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Bear Grylls Folding (Sheath) Knife

Based on the Ultimate Knife. For people who want a serious blade, yet compact, foldable and able to fit neatly into a sheath, on a belt and out of the way.

Item # 31-000752
  • Overall Length: 8.5’’
  • Closed Length: 4.9’’
  • Blade Length: 3.6’’
  • Weight (with sheath): 5.3 oz.
  • Weight (no sheath): 4.3 oz.


  • ½ Serrated High Carbon Stainless Steel Drop Point Blade - Ideal for edge retention and cutting rope
  • Dual-Sided Thumbstud - For easy single-hand opening
  • Ergonomic Textured Rubber Grip - Maximizes comfort and reduces slippage
  • Lock Back - Locks blade securely in place and maximizes safety during closing
  • Nylon sheath - Lightweight, military-grade, mildew resistant sheath allows for horizontal or vertical carry
  • Priorities of Survival - Pocket guide contains Bear’s survival essentials


5 tattooman Andre L. - JUL 27, 2016

I just found it on a bike trail in Montreal far so good.I kind of like it ,its light and rubber ish handle.and the best part of this knife is the price.freebie for me.

1 Really not satisfied... Francis P - JUL 13, 2016

Hi, I bought this knife las friday and at the first use, the blade break... So I had to continue my hiking trip without my brand new knife that was suppose to be "unbreakable"...

4 Decent Lee - JUN 22, 2016

Pretty rugged knife. Really sharp blade and after many uses I have only needed to touch it up. The serrations got all bent up while carving wood one time, but I was able to straighten them out on my kitchen sink! As good as new. They haven't broken yet and they shouldn't with normal use.
Nice lightweight design and very comfortable while using it.
I recommend it if you want a sheath knife and like the colors.

3 awesome Hesam - JUN 4, 2016

This is an excellent knife
Anyone who is traveling in nature should have one of these knives.
Lightweight and resistant.Thanks to my good friend gave me this great tool

5 awesome John doe - FEB 6, 2016

Great knife, well wort the money!


The knife is good . But it has problem that its serrated blade is quite special but not strong enough to cut a strong timber dry wood ,other wise it has beautiful rubber grip .BUT I HAVE A QUESTION THAT SOME SHEATH HAVE EXTRA POCKET FOR SURVIVAL GUIDE AND SOME HAS NOT AN EXTRA POCKET FOR SURVIVAL GUIDE , WHY? ANSWER PLEASE

4 Great Knife ThatOneGuy7462 - DEC 15, 2015

Great knife got it for Christmas. Very sharp out of the package. the Survival Guide is very useful, especially for those who are survival beginners. Why I put four stars and not five is because saying something perfect is a little hard. This knife has one problem: Gerber did not specify what kind of steel it was made out of and this made in China (its kinda cheap) other than that the knife is great especially for the price on Amazon its about $16

5 Your Title Matevž - DEC 13, 2015

It is very good knife and it is strong as shit

5 Your Title ~~~Good knife~~~ - NOV 2, 2015

This knife is a very well built knife.i put this blade through everything including throwing, chopping, and dropping it in ice cold lakes and it still is good as new. If I had one complaint it would be because of the back end of the knife. Overall this is a good knife for people who want a good folding knife.

5 reiable reila - OCT 30, 2015

one i dont like is the ergonomic coz when time come it getting suck..but this knife wont fail u i just give it to my father.

5 Good but... bret - SEP 16, 2015

love the knife, feels great in your hands and is super grippy, razor sharp out of the box, my only problems are, after a few hours the blade has started to shake, which I was surprised, and that the knife is increadibly stiff to both open and close.

5 I AM COOL JACK - SEP 14, 2015


3 Engineer Alan - SEP 4, 2015

Sharp blade, BUT my son took it to Scout camp this summer and accidentally dropped it on a rock and the handle shattered. I mean into pieces. Cheap Chinese nylon, will be submitting for replacement under warranty. You get one more chance because my son loves this knife.

5 question Your name - JUL 20, 2015

is the parsley serrated or non serrated better
#cant choose

3 Okay John - JUL 13, 2015

The knife is okay. The Sheath is very strong and thick. The handle of the knife is nice. The blade is razor sharp out of the box. I went out and used it and then it was super dull. It doesnt keep and edge for crap. Also it is pretty hard to sharpen

5 follow me @BayuFApriyanto Bayu F. Apriyanto - JUN 14, 2015

Extremely strong and sharp! Very useful in the jungle & mountain, truly supporting my adventure ;)
Best knife I had ever had! Thanks Gerber!

5 Very Great Knife Anonymous - MAY 27, 2015

This knife came sharp as hell out of the box and I cut myself 4 times In a matter of hours, It is nice and grippy and has a good grip even when wet! It is a great, hardcore knife that always gets the job done!!!

5 madden john - MAY 12, 2015

best knife i had ever had

5 best folding knife Beka Bokuchava - MAR 22, 2015

Blade is extremely sharp and strong. Best grip in wet or dry conditions. Serrated dges is good for cutting ropes or car belts. anyway it's best folding knife what I've ever had.

2 Nice but... Chris - JAN 15, 2015

Made in China!!! I expect it to be Made in USA because its Gerber. Tsk tsk tsk

5 I love this knife Your name - JAN 13, 2015

I love it is sharp right out of the box

5 great knife Geoffrey kuhn - JAN 10, 2015

I have had my knife for 4 years I have cut wood gutted deer and done everything u can do with the knife and the knife is still in great condition. The knife still looks like I bought it new I think its the best knife Gerber and Bear have made I recommend this knife for all outdoors people.

5 Excellent Knife Coby - DEC 26, 2014

First of all, I love the shape of the knife, I enjoy holding it and its beautiful to look at. Second, it cuts really well, and the locking mechanism holds it sturdy while I use it. Definitely worth the price.

1 Where are the instructions Karen - DEC 10, 2014

Nice knife but have no idea how to make it fold up. Purchased it today and it does not come with instructions. Searching the web now looking for instructions so I don't cut my fingers off trying to make it fold up.

5 gerber hunter - NOV 2, 2014

sweet knife

4 outside life Bryan - OCT 16, 2014

great knife that i use everyday. TIP: take the bear survival guide out of the pouch and put in a mag fire starter ( they fit perfect) and it is a great camping knife. have had no trouble out of it in 3 years.

5 nice knife Mike - OCT 15, 2014

I received this knife about a year and a half ago as a birthday present. Having served my country for 10 years, 6 of them in and out of combat with the Special Forces, I have used many knives, this is not a knife I would deploy with, however, it has good blade retention and an excellent grip, I bring this knife with me on hiking and fishing trips or when working around the house and it still looks works like new. I am very satisfied and would definitely recommend it.

2 OK. Not Great Robin - OCT 5, 2014

The knife itself is good quality. The sheath is slightly too small to fit the knife securely. The "Dual-Sided Thumbstud - For easy single-hand opening" is too tight to be able to open the knife with one hand. Also why are my Survival Instructions only on French?

5 Awesome! Shusaku Endo - SEP 18, 2014

Got this as a birthday present a while ago. I love it! It has a really nice grip and sheath. Its also super sharp!

