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Gerber Gear Strongarm Fixed Blade Serrated Edge Coyote Brown Knife
StrongArm Fixed Blade Coyote Brown SE
StrongArm Fixed Blade Coyote Brown SE
StrongArm Fixed Blade Coyote Brown SE
StrongArm Fixed Blade Coyote Brown SE
StrongArm Fixed Blade Coyote Brown SE
StrongArm Fixed Blade Coyote Brown SE
Gerber Gear Strongarm Fixed Blade Serrated Edge Coyote Brown Knife
StrongArm Fixed Blade Coyote Brown SE
StrongArm Fixed Blade Coyote Brown SE
StrongArm Fixed Blade Coyote Brown SE
StrongArm Fixed Blade Coyote Brown SE
StrongArm Fixed Blade Coyote Brown SE
StrongArm Fixed Blade Coyote Brown SE

StrongArm Fixed Blade Coyote Brown SE

Item: # 31-002932

With a full tang, 420HC steel blade and rubberized diamond-texture grip, this is a knife you can rely on. The MOLLE-compatible multi-mount sheath system offers optimal customization, keeping your knife ever at the ready in combat situations.


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    • Blade material: 420HC
    • Handle material: glass-filled nylon with rubber overmold
    • Blade length: 4.8” (12.2 cm)
    • Overall length: 9.8” (24.8 cm)
    • Knife weight: 7.2 oz (204 g)
    • Overall weight: 10.9 oz (309 g)
    • Nylon webbing for drop-leg carry and secondary retention
    • Detachable belt hoops for horizontal belt carry
    • Snap-in MOLLE strap
    • Limited lifetime warranty
    • Made in USA
  • Warranty
  • Warranty


The ever-evolving battlefield demands gear that keeps up, providing versatile and dependable tools built specifically for combat and survival situations. Gerber has been making survival knives for those who serve since 1966, rising to the challenge of honoring decades of experience while continuing to innovate. 

Gerber’s StrongArm does just that: it is a classic fixed blade built for brute strength with a revolutionary sheath system that is the first of its kind. The multi-mount, snap-together sheath is easy to use and can be mounted vertically on MOLLE, horizontally on a belt, or in traditional drop-leg fashion.

Customizable to your needs in the field, the StrongArm is the smart evolution of the classic fixed blade.  


The Strongarm can be carried traditionally on the hip with a snap-in enclosure that keeps the knife from rattling within the sheath.


The sheath's belt loops are completely detachable allowing for a horizontal, low-profile carry along the waistline.


The sheath is setup with a snap-in MOLLE strap allowing the knife to be carried vertically.

  1. Blade Material: 420 high carbon w/ Cerakote® coating
  2. Glass filled nylon substrate
  3. Diamond-texture rubberized handle
  4. Full tang
  5. Spike pommel w/ lanyard hole
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  • 5 5
  • |NOV 20, 2018
  • |BY: , Your Title

America knives have best geometry I have knives from China, Japan, Taiwan, machete from south Africa , they are just descent, Gerber has proven the best geometry, my question to Gerber how could they afford to sell there America knives for real cheap.

  • 5 5
  • |JUN 26, 2018
  • |BY: , USA made quality

Gerber has not taken any shortcuts on quality with this knife. Right out of the box the fit and finish is impressive. It feels sturdy and reliable in the hand. I took another brand’s cheap toy knife back to the store and upgraded to this one. Well priced for USA made quality.

  • 5 5
  • |MAR 27, 2018
  • |BY: , This Knife Is Awsome

If you want a good survival knife that you can bash the crap out of then this is the one. I have bought two for myself and have recommended them to others and they always hold up no matter how badly they are punished (in my case very badly). My friends call me a knife expert and this knife is fantastic, the high carbon steel sharpens very well and holds an edge and the grip is wide and fits perfectly into my large hands. All in all an excellent buy, and a worthy addition to my knife collection.

  • 5 5
  • |FEB 9, 2018
  • |BY: , edc

i bought the tan fine blade model, does what it should, I have large hands, fits perfect, easy for me to sharpen, fits the bush craft/ survival size range perfectly, also works as a EDC blade, I can carry it small of the back, side carry either L/R, or drop leg ( have sheath mod done for me) with dangler carry extremely versatile. not the same as a BK7 or BK9 but it goes in my outdoors pack as easily and a BK7, I highly recommend.

  • 5 5
  • |SEP 10, 2017
  • |BY: , SUV of knives

After doing some online research, and finding it on sale, I purchased this knife today for $60.00. While I can't comment on its durability, yet, I do have a great first impression. This knife feels very comfortable, balanced, and secure in your hand, thanks to the diamond textured grip and swell. The design of this knife is very utilitarian. It will do everything well, from bushcraft to kitchen duty, but it won't excel at anything except being affordable and made in the U.S...which makes it the perfect knife in my book. The sheath is excellently designed to be set up in a multitude of ways. You are sure to find your preference, whether it be attached to MOLLE webbing, vertically off a belt, horizontally along your belt, or on a diagonal backpack strap using only the sheath. The sheath uses just the right amount of tension to hold the knife securely and it's still easy to remove. I prefer to have the serrated edge as it just adds to the overall utility aspect of this knife. Highly recommended.

  • 5 5
  • |AUG 20, 2017
  • |BY: , Great Knifr

I took this thing on a high end grueling hiking/camping trip and I did some crazy things with it and its still great- and I would highly recomend!

  • 5 5
  • |JUL 17, 2017
  • |BY: , V

I own many "high end" knives, ka bar, benchmade, spyderco, wusthof, ect.. The strongarm is the one I throw in my pack before I leave the house. Perfect size, great strength, great feel and great look.

