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Remix Tactical

Building off the success of our popular Remix Series, the Remix Tactical folding clip knife marries a broad three inch serrated tanto blade with our iconic Remix™ handle design. It’s a tactically inspired, tip-up pocket carrier with class. A newly designed thumblift provides stability and safety while cutting. Made with a slim, lightweight handle and a blade that opens with one hand, it’s an ideal choice for your everyday carry knife.

Item # 31-001098
  • Blade Length: 3.0"
  • Closed Length: 4.86"
  • Overall Length: 7.86"
  • Weight: 4.6 oz.
  • Steel Type: 7Cr17MoV
  • Handle Material: Stainless steel with G-10


  • Tanto Blade
  • Tip Up Pocket Carry
  • Newly Designed Thumblift
  • One Hand Opening
  • G-10 Composite Handle
  • Liner Lock


5 Great EDC knife....some of these other people are stupid Veteran - JUL 19, 2016

•Fell apart in your hand? It has a lifetime warranty...use it!!!
•Lock got stuck? I bet you just hyper flexed it...easy fix.

Now my review: G10 grip is awesome the lock has NO issues, it's very low profile, great tactical knife if you NEED to use it for defense. Gerber I wish I had the DING-DONG when I was breaching...I've heard great things about it.

1 Birthday present Dave B - JUL 14, 2016

I was given the RemixTactical knife as a birthday present from my son. After using it for less then one month, the knife came apart in my hand while I was using it. Due to the knife design you can put it back together. It needs a special wrench to tighten the nuts around the blade. There was no indication that the knife was going to come apart unit it happened. Be careful it this happens to you, you could be seriously injured

3 Im a Dad Terry Z - MAY 23, 2016

I purchased this knife to replace an earlier model Remix I gave to my father in law. This was/is the newest version and so far I enjoy owning it.

Today It is my go to knife for general purpose. The knife feels well constructed with good weight. I take it camping for cutting string, opening boxes, cutting tape, etc and its great to have during Christmas for opening the kiddos presents.

Downside, it can be hard to open but over time I have adapted to it and feel the knife was built well enough that its not giving out or loosening up which makes that downside an upside. I haven't needed to sharpen it yet and the Hole in the handle allows for hooking with a clip when camping and just something to spin when I am holding it or standing around the campfire.


I had this knife for 2 years, handles grate after you brake it in, I was very fund of it although I don't love the serrated blades, the finger hole is very practical... use it for minor tasks and had worked OK...

Was vey surprised to see how yesterday I applied a good amount of force to cut al lamb spine when the look mechanism broke and the blade almost folded the other way around...

So not for hard work for my eyes...

5 forester Trent - APR 20, 2016

This knife is skinny and I carry it everywhere I go its always sharp and dependable. I lost mine today and I'm going to get another one tomorrow. I use this knife for everything under the sun. I highly recommend this knife. You''ll get your moneys worth out of it and more.

5 forester Trent - APR 20, 2016

This knife is skinny and I carry it everywhere I go its always sharp and dependable. I lost mine today and I'm going to get another one tomorrow. I use this knife for everything under the sun. I highly recommend this knife. You''ll get your moneys worth out of it and more.

5 best knife ever isaac - APR 5, 2016

this is a amazing knife great choice will do great for gutting deer

4 Construction Use Dave - MAR 30, 2016

I work in construction. I got tired of using abusing my nice Benchmade and purchased this knife for field use.

At this price, I do not feel bad about abusing it in the field. It is not extremely heavy duty, but it works as an all purpose utility knife. Mostly for cutting packaging, rope, cords, drywall, punching holes...

When new, it was difficult or impossible to open the blade one-handed. The design has a lot of friction in it, but that is the trade off for the finger hole. Once lubricated it worked much more smoothly. Over time I have become very accustomed to holding it and flipping the blade out one-handed is no problem. Sometimes it takes two shakes.

The finger hole gives me MUCH greater control of the knife and confidence when cutting. I am careful to apply force only against the sharp edge of the blade as the lock mechanism is not heavy duty.