5 hiker and camper Ethan - SEP 9, 2014

I am extremely pleased with the overall quality of the knife and use it everyday. I use it for EDC purposes and love it. It has a razor shard blade enough to shave hair off the back of my hand. I also used it to cut down a 4 inch thick tree and had no problem. I have used it to make two different rafts and had no problems and I also have made a few shelters with the knife and it is amazing. I highly recommend it as a beginner to intermediate hiker/outdoors man. I love this knife and it is absolutely amazing

5 hiker and camper Ethan - SEP 9, 2014

I am extremely pleased with the overall quality of the knife and use it everyday. I use it for EDC purposes and love it. It has a razor shard blade enough to shave hair off the back of my hand. I also used it to cut down a 4 inch thick tree and had no problem. I have used it to make two different rafts and had no problems and I also have made a few shelters with the knife and it is amazing. I highly recommend it as a beginner to intermediate hiker/outdoors man. I love this knife and it is absolutely amazing

5 outdoorsman subaru jockey - AUG 19, 2014

got this knife as a birthday present a couple years ago. I love it! super sharp and the orange handle's hard to lose track of

5 oneday one day younguythatlikes survival - AUG 8, 2014

loooooks so coooooooooooool

4 Awesome... Except... Shawn - AUG 3, 2014

When I recieved this knife, I was thinking it was a nice knife. I opened it a couple times but discovered one of the washers was loose from the blade. It came out an took awhile to get the blade off and the washer back on. Whatever. It is an awesome knife with really good grip and sharp blade.

5 Your Title Clifton - JUL 18, 2014

I got mine on a trade from a friend for a $14 dollar knife

4 great knife customer - JUL 1, 2014

lots of people say "it does not have this" or "this would be better" but they don't understand that this knife is supposed to be worse than the more expensive ones. if you really want something better then pay more and stop hating.

5 question Ben - JUN 30, 2014

Do this knife have framelock? :)

5 Great Knife James - MAY 29, 2014

As far as a folding blade goes, it's fantastic. I have used it to cut everything from wood to thin metals and have had no problems with keeping a sharp edge, (I used to be a butcher and it stands up with industry quality blades if sharpened correctly.) Obviously great for every day practical usage and basic survival purposes, although the Ultimate Fixed Blade is the way to go if doing heavy repetitive/ frequent outdoor work. (it is a folding knife after all, moving parts = more trouble prone.) It WILL stand up to regular usage and everyday needs without any trouble. The sheath could use some improvements, however again, if using extremely often, either the fixed blade or a more task specific knife would be ideal anyway. It does what it's meant to do and it does it very well. This knife is my go to day-to-day blade and my back-up survival knife, only second to the Ultimate Fixed Blade.

4 Fantastic Blade Winged Dagger - MAY 26, 2014

Perfect for my training, however colours can give you away in certain camouflaged positions! Watch out for that!

5 Awesome Chunk Muncher - MAY 25, 2014

Cool knife, no problems

4 very good luke - MAY 23, 2014

great but the clip keping the blade out has been faulty twice but over all brillant knife

4 Cool John - MAY 10, 2014

Decent blade I picked this sucker up at canadian tire for 45 iron men. she handeles well as my secondary knife right beside the LMF 2. good for a survival knife

5 Reserve Jerry - MAY 8, 2014

I received this knife as a present and it has performed flawlessly in heavy use . The only issue I had was with the sheath not staying closed which was not a big deal .I contacted Gerber and issue was immediately taken care of. I would not hesitate to purchase another Gerber product.

5 Your Title austin - MAY 6, 2014

my gf got it for me for a birthday 3 years ago, i love it. the blade needs re sharpened more often than id like but i have a nice sharpener that takes 10 secs to sharpen and cotsts $3 so its not a huge concern at all. i use it to dig, cut, saw, and in the kitchen. i love it. im getting the fixed blade soon

1 Knife Sudhakar - APR 29, 2014

Item # 31-000752 that knive i lke sir

3 Your Title Miloš - APR 28, 2014

Good knife.

But there are few buts:

-The sheath is faulty, I got my with fabric mistake, and I saw some videos where people got the same thing
-It is impossible to open with one hand (at least mine is)

Other than that, the knife is just awesome. It's really robust.

5 awesome outdoors man - APR 20, 2014

awesome and cool knife. Totally worth the money

5 airsofter andro - APR 16, 2014

i love this knife....... got one this kind i love it...

3 serrated edge rouette_97 - MAR 31, 2014

verry good knife but the serrated edge is all broken and ive only had it for about a month must be weak steel

4 great Luke - MAR 23, 2014

I've had this knife for a while and I must say it holds up well with a blade that keeps sharp. The only problems I've had is the blade play has increased over time and is easily tightened and the sheath elastic holding the pocket guide wears a bit.

5 awsome SAM - MAR 2, 2014

my first BG knife, really nice and big.

4 Minnesotan approved bushcraft folder Zachary Raymond - FEB 22, 2014

Great knife for the price! Guessing it's a 420 high carbon steel and pretty durable. Serrations are deadly sharp and the thumbstuds are nice to have too.

5 Engineer Ehsan G - FEB 12, 2014

This is my second Gerber Knife after a Gator. I think for sharpening will have issues although havnt used it that much.
Also these type of US Made things are not coming to Iran due to the sanctions.

5 amazing knife Jacob - FEB 7, 2014

Incredible! I really love this knife, and all the other knives from bg, its a great knife, luv the handle, and the sheath. For those who are thinking of getting this u should!

5 awesome kyle - FEB 1, 2014

Awesome knife. Great for out door stuff

5 Bear Grylls Folding Sheath Knife GETOUTSIDEANDPLAY - JAN 29, 2014

Good, solid hand grip and feels very sturdy when holding. Knife is very well built overall, and is a small, light, strong, reliable knife. Love everything about this knife!

4 Outdoorsman Cody Benson - JAN 21, 2014

I have strayed away from this line of knives for awhile, based primarily on the BG endorsement. I didn't know if that it would be quality or crap with some famous guy's face on the box. But I found it on sale, and I have to admit. It took me by surprise. The quality overall is pretty good. The action is a bit stiff, but it's acceptable. For it being 20 bucks when I got it. The handle is more comfortable than any other knife I currently own. The blade out of the box was sharpened very roughly, I had to touch it up myself. Besides it being Chinese mystery steel, it has held an edge surprisingly well. The finish has held up great as well. Now for the sheathe; it's garbage. It ripped the first day I had it on my belt around the outside seam. Not the seam itself, but the actual nylon. Aside from that, it's a great buy. Gerber, good job.

5 Well worth the Money!!! Anonymous - JAN 17, 2014

Great knife!! The sheath is okay, but after a period of use the velcro would not stick anymore. Not a huge issue because I just stick the knife in my pocket. The knife on the other hand is excellent!! The blade holds its edge well and is very well made. Well done Gerber!!

5 Army Medic Randy - JAN 13, 2014

Have had this knife for 2 years now. I use it as my general carry, and on the job in the Army. Great field knife, good substitute for the Ultimate Survival knife when you don't want something hefty. Blade thickness is great, not too thin, not too thick. I enjoy Bear's products very much. Thanks Gerber!

