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Big Rock - Serrated

Designed as a hunting knife by the acclaimed knife maker, William Harsey, Jr., the Big Rock 4.5-inch fixed blade partially serrated knife has evolved to become a formidable aid in camping and general outdoor use. With its sturdy full tang 440A stainless steel construction, it can travel to the campsite as a reliable companion and stand up to practically any adventure imaginable.

Take confidence along with the Big Rock knife on a camping or backpacking trip. Baton through a pile of wood, cut down small branches and limbs for kindling, sever twine or rope, and accomplish a myriad of other camp-related tasks with its sturdy blade. Clean trout, cape a deer, feather sticks, all while maintaining the ergonomic SoftGrip handle easily in a comfortable grip. Prep for a dinner of tri-tip and sliced vegetables, or cut a pizza perfectly with the excellent balance of this great, robust knife.

The handle of the Big Rock knife ensures a comfortable, secure grip in all conditions. With a glass-filled nylon core and SoftGrip over-mold, the thumb and forefinger pressed against the hilt keep the knife firmly in the palm. Tether the knife using the built-in lanyard in the pommel. The Big Rock makes a trusty addition for all of life’s most interesting journeys.

Item # 22-41588
  • Overall length: 9.5"
  • Blade length: 4.5"
  • Weight: 6.4 oz.
  • Blade style: drop point
  • Blade material: 440A stainless steel
  • Blade type: serrated edge
  • Handle material: glass-filled nylon with SoftGrip overmold
  • Sheath material: nylon with protective insert


  • Ergonomic contoured handle
  • Lanyard
5 boy scout Timmy Totenchip - DEC 10, 2015

Its a really nice knife! I cut down a tree with it yesterday. I cant wait to gut the first animal I kill with it.

5 Camper Richard - FEB 21, 2015

This is the best all-around knife I own. It is the jack-of-all-trades knife. The full tang and the moulded grip are excellent features. For the price, you cannot find a better knife. Period.

4 Your Title Phil - SEP 26, 2014

Great All Around Outdoor Knife

A great Five Star knife with a One Star sheath.

I know Gerber is in the Knife business, but convenient carry and blade safety all so come into play when carrying a knife in the field.

Upgrade the sheath and this would be a Six star rig.

5 Outdoorsman Duncan - JUL 2, 2014

This is a great knife. For the money, the quality is surprisingly good. I carry this whenever I go hiking, fishing, camping, or any other outdoor activity, including going for a walk when I hear another bear is in the area☺ The shape makes it a very versatile knife. Basically, it's my favorite knife because it's great all around and losing it isn't a worry. Great knife

4 Great for Scouts Hunter - AUG 26, 2013

Great knife for scouts and outdoor lovers.

Pros. The knife is very well designed for the price and feels great in your hand. Love the lanyard hole at the end and would def get the serrated blade unless your hunting or something. The knife is worth the price and I would recommend to any one.

Cons. The sheath is not well constructed it does the job of safely holing the knife but it just looks like it shouldn't go with this knife. If the sheath had been a bit better I would give it 5 stars.

Overall great job on the knife gerber but please think a little bit more about the sheath, I would rather pay more money for a higher quality sheath.

4 Just got it and am still I bought it. mattde - JUL 9, 2013

Pros: the weight is just right not to heavy no to light, feels great in the hand. It's a well made knife. Steel seems a little soft but with the design and thickness of the blade I think it will serve me well. I did get the serrated blade I'll see how it works out in the future. They'er just a pain to sharpen.

Cons: Almost a little to small do any real heavy duty work out in the field and a little big to carry around all the time. The shealth is weakly and just looks lame compared to the knife. It will last and all but poor design.

Overall I'm glad I got one at the price. it's a great knife for having in a collection but if I had to choose only one knife it would not be my favorite.

5 Great Knife Paul - APR 15, 2013

Had this knife for almost five years and it still works great. I use it daily at work and only had to sharpen it once.



5 Your Title Pazuzu - JAN 25, 2013

This is certainly my favorite knife, and I own many. I have absolutely beaten this thing to hell and it's still fully functioning. The steel does not seem to be of low quality. This knife will take a very sharp edge and hold it for a long time. I've taken this on multiple camping and hunting trips, cut down saplings with it, and the edge holds. I rarely have to sharpen it.

5 Great Knife Rolf Swainston - OCT 22, 2012

I recently bought this knife at REI and I am really impressed. It has been through 1 campout so far and it works great. It has a very comfortable feel to it.

5 good priced, well made knife Ian Farry - OCT 21, 2012

I got this knife from REI about a year ago, it takes a long while to lose an edge but with proper care you can get a long lifetime out of this knife. The sheath is not very well made, the knife wobbles around inside the sheath.

3 Better Steel Please Sara - OCT 20, 2012

The full tang construction and handle design is a plus, but the low quality steel makes it a knife to avoid as the blade and serrations being brittle takes away from any advantage of the full tang.
Would love to see this in 420HC steel or other high carbon steel like the Prodigy knife.

5 noah Noah Chumchal - AUG 24, 2012

I own a lot of knives, but out all of them this is the best one!

5 Third generation Gerber customer Matt Beals - AUG 14, 2012

Love this knife, a real workhorse. I'm confident enough in its function and quality that I passed mine down to my son. It will serve him well as have my grandfathers Gerber's have served him, my father and now myself.

5 Favorite Travis - APR 4, 2012

I have many gerber knives but this is my favorite. The sheath is functional, no frills ADD YOUR OWN. I added a 550 lanyard w/ ferroseum rod attached. I love it.

4 ex military rangerscd - JAN 3, 2012

Seems to be a good full tang knife- great mid-price. Agree that the sheath sucks so I am thinking of making my own Kydex sheath. Is the RUBBERIZED handle material OK for molding-over with Kydex at 250-300F or will it melt when pressed at these temps?

2 less than impressed EDC gear Junkie - DEC 27, 2011

good for the weekend warrior however!!! very brittle steel, serrations break and blade chips. handle rubber comes off to reveak hard plastic core and sheath sucks. okay edge retention but overall a fail. sorry gerber love ya but hate this knife

5 Your Title Bob - DEC 17, 2011

Great knife for the price. Had a little problem with rusting and also with some of the serations breaking off. Also, a hard molded plastic sheath might be a good improvement, however, still a great product.

4 LOVE THE KNIFE Me - DEC 15, 2011

Hate the sheath.

5 police officer/outdoor enthusiast Jason Campbell - NOV 26, 2011

I feel that this knife is a great design. I wish that this knife was offered with a Prodigy-style sheath. I believe that this would be the ultimate knife/sheath combination.



5 Outdoorsman Landon Fimbres - AUG 17, 2011

First item I pack is my Big Roc. From Patagonia, Senora, and Sierras its been by my side. I combined the sheath to hold a spark striker. Its been a few years, shelters, fires, and fish. Thank you for such a tough American product. Get out Gerber.

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