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Gerber Bear Grylls Field Sharpener
Bear Grylls Field Sharpener
Gerber Bear Grylls Field Sharpener
Bear Grylls Field Sharpener

Bear Grylls Field Sharpener

Item: # 31-001270

The ideal companion for the well-equipped adventurer, this sharpener has two rod shaped diamond-coated sharpeners to cater to serrated blades. Coarse carbide and fine ceramic inserts will keep you fine edge blades in tip top shape. The hard plastic sheath keeps it all secure.

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    • Overall Length: 4.5"
    • Total Weight: 2.3 oz.
    • Steel Type: SS416 Grit 400
    • Coarse Carbide Insert
    • Fine Ceramic Insert
    • Hard Plastic Cover
    • Pocket Size
    • Grippy Handle
    • Sharpens Fine Edge & Serrated Blades
    • Priorities of Survival Guide
  • Warranty

Encased in a smooth, hard plastic cover the Bear Grylls Knife Sharpener fits easily in your pocket. The handle is made of grippy rubber for secure holding in wet or cold conditions. Two rod shaped diamond-coated sharpeners allow you to sharpen the serrated sections of your knife. Coarse Carbide and Fine Ceramic inserts will get your fine edge blade in shape. Your Survival Series Field Sharpener will likely be the only one you’ll ever need.


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  • 4
  • |4 out of 5 stars
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  • 4 5
  • |FEB 9, 2018
  • |BY: , Long Review of a GOOD Sharpener!

I personally do not like bear grylls equipment. I'm a prepper/survivalist of sorts and I often find that the gear doesn't seem to hold up, however that is not the case with the field sharpener I bought 2-3 years ago (Bear Grylls SOS 4660113B)

Unlike the last few reviews here, I have had no issues with my ceramic inserts, they line up perfect. While I never condone the use of v-shaped sharpening sets for expensive or or high end knives, it does have it's use for quick sharpening or for those who are inexperienced with proper stone and strop honing.

I also want to mention that if these buyers are having issues, the inserts ARE REPLACEABLE!! There is a screw in the backside of each v-shape insert and just like any other sharpener, it is a wearing item with a certain life span. It is likely the other reviewers have not taken the time to replace the inserts.

The only reason I did not rate this 5 of 5 is because while the carbide and ceramic V's are marked with "C" and "F" (for Course and fine, respectively) however on the 2 lateral rods that run the length of the sharpener, there is no markings annotating a difference between the two, whether there is a fine and a course, or a diamond covered steel vs carbide or what, since they are not only different diameters, but different color shades as well (however, there is no difference from what I can see, both are constantly said to be the same grit)

Overall great, maintainable sharpener that has rubber grips for wet conditions, has carbide and ceramic sharpener V's, and 2 diamond coated rods for serrations. Almost every feature you could ask for, except for adjustable blade angle, is part of this sharpener. Well worth the Money.

  • 3 5
  • |AUG 1, 2017
  • |BY: , An Okay Sharpener

I bought this sharpener not too long ago to take on my trips. This is a good sharpener for course and serrated edges, but the ceramic inserts do not touch and does not sharpen the knife. When I am out, I will use the two rod shaped diamond-coated sharpeners for every blade, as needed. When I return home I sharpen my knives with a whetstone. I was excited to purchase this sharpener because of its size and portability, but it does not work as well as I would have liked and the case works well in all weather.

  • 1 5
  • |JUN 25, 2017
  • |BY: , Parr

Low quality product; the fine sharpening stones did not last more than 60 - 80 passes.

  • 1 5
  • |MAR 29, 2017
  • |BY: , MR.

I love all of my gerber products, but this one was a disapointment. The ceramic side just does not work at all made my knife worse.

  • 5 5
  • |JAN 10, 2016
  • |BY: , Dr.

I like it.

  • 1 5
  • |OCT 9, 2014
  • |BY: , Your Title

I was excitied when I picked this up at the store but when I got home. I used this on my everyday carry knife and well let's just I wouldve been better off not using it. Before I used sharpener my knife would cut 550 paracord now it will barely put a knick in it. I really epected so much more from this product but Iam going to add it to the list of failure's.

  • 1 5
  • |MAY 29, 2014
  • |BY: , Mr.

Very poor product. The ceramic sharpening stones do not overlap. Consequently your knife blade will bottom out on the plastic housing before it makes contact with the ceramic sharpening stones. No way to get a fine edge on your blade.

  • 4 5
  • |MAY 24, 2014
  • |BY: , Mr.

I sharpen and polish knives daily as a hobby. Great product.

  • 2 5
  • |MAY 1, 2014
  • |BY: , Okay. Gerber has better.

I got this product not only to sharpen my serrated blades, but to take care of other knives with the fixed angle pieces. The fixed angle sharpener was truly disappointing. I have used Gerber's 3 dollar "Pocket sharpener" and it was far more effective, even if it wore out after a few good uses.

  • 2 5
  • |MAR 9, 2014
  • |BY: , Gets the job done

Great for use while in the field or camping. Sharpens knife enough to keep using it while out camping. Good job of sharpening serations on blades. Convinient carry as well. More of a temporary sharpener.

  • 5 5
  • |NOV 20, 2013
  • |BY: , GREAT

sharpened my knives razor sharp and was great overall

  • 4 5
  • |AUG 5, 2013
  • |BY: , Good for Old Knives

Just picked this up, as I love Gerber's products (as you can see by my recent flurry of reviews). I've read this isn't good for "survival" type fixed-blades, but I plan on using this to quickly service some old pocket knives, including an Italian Navy folder from the 40's. Upon trying it, it works pretty well. I don't expect it to last forever, but it's there and will get a knife working if need be.