5 awesome Nate - JAN 9, 2014

very good knife very light but very good even in the sheath super light simple its simply a amazing knife i say buy it is just a pro knife

5 awsome but big guy - JAN 2, 2014

This is a great knife the only problem is in the sheath the Velcro wears out and the pocket wear the priorities of survival guide is gets in the way wean you are putting the knife in the sheath over all great job bear

5 good stab forest dan - DEC 31, 2013

i stab tree multiple times with knife it make sap and i drink. good for stron bones and nutrition.
thnak the knife very much tree blood weilder

5 love these knifes derek k - DEC 30, 2013

I have alot of Gerber knifes but my three favorite are the Gerber myth, bear grylls ultimate survival knife, and this bet grylls folding knife. And I recommend these knifes

5 Paramedic Mack - DEC 17, 2013

Great solid construction. I have been a fan of Gerber knives for some time now. Can't say the same for Grylls, but I do enjoy the knife. I also have the fixed blade version as well.

4 nice, but.... bob - DEC 16, 2013

you can get two of these for twenty bucks at costco

4 Great! OKAN - DEC 9, 2013

My first Gerber and this knife is very pro. and comfortable

5 great knife farmer - DEC 8, 2013

got it a yr ago still sharp i use it every day and its amazing

5 AMAZING Steve - NOV 13, 2013

I gave one of these to each of my grandkids and they also cut everything in sight. Family doesn't return my calls anymore but WOW what a product.

5 love it Ross - OCT 22, 2013

i got this knife last year and it has held up amazingly i can it is the perfect knife and another opinon on knifes check out the paracord knife

5 An Awsome Knife! jim4408s - SEP 29, 2013

I loved this knife and it was all I carried until it was stolen from me and I had only ever had one problem with it once when the thumb pins fell out and it was a quick and easy fix.
I do recommend this blade

5 Great Noah - SEP 23, 2013

Love this knife it is my favorite knife I have had yet. I recommend this knife to everyone.

5 great, but NA - SEP 21, 2013


4 BG kife Caleb - SEP 10, 2013

This knife has held up really good. I have put this knife through every kind of test I could think of. I've started fires, batond, threw it at trees, chopped sticks, carved, hammerd it into a tree stump, and stabbed a block of wood. And it has passed all of the tests. the only thing that I did not like was the thumbstuds, they broke in half. over all its not a bad knife.

4 Good Phil Robertson - AUG 28, 2013

Good for the younger generation I gave one to each of my granddaughters and they cut everything in sight

5 Want it Caleb - AUG 27, 2013

heard it was a really good knife from survival tips on youtube

5 boss mark - AUG 24, 2013

its a really nice knife

4 Really Great Knife Kyle - AUG 23, 2013

It is a really great knife for a your first suvival knife, I am really pleased with it. The only thing that I wish was different was if it would float so I wouldn't worry about loosing it.

5 outdoors man jason - AUG 23, 2013

A best buy knife

4 Really well done! Oaks - AUG 15, 2013

Great survival knife .
It's greatest feature is definitely
The ability to fold into a compact ,still
Durable survival knife!

The only problem I had was when you put a lanyard on your knife you can't fit it in the sheath as easily.

5 super ace virtueson - AUG 12, 2013

i really like the knife really cool i really recommend it for a next step from a smaller knife

3 BG folding sheath knife Bailey - AUG 7, 2013

i got this knif a while ago. it was great for a while. The blade is great and stays sharp for a while. If you sharpen it well it can have a good edge. But the one thing about it is the handle. It is not built well at all

5 GREAT KNIFE Knife Man - JUL 31, 2013

When i got this knife, i wanted to see how good the blade was i hacked down a piece of wood 2 inches thick. it when through in no time. i agree that the sheath isn't the best. but it keeps the knife study. if you need a great reliable knife, this is it.

5 Love the knife C_THE_LAW - JUL 27, 2013

The knife is amazing and the sheath is good too but the iner liner of the sheath could be different but over all great product

2 Sierra Nevadas have destroyed it Colt - JUL 26, 2013

The knife was sharp as a razor out of the box, felt light and nimble. Felt fairly sturdy and reliable. After 4 months now of owning this knife I am getting away from this POS. it holds an edge for about 2 days, the DIRT CHEAP Winchester knife steel holds an edge better and longer than this thing. the thumb tabs broke and fell off by simply opening and closing the knife everyday for the last 4 months. The screws holding the handle to the blade came loose so I had to lok tight them back into place and jb weld the thumb tabs back on. The serrated edge has been difficult to get sharp due to the soft steel it simply rolls and creates burs that clearly won't cut, more like chizzels through material. I'm a fan of gerber and I always thought gerber had some wonderful steel but this thing was a disappointment. When I needed this knife THE MOST out in the woods in an overnight camp out armed with my pistol, my BG Folding Gerber and a jug of water the knife started to fall apart on me LUCKILY I didn't need to stay longer or else I would have been screwed. Understandably I should have had a better more substantial knife with me, needless to say the knife you will be most likely using will be the knife you have on you at all times. I liked the grip, loved the blade, lived the colors. HATED the soft steel, HATED the Velcro instead of a snap, HATED the cheap 2 piece plastic handle. Junk. FIX YOUR KNIVES GERBER.

5 Good knife David Mullins - JUL 14, 2013

It is my EDC knife it is good and Lightweight. but the sheath SUCKS IT NEEDS A POCKET CLIP! preferably on the back of the handle as hie up as it can go

5 Your Title Your name - JUL 14, 2013

Great knife, I have gone on many camping trips with it,like the description says, serious blade,compact,foldable and out of the way

3 Started great Your name - JUL 11, 2013

Started off awesome! After 6 months the sheath no longer stays closed, hold the knife just fine, just a bother. Lost its edge fairly quickly along with one of the screws.

4 Venture crew Advisor LT - JUL 9, 2013

The knife has a lot of miles on it now. Had to replace the sheath when the velcro crapped out. Would love it even more if it was all fine edge (hint hint). It's logged a lot of miles so far...

5 very sharp Ben - JUL 9, 2013

the is a great knife because it never gets dull also it is very compact heavy duty knife

3 Ehh Survivalman - JUL 5, 2013

The serrations broke after batoning some firewood. The sheath is terrible, I ended up just making my own.

4 Awesome knife awful sheath Grant Haugen - JUL 1, 2013

This is the best knife I've ever had but the sheath just sucks and I can't find a different one so I always just carry it in my pocket without the sheath

5 good knife devin - JUN 26, 2013

good strong knife with great sheath,i love it

5 customize jophet sean amorte - JUN 22, 2013

i really LIKE the knife compact and reliable
i dont know if the joint axel is strong and can stand some PRESSURE..

it is a survival blade has THICK blade
but i want to CUSTOMIZE it iwant to be a TANTO edge ihope i will be great

1 Kife collector Evan - JUN 20, 2013

Just got it the other day all I have to say awsome kife 5 Stars

5 reliable jophet sean amorte - JUN 17, 2013

i just buy it yesterday.i just saw this knife its nice and compact...use everyday at work....super sharp ihope it last its sharpness.

5 Sharp Nathan - MAY 31, 2013

Great knife, extremely sharp. Very handy, I find myself using it all the time. The sheath is not very durable.

3 Outdoorsman Pratt - MAY 14, 2013

Bring the knife to work with me for cutting rope and cardboard and such, knife has worked amazing. But the belt pouch needs to be a snap close, this Velcro is garbage.