The large thumb tab on the blade also improves control.

The knife is thin and lightweight overwall, it fits in my pockets without feeling bulky or bothering me.

A 3-star knife in quality, increased to 4-stars because of it's overall value and functionality.

5 Excellent EDS Phil - MAR 2, 2016

Purchased one about 3 years ago and eventually lost it during a move; it felt like I lost an old friend. Finally purchased a new one a few days ago. This is an extremely sturdy and we'll built knife. Absolutely zero blade play and a good comfortable weight that let's you know you're handling a high quality Gerber product. I've read countless complaints regarding the stiffness. This is to be expected when it comes out of the packaging. I recommend a few drops of lubricant oil (I use Breakfree CLP which doubles as a cleaning agent) every so often. You need to also open and close the blade whenever you can to get the lubricant working. After a period of time it will become smooth as silk. Open it part way and you will eventually be able to open the rest with one thumb and a flick of the wrist. Can't recommend this knife enough.

4 its kool tony - DEC 24, 2015

Its a good knife.i like the shape.its a little hard to open 1handed but its son is in the US NAVY AND I GAVE HIM THIS KNIFE AS A GIFT HE LOVES IT. I BROUGHT ME. THE SAME KNIFE FOR MY SELF...I LOVE IT..

4 Student Charlie - NOV 28, 2015

Love this blade. Awesome design. The only thing I would like to see is a spring assist "trigger" inside the hole closest to the blade. Fast one hand draw for tight situations. Other than that this is the third blade i have owned that has been made by Gerber all three have been stellar.

3 General Manager Fly Navy - NOV 19, 2015

I work around the corner from Gerber (Portland, Oregon). I always want them to do well.

I've owned this knife for a year and I've finally decided to put in the drawer. This is a tactical knife and it's almost impossible to open one handed...quickly. Your fingers need to placed in a very specific location on the body. Also, the initial movement of the blade when opening is very stiff.

I need a knife that opens quickly, without thought...this is not that knife.

I came to Gerber's website hoping to see that they might have made improvements to the above issues. If they have, it's not noted in the description.

Unfortunately, I'll be buying a different self defense knife.

Also, some constructive criticism...more photos and some video showing all the pertinent aspects of Gerber knives. A single static photo just doesn't provide the info necessary for a buying decision.

4 Need to offer replacement belt clips Jason - NOV 19, 2015

Very nice knife. Only issue is after a couple of years I broke the belt clip. Please offer replacement belt clips.

4 lasted years construction - OCT 31, 2015

used it pretty roughly even prying, but when i pried i only used the blade to produce force not the whole knife. the most solid pivot i ever used. it was a little slow to open so i put an emerson wave on it with j b weld but then that broke off, and i dropped it after years of hard use and the pivot separated and one piece got lost. I normally don't like tantos for work but this one is a actually a good and useful shape for a variety of tasks

4 Belt Clip as well Joey - OCT 14, 2015

i have owned this knife for over a year its a great knife but the belt clip got caught on something and bent so i had to find the worlds smallest torx bit to remove it but other than the belt clip i have had no issues with this knife. i have carried and owned various gerber knives over the past 15 years and this is on of the better ones gerber is the only brand knife i feel is worth the money and i wont buy any other brand

5 Your Title mitch - SEP 8, 2015

This is by far one of the best knives I have owned and probably going to buy a second one

4 belt clip Kiefer907 - JUL 26, 2015

i was at work a the belt clip caught on something and snapped the belt clip right off and Gerber warranty has not done anything to help me

4 Belt Clip Duayn - JUN 21, 2015

I too love this knife, but broke the belt clip. Can't buy a replacement clip, and I don't like the thought of buying another knife when this one is just fine..

