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E-Z-Out Jr - Serrated

We don't necessarily make knives to win popularity contests. But in the case of our E-Z Out and E-Z Out Jr. line, we're not gonna complain how they've gained such a dedicated following. Because these profoundly versatile clip folders have certainly done their part to help folks fend for themselves. Cutting the things that need cutting. Think of them as all-around knives for everyday life.


As the name suggests, they're very easy to open and use. All it takes is one hand to smoothly deploy the stalwart stainless steel blade.


Of particular value to dedicated knife users is the hell-or-high water rugged polycarbonate handle, complete with supple gripping agility of our Softgrip inserts. The combination is a pleasure to hold in your hand. And a pretty slick solution for any task that requires a knife with backbone.

Item # 06551 NSN # 5110-01-414-4920
  • Overall Length: 5.48"
  • Blade Length: 2.38"
  • Closed Length: 3.22"
  • Weight: 1.4 oz.
  • Lock Mechanism: Lock back
  • Blade Style: Clip Point
  • Blade Material: High Carbon Stainless
  • Blade Type: Serrated
  • Handle Material: Glass-filled nylon with Softgrip Inserts
  • Opening Style: One-handed opening
Warranty Warranty


  • Textured handle with SoftGrip
  • One-hand opening
  • Sturdy pocket clip
5 Dr. Paul Bell - DEC 6, 2015

great knife- i carried one from the first production run in 1995 in my pocket daily. it once help me cut through a seat belt after an auto accident and was in constant use after 9/11 when i was working on the pile looking for survivors. alas, last week it disappeared, looked everywhere but it's not to be found. devastated is perhaps too strong a word, but i sure do miss it! i trust the newest version will serve me as well, but i'll miss the etched "First Production Run - 1995" on the blade.

5 Sir Joe B - APR 13, 2015

This is my all around pocket knife. I'm currently looking to purchase my 3rd EZ out Jr. After losing my 1st one over board on my boat and inadvertently leaving my 2nd in my carry on bag at the airport and giving the TSA a free gift I need my 3rd. Perfect size, perfects specs and perfect blade. I like the serrated personally. I'm only replacing it due to loss, not because they failed! Knowing it's made in the USA is also why I choose Gerber. Until I get my new one I will feel like I'm missing something when I leave the house!

5 VP AML Logistics Thomas Balistreri - FEB 4, 2015

have had several of these give them to all our drivers and my family members and cant be without it. I have also given several to friends who love them great knives

5 sales manager Michael Wheeley - JAN 3, 2015

I was given an E-Z out 20 years ago by my bosses son for christmas and i haven't carried any other knife since. Now I no longer have the original or the second , or third . My stepdad got me interested in knives so when he passed away i put my first E-Z Out in his casket because I loved that knife. The second one just completely used it up ,I worked that thing to death. And the third saved my life , two guys attacked me one night and after my E-Z Out made short work of the bigger of the two the other ran away leaving his friend to face the cops and a trip to the E.R. alone . Unfortunately the police confiscated my knife and it was never returned . So now I'm on my fourth and can"t wait till I can get my fifth because the only knife better than an E-Z Out is a brand new E-Z out !

5 Everyday Carry... My #! knife Alex - NOV 22, 2014

My favorite knife for over 5 months... Have an older model with no Gerber logo. Carry it clipped to my jeans pocket everywhere. One task II only sharpened it once and it is razer sharp. I will one day get the

5 The BEST lock back MIKE - SEP 21, 2014

I've had one of these for about 5 years. A friend bought it for me because he loved his so much. He carried his every day for about 10 years before giving me one. This is the BEST lock blade knife you can buy at any price. Super strong. Super light. Super sharp. Extremely comfortable to hold and use. The pinnacle of knife maker technology and ergonomics. Made in the USA.

4 ggggg budzu89 - JUN 12, 2014

The block has a very good. Like most of the block.

5 SFC US Army Matt Moore - FEB 11, 2014

Got three of the EZ Out JR in Iraq 2004, gave one to dad, one to grandpa, and kept and used one. Grandpa has carried and used it everyday since, dad never really used it, and I've kept it in my pocket off and on for military utilitarian use. All three still in tact, all three still sharp. Best little knife for practical use I've owned. High quality blade, can't beat it.

1 Mr Chris Albertyn - AUG 13, 2013

I bought this knife in Cape Town, South Africa.
3 weeks and the belt clip came loose and went missing.

Now the rubbers on the grip seems to be going.

After the initial carry Of 4-6 weeks in South Africa, I packed the knife away, never used it as I was upset about the belt clip coming loose and going missing. 4 yrs later I take it out having made peace with it, and now after less than a month carry . Seem to be losing the rubber grip.

Very dissapointed in this item!!!!



5 Over 9 years now - still solid Mike John - DEC 5, 2012

Ive had this knife for a long time now, it holds an edge very very well. Blade metal is awesome quality, they dont make knive blades like this anymore. Better metal than the EPIC drop point by far.

1 RUBBER GRIPS COME OFF!!! john - AUG 11, 2012

I had this knife for about 4 months and then
the plastic handle CHIPPED and the rubber grips just FELL OFF!!! I'm VERY HARD on my
knives so maybe it was my fault . but the handle is PLASTIC, DO NOT BY A KNIFE WITH PLASTIC ANYTHING ON IT. This is one of the only knives that Gerber makes that is not well made, but it does lock well.
if your looking for a well made knifes try the GERBER PARAFRAME its metal ITS a GOOD KNIFE!!!

5 amazing EDC gear junkie - DEC 27, 2011

Had this knife for 5 years and loved it. great lockup, deployment and edge retention. handle was comfy and this knife just looks cool. miss this knife and hope to buy one soon

5 U.S. Navy (Retired) Michael Guyer - SEP 30, 2011

I've had an original E-Z Out since the late '80s. It served me well in the U.S. Navy and in the 11 years since I've retired. Recently sent back for warranty repair and it's better than the day I bought it. I've carried this knife daily for well over 20 ye

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