5 Your Title Your name - MAY 10, 2013

your my hero

5 Your Title andrew - MAY 2, 2013

folding sheath knife is amazing

1 Your Title matth - APR 20, 2013

what a pieve of junk loses constantly sharpness to be sharpen AFTER EVERY USE even the lightest

5 Your Title Ryan - APR 14, 2013

Awesome knife. Easily unfolds without even having to use the studs. I look forward to using this while camping.

4 Not the best, but still pretty good TSWIDKAAS - APR 11, 2013

This knife came razor sharp out of the package. It was hard to open with one hand for the first few days, but after you open it every day for a week or so, you can open it easily with one hand. It's been almost a year since I got this knife, and there is no movement in the blade (I didn't really put it into really hard use, so I don't know if It would loosen the blade very badly or not if I did so). I don't like the orange plastic on it because it feels like a kind a plastic that would crack if I accidentally dropped it on a hard surface. I'm also not able to get it back to that razor edge now no matter how much I try to resharpen it, but it still has a very workable edge. I barely even used the serrated edge, but I'm seeing dents in the edge, so the serrations aren't that great, but they were pretty sharp at first. Overall good knife; I carry it around almost everywhere I go.

5 Student Maxime Nadeau - APR 11, 2013

One of the best knifes I ever bought... I am considering to buy the rest of the collection now.. I just love this blade !

3 great knife.... bad sheath howard brown - MAR 11, 2013

i had the knife for about 2 months before the sheath got wet and dirty and the Velcro will not stick together anymore.. the knife doesn't fall or move its just more of a pain when the flap is up rubbing in to my side all day. i had to stop wearing it and switch to a diff knife.

4 Canadian teenager Jesse Simpson - FEB 26, 2013

1 word awesome I have had this knife for a couple of years now and I absolutely love the grip on this knife. All thought I was not very impressed with the velcro on the sheath. All
in all it's a great knife. ☺

2 Delfire Great but early deception - FEB 22, 2013

great blade, sturdy in hand. I cant say anything bad about The Knife as is.. BUT call it a construction flaw or metal flaw.. It lost its sharpness and started corrosion in under 6 months of use,, basically a season of camping.. so for 3 months it was a great knife.

5 Great blade Breastious - FEB 17, 2013

I haven't had enough time to really comment the durability, but this is a well designed blade that feels great while in use. I love the vertical belt loop as well. I regret losing my old tactical, but this makes that lose a little less painful.

5 special Nobody - FEB 11, 2013

Excellent knife! I got it for my birthday 2 yeas ago and i only need to sharpen it now. An all around great knife

5 Excellent knife nizam5431 - JAN 22, 2013

I've got this knife recently in Malaysia. It's a sharp knife. I punctured a hole in my bolster when I accidently dropped this knife from only a 10 centimetre drop. Tough knife for a folding blade. There's not regret in getting this knife.

4 Self Poboyspecial - JAN 20, 2013

Got it as a present, impressed with the light weight and love the grip design. Cant wait to test durability.

5 Been a while jbfplate - JAN 13, 2013

I had a Gerber Gator (serrated) knife in 1996. Loved it but lost it. Fast forward to today Jan 13 2013; I picked up this Bear Grylls folder at Wal-Mart today out of the nostalgia I still had for the Gator. I felt compelled to write this review after reading so many negative comments online about the Gerber Bear Grylls brand. I'm happy to say that the quality and price for this knife is amazing. I have some higher priced assisted openers that aren't quite on par with this lock back. This is quickly becoming my favorite EDC knife. Any plans on utilizing the FAST technology in this awesome knife? Assisted opening and a pocket clip would make this the perfect knife.

5 Best Folding Knife I've Seen Chinox - JAN 7, 2013

I just got this knife and I must say I love the grip on this knife. Great serrated edge, razor sharp blade! This will be one of my favorite pocket knives. Thank you Gerber! Bear Grylls keep it up. I'm getting the Ultimate Knife soon as I'm very satisfied with Gerber.

5 electrician Robert - JAN 5, 2013

Ive had mine now for over a year now.I've never really used is kept in my backpack for emergency. It has a thick sturdy blade,great solid click when opened.I have no doubt this knife would skin deer.I now use for a carry knife.I am considering the ultimate or the Lmf2.good job Gerber one of the best knives made for the money

5 My Favorite Knife TJ. AJ. RJ. BackslashInFourth The 5th - JAN 5, 2013

This is my favorite knife. If there are any people wondering if it is worth the money, I can tell you now; it totally is. I love the shape of the blade! The blade is sharp and great for whittling and other camping activities, and the serrated edge is great for sawing. It is also great for everyday use.I highly suggest this knife. Overall, I love the knife, but I wish it came with a clip, a fire starter, and a sharpener. Thanks Gerber for another AWESOME knife!

5 Prepper Tango Echo Delta - JAN 3, 2013

I got this this knife today ($29.99) and I am absolutely beyond satisfied with this knife. Excellent job! The sheath needs a hard plastic insert to aid in knife removal because of the non-slip grip. I cant wait to get another Bear Grylls Gerber product.

4 Great quality but not sharp Bronson - DEC 27, 2012

Great quality but the fine edge does not come sharp at all but nice grip hard hard plastic paint does come off blade if you scatch it but great knife for hunting fishing camping and all house needs!

5 STRonG Mr. Kelly - DEC 19, 2012

This knife has a very strong locking mech. It has a stout little pouch that fits snug. The weight is spot on in my opinion. Will carry from now on.

5 My Favorite Pocket Knife Joe Dremmel - DEC 13, 2012

Had this knife for about a year and a half, and have carried an abused it every day since. The edge looks like new, and there is literally zero slop in the internals. This is the pocket knife for me, both out in the wild and everyday life.

3 Sharp...but cheap blade Arren - DEC 10, 2012

This comes EXTREMELY sharp. I used it to skin a deer with this year and have already chipped the blade by accidentally touching the bone. This has more to do with the quality of steel used than anything else. My cheaper knives do not chip if I accidentally touch the rib cage.

Overall it is decent but not worth the price.

5 WOW Michael Runyan - DEC 6, 2012

This is a great knife. Lightweight, razor sharp out of the box, excellent balance. Holds an edge well and sharpens fairly easy. Couldn't ask for more from this knife. And as always, the grip is fantastic!

5 lost kyvan - DEC 4, 2012

i brought the one with a clip but i put it on my belt and lost it the first time i used it with the scout group im in, i am gonna buy another one soon it worked realy well and never failed me :)

5 Police Officer Toby Wright - NOV 28, 2012

I love this knife. I keep it on my duty belt as a last resort. Great looking knife and strong!

4 great knife Cade - NOV 26, 2012

i think this knife is very good i love the grip on it fixes right in you hand perfectly, this knife is very sharp i think this knife is great for basicly for anyone. i love the case its strong and wont break if treated not right. the only thing i dont like is that the knife has a little book let that wont show anything if wet and eaither way dose not show how to do stuff just shows things you can do.good knife

5 Don't underestimate Johannes B. Klein - NOV 23, 2012

This ultra... Heavy duty knife/god's right hand
just became my new friend. I've been using this for a long time now and i still use it. i've been trying to torture it, but i think it has been torturing me

1 its meh jacob - NOV 14, 2012

i got this as a gift and it seemed good enough for a day hike or whatever but as soon as i hacked a bit at an aspen branch several teeth on the serrations chipped and the insides of the serrations bents and dented. buy a ka-bar. i really wanted to like this.

