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Gator - 154CM, Drop Point, Fine Edge

Ever notice how alligators are completely indifferent to the weather? Well these prized knives are kinda the same, because they perform to their fullest whether the conditions are wet or dry. If there's a job to be done, our Gator Folders are more than up to it. But that's not just Gerber talking. Heck, when we debuted the Gator Folders back in 1991, the insightful attendees at Blade Show named our reptilian creation as the "Most Innovative Knife of the Year." And our competitors did the voting...


Acclaimed those fourteen years ago and as popular as ever today, the Gator Folder employs advanced thermoplastics with an alligator skin texture to deliver a stunningly reliable, ultimately comfortable grip. Who could have guessed that the feel of reptile scales would be so satisfying?


Anyway, there are seven models to choose from. Each with a lock-back mechanism. And each with a blade made of stainless steel that's as rugged as they come.

$64 Currently Out of Stock
Item # 06064
  • Overall Length: 8.54"
  • Blade Length: 3.76"
  • Closed Length: 4.96"
  • Weight: 5.4 oz.
  • Lock Mechanism: Lock back
  • Blade Style: Drop Point
  • Blade Material: 154CM Stainless Steel
  • Blade Type: Fine
  • Handle Material Glass-filled nylon with Gator Grip overmold
  • Sheath Material: Ballistic nylon
Warranty Warranty


  • Gator grip handle texture for maximum grip
  • Lock-back design
  • Ballistic nylon sheath
5 LOVE MY GATOR! NBYaker1974 - FEB 17, 2015

Have used this as a primary hunting knife for several years. It has never let me down. Its rubbery handle makes for a good grip, the blade stays sharp, and its compact and has a durable case.

5 Survivor Michael Ogden - NOV 27, 2014

This blade was a favorite for my brothers hide and seek game before he lost his life in the war... He would put it in soil foot or so down and gain pleasure from digging it up later only to see no rust NO RUST! After being. Buried for months... TOO COOL

5 father and sons all get the blades Michael Ogden/Dylan Kaylor/Kenneth Wesley Burnett - NOV 27, 2014

We like to give fine lasting iron as signs of eternal devotion to the cause of United consistant striving for goals achieved threw refusal to submit or give quarter to compromise

5 Mr. Duane - AUG 30, 2014

Can't believe you can still get a knife made in the USA with 154cm steel at this price. I love mine!

5 knife collector Stephen - APR 25, 2014

The Gator 154cm has a beautiful lock back system where the knife goes through two clicks before opening and closing. The first click stops the spring from the knife opening or closing down on ones fingers the second click closes/opens the knife into a fixed position. The edge is hair shaving sharp and the textured grip handle stays nicely in the hand. Also, the lightness of the knife is impressive. I would recommend this knife from the serious outdoorsmen to the camper of for an EDC b/c it fits in the back pocket well.

4 Farm kid Ben - FEB 16, 2014

I found an old pocket knife in a scrap car once day. After about a year of using it (it was really worn down but still very useful) I saw that a friend had a similar knife. We compared them, and it was indeed a gerber. I am guessing it was an older style. Suffice to say, I really did miss it when I lost it.
A little warning. If you tweak the blade enough, the joint will loosen up, and only the friction of the blade resting in the handle will keep it from opening. Near the end of its life, it just took a slight flick of the wrist; but that was no problem, since I enjoyed it being so loose.

5 Your Title Millvillan - FEB 12, 2014

THIS IS A GREAT KNIFE A little large for me to carry every day but I have three of them. SHOULD I SAY MORE

5 this knife is great gerber lover - JUL 3, 2013

i love this knife its great love the handle and the drop point blade it for sure my favorite knife

5 Retired architect Antonio - MAY 17, 2013

I bought this knife so many ago that I do not remember how many. I have mainly used it for fishing in a lake but it is a wonderful knife to keep around and even carry in your pocket. I find that it keeps its edge for a very long time and takes and edge easily when needed. Most of all I love the feeling you get when you have it in your hand.

5 Outdoorsmen/hunter Arnie Hoyt - JAN 29, 2013

This Gator 154cm is the sharpest and nicest knife in my bag!
Made in USA also.

4 College Student Jake - DEC 1, 2011

It is handy knife that I carry for basic utility purposes. Cutting rope, opening boxes and or whatever. But what I love about this knife is that there is enough weight to this blade that with a little practice you can figure out the right grip you can get the blade out with a snap of the wrist. It won't work unless you have the snap and grip just right so you don't have to worry about it opening in your pocket. Other than that, don't pay $56 for it, cheaper on amazon. Decent knife.

4 Your Title Bill - NOV 5, 2011

Great design, great feel, but the edge seems to dull quickly. That's ok if you have a sharpener handy, because it takes an edge easily, too. Just don't forget your sharpener.

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