1 Not that great Bronson seifer - JUN 19, 2015

I bought this knife a while ago... It's nice looking and looks tough but the second day of having it I drop it and it fell apart I put it back together but every time it drops it falls apart! Not worth the money I think very disappointed with it knowing the brand name

4 Belt clip Taylor - APR 25, 2015

I had it for about 3 weeks. I forgot what I was doing (I think i was getting out of my truck), and it snapped off. I just wish I could get a replacement belt clip. I own 2 of gerber knives and I love them.

4 Awesome Mark - APR 14, 2015

i use it for almost every thing it just shocks me how good it does one thing that does make me give it only 4 stars is that it needs lobed up to open easily.

4 Blade -opening tension adjustment! Dave - JAN 28, 2015

Apparently some of these knives come from the manufacturer with the blade tension set very high, while others are set reasonably low. This explains the wide variation of responses about whether it is easy to open one-handed. If the opening mechanism is too stiff, you need to reduce the tension by counter-rotating the two sides of the big ring. Note that each side has five small holes. C-clip pliers can be used in two of these hole on each side to start counter-rotation if it is too stiff to start using fingers only. Otherwise, you may be able to initiate loosening this adjustment by spinning the ring as a unit inside the handle. After a few turns, it may be loose enough to counter-rotate the two sides. Apply enough counter-rotation to make it easy to open one-handed, but be careful not to over-loosen as this will allow side-to-side play in the blade when locked into position. Also note that the smoothness of operation is reduced as the mechanism is loosened. I like everything about his knife, except this mechanism, but I can see that it is necessary in order to support the ring design element.

1 Your Title Steve - JAN 12, 2015

Really practical design. It could be used from EDC to hiking/climbing since it can be easily attached to a carabiner. I say could because the item I received cannot be opened and/or closed one handed thus rendering the folder classification as tactical outright misleading. The mild striations of the blade look quite attractive but they have not been ground down on the area of the circular pivot hence, instead of a smooth blade opening one gets a sequential motion and feel which indicates that the blade is grinding against the pivot white plastic washer. Even if the white washer is made of Teflon, obviously it will not last long while grinding against the metal blade. The spot where the liner lock is bent inward to provide the necessary tension to lock the blade in place is too close to the engagement area rendering it too stiff to be operated one handed in order to close the folder. Again, this characteristic nullifies the folder tactical classification. I am still waiting for Gerber response e-Mail with regard to my inquiry for the price of two keys necessary for adjusting the folder open/close tension. However, given the type of Teflon washer the folder is provided with I’m not sure whether it’s worth trying to adjust the tension. To top it all off, removing the blade tip plastic protector revealed that the very tip of the tanto blade is slightly rounded denoting a manufacturing defect indicating that somebody tried to re-sharpen it before packaging. The only way to purchase this folder is in person and only after you have tested it out before paying for it. I am really surprised that such a reputable company as Gerber Legendary Blades accepts such poorly manufactured items with such poor quality control for sale under its name. Label states Made in China. Considering the $32 purchase plus shipping price I paid for the folder I am not sure whether it is worth taking advantage of the Gerber otherwise excellent lifetime warranty or just keep it as is and use it as a utility knife. I will keep you posted.

5 Daily Cutter Cheyo - JAN 10, 2015

i use mine as a pocket knife and its very useful i bring it to the office everyday ...... Chingona

1 fond gerber consumer Geoff A. - JAN 3, 2015

i tried to post a review about this at an earlier date, but it would seem that this site only posts positive reviews about their products. well this needs to be seen too. just for those of us that dont want to pay for a knife that will fall apart.. i doubt this will be posted too. BUT FOR THE LOVE OF GOD AND FINGERS! SOMEONE NEEDS TO KNOW ABOUT THIS!

1 Almost Lost My Finger! Geoff A. - JAN 2, 2015

This is about the 3rd Gerber knife I've owned. I keep a knife on me at all times and have trusted this brand for years.. I read a lot of reviews on this specific knife, from this site and others. For the most part, they were all positive. Although I do love the design and the tanto blade, and the finger whole proved well for leverage and twirling around your finger when your bored. But after about 3 weeks of owning it, in an attempt to cut something, the locking mechanism slipped and cut my index finger to the bone. After further inspection, with the slightest bump or hit to the back of the blade, the lock will slip and the blade will fold in. Not very good for anything (fingers) that may be in the way. Needless to say, this "show" knife will be put into my case for display only. it was a pretty big disappointment for a fond gerber consumer.