5 Ultimate Knife !!! Randy Dugas - NOV 14, 2012

This is the toughest most dependable knife I have ever owned by far.

5 Deer hunter Travis Myers - NOV 14, 2012

Very good knife. Bought it this month for deer season and it stood up to the test. It was tough enough to gut, skin, and debone a deer. And the best part was the handle. I never once had the knife slip.

4 great knife sheath not strong enough for belt Bill Adams - NOV 13, 2012

this is one of the greatest knives I have owned. The problem is the knife sheath stitching that goes on the belt, came off within the first hour of wearing. had my wife restitch.

5 Scout Bryan - NOV 10, 2012

Great Knife! I bought it and it shaved 4 inches of my leg hair. Razor sharp, durable serrations. I used it to skin a squirrel and it still isn't dull! Fantastic knife. Great job Gerber!

5 awesome earny boch jr. - NOV 8, 2012

i have had this knife for at least 6 months and i love it i kind of noticed that after sharpening it the blade seems to wear down and i wish they would make a straight edge version

5 Your Title fstamatis - NOV 2, 2012

i just bought it and i am very satisfied!great metal,sharp blade , great handle ,and very steady

4 awesome knife tim - OCT 21, 2012

really good knife sharp good grip. the only problem is the safty button it in a weird place

5 Awesome Pat - OCT 21, 2012

This is the best knife ive ever had its great

5 Awesome knife Pat - OCT 18, 2012

this knife is great, sharp, and tough. the sheath is strong as well as light

5 Cool Cool - OCT 16, 2012

I dont have this knife yet but im hoping to get one, i hope its worth how much money it is. But one thing i see is that alot of people baton and it breaks the knife so i suggest just chopping.

4 amazing Jr.Survival - OCT 12, 2012

wonderful! i thought this knife was good to start with but i skinned a deer(my fist) and it was amazingly effective and efficient! i recommend this to anyone. but the sheath is a slightly different story, the Velcro is frayed horribly and i haven't had it 9 months yet... i have used a lighter to repair it as best i could and i already need to again... would be better with a metal snap. other than that the knife itself is 100% legit, 4 of 5 stars

5 great knife cam - OCT 3, 2012

this is a really good knife for a few day in the woods camping its a great all rounder

5 my knife Bear Grylls - OCT 2, 2012

My knife is a great knife for people with a serious blade good for skinning,gutting,cutting

5 best folding knife ever cam - OCT 2, 2012

I would recommend this knife to a young boy or scout it works great. unbelievable knife

5 Really good knife cam - OCT 2, 2012

I got this knife as a first knife bought by my dad. probably the best folding knife ever. its so worth it

5 great knife for price sjarcher4 - OCT 1, 2012

If you're a hunter,fisherman or hiker this is a great knife to have on you.

5 awesome outdoorsman - SEP 19, 2012

i have had this knife about 2 years now and cant complain about anything ive used it for skinning hammering cutting widdling etc. one of my favorite knifes and my favorite folding knife

5 Great knife AVG J - SEP 6, 2012

Got it for Christmas and wear it everyday in pocket even though it is a huge knife! Great knife! Will get another when this one fails! Wish they had a non serrated version though.

5 outdoorsman hunter - SEP 1, 2012

got this knife for my birthday last month and have already used it for many things. i love the sheath and the color of the handle. holds a good edge too. awesome knife

5 Your Title Henry - AUG 29, 2012

Thank you bear and gerber for making this knife. I had it for over a year and only had to happen 2 times. I use it in the woods and I use it as a hunting knife. I skinned two deers with it and I am impresed.

5 Survior Man Sam - AUG 25, 2012

The best knife ever owned period

5 bowhunter hunter - AUG 22, 2012

got this knife for my birthday. really like the color of the handle and the rubber grip. seems to hold a great edge. i highly recomend this knife.

2 Systems Administrator Tre - JUL 24, 2012

I have to admit I was really looking forward to getting this knife. But that excitement quickly diminished the moment I unboxed it. I noticed right away the thumb stud was loose and is literally about to fall off. I could excuse this if I had been using the knife a lot over a period of time but not right out of the box. Come on Gerber step up the quality control.

5 User Gerber - JUL 22, 2012

The knife is amazing for everyday and survival use Gerber knives are the best

5 Still Excited! TheViking - JUL 17, 2012

I've owned this knife for about 6 months now, and I still get all excited when I get to use it! I carry with me everywhere and it really does feel reassuring on my belt or in my hand. Tough as hell and doesn't let me down. My 1st Gerber product, but sure as hell wont be my last!

5 mr hristo - JUL 15, 2012

I pursued this knife in a dangerous situation indeed worth

5 ok chuck finley - JUL 14, 2012

i took this camping and it is a boss i use it for wilderness survival at my camp ind it was so awesome but it got some RUST on the blade i am kind of angry but i just emailed or what ever to Gerber and hopefully they will fix that

5 amazing gerber - JUL 13, 2012

Its an amazing knife it works great

5 awesome nathan - JUL 13, 2012

i love this knife my friend has one and im getting one today i cant wait

3 Sererations Not a fan - JUL 8, 2012

The knife it's self is good but the Sererations broke after batoning thru some wood. No more Sererated gerber knives for me

5 Gerber strikes again Triston - JUL 5, 2012

I am a huge outdoorsman and this knife has not let me down yet (and it porbably wont) the grip on this thing is amazing...and the blade is super sharp and holds a nice edge............all you people saying this knife sucks yalls are probably fake, because this knife rocks

5 awesome hairy johnson - JUL 5, 2012

i like this knife because it has an awesome grip and how sharp it came i also like the sheath because it is nice too carry it does not stay extremely sharp but ti still holds an edge

5 Good Chuck Finley - JUN 30, 2012

It is an awesome knife but I think gerber should use a better steel because one of the serrations broke and one is bent but I love this knife it kind of holds an edge but it is still a good knife

4 Your Title Christian - JUN 30, 2012

Im happy with the knife, although the blade really lose the fast, havent used the serrations too much theyre still razor sharp!!
Overall its great but it seems the quality is sporadic; my knife host no problem regarding folding or tip sticking out just a bit when folded, as others seem to experience.

I can only talk for myself: This is a knife I carry every time I work or going kayaking or camping for that matter and though i havent sharpened it at all for 2 years ( yea i know its about time...) it still gets the job done!!

Definitively a trustworthy blade!!

5 awesome knife max - JUN 28, 2012

this knife has seen everything and i am only 13 years old nice and compact and easy to carry on a belt

5 Awesome BuckEdge - JUN 24, 2012

I love the design and it has great quality. This is an addition to my knives collection!

5 climber/hiker kevin - JUN 21, 2012

i strap the sheath to my back pack straps and carry it with me where ever i go, just so i have a big blade on me. ive never had to use the knife in any situation other than cutting p-cord. but the ascetics of the knife is amazing even the sheath is something to admire. i give this knife a 5 out of 5. i hope i never have to use it but at least i will have it if i need to! and gerber upgrade your steel

5 best knife ever Chris - JUN 20, 2012

the first day of owning this knife my family and i went on a hike through the Smoky Mountains, and i climbed two huge trees using this knife to support myself.

