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Gerber Outrigger - Assisted Opening - Fine Edge Knife
Gerber Outrigger - Assisted Opening - Fine Edge Knife

Outrigger, Fine Edge

Assisted Opening Knife

Item: # 31-001761

Designed to be your reliable daily carry knife, the Outrigger blends together thoughtful design elements and Gerber ingenuity. Lean in design but not in function, this knife is always ready with a lightning quick opening mechanism, a safe plunge lock, and a grippy handle texture.


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    • Overall Length: 7.0"
    • Blade Length: 3.0"
    • Closed Length: 4.0"
    • Weight: 1.9 oz.
    • Steel Type: 7Cr17
    • Handle Material: Aluminum with SoftGrip Overmold
    • Dual thumb studs for quick, secure opening
    • Plunge Lock for solid, positive release and blade closure
    • Assisted Opening 2.0 Mechanism opens fast and easily
  • Warranty

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The right for tool for the job is usually the one you have on you. Which is why you should carry a knife that performs on command, time after time, until it becomes as familiar as a well-worn wallet, and just as comfortable to use. We designed the Outrigger to be that knife.

A reliable daily carry knife needs to do more than cut well. It has to be pickup truck tough but not monster truck heavy, open fast and easily, and sit solidly in your hand. The blade should easily slice everything from stubborn knots to lunch, and not be so long or so short that it’s awkward or out of balance.


In designing the Outrigger, Gerber blends elements of three of their most popular clip folders from the past 10 years into 1.9 ounces of multi-faceted, problem-solving son of a gun. The Assisted Opening 2.0 technology, popularized with the Gerber Instant, uses a ball-bearing pivot for buttery smooth, one-handed opening. For added safety, the thumb Plunge Lock on the handle means easy closing, keeping your fingers free of the blade’s path. The open frame design strips weight out, while adding texture to the body for increased hold. Grippy without feeling sticky, the Outrigger is finished with the same molded, rubberized handle coating that debuted on the AR 3.0, keeping the knife right where it’s supposed to be— your hand.


Cut, strip, or slice. Whatever your need, the Outrigger’s partially-serrated drop point 3.38-inch blade is built for solutions. Making quick work of daily tasks, the fine edge section offers clean, accurate cuts, even after hours of use.


The Assisted Opening 2.0 Mechanism opens quickly and easily, with one hand or two, thanks to dual thumb studs atop the blade. When it’s time to close things up, just push the Plunge Lock for a positive release and fast two-handed closure.

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  • |4 out of 5 stars
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  • 4 5
  • |JUL 12, 2017
  • |BY: , Ethical Hacker, Everyday Carry

Using this as an everyday, good ol' pocketknife.

I love the design. Lightweight, ergonomic, and looks pretty neat. Once you practice it, it becomes easy to open. It's a good knife for basic cutting, like snack foods, or opening boxes. I have found that it's a rather good toe knife as well. No, I'm not just saying that because of the ASIP reference. It's an actually good toe knife. So as you can see, for the $50ish dollars MSRP (I got mine for a steal at $33, brand-new), it has multiple uses for the money.

Now you'll notice that you won't be able to cut very hard things with it, and you can't cut some tougher meats with it. Well, it wasn't designed for that. It was designed to be the best damn bang-for-your-buck knife since the Swiss Army Knife.

The only reason I'm not giving it 5/5 is because there's still much to improve upon. Perhaps use carbon-fiber instead of rubber, so it's not only tougher, but it's also more lightweight. Or give it multiple color options, like navy blue, or OD Green.

All in all, this knife is definitely in my top 5. Not for function, but for design, feel, and potential. All at the good price of (in my case) $33.

Find it at either your local Mast General Store, or at your nearest gun show,

  • 5 5
  • |JAN 10, 2017
  • |BY: , User, Everyday Carry

I love this knife and carry it everyday. Once I had the muscle memory to open it, it is quick and thoughtless opening... BUT the rubber has come off from going in and out of my pocket so much. Mine is in for warranty exchange right now that is why I am on this site. If and when they can make that rubber stay on forever, this will be a perfect knife. It is still my favorite knife.

