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Ghostrike Fixed Blade


The Ghostrike Series Fixed Blade is an ultra-light self defense belt knife with a sheath system configurable for low profile or open carry. The modular sheath system can be worn horizontally on the belt beneath an un-tucked shirt or vertically on a belt like a traditional fixed blade knife. Simply detach the belt loops from the grommet holes and arrange them as you please.


Made with 420HC steel, the Ghostrike Series Fixed Blade’s black ceramic coating offers superior corrosion resistance and minimizes reflective surfaces. Its 3.3 inch fine edge drop point blade serves to slice and rip with precision.


The compact skeletal fixed blade is sized for a subtle presence, and can be worn horizontally or vertically without making a profile against your outer clothing. The rubber over-mold handle features a diamond texture, allowing for a superior grip in critical situations. Know your local laws before you decide how to carry. The Ghostrike Series Fixed Blade knife is proudly made in Portland, OR.

Item # 31-002719
  • Blade Steel: 420HC
  • Handle Material: rubber over-molded glass-filled nylon
  • Blade Length: 3.3 in.
  • Overall Length: 6.9 in.
  • Weight: 3.6 oz (with sheath)
Warranty Warranty


  • 3.3 inch fine-edge drop point blade
  • 420HC blade steel with ceramic coating
  • Rubberized diamond texture grip
  • Lanyard hole
  • Modular glass-filled nylon sheath
  • Made in USA


1 CHAD SHAFFER - JUN 16, 2016

It is a good looking butter cutter. The one I got can't cut a piece of paper. If spend $50.00 plus for a knife it should be sharp. POOR quality control.

1 It sucks Jay - JUN 14, 2016

Had the knife for a few week and it wouldnt stay sharp then after a bit of use the tip broke off. Poor excuse for a tactical knife

2 Fire fighter Todd - APR 14, 2016

Like the way it wears. But won't hold a edge very long.

5 Great knife Remington13.9 - DEC 26, 2015

This is a great knife but it dulls very quickly after you sharpen it.I think this is the only place you need to improve.I think it could be improved by adding a sharpener to the sheath, in the belt loop by the bottom screw. I feel that that is a way to sharpen it easily, But that would mean that you could only sharpen it when you have the sheath off, so another way is to put a sharpener in the sheath, like in a pampered chief knife counter sheath.

5 Great Justin - AUG 18, 2015

I would buy it again. I was very rough on it and the rubber at the top cracked (my fault). I sent the knife back expecting them to say "sorry there is nothing we can do", or just fix the top. What do you know 2 weeks later a brand knew knife at my door no questions asked.
KNIFE = awesome

I cant give it enough stars.

3 great concept. poor steel/sheath EDCGUY - JUL 24, 2015

Don't get me wrong. The sheath is great. Quiet, holds strong, and low profile.
However, the tabs that hold the knife in place have metal rivets for a strong hold and long wearing. Couple this with the soft 420hc steel and every time I draw my knife out of or into the sheath and the edge strikes one of the rivets the blade is instantly dulled.

But putting an edge on this knife is very easy. Just don't expect that edge to last.

Changing the edge angle still does not remedy this issue. The steel is just much too soft to keep a fine edge when it comes in contact with hard material such as the pins in the sheath.

You have GREAT concepts for knives and tools. The main gripe most of us knife guys have with your products is not the concept, functionality, or design of most of your products. It's the steel and it's ability to hold an edge and stand up to abuse. We will happily pay the premium for a better quality, and longer lasting edge. Because, for the most part everything but the steel is carefully and meticulously designed for ease of use, great performance and versatility.

Budget knives are great, but we want better steel.

Sincerely, a knife guy wanting to give you my money for a better product.

3 CPO II kesler - JUN 4, 2015


2 it is normal? diego - MAY 24, 2015

my knife don't cut and this is not because it has not been sharpened ,one times in a store and I have now work sharp and it dont cut again I dont know what I can do I bough my knife on is posible its a counterfeith product?

4 sog archangel - MAY 3, 2015

Good knife, well balanced for throwing but needs a harder blade material

2 Officer Sal Ruiz - APR 26, 2015

It appears to be configured for a right hand draw. Since I am left handed how does this benefit me.

4 Your Title Thatch - APR 18, 2015

I really like this knife. The blade itself is a bit small, but I realize that's because they had to make space to put two small grooves which are the snap-ins for the ambidextrous sheathe.
The sheathe is excellent. Small, thin, lightweight, and makes no noise. I found putting it horizontally on the back of my belt to be a bit too uncomfortable, and wearing a plain t-shirt it would easily pop through if I lifted my arms - so I actually put it horizontally at the front of my belt. The blade is sharp and sturdy, but I would definitely prefer a 1055 over the 420 they used. Overall, I like the feel of the knife, and the sheathe is one of the best concealed-carry sheathes I've seen.
4/5 because of blade length.

