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Gator Machete Jr w/ Nylon Sheath

Built just as tough as the Gator Machete, the Junior is shorter and more packable. The two-sided blade has both a fine edge for hacking brush and vines and a rough cut saw edge for cutting branches, limbs and small trees. It’s a high-carbon steel shaft with a Gator grip handle. For back-country travel, when every bit of weight is accounted for, the Gator Jr. is the right machete.

Item # 31-000759
  • Overall Length: 18.75"
  • Blade Length: 10.75"
  • Weight: 14.30 oz.
  • Head: High Carbon Steel
  • Handle: Gator-Grip


  • Tactile rubber grip
  • Fine edge and saw blade
5 Your Title Justin - JAN 27, 2015

Got it for Christmas. Its great ! Could be stronger as far as the blade bending. Its a damn good machete.

3 not bad whitebush - JAN 10, 2015

great compact machete realy usefull but not recommended for sub zero use i break mine after 3years at 20 below zero also bend the sharp in hard wood!but cut real well and the saw is good in soft wood!

5 awesome Jacob White - DEC 31, 2014

going to get it to cut trails! looks really cool! Gerber is my favorite brand of this kinda stuff

1 Your Title SMB - JUL 1, 2014

Works great on light wood. Tried trimming some 1/4" to 1/2" Oak and bend the blade.
Very disappointed.

5 Hunter Hunter/gather - JUN 27, 2014


4 Fisherman Veggiehook - JUN 26, 2014

I've had this machete for two years and have really put it through the motions! Keeps a blade nicely, small enough to be packed along with fishing gear and big enough to take out some bothersome tree limbs!

5 very good zack - JUN 24, 2014

well first of all its a machete....not an axe or use it to cut saplings or trees no bigger than 1 quarter in diameter.....and you cut small bushes and dont try to cut big ass trees or anything like that and mine came razor sharp

3 Loved it... but problems Kellyjoe - APR 6, 2014

First time love the weight, saw handle, cut small pecan trees to help make camp... worked better than great. Second time some of the guys had trouble hatcheting thru a little 4" dried branch, I used my Gator JR machete and cut thru. Totally destroyed the blade, not recovery.

5 machete is awesome isaac - APR 4, 2014

ok this machete is amazing its easy to sharpen and is quite good at splitting small pieces of wood. i can cut trees down with it pretty easily. so one day my ass of a neighbor takes it from my backyard (i was splitting wood the day before) and he takes it and smashes the blade on a rock and is now dented in opposite ways right in the middle of the blade. i guess you can say we are no longer neighbors

1 Your Title Your name - MAR 25, 2014

Delivered dull as a doorknob!
Good thing I didn't actually rely on it.

3 good machete, but will break in half andrew - MAR 22, 2014

I gotten this machete in 2012 and used it for cutting wood, its a good machete but just now it broke in half, seriously.

5 Best machete in intire world Noah - FEB 5, 2014

I love this machete you can use it for tons of things and for $21 that is Awsome everybody reading this I want to in courage you to by this machete so go a head a head and get it you won't regret it.

1 SORRY mr howard - FEB 3, 2014

this is probably the sorriest machete i have ever owned... dull when i got it and yet to get a descent edge on it. ive bought better from local hardware stores for less than $20. i would not reccomend anybody to get this machete!

2 ehh tyler hammons - JAN 25, 2014

it worked good for a little bit but one day I was chopping a small log and the blade broke right off the handle

5 Great Machete Nate - JAN 21, 2014

This Machete is the best Machete I ever bought. It feels great in the hand, serrated blade works great, and sheath is really durable!

5 Sir Parker - JAN 11, 2014

Works well. Sharp blade, good balance, great handle.

5 Brush killer Perfect - JAN 8, 2014

Love this machete. I got this a couple years ago and I'm still in love with it. I use it to chop blackberries all the time and it works great, if there was only one tool I could take into the woods, it'd be this.

