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Deuce And A Half

Posted 06.10.14

Letter above transcribed:

March 17, 2005

This Gerber multiplier was lost during the 3rd week of Jan. ’05 at Camp New York, Kuwait. As I was inspecting my unit’s vehicles before we convoyed to Iraq, I noticed something stuck in the rear tire on one of our 2.5 ton trucks. It was this multiplier. It had been there for 2 weeks and traveled several miles in the tire. These are tough tools and this one is proof. If you can repair it and the warranty is good I would appreciate it.

Yours truly,

SFC Ronald H. Duncan

Over the last decade millions of Americans have served our country. Gerber has dedicated itself to these men and women by developing mission-essential, life saving gear for the battlefield. Today, that commitment is sustained developing new iconic tactical tools, rooted in experience, for those who continue to serve – in the military, in the community, or as ambassadors to the greater good. #StillServing

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