5 good over all icetae45apc - DEC 29, 2014

good knife over all

hard to open with one hand

4 Venturer Spencer - DEC 13, 2014

This knife is a comfortable fit to the hand, especially with the index hole. Extra grip & comfort. Only complaint is that *somehow*, on the heel of the knife (bottom), the metal has shattered. This occurred without even using it, or even dropping it/treating it roughly.

5 Great Knife! Eric De. - DEC 1, 2014

I tested one at the store to see if it was to my liking before purchase. Because well, why not? Store model was very smooth operating and very solid when open. Out of the package this knife is very stiff to open but just a little work moving around and it loosens up nicely! This is a great purchase! Thank you Gerber for another fine knife for my every day use!

5 Utility locator Kyle - NOV 20, 2014

My wife bought me this knife for a wedding gift I absolutely love it. It is very sturdy and sharp and feels like it is a part of my hand . Easy to open with one hand after a couple weeks of daily use. There is no play in the blade when open at all. I was devastated when I lost it. So I am defiantly buying this knife again . Best damn knife for the money when you are going to be using it every day

5 Mr Joseph - SEP 10, 2014

great knife,I loved it so much when I lost one I bought another, very strong and sturdy knife. The handle is good and even for a guy like me with big hands the hole fits my finger. A little pricey but a good buy.

4 Waterman Ryan Fitz - SEP 2, 2014

I love this little utility knife. The design is great, I love the handle and the ring! This knife just feels like it's supposed to be in your hand. My only complaint, you're not opening this thing with one hand. It's not going to happen. Other then that, I love this knife.

5 Hey There Shay Laren - SEP 1, 2014


5 excellent bud Parizek - AUG 17, 2014

I have owned 3 of these do to loosing them but keep come back for another each time. I've had kersaw's Smith and Weston and other tactical knives this is by far my favorite

5 Good! Eric - AUG 11, 2014

Really good knife,but hard to open whith one hand!

5 Tacti-Ninja Ballsey McGurk - AUG 8, 2014

Solid kit, great price... what more could you ask for. My new EDC blade.

5 Nice... Roger - JUL 24, 2014

I got this knife, not only because it looks cool as hell, but I was looking for a lighter and thinner EDC knife. I love this thing...

4 Your Title aoeu1 - JUL 15, 2014

First the only problem: If you use a kinetic wrist flinging motion it is possible to over travel the locking mechanism. If they could modify the catch feature on the blade, this wouldn't be a problem.

Second, this knife is nearly prefect for my needs. I'm a climber so the carabiner loop was the selling point. The so called "climbing knifes" sacrifice so much for only a few grams, such they are useless. I like the strong closed detent, I don't want it opening on me while leading.

For the value, this is a stunner. If it was 100$ I would have still bought two.

3 Nice looking and handling but hard to open Amin Croatia- July 2014 - JUL 13, 2014

It looks very bad ass and has a good grip and is nice to handle. It is very, very sharp and you can cut yourself without realizing, so be careful. The down side is the difficult opening with one hand but can be done after training your hand to flip it open after thumb pushing.

4 Well Made But Hard To Open One-Handed Chris - JUL 5, 2014

This is nice quiality knife for the price. I really like the tanto blade with the serrated edge as well as the round finger hole to really get a firm grip on the knife. The only thing I'm disappointed in is that under the features it's labeled as "One Hand Opening," which is false. It takes two hands to open this blade. The thumblift isn't placed well, making this nearly impossible.

5 LP GRIMM - JUN 29, 2014

2 years ago I purchased this blade for my EDC [Every Day Carry] & self-defense. Now fast forward too the present and its time to Cowboy up for another. And for this I THANK YOU!

