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Multi-Plier 600 (Sight Tool), Black, Sheath

It’s extremely difficult to improve on a Gerber Military classic, but we’ve done it with the MP600 Sight Tool. Built with the same one-handed opening technology as our MP600, our updated version has a longer Phillips driver, a combined serrated and fine edge blade, a carbon scraper for weapons maintenance and a newly designed, super-durable front sight adjustment tool. The MP600ST is Gerber’s new standard in Military issue multi-pliers.

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 *The MP600ST military version can be found here.

$110 Currently Out of Stock
Item # 30-000588 NSN # 5110-01-604-2057
  • Open Length: 6.61"
  • Closed Length: 5.04"
  • Weight: 8.2 oz.
  • Weight with sheath: 9.8 oz.


  • Stainless Steel Construction with Black Oxide Finish
  • One Hand Opening
  • Black Nylon Sheath
  • Made in the USA
  • Tools:
    • Needlenose Pliers with Crimper Jaws
    • M4/M16 Front Sight Post Adjustment Tool
    • Carbon Scraper
    • Serrated / Fine Edge Knife
    • Replaceable Tungsten Carbide Wire Cutters
    • Long Reach Philips Screwdriver
    • Lanyard Ring
    • Can Opener / Bottle Opener


5 Sua_Sponte fortinbras - MAY 23, 2016

-The one hand opening features is perfect for minimum movements within a patrol base or other close quarter situations.
-I keep the MP600ST w/in reach to hammer out any protocol deviation that may arise, making solutions "Too Easy."
*Thank you Gerber

5 CPT Chaos CW - MAR 19, 2016

Great tool. Quite versatile and great price. Excellent customer service.

5 tech txtech01 - JAN 4, 2016

The Gerber 30-000588 MP600 ST Sight Tool provides everything I need. I never leave home with out it.
USA Made.
Thanks Gerber

Al C.

5 Bob Bob - NOV 28, 2015

great tool use it almost every day. had the older version while serving in afghanistan

5 Cowboy Andy - MAR 27, 2015

Great Gerber Multi tool. Every Cowboy need a Gerber MP 600!! Made in the USA

5 Sr. Technologist Bob McMillin - JAN 19, 2015

I've carried one for over 3 years now and have never borrowed a tool from anyone. This one multi-tool more than serves its' purpose. It is indestructible!

5 Tool Cowboy - MAY 5, 2014

First off: assembled in USA made in China!! Great quality product & made too last...Handy Farm tool...

4 comment Andrew - APR 24, 2014

Great Tool !! its not Made in the USA:( its made in China!! Assembled in the USA:(
Thanks Gerber !!

5 Your Title Akey400 - MAR 18, 2014

Best tool I own.

5 grunt RazorRob - NOV 12, 2013

I never leave home without out my gerbers!

4 js Jonathan - JUN 6, 2013

On par with with leatherman at a much better price. Use my all the time, high quality and great tool selection.

5 THE BEST TOOL Brutus2013 - MAY 21, 2013

The best warranty! The best workmanship! The Best design! The Best durability! The best one hand opener! This will be the FIRST AND LAST TOOL YOU WILL EVER NEED!

5 Good Owner - DEC 25, 2012

I love this knife it's great for most things. I use this knife for scouts. I wish they'd make the bottle opener bigger.

5 the best joe - NOV 19, 2012

very durable construction and like the stell good job gerber!!!!!!

4 Technician Gary - SEP 29, 2012

Nothing against Gerber, as I use and love just about everything they make. But how the heck are you people who "want one" giving an item a five-star review. You clearly do not HAVE one and should certainly not be giving it a rating until you do.

On that note, this thing really is wonderful. I use it at work on a daily basis. My only complaint, as others have also pointed out, is that replacement parts are about IMPOSSIBLE to find/get.

4 Det Sgt Barbara - MAY 25, 2012

Used one the whole time I was a DS and loved it. Bought my own and the front sight post adjuster broke the first time I used it. Need a replacement part but can't find one!


I had mine in the Military as well as it saves lives on both sides!

5 sarge Joe T. - FEB 17, 2012


5 Sales Kelly Schaaf - FEB 17, 2012

I love it, and want one!!!

5 your title Leonard - FEB 10, 2012

i want it!!!! when will it be available?

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