't lock without extra effort, flat on blade side of lock is uneven and seems unfinished.

5 Perfect in you Pocket Bix - APR 6, 2012

I've had this knife for two years and its amazing! I use it for hunting, hiking, and camping. Its a must have for adventures! Highly Recommend!

5 WoW Jman - FEB 28, 2012

@ Great knife

If you cant figure out that the circle is part of the grip, maybe the best part, i suggest that you pick up a pair of safety scissors from wal-mart!

1 What happened to the quality Rex - FEB 8, 2012

Just picked up a second Remix, What happened to it? It's like a cheap China knock off. Could not be more disappointing. Been a customer for 20 years and 20 plus products.
I'll be returning it and the cheap workmanship and taking my needs elsewhere. It was a good ride that's come to a poor china manufactured end.

5 Your Title Your name - JAN 4, 2012

i owned one when it was a plastic handle best knike ever

5 Great Knife Bob - DEC 28, 2011

Awesome blade, the extra circle is for clipping the knife with a carabiner you idiot.

5 N/A E - NOV 28, 2011

I have a disability and this is the best gripping knife out there for someone with hand strength issues.

4 Great knife. arch1ve - SEP 8, 2011

I have really enjoyed this knife, it's handy for everyday use. The extra circle on the grip is whatever, it's cool to look at but not much else.
Overall, I'm satisfied with my purchase.

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