*To Gerber : When will we see another Gerber Remix?"

5 PMC Miki -Croatia - JUN 24, 2014

Great knife!!!
Going with me in all HRA.....

3 Field Engineer Quang Hong - JUN 21, 2014

Great knife, very well designed, except you can't open it with one hand unless you're freakishly strong. I wouldn't call this knife a tactical for that reason. If you're not in a hurry, it works just fine

5 awesome Your name - JUN 11, 2014

When I first got it, it was a little stiff to open, but with a little gun oil it opens very easily. Durable blade and I use it everyday.

1 Your Title Oscar M - JUN 4, 2014

Rusts easily. Not a good idea to take near salt water

5 looking good Brian - MAY 20, 2014

this knife looks good, just order it... cant wait to get it

P.S it cheaper on Amazon

3 Airman, USAF Jordan - MAY 7, 2014

I can't get this knife to keep its edge.

5 Fantastic Jeff "Rotomon" Leonard - APR 28, 2014

I've had several of these in the remix and the remix tactical, I absolutely love the fit and feel of this knife. I love the composite Grips nice feel and never slip even when greasy. @Darko Croatia Either you unfortunately received a defective one or you have the hand strength of an infant because this knife works flawlessly as a one hand opener. It will not jolt flip open like a heavy blade with a loose pivot but if gripped with the hand and rotated open with your thumb it opens smoothly and easily.

4 Your Title Mitchell - APR 20, 2014

I love this knife but it needs a stronger belt clip

2 Your Title supply chain manager - APR 17, 2014

the knife is very difficlut to open with one hand and the belt clip snapped on the second day of use . the blade finish is nice but when closed you can see the back of the circle part of the blade was poorly made , its not even finished properly . not impressed with the price tag associated with this knife , should be in the low 20's.

5 Your Title zach - APR 13, 2014

super easy to open with one hand by far one of my top knifes

5 IMO Ellery Martilla - APR 8, 2014

The best mass market EDC/Emergency Self-Defense folder on the market for the price. Solid construction, excellent ergonomics and design for a reasonable MSRP. I collect knives from ZT, Benchmade, Microtech, Kershaw Spyderco, A to Z and everything in between. I know quality when I see/use it, and this little blade has earned its place in my collection and more recently clipped to my pocket. Good job Gerber, damn good knife.

5 No title No Name - APR 6, 2014

I can write anything here cause you don't post it anyway !

5 Solid Nate - APR 2, 2014

Just got mine and I Love it. It is a little difficult to open but nothing some oil won't fix. I carry it with me every day.

5 Carry allday every day MT - MAR 29, 2014

Great knife, after working the gears it opens smoothly. Works Great as a pry bar when needed. Great steel. Wonderfully comfortable grip. Works great.

5 Good knife Coco - MAR 28, 2014

Easy opening after few days.

5 Such a great knife!! Raptr117 - MAR 17, 2014

I have owned this knife for about a year now, and it is a wonderful knife! Buy it

4 About One Hand Opening Coco Alex - MAR 17, 2014

I've got 2 pcs of this. One is still sealed. The one that I unsealed it is hard to open with one hand. After several days of testing and lubricating oil seems to be open a little easier, or maybe I'm used to the movement.
Otherwise it is a good knife, you can play with him spinning it on your finger. After a day of experiments I have achieved the performance of open it, spin it on my finger, lock back, all this with one hand. The thing is to get used to it.

3 Romania Coco Alex - MAR 13, 2014

It's kinf od impossible to open with one hand... Seems that some of the knives are easier to open than others. In the video reviews look like it's easy to open, but mine doesn't as well. I like it anyway.

