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Steady Tool

Built for the weekend adventurer, the Gerber Steady combines the utility of a multi-tool and the functionality of a tripod for compact digital cameras (up to 340 grams) and smart phones (up to 170 grams). It comes equipped with an adjustable cell phone and screw-in camera mount and two foldable legs that serve as a tripod. The rest of the tool is all Gerber ingenuity – a fine edge blade, a serrated blade, three screwdrivers, a bottle opener, pliers and wire cutters. Steady on down the trail.

Item # 31-001043
  • Overall Length: 6"
  • Closed Length: 4"
  • Weight: 5.8 oz.
  • Steel Type: 420J2 Stainless
  • Max Phone/Camera Weight: 170 grams/340 grams


  • 12 Components
  • Tripod Functionality
  • Camera/Cell Phone Mount
  • Cell Phone Attachment
  • Fine Edge Blade
  • Serrated Blade
  • Micro Flat, Square Cross & Medium Flat Screwdrivers
  • Bottle Opener
  • Needlenose Pliers
  • Wire Cutters
  • Stainless Steel Components


1 Mr Ignacio Ramirez - JUN 12, 2014

I need to revise my my previous review:
The tool has started to rust.

Wasn't it supposed to be stainless steel? Last time I checked, you need truly brutal chemicals to make stainless steel rust, and this tool hasn't seen anything harsher than dish detergents. Why's the Phillips rusting? Why are the hinges seeping out rust?

I don't think I'll bother checking the lifetime warranty. The design was lukewarm at best, and now its turns out you also like to cut corners. My money will be going back to Switzerland.

5 Gerber Survivalist Noah - MAY 29, 2014

Epic, it is a super help.

5 Good Tool Oistin Lightner - APR 18, 2014

I Like This Tool I Like To Hunt/Fish The Camera And Phone Holder Is Something I Would Use A Lot To Record Videos. I Love The Design And I Think You Did A Very Good Job On Designing This Tool.

4 Engineer T. Hoekstra - OCT 1, 2013

I purchased this knife at a wholesale store. I wasn't in the market for a multi-tool but this one caught my eye. I am glad I did. I now carry it every day and it has come in handy on many occasions. It is extremely well built and functional.

3 Mr Ignacio Ramirez - AUG 23, 2013

The light tripod can be a lifesaver, the pliers are great (for light pliers), the knives are okay, but the Phillips screwdriver is far too hard to pull out (I've gotten chipped nails and I'm a guy), and the micro screwdriver has no place in it: most people who use light cameras are way over their heads if they need to field-strip their cameras. This screwdriver should be replaced by a can opener, which I need far more often.

Have I mentioned that the flat screwdriver will make the whole thing flex and feel utterly flimsy? Better try the pliers and a coin!

In the end, I bought it to replace my previous Swiss Army knife. I got to integrate the light pliers and the mini tripod with the knives, but now I need to carry a separate can opener OR check all my cannery for pull-tabs. I can thus report a net gain, but by a small margin.

And Hi from Cancun.

5 mr oj arbolario - JUN 26, 2013

As gravity almost always win, what if it fell on a body of water? Can you make a multi tool that floats? Or glows in the dark? I think nobody made it yet, why not be the first? Only then, will I buy another. Dont get me wrong, I think your products are of superior quality.

4 question Juan - APR 19, 2013

can steady tool works with galaxy note 2?

best regards from Panama

5 Logistics engineer for disaster response group Tom - MAR 6, 2013

another great Gerber product. well made and executed for its function. front legs are metal hinged, internals all metal. suction cup for cell phone cameras very well done. though intended, and marketed, for pocket cameras and smartphones, WILL hold a mid-sized camera, e.g.: C anon Power Shot XS series. No one ever claimed it would hold a heavy DSLR. To those who complain "why an awl": 1. it is in reality more a small screwdriver. 2. extend the awl like a third leg, get more height. OR sink it into the ground for more stability. NICE TOUCH. Not the beefiest tool, but I recommend this to our responders for capturing field video and group images for our supporters, AND for fixing their gear. Good for outdoor video bloggers. Good price point for this unique product.

5 landin j - JAN 29, 2013

Great tool. Works well with my phone at the automotiveshop. Also great for recording interactions with law enforcement too. Just set it on the dash, the forget it. ( don't forget to inform them they are being recorded)

4 Your Title Kevin - JAN 22, 2013

I think this is a great idea and I would absolutely buy a higher end version of this with a metal body.

1 King of all he surveys James G - JAN 18, 2013

What? Why does a person need a camera stand, on a knife? This product is a farce at best, if the legs on that stand break or get bent, the whole knife is trash.

3 Flotsam Mr Cleaver - JAN 9, 2013

As tools go, this is kind of superfluous. In other words, I do not need a tripod mount when I am camping or otherwise. I can use it on my desk at work for my phone although this is a kind of waste of the tool. I received this tool as a present since people know I have a few gerber knives. I have removed the suction cup (wich does not fold away) and now it is a reasonable multi tool. Otherwise it is well made and tight.

4 LED suggestion Guest - JAN 6, 2013

For a tool like this, a LED would be appropriate.

5 Hunting handy Buck - DEC 30, 2012

Although not mentioned, this can be a handy tripod for a spotting/hunting scope too. Just sayin.

4 TRI pod. Hannabel - DEC 26, 2012

There are three points of contact on this, the added functionality of the third leg is irrelevant, the BI-pod you were talking about on your rifle, is so named because you are intended to hold the stock of your rifle off the ground while in use (good lord I hope you aren't firing it with the stock on the ground...)