  • 5 5
  • |APR 1, 2017
  • |BY: , Stringarm

I would give this a solid 5/5 because of the ergonomic handle, multi-mount sheath and good blade performance, it may be trickier to re profile but is definitely wort the 50$ on amazon.

  • 5 5
  • |FEB 21, 2017
  • |BY: , Swampox

I own a strong arm, it is an excellent built knife. Very sturdy, remains very sharp at all times even when used in the field tactically.

  • 5 5
  • |NOV 15, 2016
  • |BY: , Happily Ever Outdoors

This is a great tactical knife for the price. Check out my full video review on Youtube!

-Will B.
Happily Ever Outdoors

  • 4 5
  • |NOV 12, 2016
  • |BY: , First, last, only

I don't understand other people who say this is a flimsy, weak, or not a durable blade. The things as robust as a grizzly. You could hammer a nail with this blade! Yet it's still easy to wield, feels great in the hand, and is still sharp enough to do any job. My first tactical knife doesn't disappoint. As a defensive weapon, or a general utility blade for outdoors, it's fantastic. My only complaint is there is some leftover flash on the sheath, but that's easy to deal with. The strapping may put off some people but I find it nice, it gives you a wide variety of carry options. Fantastic.

  • 3 5
  • |OCT 25, 2016
  • |BY: , Hiker

Nice knife, not as ominously looking as my K Bar. Good for hiking. BUT i do not like the sheath, it is flimsy and not as sturdy as the LMF sheath. There are to many moving and removeable parts. I would of rather of had a 1 piece sheath with a nylon straps on the back for horizontal belt carry. I would like a sheath that I can clean where the blade is stored so I can use the knife for food and not worry about old remnants of fish guts tainting my food. There are two very ting holes in the bottom of the sheath, I'm not sure why they made them so small, they should be larger for cleaning. There are two slats on the side of the hard plastic sheath, if they were a little longer I could wear the sheath higher, which would be a good option. it is a lot easier to take out of the sheath than the LMF

  • 5 5
  • |JUL 4, 2016
  • |BY: , Amazeballs

Best knife money can buy, definitely a worthwhile investment.

  • 5 5
  • |JUN 28, 2016
  • |BY: , Awesome knife

The knife does every thing I need it to do and it stays sharp and will last a long time.

  • 5 5
  • |JUN 20, 2016
  • |BY: , Master of opinions

I don't know how anyone normal can badmouth this knife. It works great in all regards, feels right, and has a cool factor that will appeal to most who own it. My only critique is the latch on the sheath for smooth one-handed's a little awkward for me to release and pull in one smooth motion. It certainly does its job of securing the knife, but to reach around my world class belly with hand #2...well, it's a personal problem.

  • 5 5
  • |MAY 17, 2016
  • |BY: , the perfect knife

My english isn`t good, but i will try it. Finally I found my perfect knife. the kinfe is a knife recommended in the survival books, the size, the pommel, the grip, are perfects. I think that this knife is a survival knife instead of combat knife ( you could fight with it, of course), but this is not a problem if you know fight.
Always the sheath is poor. But this is not the case, the sheath is perfect, and offer different ways to carry.
It works good. the knife, and if you remember that a knife is not a axe or an hammer it will be endless.

  • 5 5
  • |APR 2, 2016
  • |BY: , 5 stars

Gerber has really knocked it out of the park this time. Design inprovments over the prodigy and Lmf2 knife in a serrated and fine edge version. I bought the serrated and have beat the living snake snot out of it batoning, carving and cutting various materials. It excels at all of them with great edge holding. The craftsmanship is above par and the qaulity is there where it should be. The 420Hc steel gerber uses gets very sharp and holds a decent edge. It's very corrosion resistant and pretty tough also. The handle is confortable in the hand and secure in the grip.Do yourself a favor and go get one you won't be disappointed. The couple of people on here that left bad reviews probably never even got one they are just shooting their mouth off blindly because if they did they would be As impressed as I am.the sheath is very high qaulity also and extremely functional. It has multiple attachment options with thumb pushoffs for releasing the blade from the sheath. It is a solid plastic instead of a rubber over mold which is great. The knife locks in tight and secure. One thing I would change on the design is to add a finger choil on the knife or as an option for fine woodcarving work on small things but I don't ding the knife for not having one just a preference of mine. I would have no problem taking this knife to the ends of the Earth and trusting it. It is a solid performer that's dependable.

  • 1 5
  • |MAR 6, 2016
  • |BY: , Aaron

You know, its the usual gerber. Breakable and inadequate. Gerber should focus on their QR because this knife is a disappointment.

  • 1 5
  • |JAN 5, 2016
  • |BY: , as usual

Gerber's products are really low quality as usual. Gerber always succeeds in letting me down.

  • 5 5
  • |DEC 17, 2015
  • |BY: , Your Title

I dug a dakota fire hole with this knife. Needless today it is rugged and a very nice choice.

  • 5 5
  • |NOV 14, 2015
  • |BY: , Your Title

I love this knife. Best one I have ever owned. I needed one that could keep up with me when I'm working. The fixed blade guarantees precision and strength. The grip has to be the best part. My hands are not what they used to be but I can handle this knife with ease. 5 STARS ALL DAY LONG!

  • 5 5
  • |AUG 1, 2015
  • |BY: , Strongarm

This is one of my favorite gerber knives. It is better then the Bear Grills knifes. It is so balanced I love the gription. I love that you have the option to get fine egde or serrated egde. Plus great for the price.I collect knives and this has to be one of the best I have and gerber is my favorite brands. 5 stars no problem!!!!!!!!

  • 5 5
  • |APR 5, 2015
  • |BY: , The best features, components and usability you could expect from a fixed blade knife!

Gerber's certainly done a lot right with this awesome tactical/combat knife!
Check out my review here: