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06 Auto - Drop Point, Serrated

The S30V steel blade offers superior edge retention and corrosion resistance. This fully automatic knife is easy to grip and has a pommel designed as a strike point for emergency egress. The large lanyard hole allows for 550 cord or webbing. Proudly made in U.S.A.

Credentials Required
Item # 30-000377
  • Overall Length: 8.5"
  • Blade Length: 3.80"
  • Closed Length: 4.80"
  • Weight: 6.30 oz


  • Lightweight aluminum handle
  • S30V black oxide coated stainless steel blade
  • Utility tanto tip with partially serrated edge
  • Fully automatic blade with oversize blade release button
  • Hard anodized 6061-T6 machined aluminum handle
  • Finger guards
  • Pommel with strike point and lanyard hole
5 S30v Chadlawless - AUG 17, 2015

Issued knife in 2007 deployment and still use it daily after 6 deployments the knife is still the best one I have ever had.

5 0311 RG - JUL 21, 2015

In 2006, during combat operations in Iraq, this knife was issued to my platoon. 4 combat deployments later and she's still holding on strong. This is my favorite knife by far! I am going on 10 years with her and I haven't had one complaint. In short, this is a great, tough product that is ready for whatever comes its way.

5 MM2 Nick - JUN 13, 2015

I've had this knife for about 5 years now. It's looking well used but still functions just as well as the first day I got it. Well worth the price.

1 Civilian that never broke a law in his life Sad American - JUN 9, 2015

So sad that as a law-abiding and tax-paying citizen I am unable to purchase this made in the USA 100% super awesome knife. Sadly I am only able to buy the Chinese version without the s30v steel and the cheap blade lock. The credentials should NOT be required. What SHOULD be required is a background check. If you don't have a criminal record and a spotless background you should be able to buy this made in the USA knife if you live in the USA. If you look up the term "irony" in the dictionary you will see 2 pictures of this knife along with the caption: made in the USA awesome knife s30v only for export to citizens of Canada, Mexico, Germany, Brazil, France, England, and Africa. Cheap Chinese made copy available for USA residents. I can buy an AR15 and have a 100 round drum magazine but can't buy a small box-cutting and self defense knife? Cool laws we have here in the USA. Kinda makes you wonder what you guys are fighting for... Gerber at least should be aware of this problem (of stupidity and Political-correctness run amok that we have here in the United States) and make an exact copy of this knife with the s30v steel and robust lock and just delete the button and add a thumb stud (making it an assisted Ao and not a full auto). So American civilians that never even got so much as a speeding ticket in their lives can own this awesome self-defense weapon. And those American dollars can be spent on a superior made AMERICAN product. In other news I think I may sign up for the Air Force reserves or something so that I may buy this knife, that is how bad I want one!

5 Air Advisor TG - MAR 7, 2015

I've had this blade for nearly seven years, since 2009. It has functioned extremely well under severe use conditions. The lock finally fell out of it this year, but it still operates without. I would recommend it to anyone who needs a durable and quickly accessible folder. Carries very well, clip has never came loose like cheaper sheathes often do.

5 Engineer Mark - FEB 12, 2015

This brute of a knife is my every day carry piece.
It should last for many years
Tight lockup when blade is deployed

5 Great Knife pupfield - FEB 11, 2015

I've had it about a year and use it often. Holds and edge well. Takes and edge well. Mechanically has been trouble free.

5 Police topgun66 - JAN 16, 2015

High quality, well built knife. Best knife for the money and out performs other more expensive brands. I was shocked how nice this knife is. Awesome.

5 Buying Spald1ng - NOV 27, 2014

I want to buy this knife but there is not a thing to purchase or add to cart. How do I get it.

5 shipping trey - OCT 9, 2014

Wonderful blade, got one from my dad as a gift on 18th birthday, and was stolen about 3 years later. Been trying to replace it since

5 E6 - SEP 8, 2014

High quality product. Great knife, reliable, combat/deployment ready right out of the box.