  • 5 5
  • |JUL 27, 2013
  • |BY: , Great sharpener

This product is amazing love it

  • 5 5
  • |JUL 22, 2013
  • |BY: , Your Title

its great i have no words to say wow

  • 5 5
  • |MAY 6, 2013

This is a must for any outdoors man its compact light and not a complicated pain in the ***. Im a sog fan but gerber takes the crown when it comes to survival knives. A total must have.

  • 3 5
  • |JAN 27, 2013
  • |BY: , BOY SCOUT

I bought this sharpener about three weeks ago for my ultimate. The rods work well but the slots in my opinion, are not all that great. I don't care much for the rip style slots , but I do compliment on the size and rubber grip at the handle. It's great to throw in your pack and looks cool, but it has some flaws. I gave this product three stars because it could be improved and because there are some better options out there.

  • 1 5
  • |JAN 15, 2013
  • |BY: , BAD

I got this after seeing all the good reviews but when i used it it made the blade on my ultimate knife dull and rough

  • 4 5
  • |JAN 5, 2013
  • |BY: , Keep it in your outdoor kit...

And hope you never need to use it. This sharpener will put a decent edge on a knife, but nothing compared to what a good mounted system will do for you. Keep it as away of being able to keep a blade serviceable in a pinch.

  • 3 5
  • |DEC 8, 2012
  • |BY: , Mr.

The quality of this product doesn't seem to bad. But my work sharp guided field sharpener has much better features but is a little bigger. And I am not a huge fan of rip style sharpeners. They seem to chip the edge after a while

  • 3 5
  • |NOV 2, 2012
  • |BY: , sharpener

It works really well on the larger knives but on the smaller ones it doesn't seem to work as well. overall I don't think it was a bad purchase

  • 5 5
  • |OCT 28, 2012
  • |BY: , Pretty good

Bought this sharpener for my ultimate. It sharpened my scout better than any other sharpener I ever used.

  • 5 5
  • |OCT 26, 2012
  • |BY: , not just for gerber knives

i got it a while back and used it on my cold steel GI tanto and it works amazing

  • 2 5
  • |OCT 23, 2012
  • |BY: , Former Force Recon/SS Marine

I agree with other posts, I would pay $15 just to use the rods, (the 2 stars I awarded this sharpener) they will "fade" however after about a year of solid use as they are only coated but STAY AWAY from the carbide and ceramic slots. They all but ruined my AUS8 secondary knife and I didn't even try it on my primary SD-carry in fear of dulling that blade. There are MUCH better options out there for "field carry" sharpeners IMO.

  • 3 5
  • |OCT 12, 2012
  • |BY: , damaged very fast

I like the product, the first time I used it worked fine but now is failing much

  • 5 5
  • |OCT 10, 2012
  • |BY: , Awesome

I bought this and brought it home and sharpened my old fixed blade knife, a 25 year old buck and even a dull kutchen knife, just to test it and it works great!

  • 1 5
  • |SEP 6, 2012
  • |BY: , sharpener

the rods work great on serrations but the slots both ceramic and carbide do nort work my sog ealpup and my kershaw pocket knife have become dull after using this

  • 5 5
  • |AUG 14, 2012
  • |BY: , Darn Good

just got this and it sharpened my Gerber Instant pretty darn good. glad i bought it.

  • 4 5
  • |AUG 9, 2012
  • |BY: , AWESOME

im getting this with my ultimate knife to sharpen it, the reason i gave it 4 stars is because it does not last as long as a pocket pal

  • 4 5
  • |AUG 8, 2012
  • |BY: , Quality for price

the rods are coated, so they will run out. but for only $15, its worth is

  • 4 5
  • |AUG 6, 2012
  • |BY: , sharpner

i got this to take in the woods to sharpn my knives.the reason i gave it 4 stars is the slots dont last long

  • 5 5
  • |JUL 31, 2012
  • |BY: , amazing

great sharpener knife was sharpened in minutes

  • 5 5
  • |JUL 29, 2012
  • |BY: , GREAT sharpner

This sharpener is definitely the best sharpener i have ever had.

  • 5 5
  • |JUN 18, 2012
  • |BY: , Damn good

Like all gerber products, this is a very good sharpener. It makes the sharpest egde I have seen. Its just awesome

  • 3 5
  • |APR 28, 2012
  • |BY: , pretty good

pretty good sharpener, the carbide is doing pretty good at giving an edge. However my ceramic side seems to have a minor flaw on it right were the edge does cotnact and for that reason It doesnt seem to sharpen I am actually wondering if it gets my edge duller?

  • 5 5
  • |APR 17, 2012
  • |BY: , Awesome

Very good sharpener, put an edge on all my knives that were blunt and wouldnt take an edge from a flat sharpener, great for recurve blades and serrations, good product gerber

  • 5 5
  • |MAR 16, 2012
  • |BY: , i need it

i need somethigh to sharpen my knives

  • 5 5
  • |MAR 15, 2012
  • |BY: , useful

i got it today and it sharpend my blunt blade in seconds

  • 5 5
  • |MAR 14, 2012
  • |BY: , NICE

nice sharpener. gets knives pretty sharp

  • 5 5
  • |MAR 9, 2012
  • |BY: , Bear you are my god!!!

I want to buy the fixed blade knife so this might be usefull too.