14 years of age

5 Yet to buy it =) TIM - JUN 19, 2012

Pretty fair price, good desing and quality,good grip. Looking forward to buying it =)

5 Great Mario - JUN 18, 2012

Like this blade a lot.

5 bilp bilp - JUN 16, 2012

gerber please make the whistle replacement

5 Mr Steve - JUN 6, 2012

The knife is very useful, as a 16 year old explorer (scout) i have used this knife for numerous things such as building a shelter, producing a fishing spear and making a raft which sank! and yes i have yet to improve my skills!! However the knife is still extremely reliable, the serrations are long lasting and the knife itself is seriously strong. Gd job gb:)

3 Knifeman777 Gary - JUN 5, 2012

This knife has let me down. I have used proper maintenance while owning this knife and have only seriously used it two times. The steel is cheep and so is the finish it wore away and minor rust developed on the blade after I used it to cut up a old pool liner. If you want a seriously good knife look at a sog or a benchmade, sorry gerber your loyal customer was not satisfied with this knife.

5 All-Purpose Josh Arnold - JUN 4, 2012

this is kinda like a compact machette with a good grip. it feels good in your hand, but not the thing you're cutting up. my first gerber knife, and also my best.

5 Awesome Austin - MAY 30, 2012

I love this knife it hasnt failed me yet although i snapped the tip of yhe blade

5 Thailand TULA - MAY 28, 2012

Very nice Knive

but a lot of replecate this model in Thailand

5 Yet to fail me Your name - MAY 27, 2012

This is a great knife and it has not seased to amaze me definetly one of the best knives i own and is great if you dont want the full sized blade but something as good!

5 great knife caleb - MAY 25, 2012

ever since the knife came out i wanted to get one...
my knife is falling apart and I needed to get a new one so I got this knife... I take it everywhere with me and use it every day!

I am your biggest fan and i love the show I was so happy when the knife came out cant wait to get the game!!!

5 ? Nick Hannewijk (dutch) - MAY 14, 2012

I hope it come out in fine edge version but i think im gonna ask or i can have one or buy myself

Nice program Bear

5 Your Title Eric - MAY 13, 2012

This is without a doubt one of the better knives I have owned. It is durable and reliable and it has yet to fail me! Excellent buy if you don't want to get the full sized sheath knife.

5 Epic knife Casen Salitore - MAY 10, 2012

This looks like an awesome knife I havent Bought one yet but I will

5 Zombie Survivalist/Author Roddy - MAY 10, 2012

An excellent everyday carry knife. Small and easily concealed yet strong and razor sharp. Can be used for just about any job you need a knife for and is just as sturdy as any fixed blade knife. I definitely reccomend this to anyone looking for a good folding knife.

2 Not good durability Cole - MAY 3, 2012

i just got this knife and it is just fine. but i dropped in once on gravel and the plastic around the clip broke and now the clip won't stay in the same spot! Horrible id say

4 Nice knife Nice - APR 30, 2012

This is a great knife, but I wish it came with one of the emergency whistles like the other survival knives.

5 Great Knife L. Slaughter - APR 30, 2012

I've lashed the knife to my hiking pack. Works great!! I also use the knife when I go sailing. Great for that because the blade doesn't rust and the serration is great for cutting line in the event of an emergency. Great Knife over all.

4 Your Title Sam - APR 25, 2012

This is a really good knife. It is a great option if you want a larger medium sized folding knife. I've had this knife for a couple years now and have really put it to the test. The knife is strong and has so far handled very minor battonning quite well. I have never had to tighten any of the screws and there is no wobble. The only major flaw I have with this knife, and I have heard this in many other reviews, is the quality of the metal of the blade. Though it is very sturdy and thick, it looses its edge pretty fast and the serrations got eaten up fast as well. But if you know how to sharpen and you do it regularly, its not a problem. All in all, I haven't had a need for any other knife

5 Great Knife but needs slight improvement Luke - APR 24, 2012

I must start by saying this is an incredible knife and has served me very well so far. I like how light weight it is and it's not to bulky either. It is a very sturdy knife and I really like the locking mechanism on the back. Very practical for everyday use and it even looks awesome. But having said these things there is a few things that could be better. The hole at the bottom should be a little bigger to tie a slightly larger cord to. Also the serrated edge is on the wrong side for right handed users, when cutting with this edge from a right handed perspective it isn't exactly ideal. Other than these two things it is an all around incredible knife.

5 Pretty darn good Andrew - APR 24, 2012

This knife is sweet my friend owns one and he and I both love it to death we even tried battoning with it and it held up. I already have a good edc blade but will probibly pick this up sometime in the future. So heres my question why so much bad mouthing its a great knife they all are go buy one!

5 want one nick - APR 21, 2012

they look so dang cool

5 The real McCoy Chris m - APR 18, 2012

I love this knife ! This knife has been put through many tests and has taken many beatings and has survived ! This knife has become my new EDC !! Buy this knife because you will not be disappointed !!!

5 Your Title Henry - APR 18, 2012

I love this knife. It is large, like the ultimate knife, but it folds and is easy to carry. Bear, you did an awesome job when you made it.

4 best in its category Matthew - APR 14, 2012

love the knife! Its better than any other knife, no matter the job. Sturdy and sharp. A+++

4 Ontological Mortician CJP - APR 12, 2012

Seems pretty great so far, but I would love to be able to add a clip option. Sheath is not bad, but for utility work (to which it is very well suited by size and strength) I'd love to be able to clip it to my tool belt.

5 bob bob henderson - APR 11, 2012

awesome knife, I love it, it is large

5 great knife justin orr - APR 8, 2012

Love this knife!!! It came out the box super sharp. The handle is great you get a good grip when if your wet. It's really light too. I plan on getting all the Bear Grylls knives and tools

5 Great Owen - APR 7, 2012

I love this knife.I put it on the end of a stick and killed a cat that somehow got under my house.great knife

5 awsome joe blow - APR 4, 2012

I love it, I just got it a week a go and have used it on a camping trip and it holds up wonderfully. I would recommend it to anyone!!!

5 best knife david877871 - APR 4, 2012

this is the best knife ever. I had to get this because i'm bears biggest fan

5 AWSOME!!!!! Brady - APR 2, 2012

This is the best knife I have ever had it feels so good in my hands I have so much power now!

4 Your Title SHBushcraft - MAR 31, 2012

Great knife and came pretty sharp. Had to lightly grind a place on the spine to strike a ferro rod. Works great! Like the horizontal carry on sheath. Serrations work good, but I still prefer a plain edge though. Great feel in hand and nice balance. Will probably add some jimping to spine for easier carving. Overall, great knife combo!!

