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LMF II Infantry - Black

Down behind enemy lines? Left to fend for yourself? These are the scenarios that inspired the LMF II. Former military man Jeff Freeman led the charge to engineer this fearless new 10" survival knife. And we field tested it with the troops.


This knife is as adaptable as the personnel who carry it. Use it to cut through the skin of a fuselage. Or sever a seat belt. Or egress through the Plexiglas of a chopper. Plus, the LMF II does a slick job cutting firewood and building shelter. It can even be lashed to a pole to create a spear.

Item # 22-41629
  • Overall Length: 10.59"
  • Blade Length: 4.84"
  • Weight: 24.28 oz. (w/ Sheath)
  • Weight: 11.67 oz. (w/o Sheath)
  • Blade Material: 420HC Stainless
  • Blade Style: Drop Point
  • Blade Type: Serrated
  • Handle Material: Glass-filled nylon with TPV overmold
  • Sheath Material: Ballistic nylon with fire retardant coating
Warranty Warranty


  • Lashing holes for use as spear
  • Rugged, versatile survival tool
  • 2 Leg Straps
  • Sheath
  • MOLLE Compatible
3 Handle Issues Mason - JUL 10, 2016

Not full tang, the pommel on the end is only secured to the handle by cheap plastic and a small bolt. i dropped the butt of the knife on a rock from less than waist height and it cracked off. it would be a quick repair with some two part epoxy but regardless this shouldn't of happened. if the knife was full tang it would be an easy 5 stars as it has fulfilled my needs in all other respects and the sheath is amazing as well

5 Medic Jason - JUN 18, 2016

Used on three tours in Iraq and just finished second in Afghanistan and this knife held its own.

5 THE KNIFE SAR - MAY 26, 2016

This knife goes with me every time I deploy for a SAR mission. It has done everything I have asked it to and more. I have taken it on survival exercises and everyone that doesn't have one wants to check it out.

5 awesome knife jjoosshhuuaa29 - MAY 15, 2016

I've had this knife for about 3 years now its amazing out of all the knifes I have this is the most reliable knife on the market great job gerber

5 Great Product Brandon - MAY 13, 2016

This knife sat in the woods for over a year with 3 other type knives, this was the only knife that made it out unscathed !!! Still works and looks brand new

4 great bushcrafting knife Charlie - MAY 7, 2016

I've used Gerber since 1968...both in the service of my country (Vietnam conflict)...
and bushcrafting for weeks at a time...
your tools and knives have "never failed"
on me in any and all extreme conditions... and especially when my life depended on it... it's only the "wanta beez" that
always seem to whine to whine...
and have never been further than their
livingroom and the discovery channel...
to using your time tested products...
again... thank you for your truly...

respectfully... Charlie

1 MTA Supt. Paul - APR 24, 2016

Desert heat softens handle enough to make it fall apart. Had to make my own handle to avoid throwing it in the garbage. What were you thinking?

5 Great Adrian G. - APR 4, 2016

The handle is fragile and is easily destroyed but the blade quality is very good I have done harsh work with it like cutting thick wire and cutting wood with out dulling.

3 Sarge thistle head - MAR 21, 2016

love the blade hate the fragile handle ! the handle needs to be full tang and the rubber overmold is far to fragile. I had to retun the knife. GERBER make the LMF like the Prodogy and the Stongarm and I will buy a couple of them.

5 Army MI Tom - MAR 13, 2016

Great in the field and on any camping trip. All the guys were asking where I got it within the week of getting it.

5 Amazing. James - MAR 4, 2016

Only thing that could be better, is full tang. Other than that it's a great knife, used it against hickory, tin for my roof, and just about everything else. The things with everyone's bad reviews on them breaking is because they have treated the knife like dirt. Don't baby it, but don't intentionally kill it

2 Your Title Adam - FEB 20, 2016

I love the knife but the snaps on the sheath are to stiff. Have almost ripped the snaps out of the nylon straps.

5 Your Title Vicken - FEB 9, 2016

Great knife no problem can't understand why people have problem with it.... Great for survival

2 Disappointed Jamie - DEC 18, 2015

Spent over $200 NZD in this knife, the steel was rubbish. Impossible to get a good edge.

This knife ended my lifelong relationship with Gerber.

5 Your Title Ken - OCT 4, 2015

Great knife camping hiking start fires split wood works great

5 Slacker Mike - OCT 3, 2015

If you spend a lot of time in the can't go wrong with this knife. I've used it for just about anything that most would ever use it for, in the sticks, and it handles exceptionally well. It's a little heavy to carry when considering pack weight but the extra weight of the knife does have a few advantages. I haven't yet found one worth trading up for.

