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Prodigy, Coyote

The slightly smaller but not-a-bit less tough Prodigy packs as much punch as its predecessor, the award winning LMF II. Coyote Brown, light weight and a noise dampened, MOLLE compatible sheath make this knife Light Infantry’s best friend. The full tang, 420HC stainless steel blade is beefy, and coated with ceramic for corrosion resistance and reduced visual signature. The ergonomic over-molded rubber handle ensures a sticky, comfortable grip in all conditions. The sheath is designed to take a beating and retain the knife even on G-force impact.

Item # 30-000843
  • Overall Length: 9.75"
  • Blade Length: 4.75"
  • Weight: 12.45 oz. (w/ Sheath)
  • Weight: 7.21 oz. (w/o Sheath)
  • Blade Material: U.S. 420HC Stainless Steel
  • Blade Type: Partially Serrated Drop Point
  • Sheath Material: Friction-release Thumb Lock


  • TacHide™ Handle
  • Coyote Tan Handle and Sheath
  • MOLLE Compatible
  • Leg Strap
  • Spike Pommel
  • Lanyard Hole
  • Made in the USA


3 Stop with the Serrations No serrations - OCT 25, 2014

PLEASE! I own one of the LMF II and I love it except the serrations. PLEASE give me a LMF or Prodigy without SERRATIONS

3 Serrations = Blah Brad - AUG 8, 2014

Agree, at least an option of no serrations, and you'd have a winner.

5 No serrations! MB - JUL 1, 2014

This would be my ideal knife were it not for the serrations. I currently have the drop point version and love the size and feel but hesitate to carry it into the woods for bushcrafting because the serrated area doesn't cut like a plain edge. If you made a plain edge version of the prodigy I would buy many and treat them all like rented mules.

5 Knife enthusiast. Zayhne - NOV 22, 2013

I personally don't own this knife but I will say,Gerber,for the love of god just make a plain edge prodigy...PLEASE!

5 . john smith - NOV 20, 2013

would also LOVE to see a sharpener in the sheath as well. I like serrations but they do take up a lot of the blade. such a awesome knife, just needs some minor adjustments and it will be perfect.

3 Your Title Zack - OCT 19, 2013

This would be a really great knife.. without the serrations!

5 Customer Feedback Blademan - OCT 17, 2013

Absolutely love this blade. Tough all-purpose blade that retains its edge very well. A must have.

3 woodswalker Dave - OCT 6, 2013

I'd give this knife 5 stars if it didn't have serrations. It's difficult to make a fuzz stick or shavings for fire without a fine edge. The rest of the knife is perfect for just about anything else--the size, shape, 420HC blade and weight are perfect. So come on Gerber, give us the option. And please hurry, I'm not getting any younger.

5 Nearly Perfect Michael K. - SEP 19, 2013

One of the best knifes u can purchase for that money!

But please make a coyote tanto Version! And no camo pattern sheaths anymore. The black one is fine! Keep it simple and the good work going!

3 Long-time Gerber Customer DRE66 - AUG 30, 2013

This is my current favorite model of the various "combat" knives Gerber offers. My favorite would be a plain edge version. Please, we need a plain edge model, I already have the serrated but would buy another if plain edge!!!

4 Your Title Your name - AUG 23, 2013

Have the prodigy tanto, love it, want a prodigy drop point (matched set) but love the coyote brown color more than the black, but don't have credentials. the sheath broke on my tanto, so i guess i should look into that first. I was iffy on the serrations on my tanto, bought it anyways, thought can't go wrong, made in the USA, turns out the serrations make the knife. options are always good though (color, serrations)
. . . .

3 MR Randy - JUL 22, 2013

Please, please, please make a Prodigy without serrations--please!

5 Customer Feedback Kyle - JUL 16, 2013

Definitely needs to be a straight edge version of this, and what is this 'Credentials Required' stuff?

Are you guys 'trying' to lose money..?

4 Your Title Your name - JUN 27, 2013

The knife is amazing but needs improvements spear holes and a non serrated version with the possibility to remove the grip.

4 Your Title Charlee - MAY 15, 2013

Needs to have more color options for the color on the handle. I love the way this knife looks but will never buy one becuase that brown is hideous. Black would be a great choice. Lime green would be awesome for those into the whole zombie craze.

5 Camper Joe - FEB 26, 2013

I agree that there should be options to have smooth or serrated edge, more color options. If not make it so the serrations don't take up half of the blade. Also in corporates a sharpener in the sheath and spear holes through the handle

3 Agree Leonardo - JAN 13, 2013

I agree with the others there NEEDS to be a non serrated edge version on many knifes you have such as the prodigy and most definitely the LMF 2. Please take our ideas into consideration and think of how many more people would buy it. Thanks


5 Leave it alone Jeff - DEC 28, 2012

Keep the serrations. Serrations helps with the functions of the knife. However, to satisfy the traditional style of knife collectors who like a smooth edge, make another Podigy in addition to the original.

5 suggestion phillip - DEC 24, 2012

leave the serrations and make it with a knife shaper like the lmf 2 sheath

4 listen to your clients lmf2 - DEC 23, 2012

Is this a full tang all the way to the pommel? If not, please make it so, and agreed with po1 no serrations! I hope you have the same sheath/sharpener system as the lmf ii... if so this is going to be a winner!

3 PO1 Victor - NOV 17, 2012

Nice size knife, please make it without serrations!

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