5 SSgt, USMC Nathan Lynch - FEB 26, 2014

This knife is a must have for all personnel deploying or staying in country for training to deploy. It is my back up for everything - I've cut wire to IED's with it, cleared mis-feeds on weapons with its awesome blade, even used it free personnel from vehicles struck by road side bombs -- hand's down best value for the protection of self and others around you in an auto blade - Gerber hit a home run on this one.

3 Your Title Fire fighter - JAN 24, 2014

Seems like a great knife but why are you required to have credentials ?

5 SGT US ARMY Erik - JAN 6, 2014

By far, best knife i have EVER owned. I have had a few benchmade's and this one tops them. Very strong sturdy blade, great release mechanism and feels good in the hand. Considering buying 1 more just to have on hand in case of loss or need of spare.

5 Great EDC Knife AT2 USN - DEC 16, 2013

I have been carrying the 06 Auto now for about year and I must say the knife has handled everything I have thrown at it very will. The S30V keeps a great edge and the auto system is very strong now matter how much stuff gets into it. I have not had any opening issues and it easy to drop a couple of drops of CLP to keep everything working like a fine Swiss Watch. This is the knife that I keep very close and do not loan it to anyone.

Gerber has done it again putting together a Great Folder!

5 Your Title johnnie_ratliff - NOV 24, 2013

great knife i love carrying this around. the customer service was great too that came along with the knife

5 TXSRockHoppr Own 2 - NOV 15, 2013

Keep a brand new one in the gunsafe just in case...the other I've had for years and carry
it everywhere I blade I've ever owned...thanks Gerber

5 E5 Tacelite1986 - NOV 8, 2013

Great knife seen many deployments but am retiring if for the DMF drop point auto hope it lives up to what this knife was

5 farmer dale s - OCT 25, 2013

used this knife several years for every use possible on the farm. My son used it to open some boxes he had received from ups, next day I could not find my knife. I burned a bunch of boxes and wood that day, when my son returned from school that day I asked him what he did with my knife. He told me it was in one of the boxes he had opened....that I burned. I sifted through the ashes and found my knife, washed and oiled it works like new but the handles were a little discolored. Best knife I have every owned.

5 Military Guy Collin - OCT 25, 2013

This knife is a very good knife and is useful for a lot of thing.

5 Patrolman ultracarry - OCT 13, 2013

Well once you can't beat a piece of American made equipment. Very good workmanship. i've had other company's knives they didn't hold up very well or last very long. My Dept. issues another brand hasn't held up well at all. Thank you for the quality you put into your products.

5 Patrolman ultracarry - OCT 9, 2013

Just received my 06 auto, service was the best, knife quality is very good, you can't beat buying American. Thank you for such good service keep up the good work.

5 Outstanding Cameron T - SEP 9, 2013

I bought this knife about a year ago and have carried it with me since. I'm an EMT and avid outdoorsman and---to date--I've never found a better knife than the 06 Auto. The deployment mechanism is wonderfully tactile, and the blade snaps open with a dull, but sharp thud. The button that deploys the blade is smooth and consistent and the locking mechanism is easy to operate with one hand through even the thickest of gloves (I can operate both mechanisms easily through even the most ungainly and thick leather structure fire gloves.). The S30V blade was genuinely sharp enough to shave out of the box, and has retained its edge better than any of the many knives I've ever owned or used. The serrated portion of the blade is fantastic for cutting rope and webbing and none of the little points have chipped or excessively worn. The pommel is very effective at breaking auto glass and providing a great way to produce blunt force when no striking tools are available. The handle is perfectly shaped to fit my XL-sized hands, and fits so well that it provides a nonslip-grip even when wet. After consistently heavy use in austere conditions, I've found no oxidation and the the only visible wear is on the pocket clip's finish [I imagine from sitting on the knife in metal chairs] and a few hardly noticeable dents on the aluminum handle. Initially I was concerned that sand might jam the mechanism, but having accidentally dropped the knife in sand many times and never experienced a jam, I'm sure that this knife will never fail me.
In California, there are many auto-specific restrictions on knife carry, but I can't justify buying a large folding knife other than the 06 ever again, so I plan to buy one of the manual folding versions of it. I've had a variety of knives of varying quality from other big-name companies, and I won't spend my money on anything other than a Gerber every again. The concept of a lifetime warranty is fantastic, but I imagine it was probably a safe bet for them, because this thing is tough as hell.

