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Gerber Defender Large Fishing Tether
Defender - Large
Defender - Large
Defender - Large
Gerber Defender Large Fishing Tether
Defender - Large
Defender - Large
Defender - Large

Defender - Large

Fishing Tether

Item: # 31-003299

The Defender Tether offers a carabiner designed to fit on-finger for intuitive control and a patented line vise on each side for secure tension relief. Line is protected by an override lock-out system, and the tool is easily carried on straps, belts, or waders w/ a wide-body flexible clip.


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    • Body: anodized aluminum, flat sage
    • Carabiner: anodised aluminum, orange
    • Secures tether w/ lanyard hole + retention clip
    • Tip control carabiner to release tension + secure gear
    • Patented side release lock w/ override
    • Patented line vises (left + right)
    • 48" dyneema cable
    • Wide mouth entry
    • Split ring
  • Warranty

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The angler who is hiking in by dense trail, wading into a rushing current, or battling a kayak for that elusive catch demands more from their gear – it has to be multi-functional and worth its weight. A fishing tether ultimately has one job - to secure gear – but if that job is done right it can also offer peace of mind and added functionality.

Both the large and compact Defender tethers were designed with control in mind, anchored by the tip control carabiner that both versions boast. This carabiner slips on finger to absorb the tension of the line and allow for ease of use when operating the tethered tool. 

The large Defender was built to be a workhorse, housing a 48” Dyneema cable that has the capacity to handle bulkier tools.  A wide body retention clip ensures that the tether isn’t going anywhere, even when working through dense brush or slippery conditions. The integrated lanyard hole provides additional carrying options – add a carabiner or tether ring to secure it to a pack or waders. The large Defender was built with a patented side release lock, when engaged the tethered tool will lock in place. If the tethered tool does get snagged on a branch or dropped downstream, an override feature kicks in to protect the tether from damage. Dual line vises set up shop on each side of the mouth, releasing tension in a matter of seconds.

Gerber tools are built to last a lifetime. To ensure optimal performance, rinse your tool with fresh water and dry thoroughly with a clean towel. Apply oil to hinges and moving parts on a regular basis.

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Anchor valuable gear to you, not the bottom of the water. The Defender tether stands out with a carabiner the fits on-finger for intuitive control and utility - take the tension out of storing and using gear.

  1. 2 D-rings included
  2. Tip control carabiner [anodized aluminum]
  3. Line vise [both sides]
  4. Override-ready side lock
  5. Corrosion-resistant anodized aluminum cover
  6. Lanyard hole
  7. Wide body retention clip
  8. 48" Dyneema cable
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  • 1 5
  • |JUN 14, 2018
  • |BY: , Chaplain

Don't waste your money! After taking almost a month to get it because of shipping issues, it broke it less than 10 minutes. Took the lock OFF, pulled it out once, went to pull it out a second time. It came out 6 inches and looked up tight, pulled the end right off. The end popped off so easily I wonder if it would have securely held my $100 Leatherman toil anyway. What a waste of money. This thing is absolute JUNK!! I expected way more from Gerber!

  • 5 5
  • |MAY 2, 2018
  • |BY: , Spawn Fly Fish President

Strength and utility. This is a must have tool. With a lock feature your gear will no longer get caught on limbs or dangle while fishing and hiking. With a simple unlock it will extend to your fishing needs.

  • 5 5
  • |JAN 4, 2018
  • |BY: , Shop owner

There’s not many companies that make a tether strong enough to hold a camera or heavier pliers, and have it automatically retract. I was very impressed with the strength of these little gadgets. Moreso, they added in a quick lock and release feature to allow you to keep your devise or tool extended out and not having to worry about it whip-lashing back at you.

  • 5 5
  • |JAN 4, 2018
  • |BY: , Fisherman

Be the one who finds the gear on the river, not the one who leaves it behind, with the Defender. Designed to fit snugly onto your pack, vest, or even wading belt/straps, the Defender is there to ensure you make it back to the truck with all the tools you left with.