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LMF II ASEK - FG504 Green

Down behind enemy lines? Left to fend for yourself? These are the scenarios that inspired the LMF II. Former military man, Jeff Freeman led the charge to engineer this fearless new 10" survival knife. And we field-tested with the troops. This knife is as adaptable as the personnel who carry it. Use it to cut through the skin of a fuselage. Or sever a seat belt. Or egress through the Plexiglas of a chopper. Plus, the LMF II does a slick job cutting firewood and building shelter. The over-molded handle successfully limits blistering. There is complete separation between the tang and butt cap, so the knife absorbs the shocks from hammering and prevents the shocks of electricity. Smartly situated grooves and lashing holes let the LMF II convert to a spear. The low-profile sheath facilitates movement, limits noise, works for parachuting, and attaches to a belt or MOLLE vest. The patented, integrated sharpener means edge retention in the field.

$200 Currently Out of Stock
Item # 22-01627G NSN # 1095-01-552-5218
  • Overall Length: 10.59"
  • Blade Length: 4.84"
  • Weight: 24.28 oz. (w/ Sheath)
  • Weight: 11.67 oz. (w/o Sheath)
  • Blade Style: Drop Point
  • Blade Material: 420HC Stainless
  • Blade Type: Serrated
  • Handle Material: Glass-filled nylon with TPV overmold
  • Sheath Material: Ballistic nylon with fire retardant coating
  • Handle Color: FG504


  • A Rugged, versatile survival tool
  • Lashing holes for use as spear
  • Low-profile sheath with built-in sharpener
  • FG504 Handle
  • 2 Leg Straps
  • Sheath
  • Strap Cutter
  • Infrared Resistant
  • MOLLE Compatible
5 Just me Steel - SEP 14, 2015

I have had this knife in the past. Liked everything about it. I would buy another one if it was made with 154cm steel. Rather that than 420hc.

5 Backpacking Ken - AUG 15, 2015

Great knive have 2 my son and i.. does everything you want it to do splitting wod opening cans starting fires tinker kindling splitiing wood... Wont use any other

5 Just why Jimbo - AUG 3, 2015

Knife looks cool but why is it 200 bucks here when it's 60 on amazon

2 Tang Josh - NOV 18, 2014

I have 3 LMF's. All good knives and many people say they went it straight edge. honestly I don't care if it has a straight edge if you guys would make the knife full tang. I would pay more than $110. The sad thing is I didn't pay that for my three because I wouldn't pay that for a partial bolt tang knife. I would $110 for a full tang one and I would pay $135 even for a full tang straight edge.

5 awesome!!!!! Matt kaiser - NOV 1, 2014

best survival, tactical, and bushcrafting knife I have ever had it can take a major beating I take it and my FLIK every where I go!!!!!

5 fancy fancy - SEP 2, 2014


4 Your Title Ryan the veteran and woodsman - MAY 20, 2014

can you offer the LMF in a fine edge? it would be less manufacturing on your have and more satisfaction on our half.

3 Fine edge please Steve - FEB 25, 2014

Why are so many of your blades serrated? Please make a version of this knife with a fine edge.

5 surivor johnryan1199 - JAN 24, 2014

extreamly good knife razor sharp out of the box

5 my fav zman - JAN 8, 2014

this knife is my favorite knife the prodigy isnt even close to being as cool as the lmfII

2 Junior Taylor McClary - DEC 28, 2013

I think it should be full tang, because i would buy it only if it had full tang

5 Ex Infantry officer Amadeo skanner - DEC 17, 2013

No one like this knive , the best tool and tac knive múlti proposal

4 EOD Tech eodjuggernaut - SEP 30, 2013

I have this knife and love it with two exeptions. 1. No fine edgde option and 2. I would love to see it available with the S30V that they use in their 06 Autos. It is an excellent blade material and in my experience Gerber's S30V is some of the best not sure why but it is. The grip is excellent and fits my hand like it was made for it. Overall home run for Gerber.

5 Ex Ranger Hardcorey Chambers - JUN 24, 2013

I bought 4 to give my Best Friends the BEST KNIFE out there,and I've been out there!!! Keep it up....



5 Great knife user - MAY 19, 2013

Got issued one of these overseas. Execellent knife. Just wish mine wouldn't have been stolen when it was getting shipped back stateside.

5 manager Idler Survival - MAR 29, 2013

please make a all fine edge version like the new BGUltimate but without the BG. ty

4 Navy Chief 11chaos - MAR 27, 2013

Two thumbs up!

5 Your Title M3cUm123 - FEB 6, 2013

i really wish you didnt have to have credentials my brother is in the army and he has one. says they are one hell of a knife he uses it in afghanistan,im looking to buy one for myself.

5 Awesome tactical knife just another gerber fan - JAN 31, 2013


3 Christopher 626 Chris - JAN 12, 2013

PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE make an all-fine edge version. THIS would be the ultimate.

5 SGT The Sarge - JAN 6, 2013

I have two one I have put through the sand box over seas the other is still new and in the bow I wont sell either one . I love them both

5 Outstanding Knife kellydminer - DEC 26, 2012

I love this knife. I've used it (with a chunk of concrete as a hammer) to open surplus Russian ammo tins, to cut branches, to dig in the mud, and to threaten an inquisitive gator. It's survived it all. The blade is really thick and even though I've taken chunks out of the edge it cleans up and sharpens up just fine. Made in Oregon too.

5 not the same as bear grylls knife gary m - NOV 13, 2012

I have both the bear grylls knife and the LMF II and i can tell you they are not the same! quality of the LMF II sheath is better, the knife is thicker, has better durability and a better coating on. although the bear grylls is lighter and has more gadgets don't mistake looks for quality!

