ISK - Individual Surveillance Kit

Designed for Federal agencies, the Individual Surveillance Kit provides the operator with key implements for remote surveillance. The professional-grade equipment has been hand-picked to serve a very distinct purpose in the field, housed in a heavy-duty nylon bag.


  • Cable DAWG communications tool
  • Cortex flashlight w/ [2] AA batteries
  • E-Tool folding shovel
  • MP600 multi-tool
  • Back Paxe hatchet
  • Crisis Hook Knife
  • Gator Folding Saw
  • Limited lifetime warranty


Product Number

Built for Federal agencies, the ISK, or Individual Surveillance Kit, provides operators with key implements for remote surveillance operations. Its contents serve to address each and every foreseeable need when working in the field.

Included in the kit is the Cable DAWG communications tool, a multi-tool designed for specialized, industrial-grade work on fiber optic, IT, and cable systems. Each individual tool required by a communications professional, combined into one: spring-loaded wire and cable cutters, CAT5 jacket cutter, RJ45 crimper, wire strippers, locking combo-edge knife, and multiple drivers.

In addition to the Cable DAWG, the ISK Kit contains several additional necessities for the job: a Mini Maglite Pro+, paired with two AA batteries, the E-Tool folding shovel, the MP600 multi-tool, the Back Paxe compact hatchet, the Crisis Hook Knife strap cutter, and the Gator Folding Saw. The kit is packaged in a heavy-duty briefcase-style nylon bag for easy containment and transport of this imperative group of tools.

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