5 incredible knife ben - MAR 21, 2012

this knife was my first bear grylls item i ever got. i take it everywhere i go, including camping with my boy scout troop. the entire knife is well made. i have never been dissapointed with the performance of the knife. my only problem was that the velcro on the sheath came off. i was a little bummed, but i contacted gerber and they sent me a new sheath free of charge. dont listen to the people who say this knife is bad. great knife

5 Works but can use improvement David Banks - MAR 20, 2012

Knife works well is very sharp but on certain materials dulls very quickly not to be used on card board and could use a larger lanyard hole and maybe a forward hole so it can be tied to a stick as a spear but other than that amazing knife

4 fixed G8OR - MAR 18, 2012

i think that gerber should produce all of the bear grylls survival series in fixed and folding but mostly fixed so it can be an excelent bushcraft/ survival knife and much more usable.

5 PRETTY DAMN SWEET Melkizidech - MAR 10, 2012

Awesome knife, no give in the blade, serrations hold edge really well and its pretty much indestructable. I've used this knife to cut through loads of branches, used it to make a spear and carve arrows and it works SWEET!!! Buy it.

5 REALLY GOOD KNIVE +100 more stars - MAR 5, 2012

i bought this knife because i thought it would be good for boyscouts. (its pretty much part of my uniform) EVERYONE in my troop thinks its a good knife. good assembley, sharp when i got it (it also sharpens VERY well) this is problaby my favorite BG knive (ill see when i get the ultimate survival one) but right now this ones my favorite !!!

4 ?????? george - MAR 3, 2012

Does it come in a fine edge version????

5 Laborer Joey - FEB 25, 2012

Great knife for the price,I use this knife everyday for work, I cut sheet rock, 1 1/2 and up rope allday. Pry with it, and just beat the snot out of it and it's holding up so far. I've had it now about 8mo's. It also has been very easy to sharpen. Very study knife, no play in blade what so ever.
When this knife finally give's up on me I will buy another one!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

1 M. Terry - FEB 25, 2012

good blade, but very poor assembly, I have three other knives in this series and this is certainly the worst of the family! ... disappointed ;-(

5 Best knife ever Avery - FEB 22, 2012

I bought this knife and it was amazing, It cut through almost everything. Very compact design makes it easy to store and the sheath
Is made extremely well

1 superb man - FEB 20, 2012


5 Excellent quality Nachose - FEB 19, 2012

I love this knife a lot! I disagree with those who said the blade isn't good. I have built two very sturdy forts already with this awesome knife. If any one is considering buying this knife they should. The fantastic design and well structured build of it is superb. Bear Grylls and Gerber did an excellent job on this well crafted knife.

5 Awesome Survival kid - FEB 19, 2012

Great knife comes sharp and is super sturdy

5 great knife mitch - FEB 18, 2012

I got this knife as a birthday gift and i love it. its does everything i need and more.

5 Scouts love it! Emmanuel - FEB 18, 2012

The knife is perfect for scouting and outdoor activities. My Fellow Scouts and I Love it.

2 Nasty blade Ronaldo - FEB 17, 2012

The handle is really good, but the blade is really awful. The teflon coating destroys the whole look of the blade. Really nasty blade.

5 Great Knife Steven - FEB 17, 2012

Very sharp & very sturdy. Would love to see a version with a seatbelt cutter &/or gut hook...

1 Your Title Your name - FEB 15, 2012

it dosent have a pocket clip does it?

5 Beastly !! Logan - FEB 14, 2012

Great knife but would be better IMF it was a fast

5 cool!!! wyatt - FEB 13, 2012

its graet hevy duty kife and its durabl its an awesome kife all around

5 Your Title Diego - FEB 12, 2012

Yes,i have order it in italy. It's the best

5 want it sam - FEB 12, 2012

i really want this knife it looks amazing!!! :)

3 Mr. Josef - FEB 10, 2012

Great design.
Is there any possibility to order in Europe?

5 Great! Jordan. M - FEB 8, 2012

This is a really good quality knife and is a very good beginners knife. Light weight and sharp! I really love this knife!

4 Get one in Portugal Manuel B - FEB 6, 2012

How can i get one of this knife in portugal?

4 Light Florin Coman - FEB 6, 2012

The knife is very light compared with its bigger brother, the survival knife, but not as strong. The sheath is very well made and usefull. My opinion is that the plastic handle will not last for long. That's why this knife shouldn't be abused. For normal use it will make a good job.

2 not imp Adrian - FEB 3, 2012

Good design, nothing new though.
But not a fair price for the "mystery steel". A China made knife, similar in weight and tolerance is a quarter of the price. Unless I find out the specifications, not interested in buying it, sorry.
But anyway, thanks for the show :)

1 Your Title indy - FEB 2, 2012

The blade is correct ... but the only thing correct, fixing blade is trembling, it is very hard to open with one hand, overall poor manufacturing .... made in china!

1 Already worried "Gaer" Grylls (Okla) - JAN 30, 2012


First of all, I love your products. You're like the” Glock” of cutlery. You guys produce some of the finest bladed products in the market.

However….I have some concerns about my “BG” Sheath Knife (Item # 31-000752) as well as some thoughts on improvements.
Just by taking this knife out of the package, I have noticed my blade not being as sharp as my other Gerber products I have purchased in the past. There seems to be some slight play when the blade is in an open/locked position. I have tightened the screw, but have concerns the rubberized plastic is not strong enough firmly hold the blade in place with the sized screw being used.
I would have liked to have seen a spring-loaded or “open assist” mechanism in the event I have to use the knife with a single hand.
My biggest concern is that when the blade is fully closed within its sheath, the tip of the blade is still barely accessible. I always attempt to place the knife in my pocket, tip down or on my belt. However, I have brushed the tip of the blade quite few times, without major incident. It just spooks me how accessible the tip of the blade is when fully closed. I was also curious if anyone else has reported this issue.


P.S. Just drank my own piss....

5 GREAT Luís Pereira Coutinho - JAN 30, 2012

I had to wait for about 3 weeks to get it because i live in Portugal and it was fearly hard to get but it´s totaly worthit .
The only thing taht i would change is the belt thing on the back of the seath(it´s to narrow) There is nothing else to improve.
You have done a GREAT job Mr.Michael Grylls

5 good and decent george ( scout) - JAN 25, 2012

very good, i am a scout and i added his to my collection a week ago. great for gutting rope. come EXTREMLY sharp, remeber this is a tool not a toy.

5 MM2 Jonathan - JAN 24, 2012

Excellent for long days in engine rooms. people who borrow it from me cant believe how durable it is being that it has a lockback and a plastic handle, which completely delivers as a hammer. the handle shape guaruntees if it slips its your fault. the blade holds strong despite the fact ive beaten the crud out of it, and the factory blade is so sharp it near literally dropped jaws

4 Good over-all J.O'B. - JAN 23, 2012

I've used knife serrations for trimming my finger-nails before, but these serrations make my nails feel like butter. I'd rather it be liner-lock and a metal handle, but lock-back is ambidextrous and plastic doesn't rust, so...

5 Your Title Jesse G - JAN 23, 2012

I love this knife! My mother got if for me for Christmas and I carry it always! Thanks mom! And thanks Bear Grylls.

5 great bob - JAN 9, 2012


5 great knife Reece - JAN 8, 2012

i got this knife yesterday and it is amazing. when you open it there is no play in the blade and it feels very sturdy. also there is a good weight to it and the handle is very grippy and comfortable. I went to the woods to test it and cut through everything i could find. well done bear grylls and gerber

5 Amazing!!!!! Will - JAN 5, 2012

My friend has this knife and is very sharp ...good for cutting or carving wood and cutting rope......the serrated edges make all cutting a Lot easier.......a must for all the scouts and bear fanatics out there.......