5 Outdoorsman Bassy - FEB 27, 2014

To answer a few questions and concerns. The blade was very stiff to open and quite difficult to open with one hand immediately after purchase but lots of opening and closing loosens it up and now its very easy and fast to deploy the liner lock is very solid with absolutely no play. The clip is removable but has only one position (being a tip up for a right hand pocket )

5 Works Great Nathan Rokusek - FEB 17, 2014

Always clipped to my pants or shorts... Very dependable

2 Dislike Man - FEB 16, 2014

Over-priced for what's it worth

5 Good knife steven - FEB 15, 2014

it is one of the better knives I have owned. It just feels solid. I will say it was a little stiff to open, but that is what gun oil for.

4 Not impossible Lucian - FEB 11, 2014

I can open it with one hand, and so can anybody else, but this is a little tricky

1 MR NiKI CROATIA - FEB 9, 2014


3 nice knife lousy clip Consumer - JAN 26, 2014

I like the knife alot. It is great and i take it every where i go. The knife feels great in your hand, in bout a traditional and reverse grip. They did there homework with this knife. However, they got a C with the pocket clip. I never had a problem with it after weeks of carrying it on my waist until recently when it got bent. It is absolutely impossible to bend it back in to place and i am now waiting for my replacement. All in all good knife though.

5 Great knife Ken - JAN 24, 2014

Love this knife. I never leave home with out it

4 Canadian teenager Jesse Simpson - JAN 23, 2014

I have wanted a Remix ever since I saw the first one several years ago. When I bought it last summer I had high expectations of it since it's a tactical knife and I have to say that almost all of my expectations have been met. Its got a great look and an awesome feel. I agree that it's rather difficult to open one handed but overall a great knife.

5 Your Title mitrovic3 - JAN 20, 2014

Best Knives EVERRRRR

4 4 inch Blade Model Please Cliff Aiea, HI - JAN 16, 2014

This knife took a week or so to get accustom to and break-in. I now have no problems opening it with one hand.
It arrived very Sharp but would suggest highly that Gerber offer a 4 inch Blade model of this knife.

5 Awesome Devin - JAN 15, 2014

Dandy knife, been my go to knife for a year or more, nice weight, easy to open and close one handed, and great blade.

5 Hunting Austin Billings - JAN 13, 2014

I used it to help me finish killing my wild hog and even used it to skin the whole animal, the knife is very sharp and good for almost any task, I fully recommend it.

5 One Hand! Toni - JAN 13, 2014

My girlfriend open it with one hand... :D
Very good knife, my recommendation.

5 tactical remix Flash - JAN 12, 2014

Awsome realy great knife easy handle and carry ..

5 best tactical knife ever jack - JAN 6, 2014

it is easy to open with one hand if u know how to open it! this is an amazing knife and it is part of my daily carry.

5 amazing! jack - JAN 3, 2014

This knife is one of the best tactical knives And the ring is innovation and if u know how to open it right the thumb lift is as quick as a switch blade. The grip is amzing and so is the sharp Tonto point serrated edge.

5 SLOVAKIA Matúš - DEC 31, 2013

I bought it today and I can say thats not impossible to open with one hand, you must be very weak to make this impossible. Belt clip is removable, knife is very good.

4 Mr. _dr_ - DEC 30, 2013

Good blade, steel and cutting features, good ergonomy, bur really it is impossible to open it with one hand. Can you please provide some instructions how to do that.

5 Love it Perfect for daily use - DEC 28, 2013

Great knife, easy to open one handed, easy to pocket and remove. It's perfect!

5 Amazing knife Raptr - DEC 27, 2013

Beautiful knife, blade is sharp as heck, nice design. Fingerhold is nice

4 Love it Bailey Lent - DEC 17, 2013

Having carried it every day for almost a month now, i love the thing. at first, if i didnt open slowly and just racked it open, the liner-lock would jam and be impossible to close, but after a while it wore down whatever was slowing it and it is the perfect knife more my EDC. the ergonomics are great for both standard and reverse grips. smooth operation and great looks.overall great knife. All it needs is a spring assisted opening and we'd have a five star blade.

5 excellent like all products from gerber MiKKa...CROATIA - DEC 11, 2013

stiff and precise...just a slightly heavier

1 worst tactical knife ever Darko Croatia - NOV 30, 2013

impossible to open with one hand!