4 Need a Full Tang LMF Please Dave W - SEP 29, 2015

This is an outstanding knife can sure take a beating and keep on ticking for the most part. However if you search online you'll find MANY videos where people easily damage this knife while pounding wood near the hilt area because it's not truly a full tang knife. Sure in day to day and combat/tactical use I'm not going to beat on my knife near the hilt, but In a true survival situation where anything goes and I just might need to pry or use leverage and pound wood or a stone 'near' the hilt area to split wood or create shelter etc, I would really appreciate having a full tang. Now folks the Gerber Prodigy is a full tang knife and similar to the LMF II in which I can recommend, and the Prodigy is mostly like the LMF II. Unfortunately the Prodigy lacks the lashing hooks and isn't as large or beefy as the Gerber LMF II, nor does the Prodigy have a built in field sharpener in the knife sheath.. So Gerber, myself and MANY others have begged for this, please make a FULL TANG version of the LMF II knife and you will have 5 stars from me and a huge cult following of this knife. In the woods or my car I'm not worried about cutting through fuselage and getting electrocuted. Thanks in advance!

5 no title I just hunt & fish,I camp all the time too. james white, - JUN 29, 2015

I brought this knife about 5 to 10 years ago,can't remember just when I brought it ,but it goes every where I go.I never leave home without it.

5 Hunting and Ranch Work KJH - APR 26, 2015

I live in the middle of the forest on 89 acres in Texas. I put this knife through hell doing work around my ranch. It'll cut anything in one go up to about the size of my wrist. I've had no problem keeping a good edge on it. I'm 6'3 and have an average size hand for my size and the knife fits very well. I've used this knife on game and was pleased that although the knife handle was covered in blood, it still provided a good grip (which you will appreciate if you've ever had your hand slip forward onto a sharp blade).
One trick for ppl who get this knife: I cut the top buckle off of the sheath and rely on the sheath to hold the knife in place. I don't use the drop leg that was provided. Instead, I run my rigger belt through it w one belt loop in between so that it rests horizontally on my left hip. SO convenient for when you are un/re sheathing several times because it doesn't pull your pants up or down.
Credit where it is due; great knife Gerber.

5 amazing Dae - DEC 30, 2014

this is military knife, not a toy. solid, heavy, seriously thick blade and built-in sharpener... there's no other such great knife for this money.

5 Army Infantry Mitchell - NOV 22, 2014

I love this knife. It does everything you need it to. Fits well with the Molle on my kit.

5 Very Heavy Duty. krholloway - NOV 17, 2014

I'll admit, I did purchase this knife on sale at Canadian Tire ($60!), but I would pay full price regardless.
Heavy duty, sharp and just plain heavy. I've hammered it into trees just because I can. Shows no sign of giving up.
Great quality sheath with great molle compatibility.

5 FirefighterFirst Responder Jared - SEP 19, 2014

Picked up this knife to take in the woods with me backpacking, hunting, fishing, etc. and it hasn't let me down yet. Knife fits VERY snugly in the sheath as long as it goes past the friction lock. I find more and more uses for the serrated edge the longer I have it. Definitely recommended.

4 security guard Dustin - AUG 24, 2014

I love the knife great steel and can take a thing you through at it. My only gripe is that the knife wiggles in the sheath and if you carry the knife on your belt I goes dull inside of the sheath.

5 great knife m chlad - AUG 19, 2014

The over all feeling and performance of the blade is great. The grip is amazing and the pommel will do more than pond in nails and smash glass. As a camp knife the surrations can get in the way sometimes however for its intended purpose surrations are a must. The capabilities of this knife are not described by Gerber. If you are looking for a survival knife and don't like to spend money this is your knife.

5 great knife m chlad - AUG 19, 2014

The over all feeling and performance of the blade is great. The grip is amazing and the pommel will do more than pond in nails and smash glass. As a camp knife the surrations can get in the way sometimes however for its intended purpose surrations are a must. The capabilities of this knife are not described by Gerber. If you are looking for a survival knife and don't like to spend money this is your knife.

3 Time to upgrade this knife. Survival Solutions - JUL 27, 2014

I have this blade, and its "ok", but I feel that it could be made alot better. The design of the knife is awesome, but it has some flaws. The stainless could be more sturdy and a better quality.The plastic insert cracks when trying to baton, maybe make a better one? And upgrade the handle material as well so its tougher. With better materials this knife could become well respected within the prepper/survalist community. Call it the LMF II Pro Series or something.

5 great blade very reliable Tien Nguyen - JUL 23, 2014

probably best knie you can buy never broke on me and always there when you need it

5 cpt. chad frith - JUL 20, 2014

awesome knife, but i broke the tip in a combat situation, any chance of a warranty

5 Great J - JUL 17, 2014

Got it as a Christmas gift love it love every thing gerber dose support our troops!!!!!!

5 bush walker George - JUN 13, 2014

best knife I've ever owned

5 Your Title Marcos - MAY 14, 2014

Awesome Gerber is the only only knifes that I buy

5 Amazing Knife C KIDD - MAY 10, 2014

I have only had this knife for a few weeks but its a great knife. I needed to shop a 4 in. tree branch in half and I couldn't fine my hatchet, so to test the knifes skill, i used it. I chopped that branch in half like it was nothing and zero damage to the knife. Gerber makes great knives and i only buy from them. Great Knife Gerber!

