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River Shorty Black

An excellent water sports knife, the Gerber River Shorty excels in responding to the unique requirements of rafting, paddling and diving. With its sturdy stainless steel blade, extremely light glass-filled nylon handle, and deliberately stunted tip, the River Shorty can be carried into a myriad of high-difficulty water-related situations in its sheath designed expressly for mounting onto a PFD.

Well-polished in order to limit corrosion, the River Shorty does the job in watery elements without making waves. The 3-inch blade offers major versatility, with a fully serrated blade on the bottom edge and finger jimping along the upper edge for unparalleled security. Additionally, the blade has a false edge made specifically to spread peanut butter or cream cheese for lunch, as well as a blunt tip to protect the user and any rubber rafts from puncture. Remove the lightweight knife from its sheath clipped to a PFD to quickly hack at reeds, cut a tie-off rope, or sever cord. Use the River Shorty back at camp to slice into a watermelon after lunch.

The glass-filled nylon handle of the River Shorty is not only super-lightweight, but offers great grip with its slightly porcupine-like edges along both sides, a few of which are a bit longer for natural thumb and finger placement along the lower edge. Constructed of hard plastic, the River Shorty’s sheath serves adeptly in the world of outdoor water sports. It can engage with the knife in two ways, and can be clipped to a belt, onto a boot, or attached to a flotation vest.

Item # 30-000967
  • Overall length: 6.75"
  • Blade length: 3.0"
  • Weight: 4.0 oz
  • Handle: Glass-filled nylon
  • Sheath: Molded Plastic
  • Blade Material: 420HC
Warranty Warranty


  • Tough Molded Sheath attaches to Personal Flotation Device, pack or belt
  • Blunt Tip/Safe With Inflatables
  • Quick Release Lock
  • Made in USA
4 Paddler Jeff - DEC 25, 2015

Great little knife! Knife and sheath both extremely light in weight. Clips solidly to my vest. Blunted tip is a nice touch. Good grip and ergonomics in genaral.

3 Head cashier at the grocery store John Standish - APR 10, 2015

I notice they don't mention the weight of the sheath this knife comes with. IDK about this new version (if it is actually different than previous models) but the version from the last few years had a sheath that weighed about three times as much as the knife, negating any weight savings.

4 Pretty good knife Jesse - SEP 13, 2014

I've had the original of this for maybe 18+ years. Pretty decent knife for what it is. It's not full tang, at least my old one isn't. A magnet sticks to it right to around that first smaller hole in the handle where that finger stop bump thing is on the new one(mine doesn't have that). If I go into the woods I'll take my Tops but this thing is a good around the house or water knife for low to medium abuse tasks for sure, which is all they claim it is.

3 Your title Your Name - MAR 11, 2014

you guys need to put pictures of the sheaths for all your knifes that use them

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