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Gerber Outrigger - Assisted Opening - Serrated Edge Knife
Gerber Outrigger - Assisted Opening - Serrated Edge Knife

Outrigger, Serrated

Assisted Opening Knife

Item: # 31-001944

Designed to be your reliable daily carry knife, the Outrigger blends together thoughtful design elements and Gerber ingenuity. Lean in design but not in function, this knife is always ready with a lightning quick opening mechanism, a safe plunge lock, and a grippy handle texture.


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    • Overall Length: 7.0"
    • Blade Length: 3.0"
    • Closed Length: 4.0"
    • Weight: 1.9 oz.
    • Steel Type: 7Cr17
    • Handle Material: Aluminum with SoftGrip Overmold
    • Dual thumb studs for quick, secure left or right-handed opening
    • Plunge Lock for solid, positive release and blade closure
    • Assisted Opening 2.0 Mechanism opens fast and easily
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The right for tool for the job is usually the one you have on you. Which is why you should carry a knife that can perform on command, time after time, until it becomes as familiar as well-worn wallet, and just as comfortable to use. The Gerber Outrigger is that knife.

A reliable daily carry knife needs to do more than cut well. It has to be pickup truck tough without monster truck heavy, open fast and easily, and sit comfortably in your hand. The blade should make quick work of slicing everything from stubborn knots to lunch, but not be so long or short that it’s awkward or out of balance.


In designing the Outrigger, Gerber blends elements from three of their most popular clip folders over the past 10 years into 1.9 ounces of a multi-faceted, problem-solving son of a gun. The Assisted Opening 2.0 technology, popularized with the Gerber Instant, uses a ball-bearing pivot for buttery smooth, one-handed opening. For added safety, the thumb Plunge Lock on the handle means easy closing, without putting your fingers in the blade’s path. The open frame design strips weight out, while adding texture to the body for increased hold. Grippy without feeling sticky, the Outrigger is finished with the same molded, rubberized handle coating that debuted on the AR 3.0, keeping the knife right where it’s supposed to be…in your hand.


Cut, pry, strip or slice. Whatever your pleasure, the Outrigger’s partially serrated drop point 3.38-inch blade is built for solutions. Making quick work of daily tasks, the fine edge section offers clean, accurate cuts, while the serrated part smoothly dispatches rope, twine and cord, even after hours of use.


The Assisted Opening 2.0 Mechanism opens quickly and easily, with one hand or two, thanks to dual thumb studs atop the blade. When it’s time to close things up, just push the Plunge Lock for a positive release and easy one-handed closure.

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  • 5 5
  • |FEB 2, 2018
  • |BY: , Your Title

This is my first folding knife purchase beyond small Swiss Army-type items, and did I pick a great one. It took about two minutes of practice, and now I can open the blade with a flick of my thumb - exactly what I was looking for. I can only believe that if others have trouble opening, it must be a technique issue as this is a one handed operation. Likewise, closing is a simple and quick one-handed operation.The rubber edging provides a secure grip, and the blade remains razor sharp. Nice size for pocket carry and fits my hand perfectly when opened.

  • 5 5
  • |JAN 6, 2017
  • |BY: , Great knife

Not sure what people are complaining about. I've had this knife for years and it still works great as my everyday blade. Nice, good weight/size and very functional. I do remember when I first got the knife I had a lot of trouble opening it but, that was just because I was inexperienced with opening it. Now I can open the blade with the slightest flick of the thumb. I really cannot understate how easy it is to open this knife. It just takes some practice. As far as people complaining about the rubber coming off that has not been my experience in the slightest but I suppose I could see this happening. However, I would have to imagine that this would be the result of rough handling, aggressive use, or maybe they got a bad knife. All I can do is speak for my blade and after 2 years, with basic maintenance, it's as good as the day I bought it. Like I said great blade at an appropriate price point. It has only been recently that I've decided to look for something a little more visually appealing.

  • 1 5
  • |JUN 29, 2016
  • |BY: , user

This knife is the biggest waste of money that I have made in a long time! It is completely impossible to open with two thumbs ... let alone one! Shortly after I started using it the rubber began to tear and it was binding the blade so badly I had to pull it the rest of the way off the knife. Now it not only works like crap but it looks like crap as well! I could have bought two german knives for what I wasted on this one. I am going to try to send it in for repair or replace but not holding my breath. DO NOT WASTE YOUR MONEY ON THIS PIECE OF CRAP!!!!!

  • 5 5
  • |APR 22, 2016
  • |BY: , nice knife

awesome blade, very sharp and it's comfy just love it and i'm very glad i got it. not too heavy and not too light just perfect, I don't get the people who complain about the opening, i have had no problems sine i got it. i highly recommend the outrigger.

  • 3 5
  • |MAR 23, 2016
  • |BY: , Hard to open

I love the look and the blade but it is hard to open even with 2 hands!

  • 2 5
  • |MAR 7, 2016
  • |BY: , has flaws

The rubber will eventually peel off and binds up the action. i like the knife but it falling apart in 6 months is unaccpetable

  • 2 5
  • |AUG 23, 2015
  • |BY: , Terrible

Do not buy. It is over priced to buy. You can get so many more better knives with this price.

  • 5 5
  • |JAN 10, 2015
  • |BY: , It's a Looker

I'm sure most modern knife users would agree that just looking at this blade causes one to do a double take. I'm glade I asked to try it out. Once I started to flip the blade out and it took over on its own I was hooked. This blade demands respect with its quick flip action.

Very comfortable in the hand. Awesome blade.

  • 5 5
  • |MAY 28, 2014
  • |BY: , Almost weightless, strong, and pocketable.

I have had a number of Gerber knives over the years, from the Paraframe to the Fast Draw, and have come to expect dependable knives at affordable prices. The Outrigger is no exception, taking some of the things I love about my other blades, and putting them into one package. The first thing you notice is how lightweight the knife is, as it feels almost weightless. The aluminum and rubber handle feels like it weighs even less than the blade. The smaller size of this knife makes it easy to pocket and thin enough not even realize you are carrying a blade. The blade itself is thin, sharp, and narrow, making it a good all-around utility knife, but not for heavy duty use. The assisted opening is quite a bit different than my Fast Draw, using a small spring to push the blade out to a nice and crisp lock. There is no play in the blade or joint, so it is super solid. The button to close it is much better than the usual slider, and overall, this is a pretty “safe” design over some of the more powerful spring assist mechanisms out there. The styling and features make this something of an active gentleman’s or even active ladies’ knife, where it is non-obtrusive, useful, and good looking at the same time.

  • 4 5
  • |DEC 5, 2013
  • |BY: , First impressions

Wow, was my first impression as I held this knife in my hand. I was amazed at how light it was, but how solid it felt in my hand. It opens quickly and smoothly, and closes with the same precision. It has a rugged look to it, but at the same time, classy. By the looks of it, I think this will be a very good blade, and I will definitely put it to the test in daily carry, camping, mountain biking, climbing, hiking, backpacking, fishing and hunting. I will post a review later on once I get to really test it.