5 National Guardsman airassault - AUG 24, 2013

Badass knife. Thats all there is to it. Gotten me out of several jams. Never fails. Took forever to get even the least bit dull. The opening mechanism never slowed down. It has become a part of me. Feel naked without it. I carry it even when im wearing basketball shorts. Highly recommended for for any use. Military or civilian.

5 specialist king kole - AUG 14, 2013

Best knife i ever owned. Was issued while in the infantry this knife holds up to any abuse thrown it's way. As long as you don't lose it you'll have it forever. If i were to buy a new knife this would be the one. I never leave home with out it.

5 Mil Retired/ and current DoD civilian Bob Smith CW3(RET) DOD DAC GS-12 - JUL 29, 2013

Love this knife was handed it in Iraq by a unit I had been helping out in 2008, rugged and will cut about anything that can be cut. Will be fully retiring in 2 years and expect this to be on my side for all deer and hog hunting forays. The one handing opening is really appreciated as sometimes only only have one hand free.

5 Police Officer Charles R - JUL 19, 2013

A friend gave me his military issued S30V when he arrived home from Iraq. I carried that knife every day for 5 years. Best knife I've ever owned. It even looked new after 5 years, except for some wear on the pocket clip. Held an edge better than my previous Spyderco. Then it was stolen from me when I left it at my desk. I missed that knife so badly that I just purchased a brand new one. I will never lose sight of this one. Best knife ever!

5 former soldier pubpunk_77 - MAY 4, 2013

A buddy sent me one of these while I was in Afghanistan in 2008 because I lost my knife in an IED explosion. I carried it everyday during the rest of that deployment and have used it all over south and central America as all over the U.S. after getting out of the active Army. It is an outstanding knife that sharpens up great! Take care of it and it will take care of you!

5 Polie Offier - APR 6, 2013

Excellent Knife, good size, sturdy feel and durable. Easy to clean and lubricate.

5 Amazing Knife Joshua Clark - MAR 30, 2013

I received this knife while i was in Iraq in 2008. it was very useful while i was there. I then took it to Afghanistan with me in 2009-2010. it seen a lot of MRE's and other things. Back in the States its has been in my pocket everywhere i go. I use it for almost anything. I ended up dropping it one day while at work and the internal components started to fall out. Other than that happening I have no complaints about this knife.

5 Retired Military current contractor david.milan - MAR 9, 2013

Received as a departing gift, Loved it, reliable, dependable...very useful...unfortunately lost it while in AFG..lost without it.

5 Captain, USA Eric M. Bechard - MAR 6, 2013

I deployed to Afghanistan in 2007. A friend gave me this exact same knife. I used it for 15 months to open MRE’s, cut rope and even used it as a can opener a few times while out on patrols in the middle of Taliban country. It served me very well. During a 2010-2011 deployment to Iraq, as a company commander, I was in and out of helicopters weekly. On one trip I lost the S30V. Three weeks later, on another trip the crew chief taped me on the shoulder and handed me the knife back. I was amazed that he remembered me, and even more amazed that he had my knife. I have kept it in my right pocket every day since. Recently, the locking lever fell off. Looks like the threads stripped out. But, it still functions as it always has, I just can’t lock it anymore. Love to get it fixed some day, and maybe professionally sharpened. Best knife I’ve ever owned.

5 Police Officer - MAR 2, 2013

I got this knife almost 3 years ago. It has held up great. I carry it everyday on duty. Highly recommended!

5 Aircraft Armament Craftsman David Simpson - FEB 19, 2013

This knife is by far the best knife I have ever used! The handle id rugged, Lock is incredibly strong, and the blade, tough as nails. I have not found a single thing it won't cut through.