5 GREAT ARESS888 - JAN 6, 2014

Great For backpack ,dull but after few strokes of sharpener it becomes great :)

5 sweet kkk - DEC 8, 2013

awesome compact machete

5 awesome tracy - NOV 10, 2013


5 AWESOME (UNKNOWN) - AUG 17, 2013

i wanted a machete for my own survival bag but i wanted a little smaller so i found this one and for it's size it is like a buzz saw for cutting best machete i have ever owned
get it for 21$ i would pay 60 for it

3 ok "machete" arikggd - AUG 17, 2013

in my mind this is not large enough to be a machete so to me it is a knife, holds an edge ok but the metal pins in the sheath ding my blade up pretty bad :(

5 Amazing Tool Carson - AUG 1, 2013

I got this when I wanted the Bear Grylls Parang but they didn't have it at Wal Mart or Sportsman's Warehouse, and I was not disappointed with it. I tried to make a trail through a bunch of stickerbushes with an old crummy $10 machete and got two feet in a couple hours, but with this bad boy I got to half the length of my house in the same amount of time! The saw is good for getting through thick tree branches or scotch broom that are too big for the blade to get through. Over all, awesome tool.

4 rada\ billy - JUL 30, 2013

mine wasn't very sharp when i got it but give a few good swipes on a good sharpener especially a rada sharpener and it'll cut through what you need

5 awsome machete matt - JUL 15, 2013

fits perfect in any bug out bag good sheath

1 Gerber, I'm tired of you M C - JUN 28, 2013

I'm tired of your cheap mystery steels that don't hold an edge, terrible heat treat (if any, you don't list it!) and bad designs! You really have nothing on the competition, price, or quality-wise!

I looked at this machete and from the get-go was suspicious of the mystery "high carbon steel" that they didn't want to tell me anything about. (I still don't know what type of steel it is!) it could be 440HC or VG-10, complete opposites that could be described as "high carbon", but I just refuse to believe it was anything good. I assume it was junky 420 or 440HC with no heat treat because after an hour of average stress due to yard work there was a large deformation in the edge. This was also due to the poor design work because they put a VERY shallow grind for a machete which was not smart as it doesn't have to be sharp, but durable. I took great care of it and didn't abuse it but it still bent. I bought a machete from a rival brand (Idk if gerber will let me reference competitors in this review) and the heat treat was much better (gerber, improve yours!), the design was a much steeper utility edge (ehem...gerber!) and the steel was not a mystery. It was 3Cr13 that was heat treated and rust resistant making it 10x the machete this is. I am not saying that you need to buy from another brand, I am saying gerber has a lot of work to do...

4 Awesome Connor - JUN 16, 2013

The blade works great on brush and small branches while the saw is just phenomonal. It was kinda dull when i bought it but that's a quick fix.

5 Knife guy Gerber Fan - JUN 9, 2013

Great the blade works better on shrubs than tall grass but I'll still give it a 10/10

5 flawless Jack - APR 16, 2013

the gerber gator right out of the box was sooooo sharp and the saw is awesome for 1-2 inch thick branches, such a great blade, unbelievable!!!

5 great machete for clearinf path the outdorsmen - APR 8, 2013

Me and a couple buddy's were justbout and built a shelter and this cut through medium sized saplings like it was air

5 awesome jake - APR 8, 2013

I cut down a whole tree. It was around 6 inches thick it was soooooo awesome get one its cheap durable and dependable.

5 crew lindsay featherston - MAR 30, 2013


5 I love it Name - MAR 26, 2013

I love the machete, but please, stop calling it a knife. (Did I use too many commas? ._.)

5 AMAZING That guy down the road - MAR 24, 2013

i just picked this knife up at bass pro shops and i am amazed at its immediately noticeable saw and great sharp blade

5 i want the machete dude awesome - MAR 24, 2013

the machete looks awesome but i dont know how well it performs due to the mixture of likes, dislikes, hates, and loves

3 pragmatist frank - FEB 23, 2013

The weeds kept getting hooked in the saw teeth. I needed to flick the weeds off before every slash. It’s not a big deal when doing small jobs. I don’t care for the saw on this tool.

My suggestions would be to flip the blade over, omit the saw and replace the saw with a cutting edge. It would become a sheep’s foot machete. I would buy that if I ever see one.

5 live for hiking graydon - FEB 18, 2013

I just bought this Gator Jr and am impressed. Came out of the package sharp and first time I used it, cut straight through quarter sized branches of sub-tropical trees. It was like a hot knife through butter, just keep it on 45 degree swing. Very happy and recommend to all

5 Great! Survivalist - JAN 16, 2013

Use it camping all the time best machete ever

5 love it razyn - DEC 30, 2012

Just got this for x-mess and i love it and it is a lil dull

4 Chopaholic Phillycheesekid - DEC 27, 2012

Came very sharp out of the box, i just had to sharpen out some burs and now its crazy sharp. I took it out on an outing and it hacks branches like its nothing. The only beef i have with it is the lanyard and the retention strap, but overall i love this thing it packs really well in a day pack. go check out my review on YouTube, my username is Phillycheesekid

4 Small package big cuts Mr.GLOCK - DEC 25, 2012

I received this as a Christmas gift. Its a very nice blade. I'm looking forward to using this next time I go out in the woods. I did note that it was a bit dull.