5 best knife i have ever had Phillip - JAN 4, 2012

this knife is amazing! the one hand opening feature is VERY useful and the blade is like a dream and very sharp. GREAT KNIFE!!!

5 Your Title Mike - JAN 4, 2012

This is easily the best knife ever. Its handy, reliable, lightweight and durable.

5 USMC Woodsman Ben - JAN 4, 2012

Awesome knife use it in the woods, home, work, and everywhere else. Has def became apart of my EDC System. Along with a diamond sharpener, and Magnisium Fire Starter. Best kit piece ever. The only complaint I have is the serrations I tore them up a bit, but overall the still hold up to hard use, and the blade is very durable. Next Gerber wont be a BG Knife, going to go with the LMF Series

5 My survival knife, the BEST Jorge - JAN 2, 2012

My brother game this knife as a present, this is the best knife Ive ever used, and I use it for eveything!

5 This knife is the best suppersharp - JAN 1, 2012

i love it its sharp reliable,the lockback is great and i just think its amazing

5 survivalman lucas - DEC 31, 2011

it is the best knife i have ever have

5 Super knife hector - DEC 31, 2011

Hi Bear, My name is Hector I am Scout and I just bought the ultimate folding streath survival knife.
It is cool, good sharp, good rubber texture,very durable and good lock.

I am scout just as Bear was or is and I have the just right knowledge to say : Ist awesome!


5 the best knive ever matthias - DEC 31, 2011

i love this knive it has helped me a lot with cutting rope off a tree to making spears with sticks it also has servied the ocean water to but it is still sharp as a razer. i recomend getting this knive

5 knives are fun joe - DEC 31, 2011

great knife maybe not what i like is the price but these days people buy way more less functionable knives for more good for out doors love it

5 Amazing Adrian - DEC 31, 2011

Love this knife. Got it for Christmas, and it never let's me down. Thanks gerber/bear grylls!!!

5 This knife is amazing ! Alen Hughes - DEC 27, 2011

If you need something strong, durable, useful ... U need this knife !

5 Bears' AWESOME Folding Sheath Knife The Outdoorsman - DEC 27, 2011

This knife is it!! Great quality, awesome in your hand, RELIABLE lock-back mechanism.....the blade is thick, strong, and NASTY sharp! I also own Bears' Ultimate Knife(Serrated Version), and the Scout...both ROCK, but this is my main EDC knife!! The Nylon Sheath can be worn in many ways, allowing easy one-handed deployment!! Everyone should carry a Survival Knife! Be Prepared! Thanks Gerber & BG!!! ~The Outdoorsman~

5 this is the best knofe i own will - DEC 26, 2011

i have the scout, milti tool and this and this is devinatly the best of the bunch. strongblade, amazing grip. BUY IT!

5 Your Title Airsoft Emperor - DEC 25, 2011

Great knife for the outdoors and for everyday use!!! A must have for any outdoorsman and first responder.

5 Your Title Sándor - DEC 23, 2011

I love this knife.
Nagyon jó kés.

5 idk idk - DEC 12, 2011

this knife works great on skin.i cut myself and needed 5 stiches. awsome knife

5 in love with this knife! matt - DEC 11, 2011

as soon as i saw this kife i thought, hey, thats the ultimate knife, (since i did not look at the title) until i watched the review! and as soon as i did, i found what i was looking for all along! reliability,no blade play, and will not break! gr8

5 Your Title Your name - DEC 10, 2011

this is one awesome knife, but they coulb have done better. They should have given it the mettle hammer like but on the ultimet knife. Also they should have given it a better sheath, not the shitty bit of cloth they do give. I really hope some one important is reading this so they can includ this in there next moportant.

5 Your Title Your name - DEC 10, 2011

this is one awesome knife, but they coulb have done better. They should have given it the mettle hammer like but on the ultimet knife. Also they should have given it a better sheath, not the shitty bit of cloth they do give. I really hope some one important is reading this so they can includ this in there next moportant.

5 Awesome Knife JeepingGamer - DEC 10, 2011

I love this knife. I bought it a week ago and have used it pretty extensively. I am very satisfied with the strength of the knife and how well it is constructed. Right out of the box it was able to shave the hair off my arm so it is definetly sharp as all get out. Thank you Gerber and Bear Grylls for making such a superior Knife!!!!!

5 I love this knife Your name - NOV 27, 2011

I absolutely love this knife and can't seem to put it away
People hate on these knives because they're serrated but if Bear Grylls promotes them, I'm pretty sure its for the better.

5 kid andy - NOV 23, 2011

this knife is awesome.its a little hard to get out of the sheath when the survival thing is in there otherwise its awesome

5 Everday Man James - NOV 14, 2011

Ive has this knife for about two months. Ive used it to cut fabric for bandages, open boxes, cut notches in wood and to take down limbs off of trees. Its a great knife, i even got it razor sharp. My only complaints are that it was a bit hard to open at first and that I have to sharpen it about once a week.....but i use it multiple times a day.

5 Your Title Your name - NOV 14, 2011

A really great knife I never go anywhere without it!

4 Student, Explorer Jordan Snyder - NOV 6, 2011

I just got this knife as a gift, and cant seem to put it down!!

5 Mr Serge Vercammen - NOV 4, 2011

This awesome Knife does not leave my side. The more I use it, the more I love it.

5 Nice Knife Arthur - OCT 31, 2011

The knife is awsome

5 BG folding knife!!! SM ita - OCT 31, 2011

Great knife!!! Lightweight, very sharp, suitable for any use, very nice and comfortable, and at a good price. Very good product!!!

5 Avid Outdoorsmen Billy Joe - OCT 29, 2011


5 Bear Grylls Bear Grylls - OCT 23, 2011

This is a great knife. I take it just about everywhere I go. If you want a good, sharp, amazing knife, buy this one. It's worth your money.

5 Your Title alex t - OCT 22, 2011

good knife great size

2 Combat Medic P. McCaffrey - OCT 17, 2011

Bought this knife for Father's Day this year. Used it to remove bark from a stick and serrated blade is all ready chipped. Don't like this knife.

5 bgryllssurvival Daniel R. - OCT 7, 2011

I Picked up this knife and it is very good nice and sharp and the right size for a pocket knife i got it the day i went camping with my friend and i used it to chop a huge branch in 2 for the fire its a great knife. The line of the beaar grylls kinves has

5 Great folding knife BillySAW951 - SEP 25, 2011

Knife feels like 420 hc steel great lock and thick folder comes with a nice sheath thats easily carried vertical upright or horizontal scout carry.

5 scout/survivor wesley - SEP 12, 2011

fantastic knife carbon steel is a great material and its very comfortable to hold and very sharp

4 Your Title Brock - SEP 3, 2011

i just picked up this knife, fets great. wished it was slightly bigger but other that that its a nice very sharp knife

4 an answer to bobs Question Chad - AUG 29, 2011

it is made of High Carbon Steel which will rust over time.

5 is it water proof ???????????????????????? bob - AUG 21, 2011

its a good reliale knife

5 coll knive yo mama - AUG 17, 2011


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