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Crucial Multi-Tool - Gray

It’s compact and folds up small, yet the Crucial collects an entire toolbox of full-sized components in one rugged stainless steel package. The pliers handles are ergonomically curved for a better grip and more torque. The liner-locking knife blade is half fine edge and half serrated. It has a carabiner clip that folds out for easy attachment to a backpack, vest or belt loop. Built with a clip and weighing just five ounces, the Crucial can also be carried as an everyday pocket tool.

Item # 31-000014
  • Overall Length: 5.5"
  • Closed Length: 3.6"
  • Weight: 5.0 oz.
  • Stainless Steel - Black


  • Convenient Clip
  • Bottle Opener
  • Longer handle, better torque
  • Liner lock
  • Includes Lifetime Limited Warranty
  • Carries like a pocket knife - weighs a mere 5 oz.
  • V-cut wire cutters
  • Flat head screw driver
5 Brilliant design Matt - DEC 6, 2015

Great ergonomic design. The tools all lock which is great. The pliers probably wouldn't handle much twisting movement but are good for basic jobs. I don't know why you'd risk using the pocket clip but it is a nice slim add on. The only criticism I have is that the edge on the blade is hard to sharpen because of the shallow angle. Other than that it is a great tool.

3 AV Tech J. Knotts - NOV 18, 2015

I hate rating it this low, I actually love this little tool. One point comes off because I'm afraid I'm going to break it (heavy duty usage) because it is so thin through the pliers, and the other point comes off because I hate a flat Phillips. Everything else about this tool is good. I love the carabineer but this baby needs to be made in a heavy duty version too.

5 Great, simple multitool Lucas - AUG 9, 2015

I've had this for almost four years. It has just the tools I need. Nothing more or less. Pliers are still solid, knife is easy to sharpen and holds an edge well enough. I use it almost every day and carry it in the small fifth pocket of my jeans every day. It's bulky, but that's what you get for carrying pliers. I couldn't ask for anything more.

5 brit army collector Anggelo - MAR 17, 2015

I bought a british army surplus item coming from Astan, fit well on my hand, well made and better designed.

5 DIY-er swen - MAY 13, 2014

I have use this (someone in my office have it) and I do not own a pair yet, but that will happen today. What I like about this tool after using it, is the length of the blade, needle point pliers, very handy. I can see myself using this for fishing too.(removing hooks etc). Well constructed no frills pliers! Also everything in north America is over-packaged so I already use pocket knife but when I do take it out looks too threatening and people are giving me the "look". I did fall in "love" on first use of this multi-tool...

2 Very disappointed Farmer - MAR 23, 2014

This multitool sucks! I used the wire cutters once and it made a dent, then I used my leatherman and there wasn't a scratch

5 Your Title Lesley - DEC 22, 2013

Great product. I have the one with the seat belt cutter. I hope I never have to use it. I'm sure it will prove to be another awesome gerber blade.

5 J - OCT 28, 2013

love it great for EDC

5 DIYer Brad Carlson - SEP 12, 2012

WOW, I have many multi tools, some good name brands, some cheap junk brands. Just got this Crucial. I have Rheumatoid Arthritis and my hands are a wreck. I got this tool since the ergo design looked like I would be able to handle it. Fits my hand GREAT! I can easily open the blades/tools/pliers, and the caribiner is perfect to hold the item on my power wheel chair. Thank you Gerber for a great quality tool!

5 Variant? Noel - SEP 11, 2012

I have yet to come across a situation where my multitool failed at what I wanted to do with it. On one (and only one to date since recieving it for christmas several years ago) occasion the liner lock buckled while using the blade but I was able to avoid cutting myself.

My only question would be that on my multitool I do not have the caribeaner.. I have what looks like a strap cutter with a diamond shape cut into the base.. Any clue on what this would be??

4 user larry - SEP 11, 2012

overall great balance of utility and capability. Carry it everyday, over every other tool I own, but pocket clip broke after a couple of years.

5 Randomly fix stuff FatDaddyJoe - JUN 30, 2012

I myself bought this tool because of the lightness of it and the big blade. I intinally did not have high hopes for the pliers, and the handles seemed to be kinda akward to grip. But so far I have carried it around almost all of the time because it is so light, and the tools work great. The blade is nice, and easy to sharpen, and holds it's sharpness pretty well. The screwdrivers don't comne out a lot from the handle, but this has not yet caused me any problems. And the pliers are actually really tough, they have not broken on me at all, altough I have been using them with a lot of force, and to open up some really jammed bolts. And the handles do not really feel that akward after getting used to using them, even if you squeeze them quite hard. For the price, an excelent lightweight multitool

2 tool stefan - APR 19, 2012

very sloppy when closed up and knife wont hold a good edge

3 Maintenance tech 3 Jason - APR 6, 2012

The spring tab that locks the knife open broke off after about 2 weeks, and it's a little too fat for my pocket.
I like that the tools can be accessed without opening the pliers.

3 Mr Benedict - FEB 19, 2012

This is my EDC multitool that lives in my workbag. I rather appreciate the good set of needlenose pliers it comes with which has withstood some respectably heavy use. Decent blade on it too and everything being liner-locked gives confidence.

Not so good is the pocket clip; which was only required to live on the edge of my work bag broke off after several months of living there.

5 Multitool Myles - DEC 30, 2011

Dale thanks for your great review, but I actually want a knife with a bottle opener, Corona and Craft Beer still have old school tops... and I have been caught w/o an opener multiple times.!!

5 Good multitool Dale - DEC 17, 2011

Nice size; pliers folds out nice--well engineered---the tips come together good. Handles confortable. Knife blade is a good tool blade--nice shape, easy to get out. Caribeaner in fine, but I think it is made backwards! --but can be used. Suppose to b e used as bottle opener, but bottle openers are probably obsolete now, most bottles have twist off caps. Nice design in apppearance multitool.

5 great multi tool joe - SEP 26, 2011

Bought for a tackle box multi tool and it works great! It has everything I needed without a bunch of useless extras. The tools fold out easy and don't budge when locked in place. Has the quality gerber construction and engineering I have come to love.

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