4 SGT Stout - NOV 5, 2012

It comes highly recommended by a bunch of NCO's and Officers in my unit, from my LT to the CSM. It'll be my next knife purchase, and I'll be back to write a proper review.

5 Magua Jason - OCT 23, 2012

GREAT KNIFE. Considerable improvement to our last ASEK from the Ontario Knife Company. I love the fact that it is a quick draw with no snaps or straps. It stays in place when I'm hanging upside down out of the Chinook doing sling loads, which, with the crappy snaps on the last ASEK, I dropped a few times before taking it off my vest. And for 64 bucks?! I'm buying one for personal use. The only downside is on my fligh

5 The king Dave - JUL 29, 2012

Terrifi. Knife, I posed it with the serrations yet I have just picked it up from a local knife shop who re groin the edge to a fine edge and it is possibly the ultimate knife, the guy at the shop is an incredible craftsman, he profiled the blade so that the new edge (where the serrations were) meets with the original edge flawlessly and as a result I've only lost 1mm of width at the handle. Best $10 Ive ever spent

5 Bear grylls Knife Chris - JUL 12, 2012

I have the bear grylls knife, same knife just a different butt on it. It is awesome works great and solid construction, for anyone who wants a great knife with a few extra bells and whistles on it I would recommend.

5 ArmyInfantry Dan - MAY 9, 2012

Best knife I've ever owned. I have the coyote brown version, and it's the knife I want at my side in any situation.

1 Elect Vice - APR 2, 2012

I have had three lmf ll's and all three have broken. The first one I sent in for warrenty came back rattling loose within the handle, an issue it didnt even have when I sent it in. My third lmf broke when I was splitting some firewood. I battoned the handle to straighted the blade out in the wood and the cheap plastic shattered. I have smacked the crap out of my KA-BAR's metal handle and it is completely fine .The lmf's blade was then rattling again.I sent it to Gerber and they finally gave me credit. I also had a hydration pack from them and not only was it poorly designed because the water bottles fell out every time you bent over,but two seperate zippers broke. One was an actual zipper,and the other was a zipper tab. Both had very little force applied. I also recieved some credit for that. Gerber makes some terrible products and it is very hard to ever get a live person on the phone. When you do get a live person they sometimes give you incorrect information. I was waiting almost a month for a replacement product. I called to see what the deal was and found out that the item was currently out of stock. No one ever bothered to give me a phone call though. I will never do buissness with Gerber again!

5 LCPL Trevor - MAR 26, 2012

Best knife I've seen. I would trust it with my life.

0317 Scout Sniper

5 0317 Scout Sniper USMC Trevor - MAR 24, 2012

Best knife I've used. Butt works great as a hammer. This thing can cut through anything. I'm buying another for use for when my service is done.

5 Your Title justin - MAR 7, 2012

this knife would be sick without serration and with a full flat grind.

5 A GHOST 3rd.SFG - JAN 29, 2012

This knife is just as awesome as it is appealing .... It is a must have for any soldiers gear ... Have the Coyote Tan ... Thank you GERBER !!! KEEP IT COMING!!

5 Uber Soldier Buckeroo Spartan - JAN 24, 2012



This knife is wicked awesome!!!! The sheath is a perfect desighn and the knife is razor sharp including the serrated edge!! I recomend it to everyone!!!

5 SurvivinSenior Charles - JAN 16, 2012

If I'm in a survival situation, this is the knife I want with me. I have the foliage green model.

5 Your Title Civilian -Freedom Fighter - JAN 15, 2012

Love this blade to bad I cant buy it. No prior military service but avid outdoors-men and ad knife enthusiast. I think this blade is tough looking and would love to have it!

5 usn robinson - JAN 12, 2012

i agree with... Soldier Fox - DEC 5, 2011

4 Your Title Josh - JAN 8, 2012

Couldn't you make one with a full fine edge?

4 Waiting for the fine-edge version! Nick - JAN 8, 2012

I love the knife, but I hate that Gerber doesn't offer many of it's knifes without serrations.

Once this comes in a fine-edge version, it's mine.

4 dudeman daniel - JAN 5, 2012

420hc steel kinda sucks

4 Marine Vet Rick - JAN 1, 2012

I have seen many Marines beat the hell out of this knife with good results. I would love to have one but do not like the serrations. If Gerber offered this blade with a full fine edge I would take one right now!

5 Availability Enzo - DEC 30, 2011

How to get one?

5 theman josh - DEC 17, 2011

i think the knife is awesome, can cut threw just about anything thats what i like, idk what i would use the spear but its good for if i was lost which would probably not happen. so i think it was a great knife i recremend it to anybody in the military

5 Soldier Fox - DEC 5, 2011

Functional knife. Has served me well since buying it.
As 'Equalizer' says, those who don't understand the serration don't need to buy a knife like this!

5 Outdoorsman, hunter, backpacker Whitesheep - DEC 4, 2011

As Equalizer says, this is a fantastic heavy duty knife that is perfect for what it is for. The serrations are great because they can be a saw, cut rope and stay sharper longer than the main blade. This isn't a hunting knife, unless you spear something with it, but it could skin an animal. This isn't a cooking knife, but it might get you something to cook. I don't use the leg straps, as I keep it attached to the webbing on my pack. The strap cutter is in my vehicle just in case.

5 Equalizer U wont hear me - NOV 30, 2011

This is the best knife in the world for what it was made. Someone who doesn't appreciate the serration doesn't know how to use this kind of knife and should buy something else.
This knife is still a secret and way too underestimated- just the way I like it.

4 da boss - NOV 28, 2011

Would be the best knife ever, if it weren't for the serration

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