5 Love it Banjo - FEB 14, 2013


5 US Army Paratrooper Blake Jones - FEB 11, 2013

Great Knife! Durable and dependable, wouldn't leave home without it.

5 US Army Infantry Skyler Kinney - JAN 29, 2013

Love this knife use it everyday. Hold up to everything I've had it for a a couple years now and no issues at all. Mud, sand, water nothing messes this knife up.

5 mechanic us army Adam D. - JAN 18, 2013

bullet proof and this knife has stood up to two plus years of abuse daily...keep up the good work Gerber.

5 Excellent David C. - JAN 11, 2013

I've used one of these extensively over the last few years, it came back from Afghanistan and it has never left my side. This knife has been great at everything from opening packaging, cutting rope or cord, scraping paint or whatever else from a surface, and camping preparation. I've used the strike point on a few occasions, most recently to break open a gift that a friend had encased in concrete. Everything on this functions well and is quite reliable with a good grip. Easy to use with gloves as well.
This knife has also become somewhat iconic, I've had people I've never met approach me and share stories after noticing it.

5 06 2nd hand gavin - JAN 10, 2013

A friend of mine was in the marine corp and carried this all through Afghanistan and he is moving and he gave it to me to remember him. I have used it a lot and it is by far the best tactical knife i own. That's out of like 30 so that's saying something.

5 AF Aviator Ryan - JAN 9, 2013

This is by far the best knife I have ever owned. Blade was sharp right out of the box. Very solid feel, opening is very snappy. I couldn't be more pleased with this product. Way to go Gerber!

5 Army OEF veteran / Police Officer 06 Owner - JAN 8, 2013

Well constructed, reliable and safe, had mine on me every day in Afghanistan, and still carry one on the job today.

4 06 auto owner steve - JAN 2, 2013

This is a fantastic knife. Great solid construction. However, disassembly/reassembly is a pain. It would be nice if you folks at gerber would make some detailed step-by-step instructions available instead of offering a ridiculous mail order service. Support your products with detailed instrux and you'll have much happier customers.

5 knive that guy - DEC 18, 2012

120 bucks

5 COL, USAR Michael J. Arrington - DEC 10, 2012

Very reliable and helpful to me in Afghanistan. I stiil carry it everyday.

4 Military Wife Alison - DEC 2, 2012

My husband used to have this knife when he was active duty. Could anybody give me a price range? Please and thank you!

5 Civilian Al Osco - NOV 18, 2012

this knife is perfect, I really recommend to anyone who likes knives, the quality meets every single part of this knife.

5 JENG USFOR-A COL Mike Arrington - NOV 8, 2012

Great knife for my A-Land tour; always with me and super reliable.

5 Career Firefighter Firedog - OCT 31, 2012

Ths knife is always with me, either in my bunker gear for fire and emergency medical or in my pocket when off duty. Tough, takes abuse, but good for precision for cutting seat belts, cutting off clothes, slashing through metal and plastic. Stays super sharp and dependable.

5 Magua Jason - OCT 23, 2012

Great knife. Got it in Afghanistan and did have to have a customs memo to bring it back in March, but if I remember correctly I threw it in my check bag on a flight out to Virginia for a school and it made it, it might just be on international flights, check with the TSA before traveling though, things change day to day. I haven't sharpened it since I've got it and it still has a pretty decent edge, although it does need sharpened now. It was super great on 550 cord out of the package, now it takes a bit of effort, but nothing having to saw with my old pocket knife. I love all the new Gerber knives we have been getting. We just updated our Aviation Survival and Escape Knife to the LMF II ASEK.

5 super duper Aaron - OCT 19, 2012

this is a very good knife and stay sharp for a long time very handy easy to use and would recommend it to any one

4 EOD David - OCT 16, 2012

I was issued this knife and it is extremely durable, BLADE WISE, but after having used it (very hard) for two years the three tiny rear set screws began to loosen and I lost one of them before I realized it. The auto open spring was never really a good solid opener, but since it was issued I used it until the screws fell out. Probably could have gotten waranty work done on it, but not in Afghanistan. I would definitely buy it again.