5 awesome the real slim shafy - DEC 14, 2012

this machete is #2 on my Christmas wish list

4 Wicked! EJD - OCT 30, 2012

Lol, this thing feels so good in your hand, you just wanna slash things with it. Perfect size for camping or backpacking. Affixes well to my heli pack! Good quality stuff, and sheath is really well made IMO.

4 great but dull brandon - OCT 29, 2012

my only problem was it was dull but if you carry a sharpener with you you be good sharpens very quick

5 Your Title jason - OCT 24, 2012

great machete, it does everything it is supposed to, if you know how to use it right

5 Jeremy roblox - OCT 17, 2012

I have a friend that has one and it works just fine.

5 great knife josh - OCT 1, 2012

great knife i love it so much!!!!!!

1 Poor From The Get Go Jeff - SEP 18, 2012

I took this product out of the package and immediately noticed that the blade was dull. I tried cutting a weed with the stem about half the size of a dime and the thing bounced off. I went and had to get it professionally sharpened. I used it for about 45 mins intermittently and it's dull again. Also, the saw side is horrible as well. If you want to cut down branches with the diameter of a nickel, you may be able to get away with it. Anything bigger and you may as well use your chainsaw. Deeply unhappy about my purchase. This will be my first and last purchase from this company.

3 Review Marty - JUL 21, 2012

Good Price, cuts well, especially the saw but not built for durability thats for sure. Used it twice and the blade is already loose. It just needs a little tightening of the screws but not meant for an avid woodsman; just a few camping trips in the year should do the trick

1 Too light Brit - JUN 11, 2012

wish I hadn't wasted the money. Too light to cut through a small garden bush.

5 Outdoorsman Bill - APR 21, 2012

Great knife/axe/saw. Blade doesnt come sharp but will a decent grinder you can make it realllly sharp, will cut through anything and has the weight to power through limbs. Carrying case is also very nice and sturdy, would recommend this to everyone

5 Perfect Knife Gabe - MAR 18, 2012

I just bought it from the internet, and I can't wait for it to get here. Really good knife. I strongly recommend you to buy it.

4 Sturdy JJ - JAN 1, 2012

Don't get carried away, as this blade will bend slightly if you whack something absurdly strong with it. Point of Balance is at 0", which makes this machete suitable for throwing (but you'd have to cut off the cord on the 'pommel' or it will wrap around your hand mid-throw) but mainly it is the heft of this blade that gives it the cutting power. Didn't come sharp, though I haven't tried sharpening it yet. The saw is the best thing about it and I would even say you could use that end to greater swinging effect than an unsharpened blade edge on the other side.

In short, it's a machete that hits like an axe. Unique.

4 finaly branen - DEC 28, 2011

i just got it

4 Your Title Ben Trabateres - DEC 24, 2011

I purchased it when the grip broke on my full size machete. I will be using it for clearing light brush, and the size is ideal for the job. The weight and balance are good.

The instructions that came with it are a bit confusing. It states to use "the saw blade for branches of 1 inch in diameter or less." I think that should read "1 inch in diameter or MORE."

Docked one star for the packaging. The heat sealed plastic clamshell was bad enough, but the stupid rivet that held the blade in place ranks near the top of the worst packaging designs I have experienced.

Seriously, removing the machete from the packaging was the most dangerous thing I have ever done with a bladed tool.

5 Mr. Mike - NOV 23, 2011

I got this about, 3-4 months ago, and I love it! I have used it to chop, and saw through lilac. It is awesome! It is great if you do not want a full sized machete. And for those who don't know how much it it, it's $21.

5 jr zombie killer mr eam - NOV 21, 2011

Why can't I get one

1 Gator Machete Jr, Nylon Sheath Hazen Murphy - OCT 10, 2011

I cut some branches off a few trees here in my back yard today, now i have four dents/deformations on the cutting edge. I am not impressed.

5 whitt caleb - SEP 1, 2011

i really want to get this gator but wears the price

1 caleb whitt - AUG 17, 2011

how much is it?

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