  • 3 5
  • |AUG 31, 2016
  • |BY: , Eagle Scout

I bought this for a friend's birthday (She loves knives but lacks the hand-eye coordination to open a regular folder with one hand), and after playing with it, opening and closing for a couple weeks and oiling up the mechanism, it became fairly easy to use. It's ergonomic, lightweight and has a great clip for deep-pocket carry. I do't really know what came of it, as she seems to have misplaced it.

  • 3 5
  • |JAN 15, 2016
  • |BY: , CLOSE BUT !!!!!

I like the design but am disappointed with the execution. I bought one 2 weeks ago and was happy with everything about it except that it was very difficult to open. I tried to lube it with some WD40 and it got harder to open. Turns out the lube caused the rubber to separate from the inside of the handle causing it to drag even harder.

I exchanged it for another and it is just as hard to open as the first.

  • 4 5
  • |JAN 11, 2016
  • |BY: , Service Manager (auto, truck) - retired

Blade is sharp and stays sharp as long as it is not overly abused. When necessary to sharpen it comes back-to-new condition quickly. Running across a steel every once in awhile helps maintain a good edge. Knife is extremely lightweight which makes it an ideal pocket knife. Action for me is above average. The only concern is the rubber strip outlining the complete outer edge of the frame. I am on my second knife after a warranty replacement because the rubber strip loosened enough to impede opening and closure of blade. Warranty replacement was no-fuss, no-muss! I am pleased with the way they stand behind their products. If not for the rubber strip issue... knife would rate 5-stars.

  • 4 5
  • |DEC 25, 2015
  • |BY: , Sgt. 1st Platoon, 3rd Bn, 25th Marine Regiment 4th Marine Division USMC

Serrations are not great. They should not be on knives. This one is the exception as it does not have serrations.

  • 1 5
  • |NOV 3, 2015
  • |BY: , SoftGrip overmold failure - 2X

Overall, I like the concept of this knife. I thought the Assisted Opening 2.0 worked well. Unfortunately, I've had to return two knives because the SoftGrip overmold started to separate from the knife and interferes with the opening and closing. I would defer to another knife. If the design was perfected, I would own another.

  • 1 5
  • |AUG 29, 2015
  • |BY: , Your Title

It takes two hands and a lot of force to get it to open part way. I have a Kershaw that is easy opening.

  • 2 5
  • |AUG 19, 2015
  • |BY: , Manager

I'm an avid knife collector and on a whim purchased this knife today on my lunch break. I would agree the knife is difficult to open one handed. I Actually pulled my finger nail away from my skin and caused a little bleeding. I have now, two hand, opened the knife 300 time to see if it would break-in. It is better but will still need more opening and closing to complete the break-in. Overall its a nice knife and the weight is great for those in search of a larger knife that wont pull down your dress pants. Scores lower stars as no knife, especially an assisted opening knife, should be this difficult to open.

  • 1 5
  • |APR 29, 2015
  • |BY: , Your Title

Spent a lot of time getting the locking mechanism to work smooth, then sharpened it nicely, then the rubber grips fell apart. Returned it, would not buy another Gerber

  • 5 5
  • |APR 25, 2015
  • |BY: , Superb knife

Opens smoothly, and easily, and is painless. If hard to open, a flick of the wrist helps.

  • 4 5
  • |MAR 11, 2015
  • |BY: , First time knife owner, glad it was this

I'm a first time knife owner in my early 20's. I fell in love with the design but due to me being a newbie to the whole knife thing was really concerned about getting a quality first EDC. Now I can say that I'm glad it was the outrigger that "popped the cherry", as it were.

Action is initially stiff, yes, but after a few days of opening it's buttery smooth while still maintaining a nice, tight lock that I don't worry about opening in my pocket.

Congrats and thank you Gerber; whenever I need a knife, it'll be you that I go to first.

  • 4 5
  • |FEB 25, 2015
  • |BY: , Nice knife, but not easy to open.


Lightweight compact knife. Came in fairly sharp and didn't take much work on the stone to get it razor sharp. Rubber coating on the handle makes for a firm grip. Easy button close.