3 Me dunken Bob - MAR 26, 2014

This knife looks like an apple

4 Excellent utility knife Jim H - MAR 16, 2014

This is a really well built, sturdy field knife. I'm a paratrooper and bought the knife a few years back for work. I've used it for all kinds of field applications and it really stands up.

The stainless steel doesn't hold a keen edge very well, but it has the neat little sharpener in the sheath and it's not like it's skinning knife anyway. Most of the work it's done for me is cutting scrub and bush for cam and for fire lanes.

The sheath is good to go, I've done several jumps with it and I haven't spilled the knife once.

I haven't had the bad experience some folks have of the rubber peeling off the handle. The only place where the rubber is damaged on mine is where I've used the hammer on the pommel and been a bad shot.

My only complaint really is the serrations. They're left handed, which makes it a bit unwieldy if you're right handed and trying to sharpen a stake or something. The flip side is that I use the serrated part so much mine have basically all worn down to nothing. I think I'll take a file to it and just turn into a unserrated edge.

For the money, this knife would be hard to beat for a general field knife.

2 Senior Darin John - JAN 20, 2014

I've had friends who had this knife thought about buying this knife but I'd only buy if it was full tang

4 My Knife Jay - DEC 6, 2013

Carried this knife on my gear for 6 years. Was a gift from my dad prior to being deployed to Afghanistan. Only complaint is now I want a leather sheath or something similar. Not wearing my kit back home. Good strong sturdy knife. weather it be making loop holes in walls or cutting straps or other sh&t. Love it.

5 Current EOD Tech former Infantry Kenny - NOV 30, 2013

I originally purchased this knife while in Afghanistan in 2009, I've used this knife for several different tasks from probing for IEDs and wires to prying nails and pins from wood and metal, even built a small deck with it when I didn't have a hammer available. I love this knife and I have carried everywhere from combat to camping/hiking trips. Yes the rubber has peeled but screw it, it's a hell of a work horse!!! Not a dang show piece.

1 Med Dude - NOV 26, 2013

Just wondering if the sheath with this knife come with the low profile sharpener too? Cause it doesn't say in the features and every other model does.

4 Sapper S - NOV 1, 2013

Make a smooth, tanto blade, full-tang version and I will buy one in a heartbeat.

Aside from that, I use the LMFII (Black) for a variety of purposes and it's my current utility knife, one that I won't hesitate to trust my life on.

5 Holy Smokes!!!! Kieran - OCT 26, 2013

This knife is amazing I've had it for about a year and I've used it almost every day and its still in great shape. A couple months after I got it I was starting a fire with a magnesium fire starter, and i lost this knife... I take no heed to this and i build up the fire.... About an hour later I put out the fire with water and i see an outline of a knife...I quickly pick it up and brush it off ,and realize its been in a blazing fire but is only warm even the blade isn't hot. The only damage was to the top of the handle and even it is barely noticeable unless you take a good look at the knife..................THIS KNIFE IS PRACTICALY INDISTRUCTABLE!!!!!

5 perfect bob - OCT 6, 2013

best knife in the world

5 Your Title Your name - OCT 5, 2013

Was one of the first fixed blades I bought. That`s why at first I had mixed feelings about the LMF. I did not like the handle made of plastic and wearing off easily, the sheath seemed to be too heavy, etc. I thought there are far better knives. After buying EEE 5, Becker BK2 and other knives, I can say, that there is no great difference between any of these knives. Every single one of them has its pros and cons. The LMF has the advantages of being stainless, lighter and with the most comfortable grip.

5 Great Knife Max - AUG 22, 2013

Was skeptical prior to buying this knife because of the mixed reviews, but once I got it
has been great. Durable, with no signs of wear. Had knife for about a year. Would recommend.

5 full tang braeden - AUG 14, 2013

the reason this knife does't have a full tang is because its design for the military and gerber thought that if that had to cut through a electrical wire the user wouldn't get electrocuted

5 Should I Get it? Joey - JUL 26, 2013

After seeing these last couple reviews I am wondering if I should get the knife.

3 Outdoorsmen Justin - JUL 7, 2013

I love the design and profile of the knife, decent steel holds up to abuse. Handle feels great in the hand, but it doesn't seem to stand up to much abuse. I limbed a small tree to make a shelter and while doing so the rubber overmould and the plastic at the hilt has broken. Now the blade has loosened in handle with almost 1/16" movement. I really liked this knife and was skeptic about the negative reviews. I understand this is a survival knife, but for it to fail slightly during a simple tree limbing, i don't know how long it will last in a full camping trip in the middle of nowhere..I may buy another one, but will not use it to build shelter. Gerber's LMF design is great, just wish they could provide a model built with quality materials.

