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Legend - Multi-Plier 800

If you've ever wondered about the stuff that legends are made of, you'd do well to start with stellar stainless steel...such as you'll find in the hardware of the Legend. Consider, too, the contoured aluminum that goes into the handles. And the tactile rubber inserts that insure your steady grip.


These are the primary elements of what is generally considered to be the ultimate expression of the Gerber multi-tool. Being versatile wasnt enough for the guys who designed these tools. No, they worked hard to deliver a level of ergonomics and comfort that is rarely, if ever, seen.


The pliers are spring-loaded, as you'd expect. The ballistic nylon sheath is included, which is no surprise. However the tungsten carbide wire cutting blades are replaceable, which you might not expect.

Item # 48239 NSN # 5110-01-475-2144
  • Overall Length: 6.57"
  • Closed Length: 4.29"
  • Weight: 9.8 oz.
  • Handle Material: Aluminum with Rubber Inserts
  • Sheath Material: Ballistic nylon
  • Pliers Type: Needlenose
  • Handle Color: Champagne


  • Components:
    • needlenose pliers with indexable, replaceable carbide cutters
    • fine edge knife
    • Fiskars scissors
    • cross point screwdriver
    • small, medium and large flat blade screwdrivers
    • bottle opener and file
  • Contoured aluminum handles with rubber inserts for grip
  • Tungsten carbide wire cutters
  • Patented Saf.T.Plus
  • Includes Lifetime Limited Warranty
3 Repeat review - lower rating (Dec 27, 2011) Pete - AUG 3, 2015

I posted a review in 2011 as the title suggests. Since that time i have had several parts break. Gerber was quick to honour the warranty and returned a brand-new, still in the package, legend 800 to me. HOWEVER, the returned item was clearly inferior to the original I had returned. I am curious if I was given a "factory-second" to honour the warranty; either that or the "new version" of the 800 is not what the original was in 2002!
The pliers are very sticky in function and will stick in the closed position (gripped shut). They are not as smooth to open (unfolded) even after being broken in.
The rubber on the grips is a clearly cheaper version of the "gator grips" that were on my original - They even peeled going into the nylon sheath! This is a sign that they will not withstand much abuse, unlike my original that went 10 years of hard work without a scratch.
Good luck to Gerber, I would not buy the Legend 800 now if they are all like my replacement.

5 Had one since it came out Old plumber/vol firefighter/ scout - JUL 12, 2015

There is nothing better I must have sold 100 to my friends. Action speak louder than words. Gerber has always been there regarding customer service. A must have if your serious about what you need.

4 owner/operator goshawkcustomknives Bob - JUN 2, 2015

I have owned 3or 4 gerber multi-tools in the past. My son has lost a couple and I have broken a couple...Gerber warranty has never balked... I have owned a couple of other brands but always come back to Gerber...
These 800's get a hard workout everyday in my shop's... the wire cutters work superb and the scissors are now used to cut out the paper patterns for my leather sheaths...
I would have given them 5 stars but for the flaw and uneven grind on one side of the pliers....

5 The boat Dr Brian - APR 19, 2015

Bought it 20 years ago for an easy to carry tool. It was replaced free when I lost a screw from the handle. After daily wear, use, and abuse all this time the case needs it's belt loop sewn. Is that service, or what? Nobody else makes a product that good today. Thanks Gerber!

5 Boy Scout Stephen the Boy Scout - APR 4, 2015

I got for my 12th birth day as a present, it went on my first troop backpacking trip and I used a lot more than I thought I would. It is the coolest multi-tool I have ever used/seen, everybody thought it was cool including the other boy scouts and the adults, it will serve me well on other camping trips all the way to Eagle Scout. If you are reluctant to get one because of the price you should get one its worth it.

5 First Multi Justin - DEC 15, 2014

I had this given to me as a gift when I was 13 and am now 25 and this thing has worked awesome since day 1 and still continues to work.

3 little pricy Brot - NOV 5, 2014

but cool

5 Industrial Technology Teacher Raymond Rogers - SEP 30, 2014

Excellent tool. I have had it for 15 years now It did break twice, but sent in for service and it was returned to me quickly free of charge. Only thing is I wish it had a built in belt/pocket clip.

5 First Knife Ryan - SEP 2, 2014

This was my first knife and was given to me when i turned 10 years old. I am now 19 and this tool continues to work well. Five Stars!

5 Logistics and Event Management Drew G - AUG 20, 2014

I had a older version of this tool which has been a staple at all of the events that I have worked. Gerber just sent me this newer version (per warranty) and I cannot wait to test it out!

2 foreman tconst1 - JUL 29, 2014

Its a great tool until you need service. When it breaks, you can expect WEEKS wait for even a reply to your "repair/ replace" policy to get figured out. The worst aspect is that a phone rep informed me it was "due to an overwhelming backlog". THAT many tools coming back for repair???

5 Fisherman TNG - JUL 27, 2014

I found this exact tool on the beach of the river that I frequent. The handle case is slightly oxidized from saltwater exposure but the tools are all in perfect condition. knew I had something because of the Gerber name. Brought it home, cleaned it up, oiled it up, then hit the Internet to see what it was. Wow...a $111 tool mistakenly left on the beach, someone is miffed! I look forward to using this tool at work and telling the tale of finding a tool that takes a lickin and keeps on kickin! Thank you Gerber and John Doe!

5 sweet hey - JUL 7, 2014


5 Best multi tool I have ever had! David Dietz - JUL 5, 2014

I got my multi tool 15 years ago, and it has worked flawlessly ever since

5 Best multi tool I have ever had! David Dietz - JUL 5, 2014

I got my multi tool 15 years ago, and it has worked flawlessly ever since

5 Elevator repairman Joe Kirsch - MAY 24, 2014

Use this tool a lot, so much that I wore out the pouch. Do you sell this separate?