Very stiff to open. Although it's spring assist, you can't get it to open easily with the thumb studs. You have to grab the blade to open it. There is no open button on the back of the handle as found on other spring assisted knives. Used a couple of drops of oil on the push spring, helped a little, but still very stiff to open. May loosen over time, will update in a few months.

Would have given it 5 stars if it actually opened up easy like advertised.

  • 4 5
  • |JAN 23, 2015
  • |BY: , Just a little stiff

Not a bad EDC knife. Just very stiff when trying to open. Great lockup Holds an edge well. But is still stiff when I try to open it up. after a couple days of two handed opening.

  • 5 5
  • |JAN 23, 2015
  • |BY: , Mr.

Love this knife, it is a bit tough to open, work it a little bit, get your thumb used to it and its no problem.
Incredibly fast assist in opening, plus a sharp blade to start.
All in small enough to fit in your pocket every day.
Awesome knife

  • 5 5
  • |JAN 22, 2015
  • |BY: , Great knife

I recently got this knife and I have to say all the other reviews are true. It is really hard to open. I played around with it awhile and I now can open it very easily! Minimal effort, 0 pain.
if you're worried about the reviews and stars this product has don't pay too much attention to them. Get this knife, it's awesome.

  • 4 5
  • |JAN 20, 2015
  • |BY: , Mr

I love the knife the only thing I am having an issue with is that only months after having the knife the rubber grip is starting to wear out near the thumb studs because of how hard it is to open. Other than that this is one of the best knives I have ever owned.

  • 4 5
  • |APR 10, 2014
  • |BY: , Good after breaking it in

Really awesome knife after it is broken in. When I first got it it was impossible to open with one hand. After 2 evenings of watching tv and opening/closing it it got better. Then I added a small amount of power grease and now I can open it with one had no problem.

Now that it works as described I love it. You just have to know that you have to put a little work to get it to work as they describe.

  • 2 5
  • |FEB 18, 2014
  • |BY: , Stiff Is it a fluke?

I love everything about this knife except it very stiff to open. I can open a beer bottle with my nails, but I am tearing into the back edge of my thumb nail trying to get this open one handed.

  • 5 5
  • |DEC 31, 2013
  • |BY: , good knife

Good knive overall. Took me using it for a couple days before I finally got the knife broke in so that it wasn't so tough to open, but now that it pops open without any effort whatsoever, couldn't have bought a better knife. Really light weight compared to my Crkt that I have owned for the last few years and overall am very happy with the way it sits in my hand. Good job Gerber and highly reccomend this knife to anyone looking for a new one.

  • 3 5
  • |NOV 5, 2013
  • |BY: , Disappointed!

The pocket clip is on the wrong side of the knife and upside down. Unlike previous Gerber knives I've owned, I now have to pull the knife from my pocket, flip it and turn it around to open it. Not at all fast, one-handed opening. Otherwise OK, so far.

  • 3 5
  • |OCT 10, 2013
  • |BY: , Master Craftsman

This is a great little knife for everyday use. It's light, fast and dependable. Though I am used to my Quick Draw pocket clip being on the other side, I manage when I swap out knives.

  • 2 5
  • |SEP 19, 2013
  • |BY: , Brian

It's a good knife, except for the rubber lining. This is the second outrigger I've had in 6 months, and the rubber on the inside is coming off again. If gerber changes the rubber lining to something else it would be a great knife.

  • 3 5
  • |SEP 11, 2013
  • |BY: , good...but

I'm holding this knife in my hand, and my first impression is it's a fantastic knife. Great quality, very sleek design.. Second impression. How the hell do you get this thing to open? No, I'm not an idiot. I know precisely how knives open, but the one they sent me, is so stiff, and so hard to open, it is literally a two-handed knife. I've watched two videos on youtube on the outrigger knife, and every time the person opened the knife, it was literally a easy push with the thumb on the stud, and flick, the knife snaps open like a whip. Mine just can't do that. all I can figure is it needs some loosening up by working it a couple hundred times....

  • 5 5
  • |JUN 9, 2013
  • |BY: , a guy

looks good i heard 7cr17 is really good steel
looks like a redeemed paraframe

  • 5 5
  • |MAR 29, 2013
  • |BY: , cool

coolnes this is awesome!!!