5 BEST KNIFE EVER Justin - JUN 29, 2013

I have had this knife for over 6yrs, not one problem!!! don't know what all this crap about the handle is, mine is fine and dandy. solid weight, thick steel, sharp edge. this knife is the ultimate!! got 2 of my friends to buy it and they love it also!!

5 Outdoor enthusiast - Jamaica Charles Deans - JUN 24, 2013

This knife is a dream!! The handle, just by the finger, busted open - that seems to be a common complaint, but other than that, the knife is wonderful!! Thanks Gerber!!

4 supreme commander nunyo biz - JUN 21, 2013

Knife is built really well,you get a little wear on the handle from the sheath,which is also amazing,,You cant go wrong with this knife,for the price,and the quality I dare you to find some better than this,plus a lifetime warrenty!!!!

5 Survival Knife Elton - MAY 10, 2013

Great Knife.. that i am going To Buy

4 Needs full tang Hunter - APR 8, 2013

Needs full tang this realy would be the best knife if you give it a full tang.

5 H3LL YA!!! tedward31 - APR 2, 2013

best knife I've ever held! literally feels like a WMD in your palm... this this can do everything!! one in my Zombie Apoc. Kit and another spare under my pillow .. no wonder the military trusts this knife. worth every penny.

2 rubber peels off brian - MAR 19, 2013

for a knife at this price and supposed quality i shouldn't have to worry about the rubber on the handle peeling off after drawing it from the shealth 8 times

5 GREATEST KNIFE EVER rrouth99 - MAR 18, 2013

Very impressed with this knifes capabilities highly recommended!!!

4 Very well thought out knife but, Eric - FEB 19, 2013

I wish that the rubber on the finger guard was more durable. I used it to slit some kindling and accidentally got the finger guard stuck in the wood, when I pulled it out the rubber was all messed up, and the plastic was completely broken. I realize it was designed this way for electrical insulation, and it's still usable. I still really like it though!

5 Best knife Matt - FEB 15, 2013

This knife really is awesome , I was hesitant at first with such a high price tag , but I caved in and purchased this knife , it really feels like you can do anything with it . I recommend for any hunter , fisherman , military or LE.

5 Guess what I found! John - FEB 4, 2013

I found this knife, in it's sheath, in an parking lot. Just laying there! I have never been so happy with a knife in my life. Nice heft, decent edge, great utility! Gerber keep up the good work.

5 Hunter, Fisherman, And I Love A Good knife! Jeremy - JAN 6, 2013

I love this knife. It feels amazing in your hand, it looks incredible, it's tough! And the sheath is amazing. The Bear Grylls replacement fire starter fits perfectly into the sheath in the slot for the sharpener and is held nicely with a velcro strap. Some people complained that their handle wore out because it's such a tight fit. Simply remove the one velcro strap and place it underneath (the one in the friction lock). The friction lock is more than capable of holding the knife without it. There are two heavy duty snap attachments on the handle for when you want the knife strapped securely. I find the friction lock on mine is fine with the velcro removed as I mentioned, and with the snaps undone, I rarely do them up. The leg straps are very well designed with non-slip grip and elastic so you get a comfortable fit. My favorite knife hands down. I don't know what I enjoy more, the knife or the sheath. Great job Gerber.

5 Great Knife Knife collector - DEC 25, 2012

I love the knife, I collect knives and this is really one of the best, people dont like the serrations, but in a survival setuation it is very helpful, much better for cutting robe and wire, any one who is looking for a full tang should go with the Prodogy knife from Gerber, this one is desingned to cut electrical wires with no problem. the sheath is the best I have seen in any knife ever, though I would like to see space for fire starter like the Bear Gerber survival knife.

3 Prior Military/Private Contractor Chris - DEC 15, 2012

Over all this knife was designed as a combat ready knife. The blade is great but the serrations are hit or miss with most folks, I don't mind it on this knife but prefer strait edge. The grip is nice but the rubber does rub down after a few draws out of the sheath. I'm not a big fan on how this isn't a full tang all the way through honestly, but this knife is still a very nice one to have in any collection. It's deff too bulky/heavy and is impractical for everyday use, although It's a great knife to take on camping trips. I would like to see the exact same design of this knife with a full tang all the way through to the pommel, and very securely bolted micarta scales, plus a lot less heavy. I love the sheath and the fact that you can sharpen this on the go, so thats pretty awesome. So Gerber, make it less heavy keeping the 420HC steel, maybe a bit smaller, same sheath setup with micarta scales and I'll be first in line to buy.

