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Pro Program FAQ

Pro Program Frequently Asked Questions

Who is eligible for each program?


U.S. Military - Active Duty
-Armed Forces
-National Guard

U.S. First Responders - Full Time
-Law Enforcement: Federal | State | Local

-Served in the United States Armed Forces
-Served in the Canadian Armed Forces

-Full-time employees of related industry product brands
-Members of related industry associations (OIA, NSSF, etc)
-Retail Associates of outdoor/tactical/hardware specialty retailers
-Employee of National Park Service, U.S. Fish & Wildlife Service, U.S. Forest Service, U.S. Geological Survey
-Professional Guides and Outfitters
-Search & Rescue Volunteers (NASAR membership)
-Volunteer Fire, EMS, and related

What kind of proof do you require?

This is not an exhaustive list.

DA Form 5960, DD form 1173-1 (proof of pre-enrollment in DEERS), housing request (dependent). Note: Military members are not asked to upload their CAC cards, as there is a federal regulation restricting making photocopies of this type of card.

First Responder:
Employee ID (dated or non-dated, as many are required to turn in their ID when employment ends), recent pay-stub, official letter. The vast majority of first responders choose to upload their employee ID. 

DD214, Veterans Affairs Card, Awards, Certificates, Letter or document from the Dept. of Veterans Affairs, certificate of retirement (veterans, retirees) Current Orders, Official Letter from Commanding Officer, Leave and Earnings Statement.

Business card, guide license, membership card, or pay stubs (please black out sensitive bank data).

What do I do if I was denied?

There are a few reasons you may be denied from the program.
Your document may be too blurry to read. Take a clearer photo and reupload your document at
A current or valid date is not displayed on your document. Use a different document and reupload at
If you qualify for both Veteran and Service, make sure you select one and use the same documentation throughout. You will be denied if you apply for Veteran but upload your police badge. 

How do I check if I was approved?

You can always view your current status by logging in at and then visiting

What do I qualify for if I am Canadian Active Duty?

At this time, only United States Armed Forces and First Responders are eligible for the Service Program. Unfortunately, Gerber cannot ship auto knives outside of the United States at this time.
Please apply for our Industry Program which will give you discounts on American Made products.  Apply for the program at

Who is eligible to purchase automatic knives? 

Only those who are active in our Service Program - Active Duty Military and First Responders - are eligible to purchase automatic knives on  Gerber cannot ship auto knives across state lines unless the recipient is Active Duty Military or First Responder and has signed the Gerber Automatic Opening Knife Acknowledgment form. 

Who is SheerID?

SheerID is a third-party verification service that works on behalf of retailers to check and verify military credentials. For information, visit

How do I know SheerID won't sell or share my ID and information?

This is something SheerID and Gerber take extremely seriously. User’s information is only used to confirm eligibility. Neither Gerber nor SheerID will rent or sell user’s information.
For more information on this you can read SheerID’s privacy policy and Gerber’s privacy policy.