4 Fine looking Archbaron - NOV 25, 2013

But is the belt clip removable or repositionable?

2 Tight Sal - OCT 23, 2013

Pro: -Fit & finish is very good.
-Lock-up is tight, no lateral or up & down movement in the blade when deployed.
-Good traction on the handle.
-Good sharp edge out of box.
- Sits deep in pocket.
-Light weight.

Cons: Good luck trying to deploy quickly. The blade is very tight to open. I oiled it up, but still very slow to open. Would make a good work knife, but not for any kind of tactical / self defense use.

I give it 2 stars because it is marketed as a tactical knife, but it is just very stiff & too slow to deploy. If it was marketed as a work knife I would give it 3 stars. I just can't get around the speed (lack of) of blade deployment. I think that there are better options for the price.

5 well done gerber Your name - OCT 22, 2013

just picked it up yesterday. great knife already used it

4 Nice, but wish it has better blade steel Alex - SEP 29, 2013

Love the design. Wish to have thumb stud for Remix as well. I was hoping at least 9Cr13CoMoV instead. Willing to pay more for sure.

5 Your Title Ryan - AUG 20, 2013

Love it! I take it everywhere I go.

5 Cant Wait Luke Kaiser - AUG 15, 2013

ordered it cant wait!!!

5 good but a little bigger is better Robert Stehl - JUL 26, 2013

Great knife but a half inch longer version is better.

5 WANT IT jack - JUL 1, 2013

i want one and am going to buy one soon but some people who own it say its bad because the finish is ruff and makes it move slow but i looked at one at meijers and it looked ok


4 Collector Nick - JUN 30, 2013

This blade is awesome. The only down side I have to this blade is the that the belt clip is on wrong, I have had it open in my pocket as I was pulling it out. If the clip could be moved or made ambidextrous this would be a 5 star knife.

5 Best knife ever T - JUN 20, 2013

I have had this knife for a year and it is the best one I have. The finger hole makes it great for carving thing into wood .

5 My Knife Rita - JUN 9, 2013

Excellent to handle. One hand open. Love the feel. Great knife

5 Self defense Dave - MAY 20, 2013

This is indeed a tactical knife, great for every day carry awesome build and well balanced.
The finger grip hole makes it ideal for self defense! awesome knife

5 EDC Jd - MAY 6, 2013

Good knife I've had it for I think two years now I like it a lot. It's very solid I have no complaints about it.

5 great crimsontides - APR 5, 2013

i bought this knife today its an great knife its gunna be my every day carry

5 contractor Darien p - MAR 28, 2013

Great knife. Never had to sharpen. Will buy again. I still would have the knife if it wasn't stolen with my tools

5 Best Single Bladed Knife Robertson - MAR 26, 2013

This Knife Is the best single bladed knife I have if any people are considering to get any other don't. You should get this knife!!!!!!!

5 Great knife James - MAR 17, 2013

Please, Please, Please. Make this knife bigger!!! This is a great design, built solid, and the finger slot is the best for control. Increase the length by an inch and keep it under $40. Then don't look back because you won't keep it in stock...

5 Engineering Tech Jared - MAR 4, 2013

I agree with what most have said... Sound construction with an outstanding grip and great blade. Dont be concerned, the finger slot greatly increases control.
You should get this knife. Excellent value.

5 Nice upgrade James - JAN 29, 2013

Good G-10 handles = great grip
Thumblift allows for improved thumb stabilization when knife is open, also makes it easy to open as well.
Large lanyard hole makes paracord or other hefty cords attachable with ease.
Excellent factory sharpened blade which has yet to need sharpening from my usage of it.
Pocket clip works smooth.
Solid construction.
Great buy worth the money.

5 My bro has one Nathaniel - JAN 21, 2013

My brother has had this knofe since christmas he only complains about the opening time but he has found new pressure points to open it and yes it dose have a belt clip



5 wow skh - NOV 5, 2012

what the hell is this thing i want one

5 LP Grimm - OCT 22, 2012

Gerber is my hands down choice for many years, and I was amazed at all the Tactical positions this blade can be held. And for this I Thank you!