3 Hunter/Survivor/Outdoorsman Phil Ross II - NOV 30, 2012

The handle is the most comfortable I have ever felt. The combined weight and balance makes me not want to put it down. The serrated edge is durable and gets through bone well. The blade holds an edge and the black color barely turns grey after much use. The pommel is nice but impractical for using as a hammer device. I understand it is for glass and in that way the pommel is useful. The three holes to make a spear are useful and work great on the end of a strong stick. There is a weakness though. While using the blade to chop through bone and wood while hitting the top of the knife with a large piece of wood the handle does not hold up. While chopping using my black on black lmf ll the rubber on the hand guard cracked into pieces. The plastic holding the blade and rubber together also cracked and the blade seemed to come loose inside the handle. After the handle split I came to the realization that the knife was not a full tang which displeased me very much. I've never owned a full tang knife that is busted. After the handle came apart I left the knife in my shop underneath a hanging elk, it got stolen out of my walk in cooler and now I'm out a broken knife. So the warranty doesn't really exist in my case. I was considering purchasing the "ultimate Fixed Blade" by Bear Grylls as an alternate to the lmf ll because I like the flat pommel but I also realized it does not have a full tang. So the search continues for the ideal all purpose knife.

5 it does it all joe - NOV 29, 2012

the knife is great it can be used as a hamer break glass and great forself defense it is tuogh becuase i hoped many train climbed many mountsains and un like the bear grylls knife it last its great for self defense and the butt is great for crushing a good quility knife thats never failed me am joe agraan and this knife is great

5 it does it all joe - NOV 29, 2012

the knife is great it can be used as a hamer break glass and great forself defense it is tuogh becuase i hoped many train climbed many mountsains and un like the bear grylls knife it last its great for self defense and the butt is great for crushing a good quility knife thats never failed me am joe agraan and this knife is great

5 Your Title Your name - NOV 26, 2012

yes it is a knife sheath and 2 leg straps

5 Question Charlie - NOV 20, 2012

Can somebody tell me if this knife comes with a sheath?

1 Sheath design flaw Kristen - NOV 17, 2012

i had the same problem as NATH. I saved my money for a long time to buy this knife thinking it would be long lasting and the rubber is peeling off the handle. very upset and disappointed. i used the knife once. gerber has lost a costumer.

4 LEGENDARY! EJD - NOV 5, 2012

I've had this beast for about a month now, and have used it on several backcountry occasions.

This piece is awesome! Very meaty, has a huge handle and I love all the features.

Have yet to lash this monster to a spear yet but I have started trimming up a staff to do so, I do not doubt it at all.

The handle is intimidating...looks like it can do some serious damage for whatever you use it for, which can be so many things.

The sheath is sweet, it's more like a sheath inside a sheath, and that has crazy attachment points. Molle, belt, belt/thigh, thigh, calf, etc...the list goes on. Fits great a Hazard 4 sling packs! Snaps snug inside and is very secure.

The integrated sharpener is cool to have but I would ONLY use it in a situation where you didn't have anything else to use. I do not find it difficult to sharpen the serrations but am having a little trouble getting the edge I want on the fine section.

I love the fact that this was made in Portland, OR.

Gerber, make more items locally, they always turn out so much better! We don't mind spending a little more for a better product.

5 goverment ben - NOV 1, 2012

Best ever this is one tough knife great feel and very rugged gerber has set the bar once again

5 Park Ranger Chris - OCT 17, 2012

Great balance, nice edge, good tool, and very intimidating...



5 some ***hole stole mine Amanda - OCT 16, 2012

obviously he/she could tell it was a quality product as soon as they picked it up. so i guess the counts for something. in my own opinion its the greatest knife on the market. had it for a year. i plan on purchasing another one asap thanks to gerber for such a great price!

5 Wow Your name - OCT 8, 2012

this knife is amazing
I used it to take down 2 1 inch diamiter maples the other day worked amazingly. it took 5 hits each. the blade did chip but only because i oversharpened it and anyways they were tiny chips.
I also
cut up a soda can
cut through a seatbelt
this knife can do anything you can imagine and some things you cant i love it

1 Q&A James - OCT 5, 2012

Does this knife come with 2 leg straps? I have been looking online and have seen a few reviews saying that the infantry version comes with only one leg strap.

5 great knife Jared - OCT 4, 2012

This knife is my favorite knife ever. It is a well built tool that I believe I could trust my life on if need be. My only suggestion is to offer a fine edge option as well. Even the Bear Grylls knife has a fine edge version and this knife is light years ahead of that. Food for thought. Thanks for making an amazing knife, Gerber.

5 amazing ben - SEP 27, 2012

used it to cut down a 1 inch thick maple the other day blades still in great shape 1 or 2 chips gotta love high carbon steel.

the one downside is when i wear it drop leg it pulls my pants down but thats it

5 Simply awesome. Dave - SEP 7, 2012

Great features for the price.

5 former US Marine Tom R - SEP 3, 2012

This knife is a solid performer - has a skull-buster, built-in field sharpener, sheath that wont let your opponent take it out and use it against you, has a very hard blade that takes and holds an edge, and the grip doesn't get slippery when covered in blood. I have a Ka-Bar Tanto that I paid same money for and the Gerber is much better in terms of features and performance. I bought 2 for my sons - one is a Cavalry Scout and the other is a Blackhawk Pilot. I feel good knowing they have this knife with them when the combat gets personal.

