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Gerber Mini Covert Auto - Tactical Grey, Stonewash Blade, Fine Edge Knife
Mini Covert Auto - Tactical Grey, Stonewash Blade, Fine Edge
Mini Covert Auto - Tactical Grey, Stonewash Blade, Fine Edge
Gerber Mini Covert Auto - Tactical Grey, Stonewash Blade, Fine Edge Knife
Mini Covert Auto - Tactical Grey, Stonewash Blade, Fine Edge
Mini Covert Auto - Tactical Grey, Stonewash Blade, Fine Edge

Mini Covert Auto - Tactical Grey, Stonewash Blade, Fine Edge

Automatic Opening Knife

Item: # 30-001395

An evolution of the best-in-class Applegate-Fairbairn folder, this knife features a spring-loaded auto release that deploys at the touch of a button. With premium S30V steel and a perfectly balanced design, this tactical folder is a sure favorite.

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    • Blade Length: 2.8 in.
    • Open Length: 6.5 in.
    • Closed Length: 3.8 in.
    • Weight: 2.1 oz.
    • Perfectly balanced
    • Quick, rapid deployment
    • Type III Anodized 6061 Aluminum Handle - Lightweight and strong
    • Slide Switch Safety - Safe while carrying
    • Plunge lock
    • Limited lifetime warranty
    • Made in USA
  • Warranty
  • Warranty

Known as the international best-in-class folding tactical knives, the Covert family takes another leap forward with the addition of the Mini Covert Auto. Our popular Applegate-Fairbairn S30V steel blade folder gets quicker with a new spring-loaded auto release that rapidly deploys the fine edge S30V tactical blade with the push of a button.

The addition of this knife is a perfect way to complete a collection, while also owning a perfectly balanced auto-opening knife. The Mini Covert Auto is the perfect example of a small tactical auto with everyday carry abilities - light, strong and discreet.

  1. Blade Material: CPM S30V w/ stonewash finish
  2. False edge spear point blade
  3. Plunge lock & blade deployment button
  4. Safety slide - lock open or closed
  5.  Handle Material: type III anodized 6061 aluminum
  6. Lanyard hole

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  • 5 5
  • |SEP 11, 2019
  • |BY: , MSgt USAF Ret.

A friend gave me this knife a couple of years ago. I loved it! Then, some time in December of 2018, I lost it, apparently while mowing with my tractor. In Sept of 2019, I found it while mowing the yard, half buried and completely packed with dirt. I must have run my tractor over that knife a couple dozen times since then. I cleaned it up and it looks and works just fine! Other than a couple of stains, and a faded red dot, you would never guess that it's been laying in the dirt, exposed to freezing cold, intense heat, direct sunlight, and torrential rains for almost a year! It's a tight, compact, high quality, well made knife. I've only lost one other knife, about 40 years ago, also while on a tractor! It was an Old Timer my dad had given me. I heard something hit the foot board, glanced down and saw it bounce into the freshly plowed dirt. This Gerber, I never knew what had happened to it until I saw it just laying there, waiting to be rescued. 40 years ago I watched the Old Timer bounce off the tractor and knew approximately where it was, but never did find that knife. Hopefully someone else found it before it rusted into iron oxide dust and faded saw cut delrin.

  • 4 5
  • |JUL 21, 2017
  • |BY: , Really rad, small, auto

Got this knife the other day and out of the box it had an issue with the action. It was really gummed up with whatever oil/grease is used in the pivot and the pivot screw was way to tight. But I normally take my knives apart and clean and tune them anyway ( standard torx on this knife thank you) so that wasn't a huge problem and now it flys open and locks up with 0 blade play. The blade will bounce back Evey once and a while and not lock but a small hand movement and it will lock completely and it seems like this is caused by the way you hold the knife when you open it.
The edge came okay and I used it to cut down several really large boxes and it did just fine. The s30v sharpens well and the heat treat seems just as good as s30v on some of my more expensive knives from other makers. Totally comfortable in hand. The design is pretty flawless I even enjoy the safety as you can lock the blade open.
Even with the issues the knife had (I've had $400 knives with bigger problems) its entirely possible to get it running great on your own, and for a USA made auto its priced quite fair. Its a rad little edc blade.