5 Mover/ IPhone owner Connor - NOV 17, 2012

I purchased this tool as a present for my brothers birthday. Upon receiving it I realized I had to have one. I work as a mover and have found it comes in handy almost every day. From taking apart refrigerator doors to disassembling bed frames this little puppy gets every job done. Not only that, but when I work overnight at my other job I can prop it up and watch Netflix on my phone! This thing immediately became my EDC knife, and since the price was right I don't feel bad abusing it a little to test it's durability. Obviously, if you are a carpenter or someone who needs a workhorse of a tool, maybe this isn't right for you. But honestly I love this tool, I even carry it with the phone mount attached and it really doesn't make the carry unbearable. Truly a tool for the weekend adventurer, but definitely holds its own in household work. Strongly recommended to anyone looking for a good Xmas present this year, I bought a few more for the rest of my family too.

5 For weekend casual use Read the specs - SEP 18, 2012

For people complaining about the TRIPOD not holding a DSLR, the specs clearly state the weight limit. If you're putting the $ into a high end camera buy a professional tripod designed for the weight. This product simply isn't designed for that. It functions for what it is designed to do, which is small digitals and smartphones.

3 wrong name... gil - AUG 7, 2012

My rifle has a bi-pod & just because the rifles stock makes contact w/a surface doesn't make it a tri-pod... bi-pod all the way... love gerber gear tho... cool lil product...

2 Eng. Martin G - JUL 31, 2012

Disappointing. Fiskars had the opportunity to be an innovator and corner market with a new, technology friendly product.

They missed with this. The multi tool is very flimsy. The body is made of cheap plastic that feels like it will snap when you use the pliers.

The steel used is low grade and does not hold an edge.

The tools are not well thought out, who needs an awl? how about a thumb drive or a jewelry screwdriver (for those loose glasses)

Make it full metal body, rethink the tools, use higher grade steel and slap a 99$-120$ sticker on that baby and it WILL sell. Call it the ultra steady or whatever.

Only reason its 2 stars is because the tripod works rather well, the suction cup has a little flip to make it adhere and until the cheap plastic gets loose, the ball joint allows for steady positioning.

1 Doesn't work well with cameras Joe Pf - JUN 18, 2012

The screw that attaches to the camera is not attached well to the tool. Unless your tripod mount point is perfectly centered on the bottom of your camera (which i have never seen) this tool will not support the weight of your camera and your pictures will come out crooked.

I bought this to keep in my DSLR camera bag, but I now realize that was a mistake. The mount works a little better with my ultra compact camera, but it still take a second to get everything balanced.

If you are looking to use the suction cup to connect to your phone, then you'll be a bit happier with the performance. However the suction cup doesn't fold into the tool, so you won't be able to use the carrying case.

Finally the whole tool feels flimsy. When you squeeze the pliers the two handles bend and touch, so you can get a real good grip on anything. I was unable to cut a dime with the wire clips, which I've been able to do with every other mutli-tool I've ever owned. The main blade is also very thin and feels like it is going to snap.

Nice idea, but poorly executed.

If you are interested in this tool, buy yourself a good leatherman and a tiny tripod.

5 Right Name! Mark G - JUN 9, 2012

It has three points of contact, Lenny. Tripod it is! Very inventive on Gerber's part.


I would say it is a tripod, the back of the tool would be sitting on the same surface so it would be the third point of contact. Therefore Tripod.

5 Right Name! Vic - JUN 8, 2012

A Bi-pod has only 2 points of contact. The handle of the tool is the third "leg", therefore it is a tripod

5 Right Name..?? Great Product joelovescoffee - JUN 4, 2012

Purchased for European Backpack Trip. Great idea Gerber!! I think this is a tripod! The knife acts as the third leg...a bipod would be difficult to balance...unless your funny..

3 Wrong name! Lenny Bessette - MAY 30, 2012

That is 2 legs there for its called a * Bi-pod not a *Tripod!! Absolutely a Bi-pod OK. Thx

PS: Gerber makes awesome knives though thx for that!

5 So close Jeremy - MAY 7, 2012

Put a USB memory chip on it and it would be perfect

5 Founder Donald - APR 26, 2012

Great thought & design

5 Your Title Your name - APR 17, 2012

all necessary tools with great quality!!!

5 Your Title Martin - APR 9, 2012

It's my new favorite thing! I was able to change a complicated lock with it.

5 DR Ronnie Gran - APR 5, 2012


5 Pretty awesome Jack Sauce - MAR 26, 2012

This multitool is just perfect for when you have that strange urge to video tape yourself but theres noone there to hold the camera!

5 Title Here Jer - MAR 25, 2012

i want

5 Ninja John - MAR 19, 2012

Awesome Tool

Thousand Oaks Personal Trainer

5 I smell a hit Grer - MAR 13, 2012

Hope they patented the thing with almost everyone owning smart phones it will definitely find a huge niche. Kudos for upping Leatherman.

2 Your Title Gear Lover - MAR 2, 2012

Meant to say the blade was NOT lockable which is surprising for a Gerber Product.

2 Gear Lover Maximus - FEB 26, 2012

Finally saw one in real life. I was going to buy it until I realized the blade was lockable and it felt less durable than the other gerber mulit tools.

1 Boss Scott - FEB 21, 2012

I think people shouldn't write reviews if they haven't actually USED the tool. It's nice that you think it's a good idea... I do as well. But WHO has actually USED it? Does it WORK?

Good lord....

5 Perfect Nick - FEB 12, 2012

We need to sell these in the camera store I work at! I have owned a Gerber multitool for years and I never thought it could get better, but it just did.

5 iPhonographer/woodsman/techie Pete Bretzke - FEB 11, 2012

Love this! Very cool idea!

5 Must Have Gary - FEB 10, 2012

That is one sweet looking device.

5 nice constantin - FEB 9, 2012

I belive that is a fine tool to leve always in your pocket

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