5 TOP Selling knife in New Zealand KIWI - SEP 1, 2012

With a bit of research I have found out from store here in NZ, the Gerber LMF II is the best selling knife.

High quality knife. And very pleased with it.
Have been using it to gut and chop through rabbit bone, and making camp fire's.

5 CEO Survivors Edge, LLC Ron "Crowbar" Sharp - AUG 31, 2012

You folks thought of everything. You don't even mention the sharpener in the sheath, the elastic stitched straps, or the fact the sheath can be mounted to anything! The blade is fantastic! Love the thick tip that won't break, the thick blade for chopping! A beauty!

3 Sheath design flaw Nath - AUG 30, 2012

Ok, so its a great knife, however the the top of the handle is peeling from the tang of the blade even though ive only used the sheath a dozen times, this is because of the nylon strap which holds the sheath in-place...dissapointed...
Dont know if I will be able to claim it on warrenty or not.

5 Bush Plane Equipment Flying Ace - AUG 26, 2012

I have two aircraft used to haul people and equipment to remote areas. I have replaced a lot of my survival equipment with this one knife. This design saves space and weight and has the fuctions every working pilot needs in has airplane. I plan on buying a few more for my other pilot friends for that extra safety if they ever need it.

5 BPA Dan - AUG 8, 2012

I have this knife attached to my tac vest. I've used it to hack apart bundles, cut open tires, cut down ropes, hack through brush, this knife does it all!

4 LMF 2 Michael Gray - AUG 3, 2012

Its a good overall knife but the ruber at the top has started to peel back.
But other that that its great.

5 Slamwise Sam - JUL 31, 2012

This knife is great. Super sharp. I love the weight of it, it makes it reasonable for chopping smaller things up. Not really a fan of friction sheaths though. Two snap straps PLUS extreme friction (I find it hard to remove with one hand), seems like a bit of overkill. Leg straps are cool, spear loops are cool, and spike is cool, though I've never actually used any of them practically.

5 Awesome knife PFC Singletary - JUL 31, 2012

I have yet to test it extensively, however from what I know about it I am satisfied

5 USBP Dan - JUL 25, 2012

This knife should be sold as a multi-tool as it is so awesome!

5 awsome for the most collecter - JUL 25, 2012

this knife is beast and a solid survival knife that can also be a combat knife. the only problem is the sheath holds the knife in to much which makes it hard to take out quick.

5 Great Knife Kody Hoffman - JUL 22, 2012

Great Knife, My brother in-law said I should buy it after he came home from a deployment. I did, only one problem I need the MOLLE attachment and cant find one.

4 Love it... But.. Ryan - JUL 21, 2012

Do love this knife. However I really want this to be full tang construction! I recently bought one and straight out of the box the blade was wobbling in the handle, quite significantly. Fortunately Gerber has excellent customer service and replaced it for me... But I just want this full tang.

5 Amaizing Your name - JUL 14, 2012

This knife seems extremely durable based off off the videos I've seen on it. A very handy tool for anyone to use. Also it looks very nice. I love the fact it has a surpassed edge. Rope cutting is so much easier

5 Favourite Knife Aussie Guy - JUL 13, 2012

Not a fan of serrations, but the LMF II has great serrations that don't chip easily. The knife is very well built and has a nice, rugged feel to it. As for the sheath it's the best one I own - light, comfortable and versatile with an integrated field-sharpener, what more would you need?
The only problem I have with the LMF II is the exact same to KEOGHs - the friction lock on the sheath was wayyy too damn tight and 'shaves' the rubber off the handle. I would recommend loosening it up a little by putting wood or old books between the friction lock and the sheath, work your way up from smaller to bigger as you don't want the clip to snap.
Aside this small issue, it's a fantastic knife a gets a definite 5/5.

Thanks Gerber

5 survival knife keogh - JUL 2, 2012

this is a great knife it does a fantastic job a cutting wood for building a is a very strong knife it will not break or chip is worth every penny ( built to last) 5 out of 5 !!!
tho i have worn out the rubber next to the lashing holes at the front of the blade does any one no the best way to fix it?

5 THE BEST mike - JUN 15, 2012


5 Your Title john - JUN 12, 2012

thanks for the other pic

5 Simply the Best TK - JUN 5, 2012

I have been a Gerber customer for over a decade and this is the best knife I have ever owned as a sportsman. The best part about this knife is the attention to detail (e.g., the balance, rubberized grip etc.) If their was one thing I could improve on it's the sheath, it makes way to much noise when you pull the knife out.

5 AWESOME Kellan - MAY 26, 2012

Can't wait to get it!!!

5 Mr Scott chuck - MAY 13, 2012

Best ever!

5 Fine Edge Version Jordan - MAY 10, 2012

This is the greatest knife I have ever owned. I'm an avid outdoorsman and this knife has boldly stood up to every obstacle set in its path, and clears each one with ease. However, I think this would be even more fantastic if there were a fine edge version available.
Thanks Gerber for all you do!