5 hiking,backpacking patrick - OCT 14, 2012

I love it !
perfect for any mountain adventure...

5 jake jc - OCT 8, 2012

It is a great knife, I am in law enforcement and love how light the knife is and how the pocket clip is on the other side so it opens on it own when you draw it out of your pocket. The ring make it almost impossible for the kinfe to slip out of your hand or for it to be taken away from you. Great job..

4 truck driver Mike - SEP 22, 2012

I've owned many Gerber knives over the years, dating back to when Gerber was an American owned company and all their knives were made in the USA. Although, after Fiskars bought them their blade quality and construction went down marginally. That being said , the prices also went down making them a significant bargain. I love my Tanto remix, all the way down to my original old school Gator, which is American made. All in all I must say that despite being made in China now, they still make a very good knife for the price, and I feel like i don't have to baby my blades because i don't want to garbage a 150$+ blade.

5 Harris Josh - SEP 1, 2012

Looks and usefulness, great job Gerber. Keep them coming your guys design team(s) is(are) realistic and have outdoors knowledge, thank you!

5 Everyday knife, perfect :) Nick - AUG 26, 2012

I have used this knife for a while now, and not once has it let me down. I've used it for cutting boxes, cutting paper, and I even used to to cut my nails. It's razor-sharp right out of the box, sturdy, and reliable. Once you put a dab of wd-40 on the pivot, it's perfect.

5 Puss Magnet Jim - AUG 2, 2012

Great knife. Couldnt be happier!! SURVIVAL AT ITS FINEST

4 Climber Le Marquis - JUL 24, 2012

Great knife to use when climbing outdoors. It's lightweight and you can open it with one hand (takes some practise). Just put a carabiner through the hole and attach it on your harness, and you're all set...

4 KnifeEnthusiast Simple Suggestion - JUL 22, 2012

I have not purchased nor handled this knife, although I have many other Gerber blades and they are great users. It looks like a great knife and going off of past experiences with Gerber I can say it's probably worth every penny. My only suggestion would be to offer a plain edge model, I own/collect many knives from various manufacturers and like to keep them hair whittling sharp; if you offered this in plain edge as opposed to combo edge I would not only buy one, I'd probably buy 3 for myself and a few for friends because they're so affordable and seem to be a great value.

5 Survivor Jonathan - JUN 22, 2012

This knife is sturdy with a grippy handle. It is almost too tight to open with one flip, but that is a good thing. It looks sexy when it's open and it will do what it is designed for. Feels like quality.

5 Awesome Cayden Poe - MAY 7, 2012


5 100% Texan Great design - APR 29, 2012

Great design, easy to handle, sturdy, lightweight. Its has great handling. I really like the remix design.

4 SOLDIER CH-47 GUY - APR 14, 2012


5 Love that knife !!!! Mario - MAR 29, 2012

i like that knife and i want hem to my collection. is a nice and utility knife.
keep that line gerber !!!

5 Neat Looking Knife IRoamAloneAtNight - MAR 27, 2012

Awesome Looking Knife.

5 $37 spent amazingly well Ryan - MAR 22, 2012

I've had a fair share of knives, and as of late, more and more Gerber knives. This was the latest in my collection. The Tanto blade and G10 were the main selling points. The knive is great. Lightweight. Easy to open. Easy to close. The pocket clip on the opposite end took a little getting used to, but has been easily adapted to. I think the only thing I miss from my previous models is a safety. I do realize it's a slim handle, so there probably wasn't room for it. Just would have put this knife into the "If you don't buy this knife you're mentally deficient" category. Overall, I love it and will continue to only buy Gerber if this is where their future is headed.

4 kurt Kurt - FEB 22, 2012

A badass looking blade. Love the ring in the middle, good for solid grip. not sure about the G10 though. stick to my pocket.

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