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Big Rock - Fine Edge

Designed as a hunting knife by the acclaimed knife maker, William Harsey, Jr., the Big Rock 4.5-inch fixed blade fine edge knife has evolved to become a formidable aid in camping and general outdoor use. With its sturdy full tang 440A stainless steel construction, it can travel to the campsite as a reliable companion and stand up to practically any adventure imaginable.

Take confidence along with the Big Rock knife on a camping or backpacking trip. Baton through a pile of wood, cut down small branches and limbs for kindling, sever twine or rope, and accomplish a myriad of other camp-related tasks with its sturdy blade. Clean trout, cape a deer, feather sticks, all while maintaining the ergonomic SoftGrip handle easily in your hand. Prep for a dinner of tri-tip and sliced vegetables, or cut a pizza perfectly with the excellent balance of this great, robust knife.

The handle of the Big Rock knife ensures a comfortable, secure grip in all conditions. With a glass-filled nylon core and SoftGrip over-mold, the thumb and forefinger pressed against the hilt keep the knife firmly in the palm. Tether the knife using the built-in lanyard in the pommel. The Big Rock makes a trusty addition for all of life’s most interesting journeys.

Item # 22-41589
  • Overall length: 9.4"
  • Blade length: 4.5"
  • Weight: 6.3 oz.
  • Blade style: drop point
  • Blade material: 440A stainless steel
  • Blade type: fine edge
  • Handle material: glass-filled nylon with SoftGrip overmold
  • Sheath material: nylon with protective insert


  • Ergonomic contoured handle
  • Full tang fixed blade
  • Textured SoftGrip overmold ensures secure grip
  • Lanyard
5 Great outdoors knife Wyatt - OCT 13, 2014

The reason I bought this knife is the great balance of quality and affordability. There are much better knives out there. But out in the woods I like a knife to do work and take a beating, and this knife does that (and is still sharp).

A full tang, decent steel, simple, solid knife. This is the knife for your adventures because it's the knife that will endure the abuse, the elements, and whatever you can throw at it and stand up to all of it; all that for under $40.

4 Your Title shay mellum - FEB 20, 2014

love the knife just dont like the sheath lost my knife twice was able to backtrack and fined it lucky

4 Camper Chris - NOV 24, 2013

Great knife made even better by the low price. Will serve your camping needs and then some. Nice thick full tang blade great for batoning. The sheath blows but I guess it's better than nothing. Would have gladly paid more for a kydex sheath. Get a couple of these!

5 Your Title Anthony Snedden - SEP 13, 2013

Great and durable knife! Gerber has servedrbwell in the military and covilian life adventures and endeavors! I will always lean to Gerber first when it come to knives. Although this knife was set for outdoors/camping, it's has purpose and results in military operations, including combat! I see it more as a weapon than a tool!

5 Good good knife Rawlins Rocker - MAY 16, 2013

I just got it but it has good weight, a nice size, comfortable handle and very sharp. I really like it so far and think that I will be happy with it. The sheath could be better but really is ok.

5 Full tang! Ethan!.... - NOV 9, 2012

This knife batons better than any other I have
Ever owned. It cuts hair out of the box.
Great job Ferber.

4 Your Title Highbrass6 - SEP 21, 2012

Awesome knife. Heavy blade with thick spine. Took a edge nicely out of the box. the handle is thin and easy to grip.
My only complaint (took one star off for it) is the sheath. It's functional, but... ugly. The snap is hard to open due to nothing to grip. Maybe taking a star off for the sheath is a little draconian... the knife taken alone is a 5 start. Great camp/hunting blade! Really like it.

5 Absolute Best Sprague - AUG 19, 2012

Ive owned this knife for a few years now and its still in exellent shape, i use it constantly during camping, hiking and hunting. Its been put to the test and succeded without doubt. The edge stays sharp forever it seems, great for using a fire steel with. The sheath is also ecxelent, its made for the right handed side of the belt but im left handed so thats really my only problem with it. Great job Gerber!

5 The best Kris - JUL 15, 2012

o have used this as my hunting knife for two yars now, it's been through hell and back, without a problem :)

5 omg dylan brock - JUN 29, 2012

just crazy wicked dude just so pretty and strong

5 Jensen Vidar Jensen - APR 8, 2012

Super knife!!

5 great affordable knife Derek - MAR 16, 2012

great construction comes with a nice edge, handle is very comfortable, and has some nice weight too it. have yet to use it in the woods but so far looks to be a great knife sheath doesnt seem as poorly made as others have stated. overall perfect addition to my personal survival collection.

4 Great Knife Ryan - FEB 28, 2012

Great knife but handle started peeling right out of the box i haven't got to use it yet but its perfect for batoning and starting fires great with flint sheath works not the best but gets the job done great for price.

5 Great Bang for your buck! Drew - JAN 28, 2012

Great pack knife! Nice and light, keep a great edge. Tossed this baby in my pack and have used it a ton. Would recomend this to anyone looking for a sturdy, reliable camping knife!

4 Great value Adam Young - DEC 8, 2011

I threw a mirror-finished convex mine and now I love it. Sheath is crap, but there are guys that will make kydex options out there. Working on replacing the handle scales with wood ones. Great knife.

5 Perfect knife william - NOV 22, 2011

the knife stays sharp, is easy to sharpen, has a secure grip, the full tang construction is very sturdy and its perfect sized for a camping knife.

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