5 Amazing Knife Your name - APR 19, 2012

The Knife takes a lot of abuse.
I have a warning to anyone who cares about the knifes look. The black cosmetic coating is not the same shade of black shown on the website but it is similar. Also the black cosmetic coating wears off easily.
Even if i take that into consideration it still earns 5 stars. It is the bets knife ever.

5 A have a question.... Matt - APR 4, 2012

i got the knife, and out of the box, when ever i squees beside the 2 holes up top, it makes a clicking noise! sooo wtf. also, gr8 sheath but the retention snap is so tight that whenever i pull the knife has some wrinkling on the hilt!? so ya could smoone tell me wat up?

5 Air Force Michael Morrison - APR 3, 2012

I've always been a fan of the gerber line but this is over the top. I carry it wherever I go. There's nothing this knife can't do!

5 love it john - APR 1, 2012

put up more pictures gerber
the knife is astronomicaly understated by the one picture. put up 2 or 3 more.

GReat knife 7 stars out of 5

5 cant wait bob - APR 1, 2012

i ordered mine 4 days ago and can't wait for it to come. i researched knives for a month before i got it and this seemed like the best one. it isn't too big or excessive and can be carried evry where. the best knife when your lost in the woods is the one you have with you. easy to cary. Gerber did a good job on this knife they realy went all out.

5 great knife Bob - MAR 31, 2012

great knife please put up more pictures Gerber

5 best knife ever Your name - MAR 31, 2012

it is the best and most reliable knife ever

4 Not a zombie fighting weapon Dani - MAR 26, 2012

While this blade is an awesome survival tool, this is not a zombie fighting weapon by any standard of the word. Any experienced/well researched hunter would know that in a situation with the undead, the last thing you want is to stab a zombie with your knife just to have it get lodged in the tissue in the midst of a battle

5 HANDS DOWN BEST KNIFE EVER! Gerber fan - MAR 18, 2012

This truly is the best knife ever! And yes i know that some people say that the serrations suck...Well, for many years I to thought the serrations sucked. But then as i used them in the field... They grew on me!

5 Great Tactical Knife! John - MAR 15, 2012

I bought this knife for hiking and camping trips with my wife and son. It worked flawlessly and I plan on buying another one for my brother. So far there have been no chips on the blade and the blade comes very sharp in the box. I bought this knife in black but I'm sure the green and coyote would look just as cool. The sheath is very good compared to other knive's sheaths. This is a very cool knife and I recommend it to anyone who has an interest in knives, especially cool ones like this.
I appreciate Gerber's great customer service and I am definitely a satisfied buyer.

Thank you Gerber,

Former Navy SEAL Team 6

4 Nice Sharp knife Samuel - MAR 14, 2012

its great and keeps it edge like a charm. i wish it had a regular blade instead of half serrated. The serrations are great but inconvient

5 nolan npd - MAR 13, 2012

just got mine...very good weight to it and the sheath is nice as well....worth every penny in my opinion even though I haven't used it yet. Gerber managed to deliver another good product for a good price. Thanks Gerber!

5 Your Title chuck - MAR 10, 2012


5 Great Survival Knife James - MAR 8, 2012

I have used my LMF II for nearly 2 years, I can't say enough good things about this knife. It's rugged, thick blade is perfect for cutting moderate sized pieces of fire wood. I have used the knife as a spear to fish with, I have had some success with this. The serrations add to the usefulness by adding versatility and come in handy while cutting rope and paracord. I would recommend this knife to any outdoorsman or Serviceman.

5 Your Title Brandon - MAR 7, 2012

I love this knife I have it in brown

5 Navy Seals Vet. Jake - MAR 6, 2012

A great blade for well...


5 best ever john - MAR 5, 2012

i will do anything to make my parents let me get it

4 Only one issue Ctirad - FEB 26, 2012

This is my idea of a ultimate outdoor/survival knife. But with one issue and that is the part serrations. If the knife was full flat edge (from sandvik steel), then it will be a trully ultimate knife

5 Greatest Knife Ever. Period The End. Nick - FEB 26, 2012

I have many knives, but every time I go hiking/camping I take this knife with me. It stands up to any abuse you can throw at it. The grip feels amazing in your hand. When you have survival on your mind, this is the knife that will save you. 6 stars.

4 Good knife Brandon - FEB 20, 2012

This knife is solid and will stand up to a lot of abuse. I wish the serrated part was shorter and that the blade was made out of a higher quality steel. It doesn't seem to keep an edge very long.

5 glen needs a m4 Your name - FEB 20, 2012

glen is scared and a wusy

5 Outdoorsman Tony - FEB 16, 2012

This knife is waaaay better than bear Grylls knife and it was made here in the US of A a rare added bonus seeing as how many knives are now made in China =(

5 is this better than bear grylls ultimate knife. george - FEB 14, 2012

dont know which one better.