5 BowHunter John Klein - APR 16, 2014

I've had my legend for 20 years in the field and at home. Its been a very dependable tool. I will buy another.

5 Electronic Technician Mike P. - FEB 13, 2014

I bought the Legend 5 and a half years ago. This tool never lets me down! Super durable, and I love that the pliers are spring loaded. I will have this for the foreseeable future. If/when this one is no longer useable, I am buying another. I might buy one to have just in case they decide to stop making them!

4 mr Doug Doug Freman - JAN 24, 2014

great tool, as a machinist , i love the insert wire cutters. but, i wanna replace the grit saw blade with a serrated one, if i can find one.

5 Construction Instructor Al Hoff - JAN 22, 2014

This tool is the best tool I have ever seen or ever use. I have had a Gerber tool for the last 20 years my hat is off to Gerber for having a super tool thank you.

5 Never leave home without it Tetranius - AUG 19, 2013

Exchangeable standard jigsaw blade?
Spring loaded pliers?
replaceable cutters?

this is simply an amazing Multi-Plier.

they dont mention that the saw is simply a jigsaw receptable. that means you can use whichever saw you want, and when it gets dull, toss it and replace. I use a standard jigsaw blade with a course TPI, and i keep the Remgrit in the nylon sheath.

5 Electrical Engineer - VA Def Force Sergeant Thomas Carney - AUG 9, 2013

A friend gave me one of these as a gift 17 years ago. I used it, I pushed it, a few things broke on it... but it keeps going. Going to buy another one.

5 Your Title Bill Shingledecker - JUN 19, 2013

I have had the Legend 800 since it was introduced, have used it every day since the day I got it (7-8 yrs) it was in need of repair.Sent it to Gerber and two weeks later receive a BRAND NEW one in the mail!!! Great product and Great service, Thanks Gerber!!

5 Wind Turbine Technician Curtis Talley - MAY 28, 2013

I would rather forget my lunch than this tool when going to work. Used daily for over 2 years and have been dropped several times from height and still going strong!

5 Roughneck Elvis12 - MAY 22, 2013

I never have a day go by without using mine at least once. Amazingly versatile and easy to use. Tough as can be and comfortable!

5 former soldier elijah - MAY 6, 2013

The unit I served with in Iraq gave us these Gerber Legends at the beginning of our deployment. I carried the Legend in Iraq for 2 years. That was 8 years ago. I have carried this same tool everyday for 8 years and its awesome. I even ran this tool over with a 20 ton uparmoured vehicle, they are a little warped but still function fine. I would use the warranty to get them replaced but then I would lose that story. My opinion Best multi tool on he market ever.

5 Army Engineer Ralph - APR 24, 2013

The best multi-tool I've ever owned. Bought it in 2003. Has everything that I need. While I was deployed to Iraq it became my best friend.

5 electrician Richard Grondin - APR 16, 2013

The model 800 has become like my right hand. It is an extreemly useful in many tight spots, (situations) . the 800 is a must have for those who have it and a must get for those who don't.

5 Electro-mechanical Tech William S. Edwards - MAR 7, 2013

This has been the best multi-tool I have ever owned (out of several). Gerber has honored the lifetime warranty twice so far as I have used my beloved Gerber for MANY tasks.
This has made me a lifetime fan of Gerber products!

5 Retired Loco. Engineer Oscar Matherly - DEC 27, 2012

This Legend is one of the best Multi-plier's
I have every had, when I was working I used it more times then you can gest.

5 Assistant Chief of Police Robbie Rich - AUG 28, 2012

I love the legend 800. I broke the pliars while using them and because of the lifetime warranty they replaced them. Great Tool! Thanks, Mark!!

5 Avid Outdoorsman and IT Guy Christopher Karraker - AUG 13, 2012

I've owned my Gerber Legend for 13 years and the only thing I've ever broken on it thus far is the spring on the scissors, and the tungsten carbide cutters over many years. This tool goes on my belt every day and I would be devastated if I ever lost it. This is exactly why I never lose track of it. The knife is still as sharp as the day I got it!

5 Park Production Sean - JUL 31, 2012

My crew builds the Telluride Bluegrass Festival. 4 of us carry the 800 Legend after 3 of them borrowed mine. Tough, very solid after years of abuse (oh, I meant normal wear & tear) the in-hand comfort is, well, comforting. I show this thing off to everyone who's using something else. And I never had a problem cutting bailing wire, miles of it.

3 Security Guard Your name - APR 5, 2012

Don't get me wrong. The 800 Legend is an excellent tool, but like many legendary figures it has one fatal flaw. The $20.00 tungsten carbide wire cutters that shatter when used on larger wire like cheap coat hangers, bailing wire, or chain link fence. Maybe it's just me, but I would rather not be thinking to myself "Is this wire going to be too much for the Legend?"

5 Canadian Navy Pete - DEC 27, 2011

I have had the 800 Legend for most of my career and it has outshone every other multi-tool it's encountered from Hurricane relief in Mississippi, the unforgiving North Atlantic to Ground Search and Rescue. No other tool on the market compared to the rugged versatility that this tool offers. I challenge Gerber to design an even better tool to top the 800 Legend.

5 Staff Sergeant US Army Ron Vincent - DEC 18, 2011

This tool has gotten me through many, many obsatcles. I carry it with me everywhere that I go. It has been a life saver in the position I am in with the US Army. It is the most rugged multi tool that I have ever used, and all of my buddies agree. It doesn't have the cool flick out with the snap of your wrist, it actually has to be opened by pulling it apart, but once it is opened, and put to use, then you begin to understand what an awesome tool it is.

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