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The Program

Gerber is proud to support members of the US military, law enforcement agencies and first responder organizations by offering exclusive, discounted access to Gerber's Tactical and Military product line.

As a leading supplier of knives, multi-tools and gear to the US Military, Gerber ensures this gear has been designed to meet the rigorous needs of those who need them most. When life is on the line, these products deliver.

Eligible Participants

Through our PRO Program, Gerber is proud to offer these exclusive products at a special direct rate for US military and select government personnel. These personnel include:

  • Active duty military, National Guard & Reserve
  • Federal, State & Local Law Enforcement
  • Fire, EMS and other first responders

Due to shipping restrictions, the program is only available to United States Military and Government personnel.


Admittance into the program is for qualified members only, thus there are guidelines to follow. As a participant in this program, you will be entering into an agreement between Gerber and yourself, the Buyer.

Under this agreement the Buyer shall not sell Gerber product for a profit. At no time should Gerber products purchased through the PRO Program be sold or diverted for resale in any outlet - including but not limited to the internet, swap meets, flea markets, etc. Your account is authorized for your use only and is not transferrable to any other individual or entity.


The PRO Program is offered by Gerber to honor individuals who serve America at home and abroad.

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