5 Best knife ever Rick - FEB 10, 2012

Perfect survival knife. I've choped wood, opened cans, threw it... Best knife ive ever had, better then my sog and crkt for survival. The sheat's perfect ; multifuctional. You can sharp the blade with the sheat. This is THE knife for survival expert!!

5 Flight Medic Collin - FEB 10, 2012

Great survival Knife. Glad I Bought it!

5 Great knife! Bear Grylls - FEB 9, 2012

Why, 'ello me ol' mates! Weez wus just gettin some of them 'ol lmfs to add to me 'ol collection!

5 Way cool Odogg - FEB 8, 2012

Just got it. Looks very versatile and has a lot of functions. I got a great deal on it for way less than more expensive knives. Really happy with it.

5 Your Title Your name - FEB 8, 2012

Can you make a fine edge version like what was done with the Bear Grylls knife?

5 Outstanding knife! Jason - FEB 5, 2012

My latest purchase and my new carry knife. This is a fine piece of gear and the quality is superb. I added a belt loop to the hard sheath so I don't need to wear the full saddle everyday and now this one is by my side from the moment I wake up till I go back to bed at night, and thats exactly where I like it. No sense owning a knife like this only to leave it at home when you need it.

5 Lead Skins - FEB 5, 2012

The knife is strong and not that heavy, it keeps on giving and then some I use it for everything and demand it so and it never fails.

5 NO ONE CAN DISS THIS KNIFE! 6 STARS!! Chad 101 - FEB 1, 2012

This is one of the best knifes you could possibly own! It may be heavy but it is so effective its not even funny! I tied on a fire rod and a survival whistle to my knife. If I had a dozen choices this is the knife I would get lost with! I LOVE USA MADE!!

5 Canadian Operator Cpl Miller - JAN 26, 2012

My Dad bought me a LMF just before my first deployment. The LMF is simply a solid knife. It along with my Old Gerber Air Ranger were constant part of my kit for 4 tours in the sandbox. Far stronger than our issue knife. The sheath is terrific, Very quiet and secure. I quite frankly abused the heck out of it , Cutting Sheetmetal, Using it as a prybar, A Hammer and it kept on performing. It helped my out in quite a few dicey situations including a primary weapon failure. Sharpens back up easily with a diamond rod and a wetstone. (the built in sharpener isnt the greatest, but good in a pinch) The handle fits larger hands perfectly I would recommend it to anyone in a heartbeat. Spreads Peanutbutter great too :)

5 Amazing knife Travis - JAN 13, 2012

I have just go this knife and it is a really nice knife. I would just like 2 sheaths for it. One for my backpack and one for my leg. If anyone knows where I can get a sheath can you email my it at

5 Mr Les - JAN 9, 2012

What a great Knife.

5 ALMOST perfect seth - NOV 28, 2011

Love this knife, have had many high end $200-$300 knifes and this one keeps right up with em, love everything from the glass breaking/hammering pommel to the shealth though you will need a dedicated sharpener to keep it in tip top shape just like any knife. My only problem is with the serrations. If it was a fine edge knife it would absolutely be the perfect knife.

5 Occupants out... itarin - NOV 28, 2011

Great knife! I was able to pry a car door open, after it flipped over, and get the occupants out. Used the sharpener to fix the blade edge after. The knife did exactly what I purchased it for…wish I had another!

5 9th times the charm CCm1663CGC - NOV 27, 2011

knives of all brands have broken, folded back, and just simply feel dinky in my hand. This knife has been with me longer than any other knife. I use the spine to scrape bb's; the pommel to chip slag, and hammer various parts into place. only the finish has faded. no marks, chips or dings. I recommend it and show it off to every one daily. great knife! Gerber should feel fee to send me any gift of appreciation as soon as they can

5 Zombie Hunter Adrian - NOV 22, 2011

I bought 3 of them just to get Gerber to send me one. Works good on gutting deer and Zombies.

3 Dull Smith - NOV 9, 2011

This blade becomes real dull really fast. The sheath not a very good sharpening tool. Used it to gut a deer. Wish I didn't . I ended up hacking more than cutting.

2 Chips LMF-II - NOV 2, 2011

I used this knife for splitting wood for fire like Gerber says you can and what do you know now have like 5 chips in the blade.
if you have the money buy a better knife with better blade material

5 MR Barry - OCT 26, 2011

I bought this knife a couple of days ago and don't know how i lived with out it

5 NO ONE CAN DIS THIS KNIFE! 6 STARS!! Chad - OCT 13, 2011

This is one of the best knifes you could possibly own! It may be heavy but it is so effective its not even funny! I tied on a fire rod and a survival whistle to my knife. If I had a dozen choices this is the knife I would get lost with! I LOVE USA MADE!!

5 Mr. John - OCT 10, 2011

Amazing knife...used it just today to chop wood for making a fire to cook...effortless...Really sharp...had to sharpen it again afterwards though...

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