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Gerber Airlift Black Folding Knife
Airlift - Black
Airlift - Black
Gerber Airlift Black Folding Knife
Airlift - Black
Airlift - Black

Airlift - Black

Folding Knife

Item: # 31-003316

The evolution of a proven design, this everyday carry pocket knife stands up to the daily grind with all steel construction. Dual thumbstuds allow for ambidextrous opening and a durable frame lock can be operated with one hand.


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    • Blade Material: 5Cr13 Stainless Steel
    • Blade Length: 2.8” (7.1 cm)
    • Overall Length: 7.0” (17.7 cm)
    • Weight: 3.2 oz
    • Handle Material: Stainless Steel
    • Lock Type: Frame lock
    • All steel construction for durability
    • Dual thumbstuds for easy opening
    • Traditional clip point blade tip
    • Frame lock for one-hand closing
    • Lanyard hole
    • Fine edge only
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A smart combination of two best-selling designs, the Airlift offers the durable steel frame of the Paraframe with the streamlined blade and handle design of the RipStop. The result is an everyday carry knife that is light in the pocket yet extremely resilient in use.


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  • 4
  • |4 out of 5 stars
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  • 5 5
  • |APR 20, 2019
  • |BY: ,

At first it can be confusing since it is a little hard to figure out how to open and close it, but once you get the hang of it it’s a really nice knife

  • 5 5
  • |MAR 14, 2019
  • |BY: , Amazing

I got this nife in south Carolina and it is my first pocket nife. It is awesome

  • 3 5
  • |JAN 7, 2019
  • |BY: , Looks can be deceiving

I got the black and gold design as a Christmas gift. The knife looks awesome but it is really hard to open. Like super hard! I tried adjusting the screw but it wont budge! Knife is pretty dull out of package. When knife is in pocket and you need to retrieve any thing you will scratch your knuckle on the tall thumbstand. All in all the knife looks great but its not very convenient.

  • 4 5
  • |DEC 27, 2018
  • |BY: , Worth it

Most reviews complain that the knife dulls easily or is hard to open, but it really is just based on your expectation. For a $25 knife, it exceeded my expectations.

  • 2 5
  • |DEC 15, 2018
  • |BY: , Hope it gets better

Just got this knife today. Was stoked to get it out of its package! Was totally bummed though. Having major problems with said knife. It opens extremely hard. And I can't get the lock to release. I have to use a screwdriver at this point to release the blade! Is this adjustable? Help Gerber! Please!

  • 3 5
  • |DEC 5, 2018
  • |BY: , Bad metal

5cr13 is a really bad metal, it isn’t hard and dulls easily. Although it is quite corrosion resistant and is easily sharpened.

  • 4 5
  • |SEP 2, 2018
  • |BY: , Airlift is Paralight carbon copy

Which is not necessarily a bad thing unless u already own the Paralight like me. Actually the origanal name was my very first pocket knife o purchased that has blossomed into quite the knife collection/addiction/obsession I now possess. So shame on me for not picking up.on it when I made purchase for $17.29 @ Target using price match. Was $19.99. So now i have two paralights. Or two airlifts. At least if the new one was silver I'd be less agitated. As for the knife itself it's overall a solid beginner's or basic knife. As others have mentioned it is difficult to open/close one handed. However it does loosen up.quickly and that's accelerated w 3 in 1 oil plus wd40 for me. I must say it is one if the more if not the most stunning knife I own and I own quite a few. I had an attempt on my life, a serious one where only my own mother kicking the animal in the face as he continued to suffocate me 41 seconds after I went limp. Poor woman borne her toe. Tha k Gid 4 moms! Buy it cant beat it 4 the $! Just dont b a dummy and buy 2 without realizing it.

  • 2 5
  • |JUL 31, 2018
  • |BY: , Meh

Bought this knife because of the price point. Very very hard to open and close. Blade is very dull too. Now I have to buy a sharpener.

  • 4 5
  • |JUL 16, 2018
  • |BY: , Knife Lover

I really like how the knife looks and how it feels when its opened or closed, it feels sturdy and just really nice. I also love how the blade feels when cutting anything or how you can even use it as a throwing knife. This knife didn't get a 5 star rating for me because of how hard it is to open and close it.

  • 5 5
  • |JUN 10, 2018
  • |BY: , Business man

Just bought this knife from my local hardware store, great feel in the hand, opens and closes nice, and the blade is in mint condition! Highly recommend this knife

  • 5 5
  • |MAR 5, 2018
  • |BY: , Knife specialist

With a little twicking you can adjust this knife to the way you need it to work for you and your needs for this nicely designed tool. Would buy silver but doesn't work for me. Plus only paid $20 at target.

  • 5 5
  • |FEB 25, 2018
  • |BY: , Love it

I really like this knife for the price. I think the bevels are hollow ground so if you use a good sharpener, it'll get real sharp. I can easily open it with one hand. I put a little bit of lubricant on the pivoting point of the knife so it slides open easily. The knife fits nicely in my pocket and the clip stays tight, even when I'm working. My only complaint would be the thumb stud. The right handed side of the thumb stud is about a 1/4" long, but the left handed side is only 1/8". The combination of the clip placement and the short thumb stud could make harder on handed opened for left handed people. Overall, its a tough little knife with a good price tag.

  • 3 5
  • |JAN 23, 2018
  • |BY: , Jesse

I'm really happy with this knife, Its a very nice design that looks great in black/gold. The best part is not just how solid it feels when you are holding it, but how smooth it opens/closes. The hardware is stuck and will not turn so you can't adjust the screw that your blade pivots on to tighten or lossen it

  • 4 5
  • |JUL 20, 2017
  • |BY: , Your Title

Just got this one and the silver version. Rather heavy for their size but have not had any problems with them yet to date.