5 Rich F. Dutch - OCT 6, 2012

Love this knife, have a tanto as well. I'd be lost without them. Like to see a smaller "pocket" version of these knives.

5 Had mine since 08 JBain - OCT 4, 2012

Great utility knife, though it is starting to get a bit dull from 4 years of hard use.

5 Victory Survivor - SEP 24, 2012

Ordered this knife and it came today. Superb knife. I will treasure it for a lifetime. Recommend this knife to anyone. Works flawlessly. Thanks Gerber!!!

5 louis beck nice knife - SEP 14, 2012

great knife and is extremely durable i would for sure recommend this knife to anyone

3 Ok knife Taylor - SEP 11, 2012

I got this knife a little wile back and really liked it, but after a wile the lock broke on it.

5 cia secret agent bert johnson - AUG 28, 2012

you only need a letter if you plan to carry it with you or in your bags that you take with you

5 super sailor michael - MAY 25, 2012

i was given this knife about 1 1/2 years ago and i loved everything about it, but as luck might have it i have been out of the navy for a few months and it was stolen from me one day and i was just wondering if there was anyway of getting another

5 the Sgt zerb - MAY 16, 2012

You should not need a letter to get the knofe back through customs. I got mine from the Marines in Iraq and i did not need a letter to bing it back. But things do change. I love the knife it has been years since i have got it and it still is sharp. I use it for everything and no matter what i use it for it stays in great shape and really sharp. I am looking at getting another one.

5 US Army SF Scott - MAY 7, 2012

This think should be called a Timex, because no matter what abuse and improper use I throw at it, it never fails to deliver...It takes a licking and keeps on ticking.

I was issued the serrated tanto blade several years ago and love it. I have several other auto's from the BMade company and I love those as well, however the Gerber is my go to blade. I love the heft of the knife as well as the great balance of it. Until just recently it was my daily carry. My own actions caused it to need a repair by Gerber. I mailed it off with a description of what was done to render it to need repair, and my contact information so we could work out the payment details once they evaluate the knife. Less than one week later the knife was returned fixed and under warranty.

AWESOME costumer service!!! Gerber will continue to be my 1st choice "go to blade" forever.

5 Border Patrol Agent Mean Green - MAY 3, 2012

This knife is great! I lost my other name brand auto knife and replaced it with this one. This is hands down better to the other manufacturer that is also located in Oregon. Great product!!

5 Army Combat Engineer cwturner - MAY 2, 2012

This knife is great for EVERYTHING. You can tell by just holding it that it has been built with quality materials. It is tough and great for any soldier that needs a nice knife in the field. I use this knife in everything in the army whether that is for Demo Qual or day to day tasks when not on duty. I would highly suggest to any soldier to carry this both with there uniform and civilian clothing. It goes with me everywhere.

5 FF/EMT Fred Quimby - APR 27, 2012

Not only is this my favorite knife I've ever owned, this might be my favorite possession, period! I want to be buried with this awesome knife. Feels absolutely AWESOME in your hand, the handle is perfect. Perfect balance. Excellent heft. Awesome opening system. And when the opening mechanism broke, I mailed it back to Gerber, and it was fixed for free and returned to me about a week later. Unbelievable. NO complaints about this awesome knife. 6 or 7 stars, fu*k 5!!

5 Big dog JMH - APR 26, 2012

This knife was given to me by my son in the U.S.ARMY.Best knife evre.Always onmy hip.THANK SON

5 Marine/Civilian Contractor. Chris - APR 21, 2012

An Army First Sergant gave me mine in Afghanistan two years ago and it has replaced me Covert Folder I carried for years. I love this knife. I use it for everything from a pry bar to a hammer.

5 MAJ JW - MAR 28, 2012

I was given one of these knives about 3 years ago and have used it quite a bit since then. It has held it's edge well and the opening/locking mechanism is almost as solid as it was out of the box. I trust this knife as much as I trust much more expensive brands, and I know from experience Gerber will stand behind it IF it ever fails.

