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Gator Bolo Machete

A traditional jungle tool updated for modern utility, the Gerber Gator Bolo is modeled after a classic shape used for generations in the Philippines to clear vegetation, chop food and cut wood. Gerber’s updates include an ergonomic handle shape, slip-proof grip, and hefty full tang construction for year after year toughness.

Designed to withstand serious cutting and make short work of everything from tall grass to small tree limbs, the stout, burly blade has a distinctive bulge near the front for added power in the swing. One part hedge trimmer, one part axe, 100% business.

Big Blade, Big Power
Small and compact are great for a daily carry knife, but when it comes to clearing a trail, you’ll want the heft and reach of the Gator Bolo’s 15.5-inch blade. Made of corrosion-resistant 1050 Steel, with full tang construction for durability, the Gator Bolo’s weight and shape create a powerful combo for any sort of chopping.

Slip-Free Grip
The ergonomic Gator Grip handle sits comfortably in your hand, offering a secure, tactile grip for confident cutting. A wrist lanyard offers an extra measure of insurance when you’re hard at work swinging.

Rugged Sheath
The rugged nylon sheath keeps the blade from getting banged up when not in use, and features belt loop and D-ring attachments for carrying on your hip or lashing to a pack.

Item # 31-002076
  • Overall Length: 22.5“ (57.2cm)
  • Blade Length: 15.5“ (39.4cm)
  • Weight: 20.8 oz. (589.7g) without Sheath 25.6 oz (725.7g) with Sheath
  • Steel Type: 1050 Steel
  • Handle Material: Gator® grip


  • Full Tang construction for durability and power transfer
  • Gator Grip handle for superior grip in wet conditions
  • Lanyard for added safety and secure retention
  • Nylon sheath with belt loop and D-ring attachments for multiple carrying options
  • Backed by Gerber’s Lifetime Warranty


2 buyer gobb - JUL 29, 2014

the blade came VERY sharp right out of the package. I started to use it about 3 days later, cutting brush, and the blade started rusting. I am disappointed with this blade even further though. I started to cut some soft wood, and about 1/4 of an inch of the blade broke off! Definite not-buy. I plan on returning it ASAP.

2 c'mon cj - JUL 18, 2014

well this is the first time Gerber has disappointed me, I am a big fan of Gerber and have always been amazed by their products, but this time... I bought the Gerber Gator machete a week ago ( from a different website) and when it got here I was amazed by it. it came sharp and ready to use. I went to the wooded area and started making a small lean-to, I was finishes after an hour and notices that the blade had started to rust. I live in a fairly dry place and was baffled by this. I sharpened the blade and set it down for the night. when I woke up it had started to rust again. I don't know why it is doing this and I don't know what to do Gerber please help

1 Quality Problem David - NOV 28, 2013

First use: Tried the Gator Bolo Machete out on some small soft Saplings and a few green fan palm fronds, total time in use would be approx. 20 minutes! After this I looked at the blade to find a chunk missing and the blade edge completely folded over in another area along with it just starting to bend in another spot. (The missing piece is about 1/2 inch long by 1/4 inch deep). Extremely disapointed and now having to go though a warranty claim and in the mean time I need a good reliable Machete to clear a track and aid in clearing camp sites.

5 Gator bolo review BugoutBrad - NOV 6, 2013

I just got this machete in the mail today. Feels great out of the box, weighed a bit more then I expected, but it is worth it. Great gator grip, great blade length and thickness, and perfect sheath. I like the d rings and rivets on the sheath, makes it feel more rugged and user friendly. Haven't really tested out in the field yet, but I am really excited to. I personally like how the blade doesn't have too much flex (when comparing it to the gator machete), it makes the blade feel more secure in the handle and less likely to break. Very satisfied with this purchase as of now I will give it 5 stars, but that's before the field test

5 Your Title Gaylord Oquendo - OCT 30, 2013

Gerber just made our traditional bolo looking tactical. AWESOME!

2 Scary Incident GH - OCT 15, 2013

My girlfriend bought me this blade for my birthday before we went camping with my uncle. It preformed very well throughout the first 4 days of the trip...but on the fifth day as I was cutting some branches for a campfire the blade snapped and flew into the ground 5 feet from my 8y/o cousin. I think I might have just received a lemon as my new Gator is working just fine...I'm just a little wary now :/

4 Your Title Hansel - SEP 23, 2013

Cuts like no other, sharpens like a dream! The only draw back, in my opinion, is that the sheath is poorly made. The attachment points give me no confidence. But hey, for that price point, i wouldn't mind spending a little more to get a better aftermarket sheath. After all, the most important thing about a machete is that when its out of its sheath, it does it job well. With regards to rust resistance and what not, c'mon guys, if you are cutting through live brush with sap, the blade is definitely going to have a patina. And in my opinion, the patina makes the machete more badass!
Just my two cents. Peace.

5 price Bojan Hrustanovic - AUG 30, 2013

i really lilke your machets, knifes, axes
but i think they are too expencive a lot of people would like to have them but they are not buying it couse of their price

4 Good usage Tyler - AUG 4, 2013

The gerber gator bolo is an excellent machete that I would recommend it has perfect weight and is almost completely shock resistant, the only problem with it is I bought it yesterday, and within a half hour of its use, it started to rust which is ridiculous.

5 origin jophet sean amorte - JUN 18, 2013

original at my country...ihope i can buy it here promblem no sale on it here....i just my bolo but the promblem of my bolo is slippery when wet(handle) use to chop banana promblem also the blade easy prone to corrosion...

ithink this is best blade it has.


I really want this machete. looks ideal for the zombie apocalypse

5 best machete ever jay culvain - APR 29, 2013

This thing is the perfect tool for camping or survival. The size is is perfect and the bulge at the end of the blade gives it that little extra weight needed for great chopping power. The machete is also durable, i have used mine endlessly and it still works great. If there is ever a zombie apocalypse I will be set.

5 best machete ever Larry, outdoorsman - APR 20, 2013

this was the best machete i have ever used

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