4 Decent Knife Knifeconneisuer - APR 2, 2015

I bought this about a week ago and have carried it everywhere. It's light, and feels good in my hands. When I received it, I was the size surprised me; it was much smaller than I had expected. It's true when they say it doesn't print, I couldn't see anything in the mirror. The sheath is cool and the adjustability comes in handy, not to mention the MOLLE compatibility, I could see some good uses for that. It's very light and you'll forget its there. I own several Gerber knives and this has got to be my favorite. I own the Instant which is very durable but the blade jingles. I have pried staples with the Instant, but I wouldn't trust the blade quality of the Ghostrike like I would the Instant. The handle has good grip and does not sweat like some knives. Overall this is a good knife and I would recommend it for any who wants the weight, size, and feel of a pocket knife, but have the strength of a fixed blade.

4 Great EDC piece of gear with a few cons George - MAR 26, 2015

The concept for the knife is remarkable, but just like everything it's not built perfectly. Here's my review after wearing it every day for half a year.

+ Optimal blade length, especially for Europe, fits in the legal category for EDC blades.
+ Remarkable sheath design, creative look on something not considered by multiple other brands.
+ Grippy handle, allowing it to be lashed to a stick and used as a spear, if the situation requires it.

- The belt loops on the sheath are made out of a rubber-like material, which wear out and eventually tear in about two months of everyday carry (I had custom aluminium replacements made a week after purchase, I saw it coming).
- The sheath doesn't allow paracord weaving on the handle, which takes us to the next point.
- The handle of the knife is rubberized, meaning after some use it wears off and is no longer sticky at all, requiring weaving paracord on it, but you already know that won't work if you care to use it with the sheath.
- Finally, but most importantly, the steel is not the best, it's not meant to be used on wood and heavy-duty work, but that's not what the knife is meant for anyway.


The perfect EDC knife, but only after a couple of modifications. Under everyday carry I only include paper, cardboard and rope cutting, also use as a crowbar for small covers of electronics etc., very conceptual sheath, unavailable from other brands. The only purpose of this knife for me is self-defence and minor everyday tasks.

Would I buy it again, although I doubt I'll need to? Yes, absolutely.

4/5 stars.

5 Ghost strike Tucksurvival - JAN 18, 2015

This knife is sweet. I holds an edge and it fits real nice on your belt or pack. 6 out of 5 stars. Ha

4 room for improvement Zu - JAN 14, 2015

Just received this last week.overall,a great knife and been using it eversince.however,i wish the blade material could have been better

4 Your Title Your name - NOV 24, 2014

Nice knife great sheath and very comfortable. It was a little weird getting used to the weight and the factory edge is a bit dull but that is a easy fix. Nice knife all together

5 Mr. Anonymous - NOV 18, 2014

High quality knife, great low profile, and feels darn light and holds well too. Like the skeleton. Thanks again, Gerber.

5 FED SA Hyper Vigilent - OCT 14, 2014

Perfect horizontal sheath., especially when you have to where a suit constantly....need to be bigger, some serration......and I know bunch of us will want that in our equipment set up.

3 Bad retention Alex - OCT 2, 2014

I mounted this knife sideways on a belt, and no matter how snugly I would push it in, it would eventually slide out. Now it's fallen out and I've lost it. The knife itself was great, but now I don't have it, because the sheath didn't do its job.

5 Excellent tool Alex - OCT 1, 2014

Bought 4 as gifts for groomsmen. We all love it. Easy to carry and well made.

5 Great knife armartin1985 - SEP 23, 2014

Ordered four of these for me and my groomsmen. The knife is excellent quality, far better than any "gift" knife. Love that I have something to back up my pistol. I think it will work has a great utility knife too.

3 Your Title joey - SEP 21, 2014

great size, but not sharp at all wont even cut para cord

4 Mr Mr T - SEP 21, 2014

Good looking blade but I would prefer the steel to be 9Cr18MoV though.

5 knive misa - SEP 9, 2014

this blade is grate!!

5 Lt/JTF2 A.B. - AUG 7, 2014

Gonna be useful ... Great size , great hanlding , light , fast . ill add an inch of serration and it 'll be ready for next deployment . thanks

5 Enthusiast TPA Gunslinger - JUL 28, 2014

Nice, simple knife. I forget I'm wearing it.
It is either stamped or EDMed steel although it could be laser cut.The rubber grip is very well designed. The edge is centered nicely.
Don't stab yourself in the back while re-holstering.

5 Bought it WolfBane1995 - JUL 26, 2014

Can't wait till it gets here

4 Em Svc's Dir ehh3 - JUL 21, 2014

Looks like an awesome addition to my kit. I will most likely be purchasing soon.

5 Your Title Dan Die - JUL 17, 2014

I want one!

5 Sgt/CID jimmydaniels - JUL 17, 2014

The new Ghostrike package looks very cool. To the Gerber designer......Well Done Sir.... thanks for the program, and making truly awesome tools!

Sgt. J. Daniels

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