5 US Marines 3rd (Heavy) T. Kent - MAR 25, 2012

Most useful knife I've been given. Comparable with the use of the SOG standard issue.

5 navy doc kayla - MAR 17, 2012

i am in the military and got this knife just recently while in afghanistan...i love it, perfect knife to carry around..just have to make a letter to make it back through customs, but i definitely recommend this knife!

5 nice blade chris from tucson - MAR 6, 2012

could not be happier the construction is flawless,love it and carry it everyday!

5 US Marine Dank - MAR 5, 2012

I have tried my best to wreck this knife. Not intentionally of course but when I look at what I have done with this knife, I am almost ashamed. I have opened boxes, cut cardboard, shaved a little wood off of a project or two, pried staples, pried bent nails so I could pull them with a hammer, and even used the end as a tack hammer. Never fails, always carry it.

5 Civi S.Caswell - FEB 13, 2012

nicest knife i have ever owned

5 new blade David R Stubbs - JAN 18, 2012

I was issued this knife yrs ago I was wondering how could I get a new non-serrated straight blade. Or to get the one I have sharpened.

5 u.s. Military contractor Riichard a lehr jr - DEC 30, 2011

my question is when i was in Fallujah with the maries they issued me a tan s3ov great knife!! unfortunately i was traveling through kbr and their bullshit security took my knife from me or i could not fly ! does anyone know where i can get that knife?

4 US ARMY SFC37F - DEC 20, 2011

I was issued this knife. I have used it to pry, cut cordage, cloth, sandbags, paper, heavy cardboard, etc. It has been dropped in dirt, sand, and has been bloodied (cutting uniforms off the injured). I used WD40 and a can of compressed air to clean it. Used military CLP to oil it. Knife worked well, kept it's edge. Opens slow/stealthily. Easily opened with gloves on. Good sturdy pocket clip. The strike point works well. Good lanyard hole for 550 parachute cord. I wore mine right on my body armor clipped to a mini-carabiner. I recommend it to any and all military and LE/public safety person. In civvies, I would recommend carrying it in a sheath. I now own 4 of these knives. I keep a backup in my vehicle. I have no idea where this knife is made, but I encourage Gerber to keep this quality of product in mind in all future offerings.

5 US Army Pilot Nate - DEC 3, 2011

I got this knife a few years back as a secondary egress knife. I use it for everything it wasn't meant to do. As a carpentry hobbyist, I use it in place of a chisel for light work, even striking the blade with a small hammer from time to time. It has held up to many years of abuse. I would probably plunge into a state of depression if I lost this go-to, heavy duty auto folding knife.

4 auto knife Goody - NOV 26, 2011

I got mine when I was in the Marines, this knife has been through its paces and so far after about three years its held up well.The only problem I have had is the tip of the blade has some chips from hard usage, though it really isn't a problem because the blade takes an edge so well.

5 Former military B.A.BADAX - NOV 15, 2011

Freakin Hardcore! This is one heavy duty SOB that's not for Pansies. The blade is razor sharp and with the press of a button it will get you out of any trouble you may find yourself in. Hell it could probably even hammer in nails if you had to. AAA+++!!!

5 CPL AndrewK - SEP 27, 2011

By far the Best knife I've ever used.
I used it for practical, tactical and non-ethical work. I used this knife in the mountains to split wood with a rock. I would recommend this knife to any and everyone. Gerber a year back replaced my old knife with a

5 TIGAH96744 JASON - AUG 24, 2011


5 Private Security Officer Shawn Dotson - AUG 22, 2011

I have hade knives and collect for over thirty years, the quality of this knife is impeccable! would recomend to anyone. This is a knife you can count on when your life deponds on it !!!!!!!

5 Your Title Brad Hanlon - AUG 21, 2011

BEst knife i ever had until someone ran off with it at a stupid COP er stopped at overnight. Wish i had another.

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